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Travel Around The World And Get Paid Doing Meaningful Jobs

Traveling and keeping a job seems two exclusive things that not many people can do at the same time. However, for some experts, it is totally possible—with all its highs and lows. Two experts weigh in on these jobs and share what it takes to be successful in it.

Dive Instructor

Initially, Charlie Munns planned to return to his day job in London after six months in Thailand. However, since 200 has been working as a dive instructor in Thailand. He says that his job has enabled him to reach and dive at destinations that may be rather difficult to find, including Micronesia, Aruba, and St. Kitts.

However, it is not all fun and games. Munns says at the beginning, he had to work for ninety hours a week. Decompression diving takes a toll on the joints, and at one time, he had two kidney stones with the nearest hospital 600 miles from his location. He had no other choice but to deal with the pain and go on diving.

Munns says that whether you are a professional diver or a newbie looking for a dive instructor internship in Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and many other diving locations in the world, it is important to remain calm and patient. This is especially true during emergency situations underwater. BASC and PADI, and all other dive agencies, have well structured dive instructor internship in Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, and other parts of the world.

International Aid Worker

Amelia Rule of CARE International says that making a safe place to sleep for people in crisis is a huge motivation for her, amidst working long hours, sometimes in emergency situations. She says that she gets to discover new cultures, places, and personalities in her job, having been to Syria, Malawi, the Philippines, Nepal, and more.

Albeit fulfilling, she says that the job does not make future planning very easy for her. Since they respond to emergency situations, she must always be ready to get on a plane. The places she has been to were war-torn or under so much poverty or calamity, which could be difficult to see.

However, she uses these as her motivation to work hard and make life better for the people despite the injustices and hardships that they experience.

How You Can Style Your Space With LED Lighting Strips

Many people are now using flexible LED lighting strips for their modern lighting designs. Architects and lighting designers are now using it for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. It doesn’t only provide efficiency, brightness and colour but you’ll also find it easy to install. A homeowner can surely style their home using the LED strips, just like a designer.

So, What Are LED Lighting Strips and How to Use Them?

The LED lighting strips are elastic circuit boards that are filled with LEDS, so you can stick anywhere you want to add lighting in various colours and brightness. You can cut the strips according to your preference to freely design your project without worrying about the space requirements. They are so elastic,so you can bend them vertically up till 90 degrees. You can have adequate lighting in places that are thought impossible. They can come in various colours and changing options. You can easily peel the back of the strip using a strong 3M tape, and stick it to various surfaces.

If you intend to use LED lighting strips, you can place them as a bathroom accent; to brighten up the cabinets and shelves; to lighten up the kitchen cove; or use it to accentuate your outdoors. You can also use it in commercial areas, such as enhancing the lighting of bars and restaurants; hotels; product displays in retail stores; and storefront displays. They are also great to brighten up the walkways and handrails; add glamour to a stage design; and building outlines and signages. They can also be creatively used for artworks.

How to Install the LED Strips?

If you want to install LED lightings strips, it can be done easily and quickly. Perhaps you need to ask an electrician regarding its installation, especially that you redealing with electricity. You can ask them questions all throughout the process. You also need some tools to appropriately fit it tothe space. If you don’t want a DIY project or prefer an expert, hire them install it for you for an elegant look and feel. These lighting strips can definitely make you save energy and money.

Why Management Services Providers Are Starting To Consider Liability Insurance Policies

Managed services providers (MSPs) are starting to see the necessity of liability insurance policies as the IT field continues to grow more complex. They see this change as a necessity to get the right coverage for their businesses.

Standard Practice

Michael Corey, who used to work for a managed services company, recalls a time when a large oil company wanted to hire their services to manage its computes remotely. He says that although they have not formally met yet, the company wanted Corey’s firm to insure them for up to $20 million in case something unexpected happens, leading to an explosion, fatality, and/or damages while one of his people was on site. It was understandable as companies have been following this standard practice for years when dealing with service providers. However, Corey argued that the amount that the client was looking for was nowhere near expected. It took him a lot of meetings and negotiations before he finally got a waiver. He said it slowed down the sales cycle by two months—two months spend negotiating and explaining each other’s sides instead of getting started with the actual work. Corey now works as a co-founder of an audit protection insurance and license management for Oracle called License Fortress.

Liability Insurance Policies

With the growing popularity, and therefore risks, in data management, MSPs are starting to consider liability insurance policies to protect themselves. A cyber liability insurance, in their perspective, is absolutely necessary for when unexpected harm happens to the customer while they are in charge. As of now, not all MSPs have this kind of insurance, which makes it difficult for them to protect themselves from data loss or cyberattacks—things that could harm their clients which, sometimes, is out of their control. It works in a similar fashion with audit protection insurance in a way that users are protected from unexpected costs incurred to them through no fault of their own.

Corey adds that when a management services provider takes over a business’ IT environment, their clients put their trust on them. This means that once they take over, they are held responsible for everything that happens to it, even in terms of cyberattacks and other things out of their control. They believe that liability insurance policies will help MSPs perform their duties while getting proper coverage as well.

Poundl and Pays Fine For Food Safety Offenses


Rodent infestations can easily damage the reputation of a food establishment. A customer who sees a rodent scurrying on the floor of a restaurant will certainly walk out and never return. Rodents are always attracted to places where there is plenty of food. If you have noticed signs of rodent presence in your premises, call pest control in Brisbane immediately to undertake the necessary extermination processes.

Poundland, a discount retail giant was punished with a huge fine after a 4-year old girl found rodent droppings in a multipack of crisps. According to Get West London report, Poundland plead guilty to 4 food safety offenses and paid a total fine of £159, 750 and council costs amounting to £8,368. The company also paid the customer £150 as compensation.

Last April 27, the little girl together with her mother purchased a large bag of Monster Munch. They discovered holes in the pack with rodent droppings inside. The girl’s mother immediately contacted Ealing’s council’s food safety team to express her concerns. A full investigation was undertaken at the Ealing Broadway store in West London.

The investigation found out that Poundland failed in protecting their product against contamination and ensuring that the premises are clean. The contamination renders the product unfit for human consumption. It was also found out that the establishment lacked proper procedures to control pests. They also failed to ensure good food hygiene practices in the construction of the store. This includes protection against food contamination and proper pest control.

According to Councilor Joanna Camadoo, food safety standards and public safety are very crucial for stores. It is important for the public to have confidence in their hygiene standards. The fine imposed on Poundland must serve as a warning to other businesses whether large or small that they have to comply with food and safety regulations.

Rodents are small and they cannot eat all your stock. However, they can easily contaminate your products because they can gnaw holes on food packages. Their droppings and urine can cause serious diseases. The solution to rodent infestation is very simple; call pest control in Brisbane to manage the infestation with safe and non-toxic products.

Three Ways To Incorporate Corporate Video Production In Brisbane To Your Business

If you want the best strategies for your corporate video production, you need to consider all your needs. You need to go beyond creating a good and amazing content that will convey your message and spread it in several ways. An important avenue to take your content down is through videos. Here are reasons why you should incorporate fascinating corporate video production in Brisbane into your online marketing campaigns.

  • Everyone Wants Information Created Differently

Create great videos for online users to see, so they can learn and be educated with your goals. You can be teaching someone why they need your corporate video production in Brisbane services, how they can help market their products, when they need the training, and where to apply the best coaching. Whatever you want to sell, it boils down to a basic content creation goal to educate your targeted audience.

If you combine corporate video productions into your content, you can entice online users to love your video. You can even have the video transcribed in text to affect your blog post. It should provide read-write learners to enjoy and help with the SEO of the page accompanying your video.

  • Google Loves Video

As Google has acquired YouTube in 2006, it’s obvious that the search engine loves videos for people to watch. If you take a peek at search results, you will find how Google incorporates the links with your search results. Your corporate video production in Brisbane may rank well as you have created a video that makes people understand your products and entices them to patronise it.

  • Video is Easy to Share

If you have uploaded videos in YouTube and Vimeo, you’ll find your corporate video production in Brisbane easy to share and linked to your website. If people like what they see, they will post it in their blog, Facebook page, and other social media accounts. It means you have conveyed your message to your audience. And if you’re promoting a product, users can start looking and patronising your products or services.

If you had to promote your video production to the world, you can start sharing the process with your prospective audience by including your website, Facebook page, blog content, or the Google+ page. If more people get to share your corporate video production in Brisbane, you’ll likely improve your search results and gain so much popularity.

How RBC Exchange Rate Can Provide You Information About Currency Exchange

Exchanging currency is one aspect that many people concern with and spend more time on, especially if they are leaving for another country, either for business or pleasure. Today, there are several various places where you can exchange your currency, but each may have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. You will also need information from an RBC exchange rate, so you know how much to expect when exchanging currencies. Here are few places where you can obtain other currencies:

Banks and ATMs

This is probably the first place to consider when you wish to exchange currency. They also have the bests offer for currency exchange rates. The banks usually don’t charge you with commissions, and even if they do, you don’t realize it as it’s been lower and hidden from you. The process is fairly simple at the bank. All you need to do is hand over the money and the bank teller will inform you about the currency exchange rate. If you agree with their terms, you’ll have the cash right away.


Hotels are another option to exchange currency; however, you need to know the actual exchange rates, so you get a better offer. Knowing the RBC exchange rate before hand will tell you that they are giving a fair share of the currency exchange. You may also want to compare the exchange rate with other providers before you finally decide on taking them.

Money Changers

In previous years, money changers were the most popular ways to exchange currency. However, ATMs have been made the popular choice to exchange currency through the machine. However, you still find a number of money changers serving their customers for an acceptable exchange rate. You’ll just have to know how much, probably through an RBC exchange rate, or what is provided by some brokers. You may also need to read the newspaper to compare the exchange rates and get what you like.

You may either have the exchange rate done before or after you leave your home country. Selected countries like Philippines, Hong Kong and Ukraine allow you to carry American dollars and have the money exchanged when you arrive.

Cochrane Cemetery Proposing New Alternatives

According to an old saying, in this life there is nothing certain except for death and taxes. The sad fact about these changing times is that even in death we are bombarded with taxes on top of the fee we have to pay for funeral services. Due to the high cost, the funeral services are no longer the same decades ago and cheaper processes have emerged such as using cremation urns for adults instead of buying expensive caskets with no land to bury them in.

The number of people that are choosing cremation instead of traditional burial continues to rise and it has reached 65 per cent of the total population in Canada. This is why the Cochrane Cemetery Board is trying to keep up with the latest trend. They presented a new proposal to the council to use alternative methods for the remaining available traditional plots within the cemetery ground which is managed by the town.

If you look at cemeteries that are under Catholic or Civic management, there are structures intended for use in storing cremation urns which keeps the ashes of the deceased. The town is expecting that these structures will be the future of memorial in the cemeteries because it only requires a small space.

According to the proposal, four of these structures are to be constructed within a space along with benches. Each single columbarium is going to hold 48 niches while each single niche will be able to house two urns. Four structures are going to be built in each cemetery therefore it is expected that there will be an available space to accommodate up to 384 cremation urns. This is a better way to manage the space which is originally intended for traditional burial of only 15 adults in each cemetery.

The cost is also much better compared to a ground plot which is more than $900 for a single adult size plot of land. This is already inclusive of care and maintenance by the cemetery management. The internment will set the family back another $700 while an extra charge needs to be paid if they wanted to have a headstone. With the niche intended for two cremation urns for adults, the price will vary from $1,840 to $2,185 while the internment is only $250. There is no need for a headstone but rather a plaque will be attached.

What To Do Outside Your Family Connecting Rooms In Sukhumvit

Travelling to the exotic city of Bangkok in Thailand will provide a great cultural learning experience for everyone in the family. But even then, Bangkok is renowned for its red-light districts and seedy nightlife. You’re pretty sure your family doesn’t want to stay close to these areas. However, you can enjoy accommodations in family connecting rooms in Sukhumvit for a wonderful stay. Here’s what you can see and do in Bangkok:

  • A Trip to Chatuchak Market

If you enjoy shopping, you need to check out this market, especially if you’re hunting for souvenirs to take home. The market covers 27-acres of space with over 8000 stalls, making it one of the biggest markets in the world. It’s open on weekends; however, it entices thousands of visitors to find everything they need on sale. You can haggle with the vendors for the cheapest prices they can give for a certain item. You may also need a guide or a map, so you won’t get lost here.

  • Shop at Siam Paragon

It’s a high-end shopping paradise where you find various shops for high-end fashion designers, the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, multiplex cinemas and restaurants to feed your famished stomachs. The mall consists of 250 shops where Thai affluent and expats come to buy their stuff. There are also show rooms featuring Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. Just ensure that you have enough money to sustain your shopping spree. At the end of the day, you’ll want to return to your family connecting rooms in Sukhumvit to relax and unwind.

  • Have a Thai Massage

To complete your day, why not choose to have a Thai massage, which you’ll find everywhere in Bangkok. The massage is not only soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating, but it makes you feel invigorated and balanced. To get the best Thai massage, you may need to choose a spa that is near or within the hotel premises.

  • Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower

Before the world experienced financial crisis few years ago, a tall 49-storey skyscraper was built in the heart of the city. With the crisis affecting Bangkok, the construction of the building stop and the tower was never completed. Today it sits abandoned where you can’t do anything but be amazed at its great heights. Below are some security guards where you can offer to pay just to see the remains of this tall skyscraper and its breathtaking scenery of the city.

The Complexities Of Repairing Aluminium Trucks

It is common for many people to get into a panic attack whenever they hear strange sounds or smell something burning when they are driving their car. Does the clutch need replacement or is it oil burning? Is there something wrong with the engine? Does this mean you will be without a car for days? Don’t worry because there are mechanical repairs on the Gold Coast that will ensure that the car functions in the best level possible.

Car issues are relatively easy to repair but not heavy duty trucks. It is becoming increasingly difficult and complex because many truck bodies have converted from steel to aluminium. Components have also changed as well as the design. There is also a proliferation of onboard sensors.

According to industry experts, the complexity of repair has caused more fleets to outsource the specialized work. Truck repair shops are experts in repair but they have to find information on the truck’s year, model and make. When a collision job rolls in, the parts that have been impacted need to be identified to determine what parts have to be replaced and what work must be done for insurance estimates.

Most truck manufacturers have changed the typical hoods to either composite plastic or fibreglass. A different type of adhesive is also being used for each type of hood. Aluminium bodies pose a big challenge because the heat has to be watched carefully to straighten it. It takes special knowledge to repair aluminium panels because it behaves differently from steel.

Aluminium is lighter than steel and lasts longer because it does not rust. Repair protocols are different because aluminium has different bonding properties. Welding aluminium requires a certified aluminium welder. Work is so sophisticated that it has to be outsourced to other shops that employ full research and planning.

Meanwhile, car owners must not wait for their cars to breakdown before they get it serviced at mechanical repairs on the Gold Coast for lower costs. A technician will identify any car troubles so that it can be repaired immediately. Preventive maintenance will be undertaken to keep you out of the danger zone.

Magnet Treatment Could Be Used To Help People With Autism

One of the defining characteristics of autism spectrum disorder is difficulty with interpreting how others feel. While subjecting kids to early-intervention therapies have proven effective with their communication and social skills, there really isn’t a medication or procedure that can improve such aspects.

A team from Deakin University and the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre are looking onto a non-invasive treatment to treat depression to help people on the spectrum, one that could uses the bigger cousins of magnets in Brisbane and across the world.

The procedure, called Transcranial magnetic simulation (TMS) utilized magnetic fields from a coil placed on the patient’s scalp in order to stimulate parts of the brain.

Currently, the research team from the university are looking for participants, aged 14 to 30, with a professional diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder to be part of their study, with the hopes that earlier intervention leads to better and longer lasting results. Many are saying that the study is the first of its ilk to involve kids, as well as targeting a part of the brain that hasn’t really been focused on before; the right temporoparietal junction.

According to Professor Peter Enticott, the principal investigator of the team. He says that that particular part of the brain weren’t functioning the same way for people in the autism spectrum as it did with normal people when they were part of a social situation.

TMS, which is a new use for magnets in Brisbane and across the world, have already shown some promise according to some studies. Researchers, however, stress that it’ll take years to prove whether or not the procedure is both safe and effective for mass use.

There are, of course, some critics of the procedure. One common criticism levelled at the procedure is the fact that its effects wear off in time, requiring scheduled follow-ups. Other people have reported worse.

John Elder Robinson, an American author, underwent the procedure back in 2008, and he says that it was effective. But that was the problem; with him saying that he saw how people actually perceived and treated him.

Lydia Zahra, a music student and mentor to others in the spectrum, says that the treatment is unnecessary. She says that she managed to work on her social skills by simply mimicking friends and family, and that autism has given her traits that she’d never trade for, like her love of music.

Zahra says that the way people with autism focus on something they’re interested is so intense that it’s unbelievable, and the autism is simple something the world has to accept.