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Using DIY Security Devices in Securing Your Homes

In 2010, there is an estimated 2,159,878 burglary cases in the United States alone. This is based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports on the crimes committed within the country. And from these cases, the majority were committed by burglars nearby. This makes one think of the state of his home. Is it secure? What precautionary measures can he do to increase the security of his home?

The number of unwanted intrusions and break-ins nowadays is quite alarming. Regardless of who you are, where you are or whether you’re the owner or the renter, you can be the next victim of property crimes. Renters, after all, are just as likely to be victims of these crimes as the owners.

So how can we make our homes secure? There are a variety of options, of course. One of the common options is the installation of security systems around your home. However, some people would put setting security systems off because of a variety of concerns. First, it could be costly. Having your homes hardwired by professionals, signing contracts, and paying for monthly monitoring fees can be vexing. And that’s if you’re the homeowner. A different problem would arise if you are a renter. You would have to seek approval from the owner first before having his house drilled with walls. Also, some security systems can be unreliable. Customers usually complain about their devices sending false alarm often or other similar issues. Of course, this is unavoidable and a risk one should take if one wants to set the security systems.

To address some of these concerns, DIY home security devices might just be the perfect option for you. Yes, do-it-yourself security devices are already available in the market. Without having to hire professionals to install the systems, you can already save a huge chunk of money just by installing it yourself. Not to mention the absence of contract. In addition, these devices are wireless, and thus flexible. You are granted complete control over the set-up and placement of the device in your home. Also, these devices come in different varieties and features. Some DIY-friendly devices have built-in motion sensors, high decibel alarms, and even night-vision ready cameras. Some can even be connected to your smartphones or computers so you can watch the activities in your home anywhere you are. Indeed, having security systems can be very helpful with the rate of crimes nowadays. Installing one can help you increase the security of your homes. You just have to decide what kind of device and what features are perfect for you and your homes.

The Future Of The Trans Pacific Partnership Under The New US Administration

The new US president plans to scrap the Pacific trade deal but both businesses and agricultural groups are lobbying the transition team to salvage the trade deal between Asian countries and the US. The current Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation Pacific Rim accord was negotiated under the Obama administration and business groups are arguing that the present administration can make changes to the trade deal and write new rules for the Asian-Pacific region.

Supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership say that it is commercially and strategically critical because it will convince Asian nations that the US wants to maintain its leadership in the region and it won’t relinquish economic power to China which is not a part of the trade pact. Beijing has a mixed response to TPP because it initially perceived that the plan was meant to isolate China; however, Beijing is now expressing interest to join the trade deal.

The nation-members of TPP include some of the important partner countries of the US like Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Mexico and Canada. The goal of TPP is to set trading rules in Asia which the TPP member countries believe China will eventually follow. Among those that are urging the new administration to take a second look at the trade deal includes the US Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, American Farm Bureau and a number of other companies that include FedEx.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, the new US president said that he wanted to reset trade with China although he didn’t comment about the TPP. He said that so far everything is under negotiation since their biggest problem is the trade imbalance with China. There are instances when agreements entered into by a previous administration are considered by the new administration with changes to the original deal. Another option is a new trade pact but with a different name.

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Glass Shower Doors Shattering Suddenly

Larry Kucharik from Oak Park in Illinois was sipping his coffee one morning when his wife warned him about an odd noise. They headed upstairs to check and in their unoccupied bathroom they saw the glass shower door in pieces and hazardous shards in the bathroom.

Kucharik mentioned to the ABC News, while he recalled the crackling sound that came from the shards, that it sounded similar to popcorn. And, for him, it was like someone hit it using a sledgehammer.

Shower doors shattering: a common case

This case that happened to Kucharik is a common case. According the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are greater than 60 complaints from all over the country during the last decade of the shower doors shattering for an unknown reason. The unexpected explosions can lead to bleeding and grave lacerations, based from CPSC incident reports acquired by the ABC News, with several requiring stitches or surgery after having glass “embedded” in skin or “covered in glass.” Manufacturer Kohler Co. in 2011, for example, recalled about 100 shower doors following the reports from consumers about doors shattering.

Reasons for shower doors shattering

The problem happens with the tempered glass that manufacturers use due to safety value. But, window expert Mark Meshulam said that pre-existing imperfections and damage are factors in the spontaneous shattering of doors.

He said that the primary cause for glass doors breaking is due to a form of glass damage in its edges. The next reason, according to him, is inclusions, which are microscopic imperfections that become larger internal cracks to pressure layers, then eventually leading to glass shattering.

The glass specialist, who has greater than 30 years of experience in glass investigation and consultation, mentioned that there are steps taken to avoid any shattering from happening.

Meshulam said that owners must check the glass edges for damage every year, and a safety film may be applied to a door to hold the glass together in case it breaks.

Summing up

A glass shower door price, or a frameless shower screen price, should not be a hindrance for owners to replace their glass showers when they find the need to, especially to avoid this problem.

Hiring Commercial Cleaners At An Affordable Price – Working In A Stress-Free Environment

Are you one of those people who easily gets frustrated when because of messy and untidy workplace? Have you ever felt like wanting to do the cleaning yourself just to remove the added stress that your messy workspace brings but with the demand of your job, you just cannot face it? Well, here is a good news. You can now hire professional commercial cleaners to do the job for you! No, it is not necessarily expensive and yes, it is a guaranteed quality service. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

Business establishments are one of the busiest places on Earth. If you are a business owner or even an office staff, your office is practically your second home. With so many people spending hours of work in that place, it is necessary to take good care of it. Cleaning and maintaining a tidy and neat workspace seems like the ideal thing to do. However, most of the time, this is not the case. With the demand and stress of the job, workers just find it hard to carve enough time out of their schedules to clean their workspaces. This is actually unhealthy. Different studies say that a messy working environment adds stress to people, thus making them ineffective and inefficient. The production arte of the employees even decreases because of this stress.

At present, many companies are now offering cleaning services to different business establishments. There are even companies on commercial cleaners in Gold Coast, Queensland who offer an affordable but quality service that would undeniably satisfy the client. These companies are founded on trust and they believe that clients deserve the best services that they offer. Their agents are expert professionals who are trained to complete their tasks efficiently. They are selected individuals who are good at what they do and are responsible and reliable agents. As a business establishment themselves, these cleaning companies aim to build long-term customer relationships. Their reputation is as good as their last project. Thus, they do their best to give their client what they deserve – a clean and healthy working environment at a very affordable price.

Finance Training For Provision Of Professional Client Interaction

One of the most known criticisms with regards to obtaining financial advice is that the cost that the company has to pay for the service will undoubtedly result to a lower than optimum return on investment. Majority of the professionals who are giving financial advises might not be happy to hear that they are deemed as adding no value to a business or company. Many of the individuals who are claiming such things are most probably investors that are trying to adopt a do-it-yourself mentality or those that have no single experience when it comes to working alongside an advisor. The majority of the results on surveys conducted regarding investors that are employing financial advisors have shown that they are quite satisfied with the service they are getting.

Looking at the other side of the coin, there are many investors that are in fact looking for professional financial advisors that can assist them when it comes to planning long-term financial goals or if they want to have some distance between their money. The sad thing is that many if these are finding it hard to get top notch advice these days. It is common practice for high level financial advisors to only accept clients that have a minimum of $1 million in their assets. They might not agree with anything but they are professionals that know their true value. Majority of high level advisors are not willing to offer services to anyone in the industry because of the high costs as well as the risks that comes with business nowadays.

The truth in today’s marketplace is thin, there are investors that are not willing to pay the professional fees and there are advisors that are setting minimum threshold fees for their services. Advisors then end up serving those wealthier classes and the non-wealthy are left to hire cheap and automated services or human advisors minus the minimum requirement but may give equal or better services.

This is the reason why financial advice marketplace has become similar to any other marketplace there is. To offer the best financial advice to clients, it is important for professionals to undergo finance training and serve the wealthy and non-affluent.

No More Flying Camera Drones For Lily Robotics’ Customers

In spite of so much fanfare and millions in pre-orders, Lily Robotics of the much-hyped flying camera drone has gone out of business. The co-founders of San Francisco-based Lily Robotics, Antoine Balarasque and Henry Bradlow wrote in their blog that the company was unable to find financing for the initial drone release.

Over the past months, the owners have tried to find financing in order to start manufacturing and ship the first units of the camera drone but they were unable to do so. Refunds will be offered to customers who pre-ordered the point-and-shoot quadcopter drone that comes complete with a built-in camera. The company has promised to start shipping the $1,000 drones to their customers last February 16 but it kept postponing the release date.

According to San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascon’s office, customers demanded for refunds but have been ignored. Prosecutors have warned Lily Robotics one day before the announcement that they will be going out of business that legal action will be taken against the company after the month-long investigation.

A civil law enforcement action and temporary restraining order was filed by the prosecutors at San Francisco Supreme Court against the company to demand the payment of $34 million to customers who pre-ordered the camera drones. Furthermore, Lily Robotics was also accused of false advertising intended to mislead customers. The promotional videos that were used by the company were not actually taken by the camera drone but through a more expensive camera drone that has to be operated by two people instead of one.

According to the courts, the laws are the same for established companies and startups. Customers must be protected to ensure confidence in the commerce system. A spokesman from Lily Robotics said that they are issuing refunds in a timely manner. There were no comments regarding the legal claims filed by the office of the district attorney.

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How Healthcare And Cloud Computing Merges

A few decades ago, one cannot imagine how information technology can be merged to deliver effective service delivery. Nowadays, the possibility of healthcare and cloud computing coming together is already a reality. In fact, cloud computing is already in high demand among healthcare organizations and healthcare practitioners because of its numerous benefits, both to the patient and the healthcare service provider. If you are still wondering what cloud computing can do to a healthcare organization, take a look at the following ideas.

Access to latest medical researches

The good thing about having everything on the web is that you can easily access the latest breakthroughs that are related to healthcare and medical research. If you need to access and gather advanced technology and data, all you have to do is log in to your healthcare and cloud computing account and you can get hold of everything that you need to know about the subject.  A healthcare provider can also perform patient analytics with all the data available which means that you can study and better understand trends to improve medical service delivery.

Capital expenses reduction

With cloud computing, you eliminate the need to install routers and the entire system for storing data because everything is stored on cloud or on the web. There is no longer a need to hire an in-house IT personnel because everything is managed by a cloud computing service provider which comes with 24/7 support so it is still like having an IT personnel but this time, you won’t have to worry about employing him and paying his salary.

Better healthcare service delivery                     

With healthcare and cloud computing, you can perform medical operation and dispense healthcare advice remotely or even if you are several miles away from your patient so long as you are logged in to the system. During emergencies, doctors can still perform operations even if is not physically present in the emergencies area. With the help of another medical practitioner and with cloud computing he can still direct the other doctor to do the job with his supervision.

Previous Records Smashed By 2016 Insured Damages In Canada

Based on the records of Catastrophe Indices and Quantification (CatIQ), total of insured damages in 2016 reached $4.9 billion. It smashed the previous record set in 2013 at $3.2 billion. The record damages that were reported in 2016 were due to severe weather caused by climate change. In 2016, Canada’s biggest natural disaster was the Fort Murray’s wildfires where uninsured damaged reached approximately $3.7 billion. Natural disasters are costing Canada billions in damages annually.

Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry is requesting governments across the country to join hands and implement expansive climate change policies so that Canadians and their communities will be better prepared when a disaster happens. The effects of storms in communities are staggering and they must be physically and economically prepared for disasters.

According to data from Insurance Bureau of Canada, damages from storms are on an upward trend with no signs of stopping. Data also shows that the economic cost of annual disasters all over the world has increased five times since 1980. The average economic cost in the 1980’s was $25 billion per year but now it has increased to an average of $130 billion per year since 2000.

In Canada, federal relief spending increased by an average of $40 million a year in the 70’s to an average of more than $600 million a year today. Communities stagger from the effect of storms. Examples of costly natural disasters include the ice storm in Southern Ontario, the storms that swept through Ontario and the prairies, the hail storm in Saskatchewan and the flooding in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

If industries and governments work together, current gaps in public policy and consumer protection will be addressed. It is also important to consider mitigation, adaptation and emergency management which form the basis of a comprehensive climate strategy. A National Flood Program is also critical because Canada is behind other countries when it comes to flood preparation.

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Opportunities To Steal UK Businesses Because Of Its Vulnerability After Brexit

According to Wilbur Ross, the designated US commerce secretary, Britain’s rivals especially Dublin and Frankfurt must take advantage of the golden opportunity presented by Brexit to steal businesses. Ross has said that UK is facing a period of confusion and relocations will soon be inevitable. People are now worried that instead of a free trade deal with the UK, the US could try to exploit the seclusion following the Brexit vote.

The remarks of the billionaire businessman that were featured in The Times are now sowing fear over the so-called special relationships between the US and the UK. The comments were made while addressing an audience of Cypriots financiers’ days following the EU referendum. The comments were made before his appointment in the Trump cabinet.

According to the UK’s Labour Party, the comments of Mr. Ross must be considered as a salutary warning that other countries may take advantage of UK’s vulnerability following the exit from the European Union. Shadow international trade Secretary Barry Gardiner has said that the comments of Mr. Ross are a clear reminder that trade deals with Britain in the future will not depend on goodwill from UK partners but on shrewd economic and political calculations.

The United Kingdom seems weak and vulnerable in the eyes of the world because the government of Theresa May has failed to articulate a coherent vision of what the economy will be in Britain following the Brexit vote.  According to more than a dozen officials who are worried over the tensions that will undermine planning for Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May has increasingly isolated her demands to control all the areas of policy. This has alienated the prime minister from her key colleagues. Instead of goodwill, government figures have given way to division and resentment so that policy mistakes have to be rectified immediately.

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How To Save On 5 Star Hotels In Saigon

It is a fact that luxury hotels can be quite expensive. However, if you would think about the convenience, comfort and security that you can afford with 5 star hotels in Saigon, the amount that you are paying for the accommodation is just fair. Luxury comes with a price and hotel accommodations are not an exception. The good news is that you do not always have to pay for the exact amount just to experience the luxury being experienced by celebrities and the wealthy. Even an ordinary person like you can enjoy the perks of a luxurious hotel in Saigon, here’s how.

Take advantage of low seasons

One of the easy ways to get a good deal, even at a luxury hotel is by booking during low season. First, you need to find out when the low season is for target country to visit. If you already have the information, book your travel during the period when low number of tourists is visiting the country of your choice. If you notice, hotels give out two sets of rates; one for peak session and the other rate is for low season which is lower than the former.  However, if you do not have control on your travel schedule, do not fret because there are other ways to lower your expenses.

Bundle up on services

There are booking sites for 5 star hotels in Saigon that offer bundling of services to pull down your overall expenses. For instance, instead of booking for the room accommodation alone, you can bundle it up with transportation services, plane tickets and tours. Compare the overall amount of bundled rates and individual services to see the difference.

Look offered deals

Another to catch a good deal is by checking the websites of 5 star hotels in Saigon. They would usually announce pocket-friendly deals on their websites to encourage customers to book with them. Take advantage of these offers to get free services such as free internet access in all areas in the hotel or free breakfast every day.