Canadian Government To Decide On New Pay System By Spring, Reports Say

Canada is currently looking for new payment and HR management software to replace their problem-plagued Phoenix system by the time spring rolls in, sometime around February, with a new procurement method that could see a new system purchased by that time, if needed, according to reports from Canada’s Chief Information Officer, Alex Benay, who is […]

Belfast City Fears Rodent Infestation In Stores Razed By Primark Fire

Once a rodent enters a commercial property, it poses risks to health and safety because it can contaminate food and utensils and destroy wiring. Pest management and control can be carried out by pest control on the Gold Coast for both residential and commercial premises using safe solutions to control infestations. In Belfast City, 6 […]

Newer And More User-Friendly Security Systems For Companies And Businesses Set To Operate In Western Australia

Company and business owners require strict and accessible commercial security in Perth, which is why a company called Locksmith Perth 24/7 is offering a new line of security solutions to their clients.   Why is commercial security important? Many industries and businesses have valuable physical and intellectual assets that need protection. Physical assets may include […]

Brief Introduction To The Life And Career Of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan

Leonardo is a renowned banker, businessman, philanthropist and restaurateur. He was the youngest president of the Banco Industrial de Venezuela. He led the bank through three government changes and is the first and only employee to reach the top position, starting from the graduate level. Leonardo is also a well-known philanthropist, who works to provide […]