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Digital Prints Make Bengaluru Local Art Affordable

An original work of art is a valuable piece, and not every art enthusiast has pockets deep enough to handle the price tag that comes with valuable art works. Which is why a Indian printing company has decided to bring custom art to the masses for affordable prices via their digital prints.

The latest series of Giclee prints, released by the Bengaluru-based, are digital prints of fine art from local artists across the region, digitally reproduced in high quality canvas, and sold to the general public. This effectively distributes fine arts to the connoisseurs who lack the greater funding for the more expensive originals.

Additionally, Giclee prints’ terms of distribution ensure that the artists of the region receive royalties for their work, as doesn’t charge artists for their work, meaning that small-time local Bengaluru artists are less reliant on big sales to make a profit from their works.’s CEO, Amit Jaipuria, states that the art print platform, which he founded in 2014, curates their artists based on merit, and that it is completely free for artists to be on their platform, which explains why the site now has around 200 local Indian artists signed on with them, giving them the rights to make their arts in Giclee prints.

He adds that part of the deal includes the artist deciding what the price and size of the print will be, which range from Rs 3,500 to 25,000. The artist also has the option to limit the number of iterations of their work available, allowing them to decide what they’ll get out of their custom art.

Another platform for contemporary art,, recently introduced their signature limited edition prints in 2014. According to the company’s CEO, PadmajaNagarur, almost half of the company’s revenues, approximately 45% come from print sales. She says that the prints allow emerging, local contemporary artists to take on art as a full-time profession, and, according to some, increases the demand for the originals. All of that, on top of allowing art to reach the more modestly financed, and putting fine art in different formats, such as posters and coasters.

Naked Hub Partners With Just Co In Launching Co-working Space

Naked Hub is known for its co-working space business and is based in Shanghai. In a recent announcement made by the company, they have decided to merge with JustCo, a company that is based in Singapore. The partnership between these two big names when it comes to the co-working space sector has lead to the creation of the biggest premium operator in all of Asia. While there are many co working space in Bangkok and other cities in Asia, this partnership has prompted a competition against the leading company in the co-working space industry which is the WeWork.

Naked Hub which is working hand in hand with a hospitality brand called Naked Group and together they have 20 co-working locations scattered in three countries – Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. WeWork, on the other hand, has 12 co-working locations that are found all over the northern part of Asia.

As a result of the merging between JustCo and Naked Hub, they are planning to have a total of 41 co-working spaces before 2017 ends. They are targeting to put up co-working spaces in countries located in the southeastern part of Asia including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Jakarta. According to an estimate by Naked Hub, the venture will bring the company a total of $100 million in earnings along with the co-working spaces they have up and running for 2017.

Naked Group is aiming to have a total of 194 co-working spaces when 2020 hits as disclosed by its founder and chief executive officer, Grant Horsfield.

Horsfield said that when it comes to co-working spaces in Southeast Asia, JustCo is the leading operator while Naked Group works best in the north. Through the partnership, they will be able to create the largest premium co-working space in all of Asia.

There are already a number of competitions in the market which is evident with the existence of co working space in Bangkok and other major cities in Asia thus the company recognizes that they must do everything in order to run with the times. For now, the two companies will be operating while carrying their own brands and eventually JustCowilbe slowly changed to Naked Hub.

Bangkok As The Cheapest Among Global Tourist Destinations

When it comes to choosing a global travel destination in a tourism survey, the first city that comes to the mind of travellers is Bangkok. This is not surprising because Bangkok ranks first among the cheapest destinations all over the world. Anyone who is looking at a long haul holiday in an urban setting will choose Bangkok not only because of affordability but it has everything that a traveller looks for.

In a survey made by the British Post Office, Bangkok was rated as the best value from 10 cities that were included in the list. The total basket price is less than £317 per month. Accommodations are very cheap at less than £100. Guesthouses are pleasing for the wandering travellers. The result of the survey is good news for those who earn tourism revenue but if you are honest, is the achievement worth celebrating?

The cheap prices that foreign visitors to Thailand enjoy come at the expense of taxpayers. The money paid by the Thais to the government goes to infrastructure, electricity, water and other essential services. The taxes ensure that the cost living is very affordable for overseas visitors. Several million people arrive at the airport every year and while their spending contributes to the economy, they make traffic worse in the city.

The results of the UK survey are bound to bring in more tourists to the country, extend their stay and spend more money. Foreigners certainly want to stay longer because can enjoy their vacation for less. Tourism is the source of income of many local businesses and tourism authorities are promoting Bangkok as a cheap destination, however; it is also important to pay more attention to visitors that can afford the more luxurious tourist amenities. Businesses have to earn and the tourism advertisements must encourage visitors to spend more and stay longer to improve the economy.

Special deals and seasonal rates are offered by trendy hotel in Sukhumvit for both business and leisure travellers. The location of the hotel is very convenient for executives and businessmen because it is located in the heart of the city. For the leisure traveller, entertainment and shopping destinations are within comfortable walking distance away.

Global Industry Analysis Of The Yacht Charter Market

Future Market Insights expects that over the next decade, affluent consumers in the developed markets will continue to adapt boating and sailing vacations to sustain the demand for yacht charter. One of the most sought after trends will be the cooperation between online yacht charter service providers and leading airline companies.

Young travellers are more inclined towards sailing holidays and this is driving the demand for yacht charters. Yacht charter providers must make it easy and convenient for young travellers to search for sailing vacations by being accessible through mobile. Providers must also provide discounts when large yachts are booked by a group of families or friends.

The motor yacht segment will continue to dominate the market with over 78% share in 2026 and will account for revenues amounting to $690 million by the end of the forecast period. Meanwhile, the sailing yacht segment is identified to grow at a higher rate during the decade. The main factors that consumers will take into account in yacht charter will be posh interior design and comfort. However, charter providers must not overlook the importance of eco-friendly and fuel efficient yachts.

On the basis of yacht type, the medium yacht segment (30m to 50m) will continue with its dominance with over 60% market value share in 2026. The trend will be followed by the small size yacht segment of up to 30m. Through 2026, the large yacht segment which is over 50m will continue to gain limited traction. Large and medium yacht charters will be preferred for group holidays with booking discounts while families and couples are expected to charter the small and medium yachts for their sailing vacations.

In terms of region, Europe will continue to dominate the market with about 70% share of the total revenues in 2026.  A close second is North America. The Middle East yacht charter market is expected to demonstrate a higher CAGR over the assessed period.

On the other hand, sailing is not exclusive to the affluent because Far Away Yachting offers sailing vacations for the most affordable prices. Sailing vacations are guaranteed as fun and exciting experiences that are different from the traditional entertainment offered in a hotel resort.

4 Perfect Occasions For Giving Away Promotional Merchandise

You can practically hand out promotional merchandise to your prospects at any given time. However, there are particular times when giving away promo items would be more effective and would achieve more impact to your marketing endeavours. Here are some of those occasions.

Trade fairs and social events

Trade fairs and community events are usually attended by a lot of people and when there are more people, you have greater opportunity to showcase your brand and let your prospects know of your brands availability in the market. You can give away simple yet useful items for the occasion such as foldable fans with your logo on it or you can also give out hand towels, pens or even umbrella if your budget can accommodate it. You can also sponsor one of the events and have your promotional merchandise as a prize for mini games.

During business events

Another perfect timing for giving away promo items is during your store’s anniversary or during the opening of a new store branch. Giving away promotional materials is your way of thanking your customers for their continued patronage and the item will serve as a simple reminder of how you value your customers in your business. You can give away calendars for the first 100 customers or you can also give away ref magnets, tee shirts or umbrellas and similar items.

Conference and seminars

The good thing about seminars and conferences is that they are participated by specific group of people such as young professionals, people from the business sectors, mothers or parents, teachers, doctors and any other groups. If your targets are among the participants, it would then be the perfect time to popularize your brand by giving away promotional items that your targets will appreciate such as pens, notepads, tote bags, folders and similar items.

During holidays

Christmas and long holidays are the perfect time to give away promotional merchandise due to the season’s meaning. Give out special branded items such as paper weights, wrist watch for high end customers, wall clocks, tee shirts, mugs and other special items.

Tips To Find Reliable Residential Electrician In Perth

If you have a residence or a commercial establishment, you can expect to need a residential electrician in Perth every now and then to fix your electrical issues. When you need one, it would be right to know where you can find a reliable electrician who will provide your electrical requirements. Here are some tips.

Local electrical company

One of the best sources of professional electricians is companies for electrical services. You can check on different websites to find qualified and licensed electricians in your area. It would be best to request for a senior electrician for major installations, new builds and critical repairs.

Local or neighbourhood contractors

You can also ask around from friends or neighbours for qualified electricians that they may know of. The good thing about community electricians is that you can be sure that his reputation is known in the area and you can easily find feedback from around the neighbourhood. The rates may also be lower compared to company electricians. Contractors forresidential electrician in Perthgenerally have extensive background working in the industry and this is something you need for better project results. The only thing about independent electricians is that you may need to verify if they have undergone formal trainings since they bank on experience for their expertise. Nevertheless, ask for a valid license to ensure that you are dealing with a qualified electrical contractor.

Yellow pages and newspapers

The local newspapers and yellow pages are also excellent sources of information when you need to hire a reliable electrician. You can check the classified ads of your newspaper for information such as the electrician’s contact details. The downside of these types of sources is that the information is limited. There is no customer feedback on the sources unlikeonline sources.  Make sure that you are looking at an updated yellow pages or print ads when you are looking for a residential electrician in Perth. Some service providers may no longer be available when you contact them since yellow pages are released on a yearly basis.