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Perth As The 7th Most Livable State In The World On The Basis Of Healthcare And Infrastructure

Perth is known for the beauty of its beaches and its climate but these are not reasons why Perth is the 7th of the most livable states in the world. According to Economist Intelligence Unit, Perth has scored 100 in both healthcare system and infrastructure provisions meaning that on both measures, Perth is considered ideal. It also scored perfect on education although on the basis of culture and environment, the remote capital only gained a rating of 88.7 out of 100.

According to Premier Colin Barnett, the state’s tourism manager, Perth is a combination of a relaxed lifestyle with its clear skies, fresh air and beautiful beaches and modern living. There are however criticisms over the traffic in Perth and the teething issues at its Fiona Stanley Hospital but nowhere in Australia will you find the kind of healthcare and education standards that Perth boasts off.

If you are interested on the scores of other states, Melbourne is on top of the list of the overall index this year with 97.5 out of 100 because of its perfect scores in infrastructure, education and health. Compared to other cities in the top ten, Australian cities have fared marginally poorer on the stability matrix of crime and terror. However, its score of 95 out of 100 is a lot better than most of the world’s cities like Germany.

At the bottom of the rankings of 140 cities are places in conflict areas with political issues like Damascus in Syria, Tripoli in Libya and Lagos in Nigeria. On the other hand, Sydney has also fallen four places because of heightened threats of terrorism. Sydney is no longer included in the top 10 most livable cities in the world. The 10th place was given to Hamburg in Germany. Meanwhile, other German cities have also declined in stability.

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Choosing Alpaca Over Cashmere Sweaters

Alpacas may have just arrived on time. The presence of cashmere everywhere is no longer viable. Sure, it has gotten cheaper since 1990s but its quality declined.

The fashion industry is in to alpaca. Brands such as Louis Vuitton and Versace showcased the fiber in Paris and Milan.

Like cashmere, alpaca fiber looks and feels expensive and luxurious. However, it can be more durable. It is also cheaper in comparison to cashmere.

Alpacas come in more than 20 gorgeous colors from snowy white to warm chestnut to inky black. Their wool is soft, warm and lofty.

The alpaca demand is not only great news for Peru being the largest exporter and those who wear the sweaters but also great for the planet.

Cashmere is not sustainable. It is also disastrous environmentally. The grasslands in China can’t support the goats needed by stores to keep stocks of cashmere. In addition, these grasslands are turning into icy deserts.

Before 1990s, cashmere was such a luxury. Over time as the fiber grew cheaper, the demand for the soft, lightweight and colored cashmere sweaters increased exponentially. Goat herds increased with the demand.

In Mongolia, 2nd largest cashmere provider, the population of goats multiplied. Although these goats can survive the low temperatures, the harsh winters recently reduced the herds. 90% of Mongolia is at risk of turning to a dessert. Since goats are stronger than sheep, herders tend to goats as the land gets more arid. However, this adds further damage to the ecology and destroy the native grasses.

The population boom happening to cashmere goats is less likely to happen to alpacas. The animal population of Alpacas in the Peruvian Andes remains steady.

Alpacas are more efficient as compared to goats. An alpaca can grow wool for 4 to 5 sweaters per year. It takes 4 goats to produce a single cashmere sweater.

A sweater around the price of 150 to 200 dollars may be expensive but it is a great investment. Alpaca fibers are not likely to pill and are long lasting. It is better to have one durable sweater than have many replaceable ones.

In conclusion, alpacas generally make a more sustainable option for Women’s or Men’s Sweaters in comparison to cashmere goats.

Diving From A Junk Liveaboard

The June Hong Chian Lee which is also known as “The Junk” is a restored Chinese sailing vessel in teak wood. The junk ship was featured in “The Man With The Golden Gun” which was a 1974 James Bond film. For tourists, the junk ship offers a unique and different diving experience in the country of Thailand.

About the junk ship

In 2014, after the junk ship was included into the fleet of Worldwide Dive and Sail, guests and tourists have traveled on board her for activities like Similan Island diving and Surin Islands diving.

The junk ship is 33 meters long with three masts. It has six air-conditioned cabins which can accommodate 18 divers. The junk offers two person, three person and four person accommodations. Each cabin is also equipped with private bathrooms and hot showers.

Diving trip locations for WWDAS

With the closure of the Similan National Park from the months of May to October, the people at WWDAS have been providing other diving options to other locations such as in the Phi Phi islands, Hing Deang, Koh Haa and Hin Muang. There are options of ‘two days one night’ or ‘three days two nights’ cruises.

During the months of May to September, the company is providing dive trips to the islands of Koh Haa and to the Phi Phi National Marine Park. There are pinnacles, limestone walls with soft corals as well as shallow corals full of marine life. This is where divers are able to see the rich marine life such as ghost pipefish, tigertail seahorses, nudibranches, leopard sharks, bamboo sharks, black tip sharks, octopi, turtles, frog fish, scorpion fish and schools of snappers and barracudas.

With a good weather, the junk ship also does dive trips in Hin Muang and Hin Deang. These sites have schools of snappers and barracudas, small invertebrates, and even leopard and bamboo sharks.

According to WWDAS’ general manager Mark Shandur, the part of the Andaman sea which they are offering dives to has a variety for all levels. He also added that it is their pleasure to introduce their guests to these locations on board their junk boat.

Is Walmart Destroying The Retail Industry?

Last Monday on CNBC, retail consultant Jan Kniffen said that Walmart has literally destroyed retail and every other form of retailing. The number one public enemy of retailers today is Amazon but the biggest threat comes from Walmart because of its extremely low prices. Retailing is actually a race for the lowest price and Walmart is offering the lowest prices for the products it sells.

The dominance of Walmart in the world of retail has created an environment where retailers are unable to compete in the crowded market. In fact, Walmart has beaten other discount retailers like Gold Circle in 1988 and Venture Stores in 1998. Walmart has expanded so fast across the country that there are now more than 5,000 retail stores and Sam’s Club locations all over the United States.

The issue with Walmart’s dominance is further complicated by online shopping. Online retailers are creating more competition particularly since many shoppers prefer the convenience of buying online. According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a job placement firm, about 44,000 positions have been cut by retailers this year.

According to Kniffen, the root of the problem is the abundance of physical retail stores in the US. Last week, Macy’s has announced the shutdown of 100 locations by early next year because mall traffic has slowed down. Even Walmart has closed 269 locations this year because the shopping habits of consumers have evolved. Subpar stores and malls won’t be open in the coming years because the US has never been this over-stored.

A possible solution for brick and mortar stores is to provide consumers with incentives. Instead of simply selling products, they can add coffee shops, hair salons and other options to boost the quality of experience in the store locations.

In order to prevent price wars among its retailers, manufacturers request compliance with MAP policy. MAP means minimum advertised price which must be followed by retailers and resellers selling the products to protect brand image and maintain seller profit margins. However, it is also important to monitor MAP violators that advertise the product for a lesser amount in order to increase sales and profits.

Mamma Mia! Has Over A Thousand Costumes

If you are not aware of the latest news then you must know that Mamma Mia! is already at Timaru. The production brought with them their container with a length of 40 feet and parked it right outside the Church St where the casts will be performing with the help from members of the musical theatre called South Canterbury Drama League. Mamma Mia is considered an important production thus the amount of things that comes with it.

Upon opening the container, there is a river of costumes in sequins, lycra, colors as well as fluro scuba diving masks. There are a lot of people behind the production and one of the most important role lies on the people keeping an inventory of all the costumes which are already more than a thousand plus the accessories. They are currently touring the entire New Zealand together with the large container so they can perform from theatre to theatre.

Many people might consider the job a nightmare of national proportion but Derryn Toomey who is I charge of the wardrobe says otherwise. Toomey resides in Nelson and she was given the task two years ago by the New Zealand Musical Theater Consortium.

Theatres that are showing the production are always excited to see her because their rehearsals, which could last for months, mostly consists of a piano, music and a script with no proper outfit or props. She revealed that for each venue she has to show up twice. She has to be there when the costumes are delivered to the next theater and she also has to be present during the packing of the costumes. In between these, rules and regulations are clearly given to the performers coming from the consortium.

Before the costumes and sets are sent for construction, approval must be given by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeu. Lesley Burkes-Harding is the main designer of the costumers. He has been working with the production since 2013. If you are looking for other movie and theater costumes, check out the options at TV Store Online Costumes.

Consumers In Canada Have Higher Confidence Due To Real Estate And Economy

For Canada, its consumers’ sentiment has risen once again for the fifth consecutive week. This is because the Canadians are now more positive regarding the economy of the country as well as the state of the housing market. This is according to a weekly polled that was released.

According to the Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index, which gather its result from the answer on the survey regarding job security, outlook for the country’s economy, personal finances and the prices in the real estate market, the figure has risen from a previous record of 59.5 to 59.9 for the week which ended last August 5. This is the highest that has been recorded ever since September of 2014.

The increase in the sentiment shows that the people are becoming more positive regarding the economy of the country and its improvement in the future. The number of Canadians that believe in the economy being stronger has risen to 26.3 per cent in the last week. This is the highest number recorded since the month of May. There are those that believe that the economy will become weaker but the number has decreased to only 21 per cent and this is the lowest that has been recorded since October of 2014. The point difference among the two data is 5.3 per cent and this is the largest point different recorded since November of last year.

With regards to the real estate sector, the Canadians are also optimistic about its future and 44.2 per cent of them are suggesting that there will be future price gains and predictions of a decline that will reach 11.1 per cent. The point difference between the figures is 33.1 per cent which is the biggest since October of 2014.

Personal finances, on the other hand, shows that 16.8 per cent of the citizens are in a better state compared to last year. This is the highest figure since January of this year. The number of people who thinks that they are in a worst state increased from the previous 21.5 to 22.7 per cent.

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It Is No Longer Location That Matters To First Home Buyers But Noise

Year ago, on one of the major factors taken into account by home buyers is location but now, they are more forward looking with what the area will be like in the future. Noise is the first thing that is being considered by first home buyers when they look at apartments. For first home buyers noise means extra loud parties, barking dogs, sounds of toilets flushing and excessively vocal intimate moments.

According to Archers Strata Professionals, noise awareness is very important and it is important to visit a property at different times of the day in order to detect noise that would otherwise not be heard during the first inspection. Grant Mifsud, an Archer’s partner one of the most common complaints from those living in inner-city hubs is noise. While it is common for some people to dismiss noise when they hear it once, they will certainly complain if they hear it several times a day.

In the inner city of Brisbane, first home buyers are choosing apartments according to noise levels and not location although they are also considering the potential of being able to sell the property in 5 to 10 years. For example, a first home buyer might consider a property because it is lovely but loud traffic can be a deal breaker. This is usually the reason why home buyers do not look at homes in the West End because it is already over saturated. They prefer the established suburbs where there are fewer apartments.

Unexpected noise is a basic element of high density living and to avoid the disturbance, a first home buyer can opt for boutique apartments that do not have common walls. A sales agent will naturally avoid highlighting the downsides of the property so that it would be a good option to drive by the property on a weekend to check whether it has a busy nightlife.

Buying a property can be rather complicated if you do not have a professional consultant. Through the process is made simpler and more efficient because all the necessary information is provided with the required assistance to make home ownership a good experience.