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Fast Food Industry Could Welcome Robots Soon

If there is anyone that could attest to the development of the fast food industry in Latin America, it’s Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan. Remember the television series called The Jetsons where a space age family shows what it is like to live with Rosey the Robot. The show was aired in the 1960s and back then it was considered to be a fictitious theme. Little did we know that technology will progress so much that in just a few decades that the technologies featured in The Jetsons were already reality.

A recent development showed that we might be able to see the real life version of Rosey the Robot soon in the fast food industry. There are many challenges that a fast food industry faces including high costs and not enough workers to do the job. This is why many companies have invested in robots that can flip their hamburgers automatically and has the ability to clean the grills. These are the type of jobs that are mostly undesired by people looking for employment.

In a survey conducted by the United States Labor Department this April, there is an overwhelming amount of job vacancies. In the hospitality sector, there are 844,000 positions available for application. In retrospect, the hospitality industry offers one job for every eight posted daily.

Wendy’s has already employed ovens with self-cleaning features to avoid grease cleaning and the company also bought new dishwashers that operate automatically. These are used in washing spatulas, bowls and various utensils used in food preparation.

Another company based in Seattle, CaliBurger, offers payment kiosks together with robotics in order to serve customers with hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, shakes and cheeseburgers. The company formed a partnership with Miso Robotics in order to create Flippy, a robot that can cookburgers and clean grills.

Dunkin’ Donuts, on the other hand, tested robot baristas in their stores which did fine in serving simples drinks but had some trouble in getting custom orders. According to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, the downside with these robots is that they are very expensive to purchase, requires regular cleaning and maintenance in order to avoid breakdowns, which could affect operations.

Obrien – An Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Denis O’Brien is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Ireland businessman is the patron of Digicel foundation and founder of Denis O’Brien foundation.  The renowned businessman was bought up in Dublin. He gained business acumen from his father and the social sense from his mother.Though his first venture failed and he lost a lot of money because of it, the visionary businessman decided to obtain the Radio license from the Irish government. He secured the license and launched 98 FM in the year 1989. By 1993, the radio station started earning profits.

Later, Denis Obrien branched out his business and entered into the telecom sector. He set up Esat Telecom and offered private landline service to businessmen. The company was not profitable and faced a financial collapse. Later he formed a consortium with Telenor and applied for a license to operate mobile business. This saved Esat from the financial collapse. He later sold his shares in Esat to British Telecom.

In 2001, Denis Obrien obtained mobile phone license in Jamaica and established Digicel. Within two years of establishment, the company has captured around two thirds of the country’s mobile phone customers. He replicated the success formula in the Caribbean and south pacific and returned to Ireland.

He became popular for his philanthropic ventures in the year 2003, when he worked as the chairman of the Special Olympics games, in Ireland. He contributed a lot of funds for the development of Haiti, which was hit by a massive earthquake in the year 2010.  He donated twelve million dollars to rebuild the Iron market in Haiti. He worked with Clinton foundation to uplift the weaker sections of Haiti.

The Digicel foundation works tirelessly for the development of the poorer sections in Haiti and Jamaica. Itpartners with other not for profit organizations like Denis Obrien foundation and Camara education to provide state-of-the-art schools and modern technologies for the schools in these countries. The foundation promotes and supports innovative projects that contribute to the development of the poorer sections of the society. The foundation works on a number of causes through its various programs.

Drone To Be Used In Medical Deliveries

The Indian Institute of Public Health is currently developing a drone delivery system that will make it possible to transport medical products without having to use road vehicles. Researchers are positive that this new development will reduce the time and cost incurred in cases where medical products are in needed immediately. It is expected to have no huge impact with healthcare logistics because the drone can only care small and lightweight items.

The model of the Digital Drone is inspired by the Real Time Advanced Medical Modular logistics system. According to Suresh Munuswamy, Health Informatics’ program coordinator, they are expecting that the drones will be used to deliver medical products where it is urgently neededwith the use of drone alone. He said that these medical products could be medicines, blood samples and vaccines.

He added that the institute is currently creating their own design for the drone which will satisfy the requirement needed for tasks which it will be used including the specifications, carrying capacity and travel distance that the drone can handle. He explained that their main priority is to set the specifications and then they will move on to the actual design of the product before they look for partners that can provide them with the technology they are looking for in order to make it a possibility.

It is important to determine the specifications because not all drones can travel the same length of distance. The medical products which are going to be transported will be placed inside a digital carrier box wherein the temperature and the item inside can be monitored while it is traveling on air.

The institute decided to create a partnership with John Hopkins University, a university based in the United States, in order to make the carrier box with temperature control. This technology is not expected to replace the healthcare logistics because it is very limited in many ways but it is considered to be a good alternative if the product is within specification. It is not only cost effective but transport time is also much faster compared to travelling by road.

Roof Racks – Uses And Problems

Roof rack offers much needed, extra storage space in a vehicle. It is placed on top of the vehicle and is used to carry large items such as huge luggage, kayaks, canoes and big containers. Most of the cars do not come fitted with roof racks. Vehicle owners can buy these racks as an external accessory.

Roof racks are the most versatile exterior accessories for a car. They are available in different models, sizes and shapes to suit the luggage requirement of different vehicle owners. Weathertech rack sack rooftop cargo carrier, rooftop bars, canoe carriers, bicycle carriers, side rails etc. are some examples of roof racks. Vehicle owners can select the right roof rack depending on their requirements.

Using Weathertech rack sack rooftop cargo carrier has many benefits. It increases the space inside the cabin of the car as the luggage can be adjusted in the roof rack. The roof rack frees up the leg room inside the car cabin. It provides a safe area to transport the luggage. Roof racks also provide a safe and secure platform to transport sporting gear and other equipment. Using a roof rack to secure the sporting equipment and other huge pieces of luggage ensures the safety of the driver and also of other motorists on the road.

The Weathertechracksack rooftop cargo carrier is easy to install. The vehicle owners can follow the instruction manuals and install the roof rack by themselves or they can consult an experienced mechanic, who can install the roof racks properly.

However, vehicle owners should buy the Weathertech roof racks only from authorized dealers. The authorized dealers provide the best service along with the lowest prices. Buying from an authorized dealer ensures the vehicle owners about the quality of the product and they can also enjoy the guarantees and warranties provided by the manufacturer.

However, there are some problems caused by using roof racks. The roof racks and side bars scratch the clear paint on the car, dust collected under the roof rack which is difficult to clean and the rack moving due to strong winds. To overcome these problems, vehicle owners should invest in Weathertechracksack rooftop cargo carrier, which is the best choice and offers maximum space and protection to the luggage.

Why Marketers Must Start To Optimize Websites For Voice Search

There are various voice activated technologies in the market today from Amazon’s Alex a, Apple’s Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. More than 420 million voice assistants have been sold and they are now being used to voice search on mobile phones. Smart marketers have to start optimizing search marketing for the technology that is becoming a valuable tool for search.

People are using voice search while driving to ask for business locations and store hours. According to the results of a Google survey, people use voice search to gain information on deals and sales, information about upcoming events, personalized tips, customer support and more. To stand out, businesses must improve content to make it suitable for voice search results.

The way that people talk is different from how they write. In the keyboard, an individual will usually type “home voice assistant” but in voice search, he will ask “What is the best home voice assistant?” Businesses must start to brainstorm on the kind of questions that people will likely ask that are related to target keywords.

Answer the Public is a popular SEO tool that shows a map on the most common questions asked that are related to a keyword. Google Search offers “People Also Ask” feature with more question ideas. If you type a question that has already been analyzed, other related questions will appear.

In the content strategy for voice search optimization, questions must be mapped into the various points of the customer’s journey. This will ensure that there is available content for voice search at any stage that the customer needs information.

Some of the more important details of content that work well for voice search optimization include guides and how-to’s, store locations, customer service info, product information, videos and comparisons. FAQ pages can also be integrated on every major section of the website.

Notwithstanding the growing popularity of voice search, it is important not to neglect the importance of standard SEO because more people are still using search engines. Cloud Cartel will ensure that content is always relevant and informative for a specific Google query. It is easier for pages to be crawled to answer the questions of searchers.

Why Choose Exclusive Deals In Pattaya

A well-known quote once said, “If you have not seen Thailand, then you have seen nothing in Asia.” In fact, an Asian vacation will remain incomplete if you haven’t taken a tour to Thailand. So, if you’re out for some fun and excitement, choose Thailand as your country of destination. You’ll even wish for exclusive deals in Pattaya and what’s in store for you out here.

If you want to come to Asia, choose the exoticism of Thailand more than anything else. In Thailand, you can have the best packages which will include a trip to Bangkok, it’s capital and few resort cities like Pattaya. The exotic beaches, lively markets and scrumptious seafood will complete the holiday for everyone.

Coming to Thailand may not be as expensive as you think. Even people with limited budget can plan for a Thailand holiday. What you can do is search through the Internet for suitable deals in Thailand like some exclusive deals in Pattaya, and you’ll be coming from across the world just to be here in this gorgeous and fascinating country.

When you talk about a lovely holiday in Thailand, you’ll have to consider relaxing and rejuvenating in a long sandy beach, do exciting adventure activities andget some glittering nightlife in the cities of Bangkok and Pattaya. Most often, a Thailand tour starts in Bangkok, where so many things can happen. The city has allowed many travellers to enjoy its lovely markets, top rated restaurants and colourful nightlife that leave every travellers becharmed. There are also spectacular Buddhist temples and palaces that make the city worth visiting for family vacationers.

There’s also Pattaya and its magnificent beach resort with crystal clear seawaters. Here you’ll enjoy its captivating natural beauty and a variety of watersports to do here. You’ll also enjoy some of the most interesting dive spots here, where you can watch the rich corals and marine life. You’ll be excited to get booked in some exclusive deals in Pattaya for your accommodation.

You’re tour to Thailand is not only limited to Bangkok and Pattaya. You can head on to Chiang Mai and experience the historical grandeurs of the province. There’s also Phuket and its other islands and beaches. If you’re here in Thailand, you can indeed experience a remarkable holiday.

Five Important Steps In Motorcycle Buying Process

Buying a new motorcycle of a reputed brand is a dream come true for many biking enthusiasts. The shiny new bike provides freedom to navigate the city traffic with ease. However, before riding out of the Honda dealership with your brand new bike, here are some tips to keep in mind.


License is compulsory legal requirement to ride a motorcycle. Enrol for motorcycle riding classes with any Honda approved motorcycling schools. You can also take a test with the local DMV  to obtain a license. In order to take a test ride of new Honda motorcycles, you need to present a copy of your license to the dealership. Moreover, having riding experience will make it easy to determine the kind of motorbike to buy.

Evaluate your requirements

This is the advice given by almost all of the professional bikers. It is essential to evaluate your requirements before making a purchase decision. Consider the weight, engine capacity and size, seating and price of the motorcycle as some of the deciding factors. Select a motorcycle depending on your body structure, riding style and riding experience. For example, persons of small height should not opt for large bikes. The feet of the biker should firmly touch the ground while he is seated on the bike. In the same way, a high engine capacity bike is not suitable for first time bikers as it will be too difficult to handle. A visit to an authorized dealer who sells used and new Honda motorcycles can help you to determine the right motorcycle that suits your personality and requirements.

Visit and test ride

Once you determine the type of motorcycle, visit authorized dealerships in your neighbourhood. Get reference from family and friends and shortlist a professional Honda dealership that sells new Honda motorcycles and visit a few of them. The salesman at the dealership can guide you through the different models of motorbikes and their features. Shortlist a few models that suit your requirement and fit in your budget and ask for a test ride. A test ride will help you to get the original feel of the bike and evaluate the riding performance and comfort.

Financing and insurance

The next step in the purchase process is to search for finance options and buy insurance. Consult different banks and financial institutions for financing your motorcycle. Some dealerships also offer financing and insurance quotes to their clients.

Motorcycle and riding gear

Buying the right motorcycle storage and riding gear is also very important to protect the bike and yourself. Most of the authorized dealers selling used and new Honda motorcycles also stock motorcycle storage and security equipment like locks, chains etc. you can also buy riding gear from these dealers.

Thailand Benefit From Marina Boat Show

The country of Thailand is known to travellers because of the many adventures waiting for them from yacht charter in Phuket to the most awaited boat show in Pattaya. The entire country is now getting ready for the yearly event which will feature the marine and luxury industry of the region. The event will start on the 29th of November until the 2nd of December. The leaders in the industries of boating and luxury lifestyle will come together for the event which is the 7th Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show. Guests who will come to witness the show are going to see first-hand the latest products as well as technological innovations in the industry.

According to the managing director of the event’s organizers, Mr. Napong Paripontpochanapisuti, the past six years has been going well for the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show and the number of participants during the event has increased when looking at the year-on-year figures. In 2017, the number of visitors increased by 23 per cent.

He added that they are funnelling more than 10 million baht every year to the annual event which is a major platform where they can promote the business as well as the tourism in the area. The event of Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat show is giving back to the industry worth 2 billion baht every year and they expect that the marine industry will see over 10 per cent in terms of growth.

Last year the event was able to break a record with the highest number of visitors reaching almost 6,000. These people came from 22 different countries all over the world. The event’s success was due to the unending support coming from the government of Thailand. The organizers of the event are also doing relentless marketing campaign allover Asia as well as major cities within China. With this, they expect that more will come for this year’s event.

Pattaya is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Thailand along with yacht charter in Phuket which is also a favourite among tourists. In 2017, Pattaya welcomed over 14 million visitors to its shores.

The Evolution Of Football In Spain Can Happen According To Luis Enrique

Spain, one of the competing country that sports fanatic are able to witness when they บอลสด , recently hired a new coach in the person of Luis Enrique. La Roja has already made official announcement regarding the decision during an event that was hosted by Spanish Football Freedom. During the event, the Asturian coach said that he is happy to accept the project and he explained its fundamentals to the audience.

According to the 48-year-old coach, he is excited to take on the challenge because he knows it is possible for him to raise the team one step higher. He is willing to do everything in his power. He added that he is excited for the upcoming games and he urged the team to join him to victory.

Luis Rubiales, the Federation’s president, said that they are betting all they have for Luis Enrique. The coach before him is Fernando Hierro but he resigned after Spain’s football team was not able to make it to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Before Hierro, JulenLopetegui handles the team but he was also dismissed. Rubiales added that Enrique is the only coach they have contacted and the deal was straightforward from there because he showed passion as well as commitment. The federation will make sure that he is comfortable as he take on the role.

The recently hired technical director of the federation, Jose Francisco Molina, said that Enrique embodies the qualities of a modern coach who uses excellent methods while working. The coach said that they will use the same style but they will follow what Luis Aragones, who used to coach Spain, started and defined.

The coach added that these changes are necessary in order for the team’s evolution to be possible. They must be equipped with weapons in order for them to win. He noted that Spain has been considered as a standard bearer thus they will still employ possession game but this time there will be improvements through subtle changes.

As part of team, fans who บอลสด might see an additional member who is a psychologist by the name of Joaquin Valdes. Enrique said that this is an option for players to help them improve their game.

Get Your Ceramic Tiles from Amber Tiles Australia

If you choose ceramic bathroom tile from, you can experience its various functions. Many have opted high quality ceramic tiles that come in various thickness. They also come in various prices and are used in various techniques. The tiles from the website can come as bathroom tiles, hallway tiles and wall tiles.


You can count on the durability of bathroom ceramic tiles. They can last for an extended time without the need for replacement. Therefore, it’s really cost efficient. However, this does not imply that all bathroom ceramic tiles are similar. You also need to choose those quality tiles to make the bathroom tiles last longer.

Health Benefits

If you have chosen bathroom ceramic tiles from, you are assured that people with allergies are safe. The ceramic material will not produce pollen, dust or mould, and can even be fire resistant. If you were to add ceramics to your fireplace, then this is a great choice to make.


The tiles from can come in various designs, sizes and colours. Even the bathroom tiles can come in various styles. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, choose a style and quantity that will really fit your needs.

You also need a suitable budget to spend for the chosen bathroom tiles. The price of a single tile will usually vary on its thickness. Thicker tiles are more expensive as they are more durable than thinner ones.

There are also who make wrong choices especially when they consider the design. For you to be happy when you enter your bathroom, keep a balance of design, quality and budget. It can make you feel satisfied to use your bathroom for a longer time.


If your bathroom is small, choose brighter coloured ceramic tiles to make it airy, brighter and bigger. If you have a large bathroom, you may want to choose dark coloured tiles to clean it easily. You can be comfortable in your bathroom with your choices of tiles. Make it look good and attractive to have a welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom.

So, choose to buy your ceramic tiles for your bathroom or for any part of the house. You are guaranteed of more designs and styles and it can also be affordable to your pockets.