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How To Handle Customer Complaints Efficiently

For many businesses, receiving a complaint from customers could hurt your ego. Instead of dwelling on the negativism of the complaint, you need instead to focus on the positive side of receiving such complaints.

What you need to do is to think of the complaint as an opportunity for your business. No matter how great your service and food is, you will occasionally be receiving complaints from your clients. Before you deal with them, have the mindset and approach every complaint as an opportunity that you can learn from and improve in your service. Being very positive in your response will make a great difference when handling the complaints. Think that you have an opportunity to do things rightly the second time around.

It is also important to learn to listen and apologize. Every time you receive a complaint, the first thing that you have to do is to ensure that you listen carefully to what the customer is saying and then acknowledge her complaint. As the manager of the restaurant you need to show that you take care of her concerns very seriously and you should do this by personally speaking with the complainant at the customer table. Take time to consider and understand what went wrong and thank the customer for being generously concerned and bringing the subject up. Tell them that you are happy in that if they had not spoken, the issue would not have been properly addressed.

Act quickly on the issue at hand. When you have already fully understood what the problem is, quickly resolve the problem and give your customer what he or she is asking for. For example, if the customer wants the beef to be cooked in a special way, ensure that you accommodate his request. Or offer him instead another item from the menu if he would prefer. After you have dealt with the complaint, get back to the customer and offer something extra to win his side like a free drink or a free dessert.

Complaints in Indian restaurants or any type of restaurants should be handled well in order to maintain a great customer experience in your restaurant.

Getting a Fair Price for Plumbing Services

Whenever there is a problem in your house’s plumbing, the best course of action is to have them fixed. Plumbing problems are truly inconvenient not only for yourself but for the people you are living with. When you choose to ignore these problems, you will only be letting them grow into bigger problems.

In fixing plumbing problems, you can either conduct repairs on your own, or hire a professional plumber to do the work for you. If you opt to fix the plumbing problem yourself, the biggest benefit you can get is probably being able to save money. But bear in mind that you would need to have the proper skills and knowledge otherwise you may only cause the problem to worsen. When you do decide to hire a professional to help you out, you are guaranteed that the problem will be fixed in the most effective way. The challenge, however, is finding a highly skilled plumber who can remedy the problem. Also, another challenge is getting a fair price.

The cost of plumbing services tends to vary depending on the location. There are cases when homeowners face the problem of getting overpriced that is why if you are looking for plumbing services, it is important that you call around and get multiple prices from different plumbing companies.

To help you get a fair price, you can follow these easy tips:

  1. Get recommendations from friends and family. Sometimes the most reliable references are from the ones you know who have hired a good plumber before.
  2. Don’t overlook small ads in the phonebook. Bigger companies have bigger ads because they can pay more but sometimes local plumbing companies can provide the same services for a cheaper price.
  3. Go over the phone and ask for estimates. This may not always be possible especially when you still do not know the extent of your plumbing problem.
  4. Consider doing it yourself. If it would not be a waste of time and effort, and if you know the basics of plumbing, you can always fix the problem yourself.

However, during serious problems, it is always good to seek the help of professional plumbing companies like Pro-Jett. Pro-Jett offers effective plumbing services for a decent price. If you wish to acquire their services, you can visit their website at

Different Uses for the Ever-Handy Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes are probably one of the most common items you will see today. You can see them at home, at the mall, at a hospital, in schools and basically almost everywhere. This is because cardboard boxes are produced at a maximum due to the number of applications it can be used at.

In fact, these boxes are so useful it is recommended that after using them, you should store them for future use. Each time you would see a cardboard box lying on the pavement, pick them up and take them home because they can be used practically in any way possible. Here are a few uses of cardboard boxes.

  1. Packing and moving. Large companies pay a lot of money for the production of these boxes because they are truly effective when used in packaging which would then be moved from location to location. When you decide to move into a new house, you’ll find how useful these boxes can be.
  2. Cardboard boxes are the primary packaging item for numerous items to be shipped by either small or big manufacturing or commercial companies.
  3. Storage or Filing. When the items in your home begin to pile up, maybe it is time that you store some of them away. Cardboard boxes are the perfect storing material. They can be used to store and shelter all kinds of things, from books to toys and even appliances.
  4. Recycling Bin. You can use cardboard boxes to store materials which you can recycle.
  5. Cardboard boxes are an ideal signage so each time you would have a yard sale or a lemonade stand, you should try writing on a cardboard box and use it as a sign to promote your event.
  6. Laundry Basket. Who says you would need to buy a laundry basket? You can just grab that cardboard box that came in with your washing machine a few months ago and turn it into your own personal laundry basket.
  7. Playing Material for Kids. There is no denying how children love to play with cardboard boxes. They can use them to make a fort, a base or even as a toy box.

Although you can basically find cardboard boxes anywhere, or even for free, when you do decide to purchase them, make sure you purchase Paper Mart boxes that are of great quality so that you will be able to use them all over again.

The Importance of Web Design and Development for Emerging Companies

Is it really worth it to have a good design for your website? Heed the experts’ warnings: If you want to generate more revenue for your business then you should have a quality website. Your website can be your first line of communication between your potential visitors or guests and your company. The advantage of having a well thought and well executed website is that it will appeal to site visitors and the traffic in your website will certainly increase through time.

In today’s very competitive business environment, you need to eliminate competition whether that is a large or small companies and one way of doing so is by having a great website. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who are caught in the trap of the word of mouth syndrome and that they do not anymore need a website. You need to keep in mind that a great way in reinforcing some personal recommendations of other clients is with the use of professional website.

When you employ web development services, it will help your company grow and increase product knowledge as well as maintain a clear line of communication between your company and some potential clients. You can sell your products efficiently with the help of websites as well as generate great leads for your business and increase the market knowledge of your company and so much more.

The industry of web development has indeed increased exponentially in the last decade. There are now hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet and the increase is such in a tremendous pace. Web designers as well as web developers are making a good amount of money when constructing these websites. Indeed, web development is a great field that can pay you much money if you will just take it seriously. Website development and design is a tool used by freelancers to make money online today.

When deciding what is important to your business, you need first to consider the cost that comes with developing and designing your company website. The cost should be worth the price. It is likewise important that you take time to learn web development and design. You can ask the experts at to assist you in matters like this.


Not So Merry Christmas Most Probable For Retailers

The war between retailers has already started, and it looks like no one is going to win or lose.  One side of the war is narrowing industry market, skyrocketing property costs and recurrent petrol prices that reached an eleven-year low. The other side is unstable stocks, decelerating global progress and buyers who are spending more on rental fees and purchases based on experience.

According to sales forecasts, the outcome for this is a neutral signal for retailers. Businessmen should not panic, but they shouldn’t expect robust sales either.

A model established by AlixPartners on 2012 was used to find out that there was between 66.2-66.4% yearly deals happen though August. From this result, it was projected that there will be an increase of 2.8-3.4 percent on November and December. It is low compared to 4.4 % rise from the previous year. Both of the growth rates do not include cars, restaurants and petrol stations.

Deloitte’s holiday projection verdicts 3.5- 4% rise on sales starting from November until January. The figure does not include vehicles and petrol. The figure is also low compared to last year’s 5.2% increase.

According to Daniel Bachman, head economist of Deloitte, the gains of holiday purchases might be lower than the previous year because of the lasting impact of poor income progress during the year’s first 3 months. Though the economy is generally doing well, there are concerns affecting consumers regardless of the income. Rod Sides, head of retail and product allocation of Deloitte, said that the family salary usually affects spending more than market instability.

AlixPartners however stressed that consumers with higher incomes, have been doing substantial retail purchases during the last few years. As the market shakes, the wealthy could restrict their purchases. This prediction is supported by data reported by American Affluence Research Center.

Based on the research of AARC, Christmas gift shopping by 12 million U.S. families with net worth not lower than $1 million is projected to achieve a mean of $2,749 for 2015. Even if the value means 4% increase, it is lower than the previous year’s data of almost 6% rise in spending. The wealthy families are spending more in stores like bed shops Perth up to four times more than an average family in the U.S.

What The Smart Home Industry Needs To Consider

There is now a new emerging industry of smart homes which offers a great potential for industry participants and investors. While there is a considerably euphoria going on for this new segment in industry, mainstream adoption of the new trend is reportedly low. In a report made by Forrester, about one-third of consumers are interested in incorporating smart technology to their homes but only about two percent have actually enrolled their devices to smart technology like controlling lighting, energy, climate, appliances and have a home monitoring in place.

There is a disconnection between the actual behaviors of the consumers in contrast to the reported market hype. What is the reason why consumers are holding back? As smart home technology expands, the industry players have to consider some factors in order to encourage people to adopt the new trend.

– Simplicity. A lot of home automation available on the market is very complex for the ordinary consumer. These new technology can be difficult to understand and will often require someone who has a background on engineering works to fully understand. Consumers have to be given a solution which is easy to install and understand. These devices should also be easy to acquire if creators want to improve their market. They need to understand that consumers want to feel, see and experience the products first before buying and installing it in their homes. Mass market retail will then be a key channel in driving smart home penetration in the West.

– The Human Factor. In the technologically advanced world that one lives in, user experience and design is a key factor to consider. The current from manual to smart technologies at home conversation among consumer is on hype. However, it is short in practical user experience. Potential consumers have to experience them first. Like tangible additions to homes like double vanity units and other furnishings, can be felt and experienced which gives the user a sense of satisfaction and an eagerness to buy one. These new home automation systems have to orchestrate different smart devices in a way that can be reduced to simplicity with a powerful interface.

The Difference between Leasehold and Freehold

Home ownership can be quite a complicated topic. The laws regarding home ownership differs by country. Every government imposes laws and restrictions on home ownership but most of them center on the fundamental forms of legal ownership. There can only be two: freehold and leasehold. There are some instances where sharing of the freehold is also allowed.

So if you are a foreign national eyeing a Hua Hin house for sale, you should take some time to learn more about legal home ownership.


If you are a freeholder, it would mean that the building or the property outright belongs to you. The property would be listed in your name in the land registry. This would mean that your title is absolute. In society today, majority of houses are freehold properties.

When you purchase a freehold property, this would mean that all the rights belong to you as well as the responsibility that come with it. You are the one responsible for maintaining the property and managing all its costs.

Purchasing a freehold property comes with a lot of benefits. The first one is that you do not need to worry about the expiration of leases as the property already belongs to you. You would not also need to deal with a freeholder, or the so-called “landlord” and all their service charges.


Leasehold means that you will be allowed to use the home for a number of years as agreed upon with the freeholder or the landlord. This means that you would have to sign a contract with the freeholder. Leases are often long-term, lasting for a number of years ranging from 90, 120 and even 999 years.

In leasehold, you would need a contract that would lay down the legal rights and terms for both sides. The freeholders will still retain their right to manage and maintain the property but when leaseholders have acquired their ‘right to manage,’ then it will also be their responsibility.

As a leaseholder, you would need to pay maintenance fees and annual service fees as required by the freeholder. Also, you would need to pay a share of the insurance as well as an annual ground rent.

Before you can conduct major works on the property, you would need to seek out the permission of the freeholder.

Lastly, you are a subject to the terms and conditions laid by the freeholder.

New Drafted Law Aimed At Reducing Teenage Pregnancies In Thailand

A new draft law has been created and announced which aimed to reduce the teenage pregnancy in Thailand and also provide assistance to very young mothers. Over the last decade, teenage pregnancy has been one of the primary problems in Thailand. The records show that in every two hours, a baby is born to a mother who is younger than 15 years old. This makes Thailand 11th in the ranking for teen pregnancies across the globe. Every year, the teenage pregnancy in the country accounts for almost 10 percent of the overall 800,000 pregnancies.

The president of the National Legislative Assembly committee on public health, Jetn Siratharanont, said that their organization believes that the law will help improve the escalating problem of teenage pregnancy in the country. He further contends that the nation needs a law and not merely rules. He also envisioned and said that if the draft becomes a law, they are expecting the numbers of teen pregnancies to go down. The new law will prescribe an education to sex among teenagers. Students will be taught in classes how to refuse and stay away from sexual advances.

The new bill

The bill which is known as the Prevention of and Solutions to Teenage Pregnancy, is being proposed by the Public Health Ministry and this particular bill has already received full support from the Cabinet. The said bill now requires a review coming from the Council of State before it will ultimately become a new law in the land. The bill will be focusing on young girls between the ages of 10 and 19. It will also include sex education and an easier access to condoms for the young teens.

Abortion is illegal

In Thailand, abortion is illegal that is why people are encouraged to undergo sex education as this is an important step in reducing the number of young mothers who have no other option but to carry the child in their belly.

This pressing issue affects Thailand as a nation as it looks on the youth to be the bearer of the proud country in the future. Bangkok legal firm, groups of businesses and other professionals are mostly supportive of this newly drafted law.