Residents Of Niagara Falls To Share Opinion Regarding Cannabis Private Stores

Tourism is one of the economy drivers in Niagara Falls with businesses such as Niagara Falls boat ride luring tourists into one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the world. The province is now faced with a very crucial decision regarding the approval of private cannabis stores. As of writing, the province has introduced […]

Sellers Forking Over Cash On Renovations To Sell Houses As The Market Cools Down

Australia’s housing market is cooling down, and, as a result, sellers are turning to companies and sites like and spending thousands of dollars on renovations on their properties in order to appeal to picky buyers. According to real estate portal’s CEO, Carrie Law, Chinese buyers in the AU are particularly picky, looking for […]

Increasing Government Efforts To Make Myanmar A Tourist Destination

The government of Myanmar recognizes the importance of tourism in the country’s economic development. However, it is important for Yangon hotels to take into the account the level of service and the hospitality that guests want to experience. This untouched piece of paradise on earth must be promoted and marketed well to encourage more visitors. […]