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Hair Wellness – The Role Of Castor Oil For Thicker And Longer Hair

Wearing a lush and long hair is pride for most women, that is why this article on Hair Loss and Care has been the go-to place for women seeking help and advice about their hair. Unfortunately, reality exposes our hair to a lot of impurities like pollution, UV rays, solar radiation, and dust. The state of well-being of the person also affects the appearance and health of the hair and is dependent on the person’s diet, emotional state, and active lifestyle. All these are factors attributing to the hair follicles getting the nutrients it needs for a gorgeous head of hair.

So many things may cause the hair to go dry, brittle, thin and eventually baldness. The worst fate that can happen to our crowning glory is hair loss. It can be in patches and it can occur on the entire head or baldness. Fortunately, this incident is completely reversible with the right approach. There are countless treatments to counter this, both natural and synthetic. Natural remedies include olive oil, avocado, and coconut oil but the best so far is the use of castor oil for the hair. Castor oil is the highlight of this article on Hair Loss and Care.

Why Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a variant of vegetable oil. Since it is natural, it is safe for consumption. So naturally it is safe for external application as well. Castor oil has waxing and lubricating properties beneficial for the hair. It remedies a lot of bad hair conditions. Its main benefit is to promote hair growth, although it also does well in preventing hair loss and moisturizing the hair. Both men and women are equally vulnerable to Alopecia or hair loss. As we age, it becomes inevitable to some especially those who genetically inherited such condition. Fortunately, this can be reduced with Castor oil.

How Does Castor Oil Promote Hair Growth?

The natural compound present in castor oil, Ricinoleic acid, is an essential amino acid needed by the human body. This Omega 9 fatty acid easily penetrates hair follicles and pores providing ample nourishment to restore hair growth back to its normal level. The hair follicles are where the hair growth starts, so the application of castor oil to the hair strands is useless.

Getting Into The Economics Of Funeral Business – A Rewarding Business Of Giving Comfort In Time Of Grief

Death always comes to everyone eventually, which is a driving force for the success of funeral homes business. This type of business isn’t necessarily for everyone as one specific factor has to be considered before putting up this business – the death rate in the area of proximity.

The Australian Funeral Directors Association, or AFDA, reports that the death rates among Australians have since declined and is still going that direction. Although, the funeral industry is still gathering as much as $1 billion in revenue every year. The typical funeral package almost always includes a funeral director, in fact, there is a number of funeral directors in Mandurah, Perth, and Sydney who are a graduate of Mortuary schools and are licensed.
The convenience of information quickly available through the internet has encouraged many to organize their own funeral arrangements. This includes pre-planning services which, aside from becoming a trend, has many different options to suit one’s own preferences. The average rate for Funeral Directors in Mandurah is $1500 and a funeral service may be as much as $10,000 or even just $8000. Embalming is at $500 and a casket at around $2000.

Miscellaneous expenses such as that for obituary, decorations, and certificates are at $1000, which is also the rate for an entire funeral ceremony. It will also cost $2000 for digging a grave and another $2000 for the finished headstone.

The average salary for funeral directors in Mandurah is around $44,000 but becoming a fully licensed funeral director is not easy as it takes about 4 years to complete. The mortuary science program also includes an apprenticeship afterwards. The goal is to become well adept in marketing and managing skills. Familiarization of each specific client is also a key skill to develop. Knowing your market helps you modify your business plan and knowing your client improves your customer service and foster a sense of care. Although probably the most important one is the ability to master the practice of patience, sympathy and understanding. No matter how unique the funeral service may be, such as a heavily disfigurement of a corpse, it is up to the funeral director to present a balanced approach of professionalism. Showing compassion and completing the business transaction without seeming rude or indifferent.

In the whole of Australia, a typical funeral is priced around $8,000 to $10,000 which breaks down to $1,500 average fee for Funeral Directors in Mandurah, $500 for embalming and body presentation, $2,000 for a traditional wooden casket, $1,000 for funeral ceremony and viewing, $1000 for miscellaneous cost covering hearse, death certificates, obituary, personalized theme decoration, $2,000 cost for digging and grave lot and $2,000 for headstone. Funeral Pre-Planning services is also a popular business trend. People nowadays prefer to make their own funeral arrangements in advance and are likely to browse around for the best deal.

A licensed funeral director is required to undergo training under mortuary science programs ranging from two to four years plus apprenticeship. This is to develop solid managerial and marketing skills and to familiarize the market and the clientele. It pays off because according to Payscale, the average annual salary for Funeral Directors in Mandurah is $44,494, and self-employed operators may be earning much more. The key attribute to become one is an infinite amount of understanding and patience. This is because dealing with the loved ones whom the departed have left behind are still in grief and state of shock. Appropriate sympathy, while delivering the service and conducting the business transaction, must be displayed. The ability to work with corpses in a various state of disfigurement is also a necessity in this profession.

Services offered in time of shock and grief is driven more with passion than with profit. Most funeral directors consider their career a rewarding one. Aside from the financial profit, the satisfaction of giving comfort to the grieving is an intangible reward this industry takes pride in.

Tesla’s Solar Roofs That Look Fit For A Television Set

One Friday evening, as the sun descended on an old Hollywood TV set for “Desperate Housewives” Elon Musk took to the stage and casually told the crowd about Tesla’s big secret. It wasn’t until the last few minutes of his presentation that Musk asked the crowd if they noticed the solar houses at the artificial suburban. Of course, everybody said no because the roofs did not look like they can carry electric current.

The solar homes had slate and Spanish clay roofs that looked fit for a television set. People can expect solar roofs to look like glass because they are actually made from textured glass that resemble ordinary shingles but allows light to pass from above into the standard flat solar cell. According to Tesla, tempered glass is as strong as steel and it can withstand the onslaught of elements for years. Tempered glass can also be fitted with heating elements that will melt snow when the climate is cold. Musk says that the glass will never be worn out because it is made from quartz that has a quasi-infinite lifetime.

According to Musk, the tiles are comparable to high efficiency solar panels. The current prototypes that the Tesla engineers are working with will reduce the efficiency of the underlying solar cell by 2% but with further refinement, the microscopic louvers that are responsible for the opacity of the tiles can actually be used to boost the efficiency of the standard photovoltaic cells.

At the presentation at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles, the audience was treated to a glimpse of the future where a house is topped with sculpted Tuscan solar tiles that stores energy into two sleek wall-hung Powerwall batteries for nighttime electricity. However, since Tesla is involved in the innovation, it is not surprising to find a Model 3 prototype electric car parked out front.

There is roofing shingles considered to be more superior to others but it usually more costly. If the idea is to increase the value of the home during a resale or if you are considering routine maintenance before the weather gets cold, you have to make a choice from the different types of shingles that will provide the best advantages for the home.

3 Benefits Of Phuket Cleanse Program

There are several reasons why more and more people are flying to Thailand to get into a Phuket Cleanse program. Although you can get a detox program right where you are, there is nothing better than getting into a detox program where not only your physiological components will be improved but will also give you that mental relaxation your mind craves. Listening to the slow rushing of waves to the shore and the singing of birds will definitely calm your mind. Apart from it, you will also get the following benefits out of the program.

More energy

The accumulation of free radicals and toxins in your body can make you feel sluggish. Fatty dishes and food that are high in cholesterol can also make you feel lethargic. Removing these toxins from your body and eliminating unhealthy food from your diet can definitely boost your energy allowing you to do more and enjoy the activities in lined for you. With a clean colon and detoxified body, you will have more energy for your loved ones even after a heavy day.

Improved sex life

A successful Phuket Cleanse boosts your energy which is why you will have the energy to engage in romantic activities after completing the program. If you have been too busy with work and your daily urban activities, take your loved to an island getaway in Thailand and get into a detox and cleansing program to revitalize your sex life. This is also ideal for women who are having difficulty conceiving. Consult your doctor before taking any detoxifying beverages just to be sure.

Enhanced metabolism

With clean colon, your digestion and metabolism process will speed up. And as you know an enhanced metabolism will yield related benefits such as weight loss, better skin, regulated bowel movements, better sleep, reduced stress, clean organs and better disposition all throughout the day. To ensure that you will get the best out of your Phuket Cleanse program, communicate with the resort’s fitness and wellness therapist to determine what you are going to do prior to engaging in the program.

Refrigerated Transportation And Logistics – Facts You Need To Know About Reefers

The trucking industry might have taken a blow from the recession, but services for refrigerated trucking and related industries have quickly bounced back and are now at a growing rate. During the recession, there was less construction, less manufacturing, and less personal consumption. However, the demand for staple items such as day to day refrigerated goods have stayed stable, and now the demand has been increasing. Apart from the demand for frozen food, the demand for frozen agricultural products and chemicals that need to be transported in vehicles with climate-control environment have also increased.

Since 2014, the revenue growth rate on services for refrigerated trucking has been approximately $32.6 billion annually. And in the entirety of the trucking industry, refrigerated trucking comprise 38% of it. From docks, depots and tarmacs to grocery stores, industrial sites, and pharmacies, refrigerated trucking companies embark on a complex navigation and distribution system. This ‘cold chain’ as the industry describes it, ensures the safety and freshness of the frozen goods. Another genius way that this industry has addressed growing demand and tight deadlines is the development of strategic partnership or intermodal networks. These alliances are responsible for the vibrant and rapidly growing market.

Though the industry takes pride in their contribution to the economy and the consumer’s daily lives, the tasks they undertake is not to be taken lightly. There are great responsibility and pressure in the backs of each person working in this industry. Aside from client satisfaction, safety is also paramount as some products may turn hazardous if they perish. There is also a steep rise and fall in the industries peak seasons since its primary moving for food industries. Since it is primarily transporting frozen food, its busiest season is during the holidays.

Fresh produce and frozen goods are not the only products that depend on refrigerated transportation. Other cargo such as flowers and pharmaceuticals also need their services in order to be moved or distributed. They also transport artwork, cosmetics, antiques and even live honey bees and penguins. The long list does not stop there, which means that the refrigerated transportation industry is not going to slow down. The industry is set to grow 12% annually until 2019 at the very least.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Is A Successful Seasonal Million Dollar Business

With only a few days to go before Christmas, it isn’t too late to flaunt the ugliest Christmas sweater of the year. So if you still don’t have one, might as well browse at to get one. Now after chuckling at the hilarious designs, you might wonder how lucrative the ugly Christmas sweater niche is. In only a few trips around the sun, the ugly Christmas sweater has skyrocketed from small pop culture trend to an annual tradition embraced not only by families and households but in large corporate Christmas gatherings as well.

“I first noticed it in 2011 when people were having ugly sweater parties at home,” said the co-founder of Fred Hajjar.

“I went on eBay and saw these old Christmas sweaters your grandma would wear, selling for $100 to $300,” said Fred. He was already in an online venture at that time but with another product line.

Fred then decided to partake in the trend albeit not projecting that it will go on for another 3 years with no signs of dying soon.

With Fred’s brother Mark, they launched before the Christmas of 2012.

During their first year, they sold $40,000 worth of sweaters in sales. “We got into the season late and with limited inventory,” he said.

But being more prepared in the following year, sales soared at 300%, and from that standpoint climbed up another 275% the year after that. This year, their target of selling $5.5 million worth of ugly sweaters is on tracks.

“The momentum has been incredible,” said Hajjar. The company operates a 42,000-square-foot warehouse in Detroit in which 30% of the total land area is dedicated to the ugly Christmas sweaters no less.

With 30 regular employees still unable to handle a surge in demand, they employed 20 more seasonal employees to help with the holiday demand this year.

“We also now have two full-time employees dedicated to social media because ugly sweaters are such a viral topic,” Hajjar added.

The design options have also considerably extended in the last few years. Instead of just resurfacing retro holiday kind of sweaters, typically featuring Christmas trees and reindeer, there is no limit to the theme they venture. It seems like consumers like it more bizarre.

Clip In Human Hair Extensions Vs Non-Remy Hair Extension

There are two main types of hair extension; the remy hair or one that is made of natural human hair and the non-remy or hair extension that is made of synthetic materials, mostly of silicone for that temporary shine. There are also different types of hair extension application but one of the easiest and most convenient application methods is clip in. as its name suggests, clip in hair extensions are applied to the natural hair by simply clamping it on the original hair. No weaving or braiding, no adhesive and other potentially damaging hair processes.

The clip in hair extension is further categorized into two; the clip in hair extension made of non-remy and clip in human hair extensions. If you have to buy one, what would be your choice? Take a look at these points:


If you are working on a budget, you can go for a non-remy hair extension because it is way cheaper compared to that which is made of human hair. A clip in human hair extension ranges around $130 dollars while its synthetic counterpart is so much cheaper than that. However, if budget is not a consideration, go for clip in human hair extensions to have better quality artificial hair style that you can enjoy every day.

Length of use

Synthetic hair extensions are made of silicone treated in acid so you can be sure that with further exposure to sunlight and other elements, the hair extension’s color and quality of strands will eventually weaken. The maximum lifespan of non-remy hair extension is three months. Whereas, with human hair extension can last up to 6 months or even a year depending on maintenance and handling.

Less maintenance

The good thing about clip in human hair extensions is that you can easily maintain it in order to lengthen its life. Unlike with synthetic hair extension, there is nothing much you can do about it but brush it to prevent tangles. You cannot wash, shampoo or use synthetic hair extension while swimming unlike human hair extension. All you have to do is treat it like natural hair and you are good to go.


Industries That Will Benefit Most From Video Marketing

According to a research conducted by Cisco, it is estimated that by the year 2019, 80 per cent of the consumer traffic on the internet will be coming from videos. The figure might be astounding but it is not surprising at all. If you are on Facebook then you might have noticed that your newsfeed is now full of videos you can watch on the go. You might be recording videos every now and then to send to family and friends and Facetime is now the medium of communication between people who are far from one another because seeing someone’s face while talking is much better.

Looking at your habits in social media and the way you communicate, you might have noticed that there is an increasing number of businesses that are employing videos in their personal pages and website. It can be embedded as part of a blog post or it can be used as the banner video on the homepage. It is inevitable that video content is now a crucial part of businesses no matter the industry to aid them in their marketing strategies. Here are some of the industries that should use video marketing and would benefit most from it:

– Software as a service or SaaS companies. It might not be one of the most glamorous industries there is but they should be employing video marketing to their advantage. The fact that they are not glamorous is the very reason why they should add video content to their marketing strategy. It is one of the crucial way to connect with visitors and make an impact.
– Travel and hospitality companies. Pictures might say a lot but videos are even more than that. In an industry such as these, a video to show off the beautiful things the companies have to offer is such an important part of their marketing strategy.
– Healthcare. Health is very important to everyone. It is not easy to give your trust to a specific healthcare company thus a video is an effective marketing strategy to show what the company can do for their customers and the equipment they use.

We Are Here Foundation Looking To Donate Office Furniture And Cubicles

Connecting with people is a great thing. Ask Tom Cleaver, the founder of We Are Here Foundation. His group is looking to donate office furniture to school districts and nonprofit groups in Oakland and Macomb counties.

Working together for a cause

According to Cleaver, he founded the nonprofit organization in 1998 in order to clean up polluted rivers and lakes in southeastern Michigan, which includes the Clinton River. During the past twenty years, WAHF’s volunteers have eliminated nearly nine million pounds of debris.

This is what Cleaver’s late brother-in-law shared to a Staples’ state manager in a business conference for Michigan Business Professional’s Association. Unexpectedly, Staples was also in search of a nonprofit organization to assist them with finding new homes for the office furniture it is no longer able to sell. The two have been jointly working ever since, with help from Cleaver’s brother-in-law.

Cleaver mentioned that they met the people at Staples four years back. Ever since, they have already given away around $400,000 worth of furniture to school districts and non-profits.

The Staples locations in Michigan and Ohio keep a stock of misfit merchandise throughout the year. These include products which have small damages – a dent in a file cabinet or a crack on a desk’s corner – along with other items that have been returned. These are collections of furniture which were created for executive office rooms to Office Filing Cabinets, chairs and hutches. They also gather used furniture from customers who are remodeling – those that might just get thrown in landfills.

All of this become donations to the nonprofit organization.

The WAHF recently gave out 2,400 desks to school districts through their redistribution program. Cleaver recalled that in Harper Woods Academy, one of the schools they gave desks to, a teacher got a new desk and almost cried. They have also distributed to schools in Romulus, Pontiac, Mount Clemens and St. Clair Shores.

Many furniture still available

They still have a lot of furniture available.

They hear a lot of school superintendents and teachers say that they need office furniture. However, Cleaver said that they never got any calls.

Any school district or nonprofit group that needs office equipment or slightly-used cubicles need to get in touch with the WAHF, call 586-463-9400 or email