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New Challenges For Thailand

It cannot be denied that the country, Thailand, in transforming into a better place thus the presence of new challenges ahead is inevitable. There are big projects when it comes to the country’s transport sector as well as its huge impact to businesses. It is expected that the service industry will grow more as a positive result. Urbanization is now further developing since there is better connectivity and it aided in the development of the property and retail sector. The new urban cities will be the next big thing for tourism. New service companies will pop up especially in major junctions as well as pit-stops since there will be more trains, ships and planes travelling in and out of the country.

Investments in the form of commercial businesses will flock the country since many developers are looking to catch the good opportunities. There are many times wherein these businesses are the ones that make it possible for large scale projects to be executable.

The most recent development is the market sounding that was conducted in order to check for the success of certain commercial businesses that will be erected along the new rail transportation hub located in Bang Sue. The test was warmly received especially by the private investors. The new rail along with the commercial businesses will be referred to as the Transit-Oriented Development and it aims to help reduce the period of break-even. A good example is the MTR subway system that was developed in Hong Kong where there are commercial businesses surrounding it which are responsible in making the project profitable in just a span of eight years. Profit would not have been possible in another eight years without the presence of commercial businesses. The revenues gathered from these service companies are also far greater compared to the revenue gathered from the commuters fares.

The service sector of Thailand will also continue to flourish following the trillion baht that have been invested by both public and private sectors. More structures and jobs is expected for Thais. Start-up companies in Thailand that are looking to hire competent workers can check out ScoopPeople.Asia.


New Packaging For Coke Products To Enhance Global Presence

Even big brands are rolling out new packaging designs in order to further enhance their global presence. Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands all over the world and it is unifying its product portfolio by using that highly popular “red disc” emblem. Coca cola aims to create a single voice across all its products through their “One Brand” marketing strategy.

Red Disc was manually created for Coca Cola in the 1930’s and was refined in 1947 to become a retail signage. Red disc will be incorporated alongside the series of colors that include red, black, silver and green that are being used to distinguish different Coca Cola products. You will find the red disc design on cans and bottles of Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coca Cola Life to ensure consistency.

The new packaging design signifies a shift to a visual language wherein the classic red disc will be more prominent than other design elements that are highly associated with the Coke brand. The packaging design will be bold but it will preserve simplicity. Red which is the more popular color used by Coke will be retained while the circular shape of the disc will be applied on the cylindrical bottles and cans and square/rectangular shaped refrigerator packs. .

Various applications of the unified packaging design will depend on country, environment and context. The first of the new packaging will roll out in Mexico in May while similar versions will be seen worldwide from 2016 to 2017. Various colors used by the Coke Brand are in line with its commitment to help consumers make informed decisions by easily identifying the drink that does not contain sugar and caffeine. The launch of its new product Coca Cola Zero Sugar will encourage people to choose a drink without sugar on its contents.

If you are planning on new packaging for your product, you can always count on Paper Mart that offers a wide selection of packaging supplies that will make your product unique and different from that of your competitors. Give your customers something extra special to look forward to.

The Relaxing And Soothing Experience Offered By SUP Yoga

Yoga enthusiasts need to step out of their comfort zone from time to time to enhance their strength and flexibility. One of the most relaxing things that you have to experience inn your life is yoga on a standup paddle board. It is bound to be a great experience because you have to work extra hard on your stability so that you don’t fall off into the water. However, you will eventually fall but that is okay since everybody does.

Yoga has been around for more than a thousand years but it is only recently that yoga is being performed on top of a standup paddle board. Yoga on top of a paddle board makes you fluid as you go with the flow of water and become a part of it. If you are interested to try yoga in the waters, sign up for Stand UP Girl workshop that teaches familiarization with various yoga poses on top of a standup paddle board.

The idea behind the workshop is to promote self-confidence and build self-esteem among girls who will soon be entering the sixth through to the 12 grade this coming school year. Young girls need to find out who they are in order to gain confidence. Yoga can provide the young girls with the ability to put their brain on a different wave pattern. However, there is something different about yoga in a standup paddle board because the uncontrolled environment will allow the application of fundamentals that include balance and stability.

Sylvia Maxwell is one of several certified instructors that offer individual instructions on yoga. With the other instructors, Sylvia has trained professional, semi-professional and amateur athletes to build their strength, flexibility and stability. Beyond the physical fitness, yoga’s biggest asset is the mental aspect.

With SUP Yoga, you will experience the natural splendor of floating in the water but the workout becomes more challenging when the platform is unstable. You have to work harder to keep your balance because if you put more weight on one side, you will fall on the waters. However, SUP Yoga will soothe your mind because listening to the sound of water is extremely relaxing.

Historical Staircases Of Hong Kong On Google Maps

Historic staircases in Hong Kong’s urban jungle have been featured in several films but now it can be viewed by people through the internet using a desktop computer or smartphone. Any person can access the historic staircases by using the Street View Function of Google Maps. In Duddell Street you will see the staircase that was built between 1875 and 1889 with the last four gas lights of Hong Kong that has continued to burn on into the 21st century. Gas lamps can no longer be found in any other place in Hong Kong that is why the four gas lights are considered as historically significant.

Stone Slabs Street otherwise known as Pottinger Street in Hong Kong Central and Ladder Street in Sheung Van are more than a century old which makes them significantly interesting. The streets will remind you of the days when Hong Kong was under British rule. On the other hand, there are tourists who have great love for art and the staircase they should visit is PMQ’s 25-step staircase in Soho. Painting from artists all over Asia including France is displayed along the creativity center.

Through Google Maps, you get the chance to view the spectacular staircase leading to Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery in Sha Tin. The magnificent staircase is flanked by 500 gilded statues of arhats. Along the hilly Ngong Ping is a 360 rescue trail that is about 5.6 kilometers long. It is made from specially constructed concrete and stone paths with timber boardwalks.

According to Lau Chi-pang of Built Heritage Conservation, the addition of the staircases to Google Maps will help both foreign and local tourists understand the development of Hong Kong. People will rediscover the uniqueness of Hong Kong through an exploration of its local culture, nature and history.

Map illustrations of the staircases of Hong Kong will provide the viewer a better understanding of the historical site. Map illustrations are aesthetic representations of a specific area as viewed from above. The map illustration can also be used as a travel map because it is easier to understand and helps the traveller reach the location faster.