US-China Trade Spat Giving Thailand Opportunity To Bring In More Tourists

The increasing tensions between the US and China might have something good for Naroua Villas in Koh Toa, Thailand and the rest of the Kingdom’s tourism sector, as travellers from mainland China look to shorten their distant journeys and find destinations closer to their home country instead. Thailand’s tourism sector is expected to get a […]

Canadian Company Works To Help Companies Avoid Throwing Away Furniture

Companies like Systems Commercial see a lot of sales, as companies across the world look to furnish their offices. The tradeoff being that there’s also more furniture waste being produced and heading to landfills. Data from the EPA says that the amount of furniture and furnishings taken to landfills has jumped up to 9.69 million […]

Small Businesses Turning To DIY SEO

Based on the latest survey, many small businesses are aware of the importance of performing SEO but only 36 per cent have adapted a strategy and making use of it. The survey was conducted among 529 small businesses that participated. These are businesses with staff between 1 and 50+. The figure was quite disconcerting according […]