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Phuket Marriott Earns Title As Best International Wedding Venue For 2017

For hopeful couples looking for their dream destinations in Thailand, Patong wedding packages would be great addition to the options as Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa in Nai Yang Beach earns the title as the best international wedding venue.


Great Start for Phuket Marriott

Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa in Nai Yang Beach officially opened in the summer of 2016, and after just a year, it was named Asia’s best wedding venue and Thailand’s best wedding venue. The award was given at the Asia Property Awards 2017. In December 2017, the hotel won the best international wedding venue award at Savoy Hotel located in London.


General manager David Ippersiel says that they are thrilled to receive the title. Now, couples looking for Patong wedding packages could look to Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa Nai Yang Beach and see the world-class standards that it has set— enough for it to be recognized locally and internationally.


David Ippersiel adds that they knew that they were in a unique position in the industry and market for wedding and honeymoon. Located in a secluded beach, with beautiful sunsets and a great team of even planners, they are confident in the quality of service that they could provide.


He says that everyone in the hotel is grateful for the recognition, and that they are looking forward to helping more couples achieve their dream wedding and honeymoon in the future. Phuket Marriott welcomes guests to make the best and the most magical memories in its sandy beaches in Nai Yang Beach.


Experience in the Industry

Phuket Marriott has provided several wedding services, from Thai ceremonies to Western-inspired white weddings. Classical Chinese weddings and ceremonies are also under their belt, together with Indian ceremonies and celebrations.


The privacy of the resort can house both intimate and lavish celebrations, and their beachfront villas are considered the best location for newly weds to enjoy their stay for their big days.


Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience for many people, and so, Phuket Marriott aims to make it as magical and as memorable as possible. They have only been in the industry for two years, but the local and international acknowledgements are proof of the quality of service they bring to the table.


Phuket Properties With Income Potential In High Demand

The number of tourists coming to Phuket continues to increase. In fact, last year the island welcomed a total of 8.4 million visitors which means that even the luxury 5 star resort in Phuket is fully booked with guests. This is the main reason why the condominium market in the area is changing. Condo units used to serve as holiday homes for the owners but now these are converted into sources of passive income.

Fifteen years ago, CBRE is the only agent handling Allamanda which is located in Laguna. This is the very first huge resort condo project that gives buyers the chance to enrol in a rental program. This means that they allow their unit for the entire year to be rented while they receive rental revenue in return. The right is then passed on to whoever is renting the unit but only for a limited time during their stay. This setup was developed in 1993 and the company, at that time, had no idea that fifteen years later the same setup will become the trend in the resort condominium market of Phuket.

The Asian market faced a financial crisis in 1997 but after it has recovered the development of resort properties in the area resumed together with constructions of condominiums and villas. Majority of the buyers back then are foreign nationals looking to have holiday homes in the island but the trend has changed lately because the usual buyers are not those who are expecting to gain from the yields the property could bring.

In order for the projects to follow this new setup, there must be a management firm that will market as well as manage the property during its day-to-day operation – a setup similar to a hotel. The best properties in the area are able to become successful in this front because they are constructed side-by-side with a hotel. These condo units are then added to the available rooms of the hotel under the same management.

There are those that still prefer to experience the best by renting luxury 5 star resort in Phuket because the rate of these accommodations are still cheaper compared to the ones they have at their home country. This is one of the charms of Thailand which makes tourists keep coming back.

How To Be Your Own Boss Like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan

Being your own boss seems like a great deal— sure, you may have a lot of responsibilities, but if you could manage those, you get to experience working for yourself and doing things you want at the same time. Entrepreneur Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan is one prime example, as an international trade expert and restaurateur. However daunting the idea may be, there are some ways to help you become your own boss.


Assert yourself and what you believe in

Once you become your own boss, the responsibility of fixing problem relies on you alone. Sure, you may get help from professionals if necessary, but most of the work would still be on you. That is why it is important for you to assert what you think and what must be done. For example, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan has always remained vocal on how to improve Latin America’s economy through trades with other nations, and how the continent can get ahead of other competitors by working together, and taking advantage of its vast natural resources. By speaking out about these issues, others may start to notice and see its worth as well.


Know what business is right for you

Running your own business means you have to start one that suits you. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and see which business would best fit them. If you are great with web design, for example, you might do well with a business that concentrates in that. Similarly, if you weren’t skilled in one area, it would be risky to put up a business on it since you may not have the proper skill set for the business to thrive.


Have a business plan

Set goals and objectives, and ways to achieve them. This is a general way of going about a business plan. A good one does not require too many pages or too complicated ideas, just keep it simple, manageable, and realistic.


Identify your market

For your business to flourish, you need to understand who your target market is. Who do you want to buy your product or avail your service? What do they want? How do you communicate with them? Knowing these would help you adjust your business model and make your business more appealing to your market.

What To Watch Out When Using Natural Skincare In Australia

To maintain a healthy, glowing and flawless skin, you need to remove makeup when you sleep, avoid sunburn and never slather your body with harmful chemicals. Seriously, you need to use the right natural skincare in Australia for your face and body too. According to an expert practitioner, the skin below the chin is responsible for the majority of your surface area. Therefore, you need to use natural ingredients that keep your skin always looking and feeling healthy.

  • Parabens

The ingredient list will include propylparaben, ethyl-, butyl-, and methyl-. These preservatives will prevent bacteria growth on the skincare products. However, they show evidence that they can mess up with the hormone levels. One instance is the decrease of the menstrual cycle length in women while increasing the paraben levels in their urine.

  • Sulfates

Sodium laurethsulfate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are emulsifiers used in shampoos and washes to create lather and provide a deep clean. They are also known to strip of the skin with natural oils and moisture; hence, resulting to sensitivity, redness and dryness. So, choose natural skincare in Australia by knowing products that help you provide a healthy skin.

  • Phthalates

These are chemicals uses in fragrances that help the smell last longer. They are also found in cosmetics like hair spray and nail polish to provide flexibility. They can be readily absorbed by the skin and imitate the estrogen levels of the body; thus, disrupting hormone cycles and levels. Studies have showed they are linked to breast cancer.

  • Pegs

It is actually the polyethylene glycol, which acts as a solvent or emulsifier allowing the skin to penetrate the ingredients. It’s not a helpful skincare product as it can cause cancer.

  • Synthetic Fragrances

The ingredients in perfumes and fragrances can remain undisclosed by many manufacturers just to sell them to the public. Many fragrances contain phthalates that trigger the skin to dry. An expert also once said that the scent can be sensitising, which may trigger chronic headaches or skin rashes.

So, to avoid damaging your healthy skin and body, you need to use natural skincare in Australia, which you’ll find by checking online, read positive reviews and testimonials, and get referrals from people you know who have tried the product.

How A Similan Diving Liveaboard Makes You Enjoy Scuba Diving

To be in a Similan diving liveaboard is the best way to dive in Thailand. When opting for a diving trip, the liveaboard is a great choice to have more dives per day, see the best dive spots of Similan during the best times, and meet people who also enjoy diving. You can possibly learn more diving skills especially that it takes you the furthest destinations:

  • More Dives Per Day – Daytrips will allow you to have two dives per day, especially that you need to consider the trip going to and back. As the islands are far away, it isn’t possible to do more dives in one day. With Similan diving liveaboard, you can possibly venture to the islands and enjoy an interesting dive early in the morning or evening dives.


  • Wake Up at Empty Dive Sites – Once you wake up in the morning, you’re already taken to the dive spot where no one else is there. It’s actually the best time for diving in the Similan Islands. As you are first in the water, you actually have a better chance to see the undisturbed marine life.


  • Pursue your Diving Education on a Liveaboard – If you really like to learn more about scuba diving, do an excursion to the Similan Islands. The liveaboard will allow you to enjoy more dives per day, while taking you to neighbouring places. Evenings are the best time to explore the theories of scuba diving. At daytime, you can have yourself enjoy the dives to improve your skills.


  • Meet Like-Minded People – On a Similan diving liveaboard, you’ll be on a holiday with other diving fanatics. You’re certain that everyone will have something in common, so you have a great time with co-divers on your holiday. You can then meet new friends and even share sentiments while on this trip.


  • Explore the Island – If you opt for a Similan diving liveaboard, you are given an opportunity to explore the entire region and have more dives than what daytrips can offer. You can see the various scenery of the island while on your way to the next island.

Dive operators are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to liveaboards, so they’ll take you to the best diving spots of the area. If you want some activities and experience adventure, stay relaxed while on deck or go between dives to explore the underwater.

How Patrick Mahony Can Help You Overcome Disappointments

You feel bad and awful when you are disappointed just because the situation isn’t favored to your side. Sometimes, the disappointments can turn chronic, that such feeling will become abnormal and need a professional for an expert advice. Difficult times can be daily stressors to one’s life and it can heighten their reaction especially when they hear bad news. If you work with experts like Patrick Mahony, he can help improve your coping abilities, so you bounce back like it never happened.

  • Take time to wallow: You will find a sense of calmness if you first experience nervousness due to the disappointment. When you hear bad news, take time to let it sink in and allow to feel afraid, resented and disappointed. The feeling will improve the sense of our experience and it can even honor our emotions. Once you calm down, you will know what to do.


  • Do check the reality – is it really that bad? Once you feel disappointed, you step back and evaluate. It may seem to be the most horrible thing to ever happen, but as a human being, you tend to dramatize. You can recognize if the feeling is real and make your thoughts know the truth. Once the disappointment is over, you look at the problem objectively, distinguish the fact and minimize negative thoughts. A professional help from Patrick Mahony will ease out the burden.


  • Don’t indulge in negativity: If you want to overcome disappointment, you have to control that it doesn’t grow into a stronger emotion like depression or discouragement. If you prolong your feelings of disappointment, you feel discouraged and will not know what to do. It will make you feel more depressed and it will be difficult to get over it. But if you seek help from a professional, he can help you turn the negative into a positive emotion and become determined. Your peace of mind is also restored.


  • Avoid anxiety by reducing stress: Find a way to relieve you from anxiety by watching funny shows, taking long baths, listening to music, meditating or brisk walking. When you’re stressed and anxious, you are very sensitive and prone to agitation. Find ways that keep you calmer, so you don’t feel that it’s the end of the world. You can ask psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony on how to relieve you with such feeling.


Northamptonshire Residents Struggling To Setting Heating Bills

Northamptonshire residents are struggling to pay their heating bills including boiler repairs, gas safety checks, and servicing.


The Statistics

According to the latest statistics from the government, one out of ten, or more than 30.000 Northamptonshire residents are having a hard time to pay for their heating bills— or simply known as fuel poverty. Fuel poverty occurs when people allot upwards of 10% of their income to cover heating costs. The government believes that at this point, there is now at least one in them households facing this problem.


Warning Signs

According to Community Law Serve, an advice charity at Northamptonshire, there are more and more people seeking help from welfare reforms as well. Advice services manager Sarah Hayle explains that low income in households, as well as low income due to illness that prevent people from working, and even unemployment are three main reasons they see as contributing factors to fuel poverty.


She further explains that despite providing welfare services, it may not be enough to completely solve the problem. There are some people who live in poorly insulated homes and still have to pay more because of more expensive fuel. If their homes are poorly insulated, they cannot make their homes warm enough to be comfortable without wasting too much fuel. Huge amounts of fuel would be necessary to heat up a room with improper insulation, and with fuel prices on the rise, these households would have to pay significantly more than others with properly insulated properties.


Welfare Services

For those who want to seek welfare services in the area, the Northamptonshire Energy Saving Service provides free and confidential services including energy consumption reviews, which would show homeowners how they have been using energy, and some things they can do to lower consumption. They also offer a financial health check, which looks at the financial status of residents. This information is very useful for those who want to apply for benefits, debt allowances, and grants. Information and advice packs are also given out to help them reduce their utility bills, as well as minor boiler repairs, servicing, and gas safety checks.

LAX Debuts now Rideshare Signage

The Los Angeles International Airport debuted on September 21, 2018 new signage aimed at making sure that a cost-effective transport solution is easier to acquire for travelers. The new signs will work with app-based ride services, with the additional aim of setting an industry standard.

Los Angeles World Airport officials partnered up with the American Association of Airport Executives, deployed the new signs earlier in September to help travelers through the airport find a cost-effective transport solution with their app-based ride services. These new signs use their own icon and a new term, Ride App Pickup, in order to distinguish them from the rest. The LAX is the first airport to use such signage in the US, and they are hoping that the rest of the country follow suit for their travelers.

The LAWA has stated that other airports have similar signage, but that they use different terms, which can be confusing for people. Deputy Executive Director for Operations and Emergency Management for LAWA, Keith Wilschetz says that the last thing a traveler needs after a long trip is confusion regarding where they need to go catch a ride or meet up with their Lyft or Uber driver.

He adds that, currently, every airport has their own signs and icons, which just adds stress for travelers and everyone else, and that, through their partnership with the AAAE, the private sector and other airports in the US, the LAX will be setting a standard in order to make it easier for travelers who opt for app-based ride services.

On top of that, LAWA officials also announce that the LAW Economy Lot C shuttle and the private parking shuttles will have their pickup areas moved from the Upper/Departures Level to the Lower/Arrivals Level. According to them, the move will help give guests more curbside area for guests to drop off at the Upper/Departures Level.

Director of AAAE Services Jared Pierce said that the standardization of terms and icons by airports for ride-app services will allow better connections between passengers and drivers at airports, starting at the LAX, with other airports across the US to follow suit.