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The Importance Of Bathrooms

Some people don’t give their bathroom so much thought on its design perhaps because they just consider it as an ordinary part of the house. They look at bathrooms to be a place that a visitor doesn’t stay for a long time, unlike the other areas of the house such as the living room, dining area, and receiving area where visitors take time to stay.

If this is the way you think, then you may be wrong. A well-made bathroom means so much more than what you perceive it to be. It’s not just a common place. It’s something one should consider spending a little more. For this reason, here are the findings on why you should invest a little more on your bathroom.

You Start Your Day In Your Bathroom

All of us do our morning routines in a variety of ways. However, our pattern is mostly alike when we wake up. You get out of bed and proceed to the bathroom You take a shower and prepare yourself for your daily routine. When you arrive home, you use your bathroom before going to bed. Practically, you start and end your day at the bathroom which is the reason why it’s logical to make it a bit more glamorous.

You Bathroom Is Where You Get Your Relaxation

After a hard day’s work, you just want to relax and get a good hot bath with sweet scented candles being lighted, soothing music, a good wine, and your favorite book on the side. The bathroom is a place where you can find time for yourself and perhaps do some thinking on how your day went, your plans, and many other things your mind wants to concentrate on.

Your Visitors Will Use Your Bathroom

When you have visitors at home, it is expected that some would use your bathroom. Other’s just want to see the looks of your bathroom just for them to know out of curiosity.  You don’t want to be embarrassed having a messy bathroom when your visitors use it. As the common statement goes, your personality is judged based on the cleanliness of your bathroom even if you are well-dressed outside.






NYC Controller Asking For Records For NYCHA Investigation

As thousands of public housing tenants were forced to ask the NYCHA, ‘why not check here’, as they shivered due to heating and hot water outages throughout the city.

In response, City Controller Scott Stringer hit the NYCHA with a subpoena demanding reasoning as to why its managers have repeatedly and consistently failed to deal with complaints about the outages. The subpoena, sent to NYCHA General Counsel Kelly MacNeal, demands for internal documents by the 4th of December about how it handled heating and hot water outages from 2016 to May of 2018.

The subpoena requires that the NYCHA hand over all the copies of their work orders, and a full list of employees, who work for them or private operators,  who were assigned with the task of getting the heating back on. The NYCHA has, repeatedly, rejected requests for the records.

Stringer says that, following the widespread heating outages, the audit of NYCHA’s systems are an attempt to get information from the authority, but have been met with only delays and unanswered inquiries. He says that the fact that they’ve forced to turn to the records, but be refuted as they ask ‘why not check here’, only to be met by the NYCHA deflecting inquiries, are disgraceful, especially as thousands of families in the city were forced to live without the most essential services of heating and hot water.

Stringer and his team’s audit begun last winter after more than 300,000 NYCHA tenants had to go through heat season, including a brutal January cold snap, without heating or hot water. This is the second subpoena sent to the NYCHA, the first sent out earlier in November, which asks for a list of everyone assigned to fix boilers, temporary boilers and any documentation related to boiler inspections. The more recent subpoena  demanded for a comprehensive list of the tenant requests asking for heating and hot water repairs.

Housing Authority management has been under fire for failing to stay on top of a wave of heating outages sweeping developments, following the drop in temperature on New Year. While the NYCHA and Mayor de Blasio have said that they are doing what they can to handle the matter, there are still many tenants saying that little, if any, has actually changed.


Should You Leave Your Heater Running Or Turn It On And Off?

With the continued price hike in goods and utilities, it is only right for consumers to save especially energy bill. This is harder to do during the winter months when you know you won’t be able to function without turning the heater on. The big question is whether to leave the heater turned on the entire day or should you turn it off every time you leave the house. The bottom line is that which method is more cost efficient. This question will now be answered by a money saving expert, Martin Lewis.

The consumer champion said that it is recommended to turn the heater on only when there is a need for it. It only consumes energy when it is pumping therefore turning it on only when you need it is more cost efficient compared to leaving it running all the time.

He added that the best way in order to make sure the home is warm enough is to time how long it has been running. The timer is the best option because the thermostat will turn on and off depending on the temperature which is set to maintain the house in. The general rule is to use a timer every time.

For people who are residing in areas where the atmosphere is damper, the timer might have to be set longer than those who do not.

He also explained that there are engineers who believe that leaving the heater in an on position as long as the radiators are in a low setting will help the boiler operate in a way that helps reduce the amount of condensation. When it happens, the heating is cut off then it will accumulate inside the room and heat will then be generated outside of the house. The end result is that the heat dissipates quickly than necessary and it will consume more energy in the process. This is why he advised that it should be taken in consideration when deciding.

If you have a local boiler repair contract, contact their company and get to know what is the best option for you in order to save while staying warm during the winter.

Consider A Pest Control Brisbane Before Selling Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your Brisbane home? You need to sell it fast and hassle-free. Note that not all houses in this area are brand-new. What makes it worst is having to buy a ready-made house without noticing some pests dwelling in it. To ensure a good sale in the Brisbane market, have a pest control Brisbane inspect the house and treat it. Make the property look like new and then you’re guaranteed that more buyers will buy it.

The Benefits of Pest Control

If you are the seller of the property, you need to ensure you can offer the home in the best possible price. The home should also be ready for the market. To ensure good sales performance, you need to prepare the house by doing required renovations including pest control Brisbane just in case you find some pests like termites around.

If you do the pest inspection, you will surely find and fix the faults of the house, especially when it’s left unnoticed. Just like a leaking water pipe concealed in walls, there can be hidden termite activities that have caused some undetected damages, or when the termite management system is expired. If you want the house free and protected from pests, consider a pest control Brisbane to prepare it for selling.

Just recently, customers opting for a home loan are advised to have their chosen property must undergo termite control before they consider buying it. This is required, so that the house is secured from pests and that it’s really safe for living. If the house has been sold, and they find out that there are some pests problems in the property, buyers can pull out the sale and demand a discount from the asking price.

Now, this is something that many sellers don’t want for their property. That’s why they tell those planning to sell to do pest control Brisbane and save them from thousands of dollars for hidden damages. The pest inspectors also are knowledgeable and experienced, so they help treat the problem and have the house ready for sale. The sellers too must be honest with the real condition of the property.


How To Choose Timber Flooring In Sydney

When you renovate a home, you will need to choose the best flooring to enhance the look and feel of your home. With so many options available, you’ll find it hard to choose. One that is great for your homes to install is timber flooring in Sydney, which makes your home look marvellous.

A Great Choice for Interiors

Firstly, you’ve made a good choice by opting for timber flooring for your home. Timber compliments with any interior, so you add value to your home. It also provides a timeless and versatile look as it has a striking feature which adds glamour to your home. It requires less maintenance, is non-allergenic, with natural insulation making it perfect for any season.

Choose a Nice Colour for Your Timber Flooring

The timber flooring in Sydney can come in various types and styles, which you can choose a colour, such as dark, mid-tones or light.

  • Light vs dark timber flooring

If you have a small space, choose lighter timbers that can improve its light and roominess. However, don’t choose it if you have dark coloured antique furniture as it won’t complement with each other.

  • Adding light timber flooring for the interiors

If you want a classic style for your interiors, choose dark or mid-tone flooring. But if you want a shingly look, choose light-coloured floors.

  • Dark flooring for the interiors

To make your home look more sophisticated, choose dark timber flooring as it’s also the trend nowadays. However, having a small space with these floorings will make it more enclosed and will show more dirt.

Bamboo Flooring

Although bamboo is technically a grass, you can use it as a renewable resource than hardwood timber. It is also affordable and guarantees durability and strength. If you opt for this material, you make a better alternative if timber isn’t available or your choice. Especially that bamboo has lots of shades, you can choose from white wash to near black colour. There is also blond, coffee and honey colours,which go in between.

Work with a Professional

Consult a professional if you want the right material to enhance your interior. The timber flooring in Sydney will surely provide an inviting ambiance, especially if you want your home to look at its best.

A Year Following The Yes Vote, The LGBTQI Community Celebrate And Continue To Fight

The vote on same-sex marriage, held by Aussies a year ago, had crowds gathering in front of screens to see the results of a two-month campaign, with either ending showing something to the country about itself.

The LGBTQI community, the majority of Aussies, and the wedding industry, like Caterers in Sydney¸ celebrated the vote, when the results were revealed. All in all, 61.6% of Aussies voted in favour of same-sex marriage, which included a majority in all of the country’s states and territories.

Following the vote, Australia saw 5365 same-sex marriages, with NSW seeing 1916 of them, while Victoria saw 1331 of them.

Following the legalisation of same-sex marriage, the LGBTQI community still had to deal with religious institutions.

For more progressive Christian denominations and religions, like the AU’s Uniting Church, they mulled over the Aussie decision to change the definition of marriage, before opting to allow their ministers to conduct same-sex weddings later in July of 2018. The church approved two ‘equal yet distinct’ definitions of marriage; one for heterosexual couples, one for homosexual couples.

According to Uniting Church President Deidre Palmer, the decision was mad following years of reflection, prayer and discernment on the matter.

Other churches haven’t followed the legislation though, like the Sydney Anglican Synod, which voted to ban gay weddings on all of its owned properties on October, which also includes any events which the church says promotes expressions of human sexuality that is contrary to the church’s doctrine of marriage.

The Catholic Church have also stood against same-sex unions, same with the small, conservative circles of Islam in the AU.

Director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations, KurandaSeyit, the matter of same-sex marriages isn’t even a discussion in the Muslim community, as it’s taboo subject. He expects that that is set to change soon.

Seyit says that they simply cannot bury their head in the sand and ignore the issue, and that it’s inevitable that imams will have to deal with the issue in the future.

The churches across the AU are also dealing with a result of a vote in 2017; Philip Ruddock’s review into religious freedom. The review highlighted the long list of special privileges enjoyed by religious organisations in the AU.

Many Aussies are even shocked to learn that religious schools in the country have wide-ranging exceptions to anti-discrimination laws, which allow them to, among other things, expel gay students, fire gay teachers, as well as refusing to hire staff based on their gender or sexuality.

The fight for complete acceptance for the LGBTQI community continues, even as the AU celebrates its “Yes” vote, on November 15. Executive Director of the Equality Campaign, Tiernan Brady, who led Ireland’s referendum on the matter, says that the review, which revealed the discriminations that existed across the system, will backfire on the people who hoped it would secure their attempts to unwind marriage equality.

Credit Card Rewards Have Become Food-Centric

In 2018, dining instead of travel emerges as the major category in credit card rewards. Since 2016 when Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card was launched, credit card rewards and travel always go hand in hand. The more popular credit card rewards included cash back, frequent flyer miles, hotel points and travel perks.

While travel is still the main redemption option, dining combined with groceries and entertainment has surfaced as a standalone flagship bonus category. Credit card issuers have created a race of sorts to try to compete with each other for the attention of consumers. According to Julian Mark Kheel, editorial director at travel and lifestyle website The Point Guy, in today’s golden age of dining rewards, consumers who dine out at least one a week make sure that they have a credit card in the purse that offers rewards for purchases.

Consumers usually earn bonus points on dining and groceries before but with the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, consumers earn 2 times on dining and travel. Many newly released cards have become food-centric instead of tying travel and dining. For example, American Express has released a new version of the Gold Card last October that is restaurant-centric even if it has retained the element of travel lifestyle.

Customers have grown appetites for dining out, eating in and travelling that is why the Gold Card was designed to reward members. Most card members want to experience new cuisines and they like to explore places where unique food is served. Customers also value the time they spend with family and friends while bonding over good food.

Credit card issuers take into account the importance people put on doing things they love. This is the reason why there are generous rewards for dining and welcome bonuses for new members. People love to have fun so they added value on these areas.

If you are a member of, you enjoy the benefits of great discounts, exclusive services and access to premier facilities in Sutherland Shire and Helensburg. Tradies members have access to holidays that are fun and affordable along the fantastic NSW coast in Fingal Bay, Urunga and Sussex Inlet.

Five Factors To Choose A Chiropractor

Chiropractic care is the best option for people looking towards alternative therapies that cure musculoskeletal diseases and injuries, without surgery or medication. The chances of speedy recovery and effective pain management depend on the experience and expertise of the chiropractor.

Consider these special factors before choosing a chiropractor in Bankstown for yourself or your loved ones.

  1. The power of referrals – Get referrals from family, friends and neighbours. You can also get good references from your family doctor or primary health clinics. Getting referrals is the best option to get a first-hand account of the quality of services provided by the chiropractor. Once you get referrals, choose a chiropractor in Bankstown with the maximum number of referrals.
  2. Research – Once you have the names of a few preferred chiropractor in Bankstown, conduct a thorough research about the credentials of each chiropractor. Check for the licenses of the chiropractor. A chiropractor should be licensed to carry on the practice of chiropractic therapy. Check for the past history of the Chiropractor. There should be no malpractices or disciplinary actions against the chiropractor.
  3. Experience – Experience of the chiropractor in Bankstown is another very important factor to consider before selecting one. When you visit the chiropractor for initial consultation, ask about his/her experience in treating patients with similar condition as yours. The more experienced the chiropractor is with the treatment methods of your condition, the more the chances of early recovery.
  4. Quality of the clinic and amenities provided – Most of the chiropractic treatments require the patient to visit the clinic or the hospital for multiple times. It is important that you check the quality of the clinic and the amnesties provided to the patients. Patients getting treated at a good quality clinic have higher chances of recovery. The location of the hospital is also very important factor. Select a hospital which is easy to commute.
  5. Communication style and overall personality of the chiropractor – it is very important to evaluate the personality and communication style of the chiropractor in Bankstown, before choosing one. Chiropractic treatments require the patients to discuss personal matters with the chiropractor. Hence, it is essential to pick a chiropractor, whom you are comfortable to work with. The chiropractor should be easy to communicate and must give the patients, the freedom to choose the treatments.

Aussies Are Turning To Robo-Advisers To Boost Returns

Aussie investors looking for decent returns on their money are looking for alternatives to simply putting their money in the bank and letting it build up over time through interest.

Interest rates on term deposits and online savings accounts stay at around 1-2%, which it has been around for quite some time now. Meanwhile, the Aussie sharemarket has gone up by 9% over the past 12 months, hence why seeking financial help online has become more commonplace. Shares have also paid healthy dividends, with an average return of 4%.

Accountant Guy Bane, aged 29, is one of the many Aussies who have turned to robo-advisers to get great returns. In his case, he turned to Stockspot. Bane says that he’s trying to build up wealth so he can get property when real estate prices go down.

Investing parcels of $5,000 to $10,000, he has enjoyed an average of 8% in his annual returns for the past two years.

Stockspot is one of the many robo-advisers that have popped up in recent months. These robo-advisers offer financial help online or via phone, but instead of a professional financial adviser, a computer is the one that offers returns via investments in exchange-traded funds (ETF), using Aussies’ submitted information.

An ETF is a simple and low-cost way to get returns on share indexes or underlying assets. At the end of August 2018, the ASX had 178 ETFs listed, which included 23 new additions that came in within the past 12 months. Overall, the ETF market grew by 70% within the past 2 years from $23b to $39b.

According to Stockspot Foudner, Chris Brycki, said that many of their investors turned to their platform for financial help online if they didn’t or couldn’t keep close track of financial markets. He describes ETFs as a way to invest into different investments at once rather than just buying a single share.

About 70% of Stockspot’s ETF money is put into growth assets, with the remaining amount put into defensive investments.

Financial adviser James Trethewie says that using robo-advice was a cheap, easy way to access the sharemarket, great for people who can’t really afford to go for financial help online or from advisors.

Trethewie considers robo-advisers are great for people who are starting out and aren’t going to be investing a lot of money.


Steve Waugh Discusses AU Cricket Culture In The Wake Of Damning Report

The recently published report on Australian Cricket’s corporate culture has drawn the ire of many, from corporate culture experts like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis to sports enthusiasts. Now, former Test captain and Cricket icon Steve Waugh has opened up to the media about the culture within the teams themselves, which the culture review noted as a big factor in the ball-tampering scandal that went down in Cape Town earlier in March of 2018.

He spoke prior to the release of the 145-page report authored by Ethics Centre, saying that he understood how the national men’s team came to a point where their decision-making was impaired due, in part, to the unrelenting life of a cricket top player.

The ex-skipper, who was one of the leading figures in one of AU cricket’s most successful eras but also one that was under scrutiny for on-field aggression predating the current corporate culture, says that it’s important for players to find interests and hobbies outside and even unrelated to cricket when they’re participating in lengthy international tools.

He echoed some of the findings the Ethics Centre report had, saying that the AU men’s team were a little out of touch with reality, which he believes is best summed up by the press conference following the incident, where Steve Smith inadvertently told the public that ‘it would not happen again and that they’ll work on it’.

Waugh believes that the men’s team don’t fully grasp the consequences of their actions, and that shows how they’re out of touch with reality and people’s perception on what’s right and what’s wrong.

He adds that this is the time for a reset, to start fresh for the sport. Waugh also voices his approval of the punishments meted out to the teams, sending a strong message that everyone can understand.

He says that there’s a general consensus on the matter; male players are in what he describes as a ‘gilded bubble’; the wealth and privilege combined with the long periods of separation from loved ones, detachment from the rigors of ordinary life and constant exposure to the cutthroat competition, which Waugh describes as being unforgiving of any faults and poor performance, and disregards any form of individuality not conducive to the goal of winning.

The 53-year-old ex-skipper, who developed a passion for amateur photography during his tours, says that players need to escape the confines of the usual destinations, like hotels and malls, whenever they can, to find something that they can enjoy and take interest in outside of the sport, which he believes has a tendency to become disproportionately important in their lives.

Waugh says that the detachment from normality, combined with an all-consuming approach to the sport, is what led to the incident in Cape Town. He says that, perhaps, more than just letting people like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis review the corporate culture of Cricket, they should also look at the professional culture of it; maybe, the ex-skipper says, it’s too analytical now, not as fun as it used to be.