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Teaching Abroad As A Profession And Kids Enrolled In An American International School In Bangkok

To be able to teach overseas is a chance to expand your horizons and improve your CV hoping you can advance up with your career. But if you’re coming with the entire family, you need to find valuable information on how to be assisted with the best position.

International teachers love their lifestyle and hope their children will also get an international education from an American international school in Bangkok. Hopefully your children will not only benefit from your opportunities, but they can possibly enjoy the type of international education offered to them. You’ll just have to manage teaching overseas and make a good decision to avoid possible risks for your family.

Here are some items when considering a job as a teacher abroad with kids:

  • Tuition as part of the salary package

When you enrol your kids in an American international school in Bangkok, expect you’ll be paying exorbitant fees. You need to find a teaching job that will help you pay for your children’s school. For some salary packages, the tuition fees of children are included. However, there are few schools who choose to pay only for the first and second child, so you shoulder the rest.

  • Languages Offered

Most international schools offer foreign languages for your child to learn. If your kid finds learning a language interesting, then there’s room in these schools to learn more. If you’re opting for an IB school, students need to learn a language other than their native tongue. Should your child don’t know any foreign language, consider an international school that helps them speak the English language.

  • Extra-curricular Activities

Less popular international schools may provide a better option for working in a national public system. However, your kids will have minimal opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities. If you want your children enrolled in an American international school in Bangkok, check the school’s website and see what sports your kids can possibly engage in. You may ask them what they want so you find a good international school suited for them.

To ensure that your children are enrolled in the best American international school in Bangkok, provide yourself with information that you need. By knowing such, you can make an important decision that will surely affect the lives of your kids.



Jefferson Elementary School Found To Have Asbestos Floor Tiles

The administration of the Jefferson Elementary school was supposed to update to modern floor tiles but the plan was postponed after it was found out that 10 of the rooms in the schools actually have asbestos flooring. Khris Thexton, the superintendent of the school, said that the asbestos tiles need to be removed first by a qualified abatement contractor before they can install the new floor tiles according to plan.

Thexton said that the asbestos floor tiles were installed many years ago. It was just undisturbed and even covered with new flooring since it does not pose any threat to the health of the people using the room. He is unsure though of the exact year that the tiles were installed. He added that aside from the 10 rooms, no other rooms were found to have asbestos and based on the school rules, they need to inform and remove the asbestos that were discovered upon renovation or replacement.

The school board is meeting at the Lincoln Elementary School in order to discuss an addendum to be added to the current flooring bid and the board needs to give the green light with regards to the abatement necessary to remove the asbestos tiles. Thexton said that they have no idea as to the estimated cost but the district will be accepting bids with regards to the process so they remain within the regulations set when it comes to removing and disposing any material containing asbestos.

The update of the school flooring is in line with the measure taken by the school in the last few summers to replace carpets as well as vinyl tiles in several of the schools in the district. The previous year, the upgrades were done on two schools – Park and Eisenhower. For this summer, Lincold and Jefferson are set to have replacement for their carpets.

Thexton clarified that throughout the abatement, students will be restricted from entering. They will be allowed entry to the building when the installation starts but not inside the room where the update is being conducted. The administration is hoping to see modern floor tiles for the schools once the summer is over.

Three Decades Since The Birth Of World Wide Web

It was March 12 of 1989 when the World Wide Web was discovered. This piece of tidbit is not foreign to professionals in Lehigh Valley web design and other experts in the field of technology and website development. The person responsible for this discovery is none other than Sir Tim Berners-Lee who was at that time still working with CERN or European Organization for Nuclear Research.

The boss of the Sir Tim, Mike Sendall, said that the initial proposal was all about information management system. He thought at first that it was vague yet the concept was exciting. Upon hearing these words, Sir Tim decided to finish developing what he called as the HTTP client or Hypertext Transfer Protocol which he was working on along with server technology. On the same proposal was the development of HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. When these two were released at the beginning, it became quite the talk of the town because of its royalty-free status.

These developments became the backbone of what is now considered to be an entire industry. That fortunate proposal was the reason why the means of communication are no longer the same and even the way businesses are done has also been altered.

Vint Cerf, the pioneer of the Internet, admits that if it were not for the discovery of the web, the development of the Internet might have been slower than the pace it has now. The World Wide Web brought a lot to the table especially in terms of content.

Cerf explained that the original design of the internet is not the same as it is now. During that beginning phase, all hosts are accountable for the security of their own website. Firewalls are not as common yet and the ones they decided to use is not as good as it claims to be. Cybersecurity has also taken a great leap according to Cerf.

One of the biggest threats now to the online community is cybersecurity. It is the reason why many companies turn to experts like Lehigh Valley web design because they know what should and should not be done in order to combat online security threats.

When Do You Need A Meat Slicer In Melbourne?

In Melbourne, meat slicers handle the task of slicing various food products like meat and cheese with speed and ease. However, if you were to choose a meat slicer in Melbourne, you can get confused with your choices. If you choose one from the state, you’ll be assured of high-quality meat and slices, and everyone is satisfied. So, below are some factors to consider when choosing a meat slicer to buy:

  • What Food Will You Be Slicing with the Appliance?

If you slice food infrequently or do it in low volumes, then you need a manual food slicer. However, if you do it in large volumes with consistent thickness, you may need an electric food slicer. The electric-powered food slicers helps slice the food at a single time with the same thickness.

  • How Long Will You Be Using the Meat Slicer?

You can use a meat slicer intended for light-duty application. If you want to slice more than four hours per day, then you need a heavy-duty meat slicer in Melbourne as it’s durable for a valued price.

  • Will You Be Slicing Cheese?

The hardest thing that a food slicer can slice is cheese. Meat slicers has the capacity to slice cheese in a consistent manner. If you intend to slice a large amount of cheese, use a heavy-duty meat slicer.

  • What are the Dimensions of the Products You Will Be Slicing?

If you’re opting for a heavy-duty meat slicer in Melbourne, ensure that the slicing blade can fit to whatever you are slicing. Consider what you will be slicing today and the future, so you the slicer is useful.

  • What Will You Be Slicing in the Future?

What you slice for today may not be the same in the future, so think of menu items you intend to use with a meat slicer in the next years. You can save money in the long run if you prepare for the present and the future.

  • Does the Size of the Blade Matter?

The size of the blade does matter when you’re searching for a meat slicer in Melbourne to use. If you’re choosing the blade size, consider what you’re cutting and the size of the slicer.


Facts About Express Fitouts And Their Services Offered

Today, the demand for fit-out companies is increasing because of the numerous office and commercial establishments needing fit-outs and relocation. Each fit-out company has its own specializations and captured market. Because of the strong competition in the market, every fit-out company has its own strategies in attracting more clients and businesses to avail of their services.

The famous Express Fitouts is one of the popular companies in the industry today. It is a one-stop-shop for many commercial and office fit-out needs. It is ably manned by competent personnel who are trained and updated with the latest technology and modern designs of office and commercial fittings.

The company has prominent clients in various industries. One of the important objectives of Express Fitouts is excellent customer satisfaction because the company considers the customers as its priority. For this reason, it has never stopped innovating and adapting to new technologies to meet the needs of its clients. The company also values its manpower because the management believes that people is one of the most important elements in an organization.

The company offers important services to its clients with expertise and excellent craftsmanship:

  1. Design

The designers of Express Fitouts have ample years of experience in creating various office designs and offer sound solutions to your furnishing needs with affordable rates.

  1. Office relocation

The relocation process is conducted with the least disruption during the transition to maintain the productivity of the employees.

  1. Workstations

The company uses high-quality materials in constructing and designing office workspaces. A comfortable workspace enhances the productivity of the employees.

  1. Maintaining Good Office Tenancy

The company also helps clients in restoring the vacated premises to their original good condition as stipulated in the lease contract.

  1. Office renovation

The company understands the significance of having a high-quality office fit, thus, it endeavours to meet the standards of its clients with the expertise of its team of professionals.

  1. Complete Fit-outs

The expert team of professionals provides a complete office fit-out with its competent designers, engineers, and project managers.

The company is well equipped with the necessary tools and equipment needed for the safe and efficient conduct of its services. If you need to transform your office into a modern working place, Express Fitouts is ready to attend to your needs.

Useful Tips When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Many old floors can be sanded after removing the carpets that covered them to reveal the wood that is hidden beneath. Three stages comprise floor sanding in Sydney that include preparation, sanding and coating using a protective sealant. However, sanding can remove the natural patina of the hardwood floor and change its character.

A homeowner can have a stunning sofa or beautiful colour on the wall but hardwood flooring is usually the more interesting. According to interior designer ElinaCardet, the visual base for every design choice is the flooring. In order to create a home that is beautiful, durable and comfortable, it is important to choose the flooring properly.

A wide variety of flooring options are available today for homeowners. There are synthetic versions of the hardwood flooring that are less expensive. The synthetic wood products look lovely and they have the look and feel of natural wood. However, in terms of durability and longevity, the best choice is still the hardwood flooring that has been harvested from well-managed forests.

When choosing the style of hardwood flooring, wide plank floors are now the trend because they have fewer joints than the narrower planks. The opportunity to expand and contract over time is greatly reduced. Sometimes, an occasional crack may appear but it can be easily repaired using wood putty and re-stained. However, the wider wood planks are more expensive.

When there is a need to create contrast and draw attention to the beauty of the grain, wood is cerused. The process involves sanding the wood, putting white paint on it and sanding it again. The result will be a smoky look. Gray is a popular choice today but be very careful because the gray floor may turn to green. Floors usually receive a lot of sunlight which changes their colour and appearance.

Using a carpet to cover minor flaws on the wood flooring is no longer popular because of the concerns over air quality and dust. An option is floor sanding in Sydney that can change the look of the hardwood flooring. It is common for flooring installers to offer the service of floor sanding as well as restorations and repairs.

East Dundee Planning To Update Signage Downtown

East Dundee has devised a proposal for an initiative that will help them change the downtown signage. In order to do this, they need donation worth $35,000 for standardizing and rebranding. This initiative is not a cheap one according to a company specializing in corporate signage in Brisbane because it means a complete overhaul.

The money will be coming from Otto Engineering in Carpentersville which they paid as settlement. This will be put to good use to beautify downtown and portion will also be use for marketing the district. Officials from the East Dundee committee had a general village meeting where they talked about the funding which will help pay for a new logo as well as a cohesive package of signage that will be installed in shops, restaurants and events in the area for promotion purposes.

Jennifer Johnsen, the village administrator, said that the current signage system in downtown area is not organized. The signs are cluttered everywhere and the word and designs are not complementing or does not follow a certain theme for uniformity. Based on the latest strategic planning meeting, one of the goals is to improve the current signage.

She added that they do not adhere to consistent branding therefore they will have to change things on a comprehensive level.

The committee was made responsible for identifying the best ways to spend the donation they received from Otto. To begin with, a part of the money will probably be spent in a rebranding initiative to make sure that everything from the logo to the design is uniform and consistent.

Scott Andresen and Kirstin Wood, the trustees of the committee, ordered the staff members to look into the total cost of ordering two new signs for the village which will provide space for local organization to hang their own promotional materials.

The committee is also researching about wayfinding signs, similar to the ones offered by company specializing in corporate signage in Brisbane, which can be attached to light poles located on the outskirt of the village’s downtown area. Johnsen said that these signs will lead the drivers back to event locations and businesses within the main square.

Common Issues For Boiler Repairs

A boiler is important and intricate equipment that is necessary in every household and building for its heating system. It is durable and requires slight maintenance. However, despite a boiler’s durability, it still needs to be properly and regularly maintained to deliver maximum efficiency with lesser breakdowns and repairs.

There are common boiler problems and issues that a boiler owner can encounter. It is important to be aware of these issues so that proper actions can be taken when they occur. You can click site for more information on the different issues and learn how to handle them.

  • Kettling – this is a key problem that is common to boilers. You can recognize this problem by its sound. Kettling produces a loud rumbling or banging sound that comes from the boiler’s heating unit. When this happens, don’t delay calling a boiler technician to check the issue. Please click site to get more details.
  • Pilot Troubles – before, the pilot light needs to be lighted and you can let it run throughout the night and day for heat to be available. Although today, this method is still in use, other boilers have electronic ignition for heating water when needed. If your pilot light cannot be lighted by yourself, you need to call heating technicians to check the pilot issues as well as the ignition system.
  • Leaks and Drips – you need to call a technician immediately for a leaking boiler. This is a major problem that needs quick action before it becomes worse. The boiler might be experiencing corrosion causing leaks and drips.
  • No Heat – when heat is not coming out from the boiler, one possible reason might be a faulty ignition. However, there are still other causes that can be considered such as a broken safety switch that is causing the boiler to stop, a broken thermostat, or a broken pump.

When these problems occur, never attempt to fix it yourself. You must call a qualified boiler technician to check the problem and do the necessary repairs. Doing it yourself may cause the problem to worsen as well as pose more danger to the situation.

Finding The Right Wedding Planner In Sydney

Every marrying couple considers their wedding as the biggest event. It involves more planning just to make this big day perfect and memorable. If you want to free yourself from the pressure of the preparation, you need a wedding planner in Sydney to do the job. They will work from start to finish just to make your wedding successful. So, if you’re searching for a great wedding planner, here are some tips to help you with the process:

  • Define Your Needs: You need to emphasise with your chosen wedding planner what you want for your wedding and how much you can spend. Tell them all the services you need, so they really can plan your wedding very well.


  • Experience is a Must: If you’re opting for a wedding planner in Sydney, you need to consider their experience and innovative ideas. You can also verify their education and background. He must be open to new ideas and willing to incorporate them in his plans. You need someone with good balance of organisation and creativity. To check their proficiency in planning weddings, you can read firsthand reviews from previous clients.


  • Ask for Recommendations: You may need to gather suggestions from family and friends about wedding planners in Sydney. Word of mouth can also help find what you exactly need in wedding planners.


  • Professionalism, Personality and Communication Skills: You need to hire an honest, courteous and flexible professional to suit your wedding needs. He must reply to all your messages inquiring about the status of your preparations. Any miscommunication or delayed replies will usually end up in trouble. He must be transparent to your every need and must communicate effectively with you.


  • Price Structure: Impose a budget for your wedding planner, so they know how to budget. This will make it clear about the services you need to make it fit to your budget. Your wedding planner must also be clear beforehand for any additional costs involved in your wedding.

A wedding planner in Sydney should make your wedding a memorable and joyous affair without having you stressed out with the preparations. Everyone in your family can enjoy the celebration as you know you have someone taking care of your wedding.

Calgary Dealing With The Closing Of Another Arena

The Jack Setters Arena, located in Southeast Calgary, would normally be booked full with hockey teams, figure skaters, and others, but it’s been empty since Dec. 2, thanks to the city shutting it down regarding concerns over a possible roof collapse.

The Millican Ogden Community Association, which operates the city-owned facility, has been informed that businesses that handle roofing in Calgary can fix the roof. But it means that the city is down by one arena, likely for the whole season.

The work program for the repair process started around mid-January, and examinations suggest that the repair period will take at least 60 days, reports President Rick Smith, Millican Ogden Community Association.

Smith added that they’re now refunding all of the rink’s user groups. The closing of the arena is a big hit to the association as rink rentals account for at least half of their revenue, and the losses aren’t covered by insurance.

Smith describes it as a complicated situation that nobody would want to be in.

Also feeling the effects of the closure are all the user groups that are losing practice time. Hockey Calgary Executive Director Kevin Kobelka says that it affects their overall programming; it affects their practice times.

He says that they’re able to juggle and reschedule our games, but the closing of the Jack Setters Arena removes the practice ice that kids need in order to help develop your skills.

The opening of Seton’s YMCA in January took some pressure off of the closing, but those two new rinks are covering the loss of the Jack Setters Arena, as well as the Fairview Arena, which are both undergoing repair from roofing in Calgary, with the latter having shut down after its roof collapsed in February 2018.

Kobelka says that it would’ve been a great opportunity for them; they’re a lot of growth in the southern areas of Calgary. Had these issues not arise, it would’ve given kids in those areas a bit more time to practice; the loss of two arenas basically reduces the city to where it was in 2016.

Hockey Calgary released a new schedule following the closing, which they’re using until the arena re-opens.