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Bangkok Hotel Sector’s Forecast Remains Strong For 2018

The capital will be hearing of a new business hotel in Sukhumvit opening, among others forecast for Bangkok’s tourism sector is strong, with many experts expecting that the growth momentum that the capital’s tourism will be continuing for 2018.

According to a recent report from the HVS Market Pulse, the overall stability in Bangkok’ tourism sector contributed greatly to the strong performance of hotels during the first half of 2018. For the remaining two quarters of the year, the forecast is optimistic, driven by expected demand levels in international arrivals, alongside a politically stable market thanks to elections being postponed until 2019.

The positive forecast for Bangkok’s hospitality sector is something the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld can attest to, with its General Manager, Robert Maurer Loeffler, reporting continued growth in all key metrics for the first half of 2018.

He explains that their properties in the Thai capital are enjoying a good 2018, with a particularly strong first quarter and year-on-year growth in occupancy and rates. He says that transient activity accounted for two-thirds of the growth of the group, while the group segment was driven by double-digit increase from wholesale.

He also expects that the rest of 2018 will be just as good, as the MICE segment, which has driven growth for it and many business hotel in Sukhumvit, is expected to remain constant with 2017.Loeffler is hoping that the Centara brand enters 2019 with performance that improves upon the preceding years.

There is still a considerable number of new brand supplies entering the Bangkok market, with many properties currently in development, from brands like Capella, Edition and Four Seasons set to move into the capital’s luxury segment.

Hilton hotels maintains their bullish outlook on Thailand’s luxury segment, according to Vice President of Operations, Luxury Asia-Pacific; Daniel Welk. The hospitality giant recently launched its newest property in the Thai capital, the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok.

Welk says that, if something good has come out of the extremely competitive field in Thailand which has seen many a business hotel in Sukhumvit pop up, it’s the more defined scope for Hilton and its properties. Welk likening the situation to swim lanes.

Standing Desks The Subject Of Study As A Potential Help For Workplace Disorders

There has been a notable focus on sit stand desks recently, as scientific studies look to the ergonomic furniture pieces as a way for dealing with the issues of workplace disorders.

A recent Australian study from Deakin University, published in the Scandinavian Journal Of Work, Environment and Health‘s August issue, saying that the pieces not only improve the health of the office workforce, the introduction of sit stand desks could also help companies save money which would have otherwise been spent on their employees’ medical bills, on top of reducing absenteeism.

The paper, Economic Evaluation of a Randomized Controlled Trial of an Intervention To Reduce Office Workers‘ Sitting Time: The ‘Stand Up Victoria’ Trial, studied around 230 desk-based workers, and its findings suggest that the introduction of standing workstations at workplaces would help save 7,492 “health-adjusted life years” in the prevention of obesity and related diseases.

According to the study, however, the cost of using sit-stand workstations are a potential obstacle to widespread use, estimating that the average cost of providing workers with sit stand desks sits at around at AU$344/US$255 for every person.

Lead Researcher Lan Gao, says that sedentary lifestyles have made non-communicable (NCD), like cardiovascular disease, cancers, type II diabetes and chronic respiratory disease, one of the biggest health challenges across the modern world. He says that underlying most NCD, there are several behavioural risk factors, like physical inactivity, which impose significant medical costs on top of the lost profits from reduced work productivity. Gao explains that such costs are either incurred by the companies or the government itself, it is of notable import that society find cost-effective ways to improve the overall physical activity levels of people.

According to the study, if the recommended changes were implemented to 20% of the AU’s office workers, 45% spend most of their time sitting in front of a desk, it would cost about AU$185.2 million.

There are, however, some studies which throw doubt at the efficacy of such desks, saying that they amplify bodily pain as well as slow down cognitive functions. The study, conducted by researchers from fellow Aussie university, Curtin University, say that the prolonged use of standing desks have been linked to discomfort in the lower limbs on top of reducing mental acuity.


AFL Changes For Steven May And Tom Lynch

There are rumours going around even at AFL online store that Steven May, the co-captain of Gold Coast, could be jumping ship to Collingwood in the upcoming 2019 season. This might not be good news for the Suns as one of their golden boys is going to join the southern team. According to the AAP, it has been the wish of the 26 year old footballer to change team but at the right price. Once he leaves the Suns, the team won’t be receiving anymore free compensation coming from the agency.

In a report, it was revealed that May had a meeting with Collingwood and Hawthorn, both powerhouses in Victoria, which sparked up the rumour that he might be following the footsteps of his co-captain who also left the team after AFL’s not-so-good year.

Gold Coast is also thinking about ending the contract with May which is already set to terminate at the end of the 2019 season. This is possible with a mutual consent coming from the team’s leading defender. The Suns is curious to know if May would become a restricted free player by default therefore granting the compensation to the club.

Tom Lynch, who is in contract with a club in Melbourne, said that the decision to say goodbye to Suns was not easy. He used to be the co-captain of Gold Coast and he said that he will not say which club he is joining next because he wanted to pay respect to his current employers. Lynch said that he wanted the club he is joining to get the information from him first rather than the media.

He admitted that it was hard to leave Gold Coast because he has been with the team for eight years but with the help of the club he was able to make one. He finally decided it is time to leave and get the surgery which gave him time to think. He is now making the final decision though it was not a seal deal yet. It can be expected that his fans might want to visit the AFL online store soon to stock up on merchandise from his new team.

How To Choose A Boiler Repair Engineer

Boilers work to provide heat especially during cold season. And many homeowners have experienced break downs in their boilers at any time. It can be a major concern among them especially when their boilers don’t provide the required heat for a comfortable temperature in their rooms. This then will need a registered engineer to diagnose the broken boiler.  For more info, check out a website that offers the fastest and most efficient boiler repair.

How to Find A Boiler Engineer

Should your boiler break down, you need to find an engineer that can do the repairs. Whether you’re not covered by a warranty, haven’t insured your gas boiler, or insurance asks you to contact and engineer yourself, be ready to find one in cases of emergencies.

  • Qualifications: You need the boiler repair engineer registered with Gas Safe to be recognized as licensed.


  • Experience: Ensure that the engineers you’re asking for a quote have the best credentials and experience for the job. It is really helpful if you find a recommendation from a friend, or you can contact a national company.


  • Check Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from current and previous customers indicating the boiler repair engineer is reputed and trustworthy.


  • Quotes: You need to check websites for more info about prices and features stipulated in quotes. Even if the boiler is insured, there are some insurers that limit the amount of claim on their policy, or even increase the premium. So, choose engineers that offer competitive prices for the right services.

So, never attempt to fix your own boiler without the required qualifications for the repair. Boilers are sophisticated devices that require knowledge, expertise and experience. For more info, reputed engineers usually work independently, for a smaller regional company or a renowned national company.

Depending on how you choose, you don’t need to accept the first quote offering boiler repairs. You need to compare them and see which engineers can offer the best service for you. Never compromise their expertise. So, choose a boiler repair company that guarantees the repair or replacement of your boiler, even in times of emergency.


Scientists Developed New Long Lasting And DEET Free Insect Repellent Against Malaria-Carrying Parasites

The World Health Organization has long been recommending insecticide treated nets and spraying as main steps in controlling the spread of malaria. With growing concerns from consumers regarding repellents made with synthetic ingredients, DEET free repellent in Australia, United States, UK, China, Africa, and other parts of the world is becoming a more favourable choice.

Going DEET-free

N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide or DEET has been a concern because it puts humans at risk when used. Consumers have reported skin irritation, high absorption, odour, and oily feel upon using repellents with DEET. People get even more concerned when using these in homes with children, pregnant women, elderly, and ill individuals.

Why is it taking so long?

Looking for an effective DEET free repellent in Australia, for example, can be proven a challenge because finding new compounds that can work just was well without the harms is a difficult task. This makes the process time consuming and expensive. Establishing the safety of the new chemicals is also a lengthy process as it involves different set ups and variables to test the limit of the repellents.

Additionally, there has been increasing reports of malaria infections in Africa where patients were exposed outdoors. This means that indoor protection isn’t doing enough anymore, and scientists need to find a way to mitigate the problem and protect people when they are out.

How it works

Many repellents are made with compounds mixed with oils. However, the problem is that they evaporate quickly, and needs frequent reapplication.

Scientists wanted to create an alternative that could make the repellent last longer. This was achieved by using a mixture of substances that would take longer time to evaporate, thus increasing the period of time it stays on the skin. The new formula was able to last up to six hours on the skin, and has also shown to have killed the mosquitoes that came into contact with it.


The study, however, although successful in repelling and killing malaria-carrying mosquitos, does not account for Plasmodium falciparum, a malaria-spreading parasite that has developed resistance against existing methods. The scientists believe that further research needs to be done to address said problem, but the new formulation is a step towards better protection nonetheless.


Which Removals In Sydney Are Right For Your Needs

Over the past few years, many removals in Sydney have done a great job for clients who want to move furniture and other belongings to a different location. They are quite popular in the city and have ensured that their clients are getting the best services ever.

Note that relocating is not an easy process and you need removalists to help you with the move from packing to relocating your most precious possessions. The removals in Sydney try to move them with extra care so customers are happy with their services.

To make a smooth transition during the move, you need to plan carefully. You need to prepare and coordinate with removalists for a smooth move. To make this possible, you need to ask for quotes to get the net cost and search for testimonials and reviews that guarantee the removalist is one of the best in Sydney.

Moving can consume more money than you’ll ever think. If you’re opting for a cheap removalist, they don’t usually promise good service, and they can even charge you for hidden fees you’re practically unaware of.  Choose a reasonably priced service that gets everything you really want. You can learn about the information by asking their customer service and the possible clients they have rendered their services.  If they respond properly to all your queries, then they should be the removals in Sydney of your choice.

If you have enormous furniture and other items to move to your desired location, you need to choose the best ones. You need to find the best furniture removalists in Sydney. The furniture removals and storage services can cover both home and office moves. They can also handle interstate removals or to other parts of the world. They can arrange and organise a storage facility that will best suit your needs.

Professional removals in Sydney will provide you with the right service and equipment to accommodate all your furniture and prized possessions for the relocation. You can choose from their fleet of trucks that can accommodate all your things. They arrive to the desired location on time and free from damages and losses on your belongings.

How Rahm Emanuel Changed The Skyline Of Chicago

Many would look at a North America Skyline Illustration and say that many of the cities have amazing skyline. Though New York has always been tagged to have the best, Chicago is making a run for its money. Rahm Emanuel, the outgoing mayor, has a hand for what it is now. He is believed to be the good change that happened to the commercial real estate.

He took oath back in 2011 and since then he had shared his two goals while in the office – to help the city rise from the Great Recession by boosting projects which will open more jobs and will encourage people to take root there and use the investments they receive to aid the unfortunate communities that are located in the western and southern sides.

His first goal was obviously a success because he has many accomplishments to speak for it. There are many programs in the city that were launched after he took office and he advocated for many of them. The job market also picked up and the lending environment also became better overall. These improvements are the reason why the number of construction projects increased in 2017. There is a significant jump in the number of job vacancies in the city and developers are snatching up the chance to create new communities within the city.

The downside is that many people believed that the rise of the city of Chicago happened in the expense of the communities that are less fortunate. They are now questioning whether the person who will carry the responsibility after he leaves the office will be able to undo the damage he has done to the poor neighborhoods of Chicago.

Despite it all, majority of investors in the real estate sector are in awe of the policies that were initiated by Emanuel. They truly believe that the North America Skyline Illustration will never be the same because of what he has done for the city. The redevelopment of the Fulton Market District was made possible and more opportunities opened up with the North Branch of the Chicago River because the zoning is not as strict as before.

How Office Fitouts In Canberra Improve Your Business

Let us define what a fitout really is. If you prefer some office fitouts in Canberra, you are actually recreating and improving an interior space most suitable for your business. Usually, the idea of a fitout is utilised more on office improvement. For an office, the base construction is completed by the developer while the fitout is done by an occupant.

The Influence of Fitouts

Do you enjoy working in your own office? Some of the popular companies in the world work on creating an innovative and welcoming working environment for their staff. Without having to relocate into a trendy office, the interior can be updated in so many easy ways. So, let’s consider the benefits of having great office fitouts in Canberra while you renovate your working space.

Enhances Productivity

If an office fitout is planned and organised well, the productivity of your employees is improved. They will feel enthusiastic and motivated to work in a space that’snot only functional but fascinating. If you have an open area where staff can recreate, relax and chat during breaks, you promote team livelihood. This can make them happier with their jobs and greatly boost their productivity. The final outcome is having your business growing.

Utilising the Space Properly

Allow modern designs to modify and use every single corner of an available space. This doesn’t imply that you need to cramp every space in your office. Instead, you need to create storage solutions to free up more space for your workers. They should allow them to feel relaxed and comfortable while in the office.

Comfortable Approach

If you have your staff work in longer hours, they may feel drained and exhausted. If you improve your office using office fitouts in Canberra, you can keep your team positive and motivated.

Convey Company Culture

If you want to convey your business to potential customers and partners, use commercial office fitouts in Canberra for the improvement. You need to express your culture by making your business stress-free, flexible and a well-cultured.

You can also achieve success by using modern trends and considering new methodologies. Currently, office environments are modifying, and you need to move with them.

So, if you’re planning to move to a new office or renovate it, choose office fitouts in Canberra to make your business grow and expand.

How Funeral Directors In Sydney Help You Cope With A Loved One’s Death

Struggling with the loss of a family member or close friend can be the most difficult challenge one can experience. When you lose a spouse, parent or sibling, you’ll feel that the grief is so intense. The loss of a loved one may be part of living in this world, however, it can make us confused and shocked, which makes us really sad and depressed. But we need to move on and plan with funeral directors in Sydney for the funeral and disposal of our beloved.

Everyone can have various reactions to death and has its own coping mechanism with grief. Studies shows that people can recover on their own as time passes by especially if they have a social support and healthy habits. The pain hurts and will need months to a year to recover. Depending on how you’ve arranged the deceased’s funeral, the funeral directors in Sydney can help you prepare an interment that will ease out the grief that you’re feeling over your dead loved one.

If you had a difficult time with the deceased, it can add another dimension to the grieving process. You may take a while before you adjust to the loss and look back at the relationship.

People are naturally flexible as they are able to endure loss and pursue with their own lives. But there are also those who cope with grief for a longer time and will feel unable to perform regular activities. The grief can be so severe and complicated, that it makes them end depressed. A psychologist or a licenced psychiatrist can guide them through with the grief and restore their mental health.

How Professionals Can Help

Psychologists and psychiatrists can help people experiencing fear, guilt and anxiety associated with the death of a loved one. If you need assistance in handling your grief or managing a loss of a loved one, approach a psychologist or psychiatrist for an expert advice.

Mental health professionals can assist people to build some flexibility and enhance methods to get through their sorrows. The professionals like a psychologist can provide treatments that are truly helpful with their day-to-day lives. Those with the highest levels of education can provide help with your mental health. You just need to cooperate to feel better.

So, leave the task of keeping your deceased loved one with funeral directors in Sydney, and you can then move on with your life without them.


Mass Shootings Are Not The Result Of Video Gaming

Mass shootings have, unfortunately, become a far too common topic in the United States. Though many people deny it, it is happening all over the country and at such as an alarming rate. There are many sides being nitpicked in order to find something to blame for these incidents and video gaming is one of the most recent victims. It is not hard to blame it on video gaming when young people can buy games for cheap and play them with the context mostly about violence.

This side of the argument was entertained after the shooting at Jacksonville Landing. This is a thought that has been glanced upon many times including by President Donald Trump when he spoke after the shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. The president then said that he has been hearing how people are getting concerned about the level of violence young people witness when they play video games. It is thought to have an influence in the minds of the younger generation.

This argument should not be used as a shield to cover up the fact that there is something seriously wrong that needs to be addressed in terms of mass shootings which is gun control. Many pro-guns are using the video game argument because it helps them deflect the truth that being able to buy guns easily is actually a problem that leads to mass shootings.

There has been a great uproar with the fight for the Second Amendment but many are bothered by the fact that the people of America is actually pointing fingers to video gaming as the root cause of mass shootings. Back in 2015, the American Psychological Association conducted a study which showed that aggression may result from playing violent video games but this will not lead to a gamer to purchase gun and shoot every person on its path.

While it is possible to buy games for cheap, what people should be more concerned about is how easy it is for someone to buy a gun and turn to the people around them. It should be noted that these violent games are also played bygamers all over the world but why is it only the United States is dealing with too many mass shootings?