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The Beauty Of Phuket: Streets, Experiences And Party

Tourists who are planning to visit Thailand often book a room in Novotel in Patong because it is situated in what is known as the resort island of the country, Phuket. The charm of Phuket lies not only in the internationally known parties but the offering of a unique culture and experiences for foreign travellers.

One of the most notable areas in Phuket is the Old Town which is surrounded with brightly-coloured terraces. Looking at it could make one think of being transported in Portugal instead of standing on a street in Asia. This is because the buildings around the area are mostly from the colonial era of the Sino-Portugese. This is one of the contributing factors to the rich culture of the province which is diverse as possible.

This location is quite common especially to the younger travellers who are looking for so-called Instagrammable shots. Local artists contribute to the beauty of the area with street art from talents such as RakkidKuanhavej, Alex Face and PhichitPaidaeng. For those who love shopping, strolling the streets on a Sunday night will give one the chance to experience the well-known street night market.

When it comes to experience, tourists should not miss the Hanuman World but warning should be given beforehand to those who are weak of heart as this is not something to be taken lightly. There are four kinds of experiences available which vary depending on a person’s fear of heights. If you are not fond of hanging on a wire mid-air, you could opt to visit the sky walk to enjoy the nature.

Daring souls should not miss the zipline which is known to be the longest at 400 meters with the longest drop measuring 40 meters. Another type is the roller zipline which is tagged as the fastest swerving zipline in the country spanning 800 meters.

Tourists who are staying at Novotel in Patong should also visit the Big Buddha located in the middle of Kata and Karon Beach. From there, move on to the Phromthep Cape which is one of the most photographed locations in the island.

Coast The Coastline With Novotel Phuket Vintage Park

Patong is the prime location in Phuket, Thailand. Here, visitors can experience the beauty of the beach and the Andaman Sea, the comforts and conveniences of the shopping areas, and the lively and robust nightlife centers of the town.


Experiencing all of these at the very tip of your fingers through the Novotel Phuket Vintage Park. Situated at the very heart of this famous tourist destination, it is just steps away from either beautiful beach or busy commercial areas. Guests can easily access their website at to check all that the resort has to offer.


There are 303 private and spacious rooms that have been designed to provide the very best of form and function to satisfy the most discerning of guests. Within the resort, guests will be treated to the very best of service. The restaurants and bars offer different cuisines for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and any other dining needs.


The resort spa alone has been given multiple awards and must be tried at least once. The resort swimming area is considered the biggest in Patong with an area of 2,000 square meters. There is something for everyone in the whole family. Kids can enjoy their own pool, parents can relax by the pool bar, and everyone can lounge at the jacuzzi. The resort even has special rooms that have its own pool access and views. For even more activities, the resort offers bubble walks and aqua gym classes at the pool.


Guests will definitely not run out of fun and leisurely activities within the resort, and yet they still have easy access to everything else this tropical paradise has to offer. Those interested in exploring the cultural depths of Thailand have any number of destinations that can be reached by car or boat, and those who wish to either shop for memorabilia or even some comfort items can just walk to the shopping district. At night, the older guests can step out of the resort and head out to experience the nightlife of dancing, drinking, and nighttime entertainment that Patong is also famous for.


Anyone and everyone interested in experiencing the best that Patong has to offer should check here to find out more about the resort. With the perfect location, the best rooms, the exquisite dining options, and amenities in this Novotel branch, guests will experience luxury, leisure, and convenience in one whole package.

3 Benefits In Booking At Bana Hills

There is nothing more satisfying than pampering yourself or your loved ones in a hotel that offers history and breath-taking mountain view. Once in a while, treat yourself or your family the relaxation and luxury that deserve. One way to do it is to book your accommodations at Bana Hills in Vietnam. The hotel is situated on a mountaintop that offers quaint and peaceful scenery on the mountain range of Bana Hills. This allows guests to feel intimate with nature. To give you more reasons to stay in a hotel at Bana Hills, take a look at the following benefits.

The comforts of home

Some hotels may be luxurious but they fail to make their guests feel at home. You can feel the vibe and homey feel when you visit the website and check the photos of the hotel. You can find hotels in Bana Hills that has amenities that you can find at home without compromising the feel of luxurious hotel. By staying in a villa, you can enjoy a fully functional kitchen with appliances and utensils. Pick a hotel villa with spacious rooms for increased mobility and comfort. This is particularly important if you are travelling with kids or with the entire family.

Relaxing view

Choose a luxury villa that can provide a relaxing view. After all, you get a vacation to relax and enjoy every part of it.  To get more rejuvenation, choose a hotel that offers traditional wellness and massage treatment or a space, such as a sundeck where you can relax while getting some tan. With a spacious sundeck on your villa, you can have a romantic dinner under the stars or watch the sunset right from your room. It would also be best if the hotel has a swimming pool or Jacuzzi for you to relax during your stay.

Affordable accommodation

To get a luxurious and comfortable accommodation at Bana Hills, you don’t have to spend your savings. Check out promos and hotel deals to reduce the costs. You can also book in advance to lower your accommodation expenses. Book longer to get even higher discounts during your stay.

Grant Thornton Survey: 5-Star Hotels Performed Better Than 4-Star Hotels

The 2019 Grant Thornton survey is the 16th consecutive year for this comprehensive study of high-end hotels and resorts. The Vietnam Hotel Survey revealed that 5-star hotels scored higher on various performance criteria than their 4-star counterparts.


A 5-star hotel in Saigon continues to be the hotel of choice despite a 4.1 percent increase in price between 2017 and 2018 with a 0.5 increase in occupancy. On the other hand, 4-star hotels saw a 2.3 percent decrease in price and yet still experienced a 1 percent decrease in occupancy. These increases on average are from US$107.6 in 2017 to $112 in 2018. By contrast, the decrease is from $75.2 per night to $73.4 per night.


The changes in these room rates consequently affected the revenue per available room (RevPAR) with 5-star hotels going up to $83.4 in 2018 from $79.1 IN 2017, while 4-star hotels decreased by 3.6 percent. Although both types of hotels experienced a decrease in bookings through channels such as tour operators and travel agencies, 4-star hotels saw the biggest drop at 7.1 percent, while 5-star hotels experienced only a 2.8 percent drop.


The survey revealed that 5-star hotels seem to be more open to digital developments in their operations with 95.5 percent of them applying data mining and analysis, while only 77.8 percent of 4-star hotels confirmed to have been doing the same.Mobile apps are also a new tool that 54.5 percent of 5-star hotels are utilizing, while 4-star hotels only have a figure of 34.6 percent. Checking in and out online are available in 42.9 percent of 5-star hotels, but only 28.6 percent for 4-star hotels. Social media such as Facebook is used by 100 percent of 5-star hotels and 96.3 of 4-star hotels.


In 2018, a total of 2,400 new accommodations were registered at the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Out of that number of accommodations, 83 properties fall under the 3- to 5-star categories. The 83 properties are equal to 22,419 keys: 34 properties of 17,366 keys are 5-star hotels and 15 properties of 2,990 keys are 4-star.


The rise of 5-star accommodations and the fall of 4-star ones are apparent in the Grant Thornton survey. Across different performance criteria, results show that guests are more likely to choose a 5-star hotel in Saigon and other such locations in Vietnam than they are a 4-star one because of upgrades and modernization, regardless of price increases.

Vietnam: 5-Star Hotels Scored Higher Than 4-Star Ones

Grant Thornton, a consulting and accounting firm, released its 16th annual survey of upscale hotels and resorts. The results of the Vietnam Hotel Survey showed that based on certain performance criteria, 5-star hotels scored higher in 2017 to 2018 than did the 4-star ones.


Looking at the occupancy criteria, guests are more likely to book accommodations at 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and other places in Vietnam. The results of the survey showed that 5-star hotel percentages on occupancy rose by 0.5 percent, compared to the 1 percent decrease for 4-star hotels. The rise and fall in occupancy rates for 5- and 4-star hotels respectively are despite the 4.1 percent price increase in the former and the 2.3 percent decrease in the latter. The increases and decrease have the average amount equivalent of USD 107.6 in 2017 to USD 112 in 2018 for 5-star hotels and USD 75.2 to USD 73.4 in the same period for 4-star hotels.


The revenue per available room or RevPar consequently went up to USD 83.4 from USD 79.1 for 5-star hotels but went down by 3.6 percent for 4-star hotels. Numbers from the reservation channels of tour operators and travel agencies revealed an overall decrease for both categories, but 4-star hotels had a much larger decrease at 7.1 percent compared to the 2.8 percent decrease for 5-star ones.


The survey also included how open to digital developments, technological advancements, and online marketing both these hotel categories are. On all aspects, 5-star hotels also scored higher with 95.5 percent employing data mining and analytics compared to only 77.8 percent of 4-star hotels doing the same.Mobile apps and online check-in and check-out are used mostly by 5-star hotels. The survey reported 5-star hotel percentages at 54.5 and 42.9 respectively, compared to 4-star numbers at 34.6 and 28.6 only respectively. Even social media is utilized fully by 5-star hotels to reach their intended audience and markets, with the 100 percent confirming use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, while 4-star hotel percentage is only at 96.3.


The results of the Grant Thornton are clear. When it comes to accommodations, 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and in the rest of Vietnam have performed better than 4-star hotels. These hotels have invested in and maximized on developments digital or otherwise to ensure their growth.

3 Benefits Of Play Group In Rayong

There are several play groups in Bangkok should you need a place that will aid in the development of your child. If you need a play group in Rayong, all you have to do is search the internet or you might also want to ask from the neighbourhood for institutions and establishments that offer such services. Parents from different parts of the world look for play groups in their communities due to the numerous benefits found in such type of groups. Here are some of its notable advantages, both for your child and you.

Improved social skills

It is a known fact that children who mingle and associate with other children are more advance, especially in terms of social skills. They get to learn how to make friends and adjust to situations where they are not always the centre of everyone’s attention, just like what normally happens at home. Children who join play groups are more sociable, easier to manage with increased self-confidence. If your child is typically shy, look for a play group in Rayong to improve his or her social abilities.


If you are a working parent, it would be understandable for you to find a safe place to leave your child while you are at work. Since your child is not yet enrolled in a standard educational institution, a play group is the most suitable place for your child. This will allow you to work without worrying about your child and his or her safety. There are also hourly play groups and you can get your child into it while doing your chores such as shopping, getting some groceries or running errands.

Academic preparation

Aside from social skills, children in a play group in Rayong get to be prepared for preschool and even formal schooling. They will have more confidence to interact with other children and will be more participative when they get to school. Play groups are also taught basic ideas such as colour identification, animals and shapes exposure, alphabet reading and many others. Look for a play school that will guarantee your child’s safety and comfort while you are away.

‘Adults-Only’ Holidays Seeing Increasing Demand From Indian Travelers

Different people have different tastes, and travellers are no exception, bringing their own sensibilities to the Accor Hotel in Koh Samui, or wherever destination they head for.  For Indian travellers, they’re looking to travel to places without kids.

‘Adults-only’ holidays are becoming increasingly popular for Indian travellers, particularly for post-honeymoon couples, with Australian travel website Luxury Escapes noting how it’s recently become the second most-used filter, accounting for 15% of all searches by Indian visitors on their website.

Travellers from India are now looking for getaways that feature everything, and not everything, namely, no kids. Arun Ashok, India Country Manager for Luxury Escapes, notes how such products have gone up in demand, which has, in turn, increased the site’s work, given that the Aussie-bred travel site specializes in specially curated travel packages.

Daniel D’Souza, Country Head, Leisure, SOTC Travel, also took note of how Indian travelers were preferring adult-only resorts, saying that choices like Accor Hotel in Koh Samui offer the chance to get some R&R away from the daily routine, and, sometimes, that just means not having kids around.

Cox & Kings Head of Relationships Karan Anand notes that, while adults-only resorts are in demand, they’re particularly in demand throughout South Africa, in Thailand’s Koh Samui, as well as in a few other key destinations in the Asia region, notably, in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. He explains that the reason most Indian travellers looking for adults-only resorts travel out of the country is due to the fact that India doesn’t have too many of such properties, but they are abundant abroad.

Co-founder Rajnish Kumar, of the travel and booking e-commerce website Ixigo notes that, for international visitors there was an increase of 22% in search queries for adult-only resorts in the UAE, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Maldives, and Thailand, with 51% of these travellers in the age range of 25-34.

They note how these couple-only holidays are becoming more and more popular, a good sign for the industry as travellers are now opting for customized travel experiences, instead of the usual cookie-cutter package. People in the field are expecting an increase in travel, not just for the adult-only properties.


Taiwan Increases Subsidies To Improve Preschool Educational System 

Most parents belong to the nation’s workforce so that most 3 to 5-year old children attend preschool or daycare facilities on a regular basis. The high quality of early childhood education from Anaheim Preschool will have a positive influence on the child’s development and readiness for elementary school because valuable educational and social experiences will be provided.

Premier Su Tseng-chang of Taiwan announced 3 measures that will improve the country’s preschool educational system. Starting August, the government will launch projects that will increase the number of kindergarten schools to ease the burden among young families. There is also an accompanying budget increase from NT$9.5 billion (US$305 million) to about NT$40 billion so that the nation’s birthrate can be increased. Subsidies will also be increased for child rearing.

There will be a transition mechanism for private kindergartens to become semi-public. A child-rearing subsidy will provide parents who have 3 or more children a total of NT$42,000 as financial assistance per month up to the time that the children turn 5.

Current subsidy rules provide qualified parents of children with ages up to 5 years old that stay at home or attend private daycare centers with monthly subsidy of NT$2,500 per child. Parents of children who attend public daycare centers receive monthly subsidy of NT$3,000 per child.

In order to improve the preschool environment, that government has plans of providing a subsidy of NT$400,000 to daycare centers and preschools so that they can purchase a kindergarten shuttle bus. There are also measures to replace 400 shuttle buses per year.

Part of the government measures is adding 3,000 classes for both semi-public and public kindergartens with the next 8 years to achieve 80,000 slots nationwide. Help will also be provided to private kindergartens to become semi-public and cap tuition fees to NT$4,500. The government investment in preschool education is expected to benefit 800,000 children aged 2 to 5.

High quality early childhood education is provided by Anaheim Preschool to appropriately develop the minds and attitudes of children. The early experiences that children gain from preschool will shape their perceptions of the world and their attitudes towards learning. Children gain self accomplishment and self confidence in the preschool classroom.

Zimbabwe Assures Visitors That They Will Not Be Affected By The Removal Of Multi-Currency System

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority announced that the removal of the multi-currency system from the economy will not affect visitors to the country. Zimbabwe is a popular tourist destination in Africa and if you have plans to visit the country, you better check Currency Exchange whether you can buy Zimbabwe dollars before you travel.

In order to bring normalcy to their economy, Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube replaced the multi-currency system with the local unit account RTGS$/ZWL for local transactions. Regulations are meant for any transaction within Zimbabwe where it is prohibited to use foreign currency in hard cash.

Legal tender will be in Zimbabwe dollars whether cash or electronic form and it will not negatively affect travelers’ especially foreign visitors. Credit cards will still be accepted in Zimbabwe because relevant arrangements have been made with international credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard and those issued by banks in the traveler’s country of origin.

Visitors must make all the necessary arrangements with their banks before they travel to Zimbabwe. Once they reach their destination, they need to look for the logos of their respective credit cards. Terms and conditions in the credit card use will apply and all transactions made will be subjected to the limits provided by the bank.

Visitors can use ATMs to withdraw cash in local currency through their internationally-accepted credit cards. The machines are clearly marked international with the accepted logos of credit card companies. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, exchange bureaus and authorized foreign currency dealers at prevailing bank rates.

Visitors are encouraged to use plastic money and exchange only an amount they expect to spend in the country. There is no truth to the rumors that police are authorized to stop people and search them for foreign currency. Possession of foreign currency is not prohibited but for transactions, the foreign currency must be converted to Zimbabwe dollars.

To avoid the hustle of exchanging your dollars at a tourist destination, a better option is Currency Exchange before travelling. For your convenience, there are online foreign currency exchange services online that can provide the best rates for the lowest fees.

Tips In Choosing An Expert On Car Vinyl Wrap In Brisbane

There are different ways to add extra attraction to your car. One of the many ways is to look for a contractor that does car vinyl wrap in Brisbane for cars and vehicles. By doing some search on the internet, you will find a lot of expert signage makers within Brisbane or your district. The only thing challenging is to choose which of the service providers deliver the most satisfactory results. The following are tips to help you choose the right service provider.

Customized services

One indication that a service provider of vehicle wraps is at par with standards is that they can deliver the type of car wraps demanded by customers. Surely, there are standard car wraps or ready-made types and they are relatively cheaper. However, they are not customized and you might come across with other cars with the same wraps as yours. To do away with higher costs, let the service provider know of your working budget. Talk to a car wrap expert to determine the costs and what you can get from the service charge.

Offers a number of services

Search for a contractor that offers an array of services that you can choose from. The service provider should be able to offer options such as digital or manual vinyl wrapping. It would also be better if the contactor of car vinyl wrap in Brisbane offers customized services in order for you to have the deign that you want. They should also be able decals and wraps for your personal vehicle or company cars with budget options suitable for you. There are contractors that also offer banners, home wall paper, construction mesh, vehicle wrapping and other similar services.

Quality service

Choose a provider of car vinyl wrap in Brisbane that is reputable with known professionalism in the industry. The contractor should be able to provide a timely cost estimate or a reasonable turnaround time of 48 hours. Ask for recommendations or referrals from your friends or call the contractor’s customer service number to find out how professional they are in handling customers.