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Promoting A Town Through Pictorial Maps

Illustrated maps are drawn by artists and illustrators like Rabinky to depict a certain territory. It can be a pictorial map of a city, state, town, campus or a business center. In the past, the pictorial maps focus on communities, culture and history. Although similar to the maps of yesteryears, today’s pictorial maps are being used as a quick solution to attract attention to a certain area.

According to Ellen Burns, pictorial maps are whimsical and not-to-scale maps that promote towns, businesses, cultural attractions and natural resources. Burns was inspired when she saw a pictorial map depicting a view of a corner store in Ridgefield from the Books on the Commons.

The bookstore is centrally located and open 24/7. An enormous number of people usually stop by the bookstore on their way to somewhere else to ask what they can see in Ridgefield, where to eat and what to visit. People are drawn to the town of Ridgefield because there are places like the Playhouse, the Aldrich and the ACT of Connecticut. The bookstore employees spent a lot of time pointing to the right direction, drawing maps by hand or searching through websites.

Burns said that the town she has visited has maps and visitor guides that will help visitors identify hotels, restaurants and local attractions. Since the town of Ridgefield has wonderful places to visit, having a map will be an enormous help.

Burns discussed her idea with two of the town’s major business organizations. She asked for their support and they agreed to sponsorships of $500 and more. The maps of other towns were artistically created and combined natural beauty with cultural and historical assets.

Burns was able to track down an artist, Bart Arnold from Lennox. Bart was oriented on the geography of the town. Pictures were taken of everything from Main Street to the side streets so that they will be incorporated in the pictorial map.

If you need a pictorial map of your town, city, business center or campus, you can contact Rabinky who is an artist and map illustrator. The map can be a non-profit venture or a marketing tool to attract visitors.

A Look At The Aussie Skin Care Giant, Jurlique, And Its Farm

A South Aussie company dealing in natural skin care products, one that’s been growing all of its materials and ingredients bio-dynamically, has been making a mark on the global market, going toe-to-toe with even the French cosmetic giants.

Jurlique was founded 34 years ago by two German immigrants; Jurgen and Ulrike Klein, has a turnover sitting at more than $150, and sells more than the other cosmetic brands in the AU, reported by Chief Operations Manager Jon Westover.

Westover says that there are a lot of industry monitors that keep track of all the revenue from outlets, sift through the data, and crunch the numbers to see who’s on top, and that’s Jurlique. He added that they’re directly competing with other brands, both the synthetic ones like Clarins and Clinique, as well as the more natural ones, like Aesop and L’Occitane.

The company grows its own botanicals, all 30 of them, like roses, chamomile, yarrow, and others, on their 42-hectare farm located in the Adelaide Hills, near Mylor. The farm accounts for the four tonnes of petals, flowers, and herbs that the company uses, grown with biodynamic principles and methods, and hand-picked annually.

Biodynamics is an Austrian-developed method of alternative agriculture, similar to organic farming, developed in the 1920s by Rudolf Steiner. The core idea is that healthy soil creates healthy plants, with preparations made to the soil in order to make it more conductive to growth. For Jurlique’s plants, they use 500; horns from deceased cows that have been lactating filled with manure, buried over the seasons of fall and winter, then added to the soil.

Jurlique Senior Formulator Valerie Laviolette says that natural skin care products can be harder to make since they’re more limited in choices for ingredients. Farm Production Manager Cherie Hutchinson says that all their products can be traced back to their farm in Adelaide Hills.

Westover spoke on the current market, saying that there weren’t too many natural skincare products on the market, but now there are a lot of brands competing, though not all of them are honest about their methods and materials.

Defining What An Exton Orthodontist Is

Our teeth play an important role in our bodies. Without them, we would not be able to eat food properly and would be deprived of showing our beautiful and glowing smiles. Taking care of our teeth is crucial to our entire well-being, thus, it is essential to visit a dental professional when the need arises.

Most people often interchange the terms orthodontist and dentist which should not be the case. Although the two professions have similarities, an Exton orthodontist does a particular kind of dental treatment. An orthodontist specializes in the treatment of certain kinds of dental issues.

The difference between an orthodontist and a dentist

An Exton orthodontist identifies overbites, misaligned jaws and teeth, occlusions, and jammed mouths. Upon seeing the condition of your teeth and concluding a diagnosis, an Exton orthodontist recommends solutions to the problems of your teeth. These abnormalities, when left untreated, will worsen over time. It is the orthodontist who repairs these kinds of teeth conditions.

A dentist, on the other hand, focuses on areas of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, and nerves.  These areas are broad in scope which orthodontists work more on specialized areas of the field.

The things orthodontists do

An orthodontist goes on a special training course to fix uneven teeth. This condition may require you to wear braces or some methods to straighten your teeth. It is the job of the orthodontist to ensure proper instruments are applied to correct your misaligned teeth.

Identifying problems with your mouth and teeth is the primary job of an orthodontist. A gap in the teeth which is called a diastema, when not treated properly, will grow larger over time if not appropriately treated. This condition will make teeth suffer because the structure of the gums and mouth need a tight and strong alignment. Conversely, it is not good to have excess teeth, especially for growing children. Excess teeth are usually extracted to have better spacing.

Orthodontists use special tools to correct alignment issues. The most famous method is using braces. Wearing braces would not give an immediate effect but the process is extremely effective. Another popular aligner if braces would not work is called Invisalign. This instrument is not visible from a distance making your smile more natural and attractive.

Training needed by an orthodontist

An orthodontist is required to complete regular training on dental care. Orthodontia is a four-year course. To be a licensed orthodontist, one must continue schooling for two to three years more.

To be a good orthodontist, one must provide his patients with quality service which could invite more clients by the power of word of mouth.

Thailand And Cambodia Working Towards The Good Of Migrant Workers

It is not easy to get employed in your own country therefore finding work in a foreign land proves to be more challenging above all. Even successful entrepreneurs have to abide with rules when it comes to company formation in Thailand or else they will be kicked out of the country. In a recently concluded international conference held in Siem Reap in Cambodia, two countries made it a priority to highlight the rights of migrant workers.

The dialogue occurred between the countries Thailand and Cambodia in order to eliminate the cases of human trafficking. The conference was made possible with the support of an Italian humanitarian NGO called the Civil Volunteer Group. The event was held in Hotel Angkor Miracle and it lasted for two days. The theme of the conference is all about cross border cooperation. It tackles the root of the system which are the policies and how it is implemented to make sure human trafficking between these two nations will be eliminated.

Majority of migrant workers from Cambodia are still traveling to Thailand. This is based on the data released by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training in Cambodia wherein around 1.2 million citizens are working in a foreign land and 92 per cent of them have gone straight to neighbouring Thailand.

According to a figures released for 2017, there are around 73 per cent Cambodians who are able to work in Thailand but they were able to get through using an illegal channel. This is why many have become victims of exploitation as well as workplace abuse.

The conference was graced with the presence of senior representatives from Thailand and Cambodia. Royal Thai Police’s superintendent, ChoosakApaipakdi was present along with the Cambodia’s NCCTchairperson, Chou Bun Eng.

There were also representatives from international institutions such as the delegation of the EU to Cambodia, Camilla Lombard, SaravuthTha who is from UN-ACT Cambodia, UN-Women Cambodia, Tith Lim, minister counselor of EU to Cambodia, Franck Viault, and VornVeth who is a representative from ILO Cambodia.

The goal of the conference is to make sure migrant workers are protected. They must have the same rights as business owners processing company formation in Thailand regardless of their social standing and influence.

Survey Reveals Australia Weddings Cost $50,000

There is no denying the fact that wedding is not a cheap event. It is not something couples get away from especially if they wanted to have a traditional wedding ceremony regardless of the number of guests. For people who have seen a loved one organize a wedding before or for those who have been married before, they know the true cost. There are many things to prepare from the dress, venue, Melbourne marquee hire, food catering and many more. How much does it really cost to tie the knot in Australia?

Wedded Wonderland recently conducted a survey with more than 500 brides as participants. These brides tied the knot only recently, 18 months or less to be exact. The result of the survey proved the claim of many – weddings are getting expensive every year.

For couples who are planning to wed this year, the average cost is already at $53,168. This figure is 3.75 per cent higher compared to the previous year. Thankfully, the increase is not as high as the 6 per cent difference between the years 2017 and 2018.

According to industry experts, the slow increase is a good sign for those who are planning to get married in the near future. It is proof that there are benchmarks that limit the market due to health competition.

Based on the survey, the highest amount of spending is still on the ring because the average cost is at $11,753. This is clearly an important part of the digital age when after saying yes, the bride is inclined to take a photo of the bling and post it on social media for the whole world to see. No groom-to-be would be confident enough unless they are sure to have spent that much money on a ring.

Following the ring, the second highest cost goes to the honeymoon which amounts to $10,145 in average. On the third place is the entertainment during the big day which is only a smaller portion at $2,989.

For couples who are willing to spend luxuriously, Melbourne marquee hire is included in the top priority along with an outdoor venue and top of the line catering service.

The Effect Of US ELD Mandate On Canadian Shippers

The potential impact of Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) on a trucking company is still unclear but this US mandate will impact the capacity of cross-border trucking and Canadian carriers. Unless they start preparing now, Canadian shippers as well as US shippers that are dependent on southbound cross-border traffic can expect diminished capacity, disruption of the supply chain and increase in rates under the Canadian ELD mandate.

When the US Mandate took effect last December 2017, Canadian drivers of XTL Transport that were crossing the US border for decades said that they prefer to drive domestically. They do not want the hassle because it is difficult to be creative to be able to deal with it. A lot of Canadian carriers also stopped running the border particularly the smaller trucking companies.

According to Andrew McVerry, director of business development at XTL Transport, that impact to the market of the mandate was considerable and many of the small carriers have decided to realign their business to be domestic. The realignment resulted in 30% decrease in cross-border capacity last year. It is expected that smaller shippers will feel the biggest impact from the Canadian mandate.

However, the big shippers that have been affected by the US mandate will be better prepared to secure their capacity in the coming months. The logistical impact of the Canadian mandate will be considerable on Canadian drivers that travel longer distances than their US counterparts.

Canadian shippers that were affected by freight delays at the border due to the US ELD Mandate have adjusted their transport networks. For example, Canadian Tire started to minimize shipping points and increased the size of their private fleets. The company is also looking for carriers that have staging points close to the US border so that domestic trucks can stay in Canada.

If you have oversized and overweight shipments, your best option is a trucking company that has both standard and specialized equipment. Double drop RGN’s are specialized trailers that can haul heavy and oversized equipment. There is low deck in the center that can accommodate high loads that would otherwise be too tall for other carriers.

Qualities To Look For In Cairns Airport Shuttle Services

What is common among airport transport services is that they provide their customers with the vehicle of their preference. What makes them differ from each other are the qualities they possess to entice more customers to get their services.

It is important to look for the best qualities of Cairns airport shuttle services before booking with them. A good airport shuttle service company must have great quality standards to offer to the public to get an edge among the other Cairns airport shuttle services companies offering the same services.

Qualities of a good airport shuttle services company:

  1. Must have good quality fleets of vehicle

A good airport shuttle service company must have a good line up of vehicles of different types to cater to the varied needs of its customers. A company that has well-maintained shuttle service vehicles can serve its client’s needs efficiently and safely.

  1. Must have friendly staff

An airport transfer service provider must have a well-trained staff that demonstrates a friendly and accommodating atmosphere to its clients. The staff serves as the mirror of the company that reflects its reputation.

  1. Value for your money

A good airport transfer service must give the best quality service to its customers and guarantee that they get the value for their money paid. Quality service contributes much to the kind transport company you choose. This is the area where most companies differ and is a reliable basis for customers in making their choice.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Customers must be given priority among other things. When the needs of the customers are met, they get the satisfaction they need which is a good indication that the company is a good one.

  1. Competent drivers

An airport shuttle service company must employ only competent drivers because the safety of the customers depends on the manner they drive. They must always practice defensive driving ways to avoid any untoward incidents.

  1. License

To guarantee the legitimacy of the company, it must have a license to operate as such for the safety and security of its customers.

There are many airport transfer companies offering many services to its clients. Before doing your booking, you must check the required qualities you need in an airport shuttle service company to ensure safety and guarantee you of good travel experience.

Safety In The Workplace For Plasterers

Risks are always present when working on the field such as a plasterer in Sydney because their work area poses a lot of threats. The difference between the professions within the construction industry determines the level of risks. This is why a plasterer should know how to mitigate these dangers while working on site.

Construction sites that are commercial projects are handled by contractors that are required to abide with the strict standards when it comes to safety. It is a good thing that these standards exist because it ensures that the workers will be protected regardless. There are a number of risks for plasterers but the most common are the following:

  • Working at heights which pose the risk of falling.
  • Not using the tool properly along with equipment based on the manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Airborne irritants could enter the eyes or may be inhaled by the plasterer.
  • Plasterers are close to falling objects and debris when they are working on site.
  • It is possible for them to be exposed to harmful chemicals and particles that travel through the air.

Professional plasterers know what they should and should not do but it is important to remind them every time to make sure their knowledge is not forgotten. The first thing they have to make sure is to wear the appropriate clothing while working. Contractors might or might not provide the uniform so it is always best to be prepared. Second, aside from the uniform, the plasterer needs to use protective gear to protect the hands, face, head and eyes while working. Do not forget that proper work boots is also necessary.

Third, it is important to have the right skills when handling equipment and power tools. If a plasterer does not have previous experience or training, it is best to leave the task to those who know how. Fourth, plasterers should not be allowed to carry heavy loads because it can lead to debilitating accidents. Lastly, it is best to get help when making the scaffolding for a plasterer in Sydney and should be inspected by a qualified authority before using.

Phuket Hospitality Industry Under Pressure To Improve Performance

Over the years, Phuket was able to cash in on the influx of tourists to the islands. As result of the booming tourism industry in Thailand, big hotels like Novotel in Phuket decided to join the competitive hospitality industry. In order to be ahead of the competition, no two hotels are alike because they have to consider the changing tourist preferences.

In 2018, Phuket International Airport welcomed a record high 9 million visitors. However, according to Bill Barnett, managing director of tourism and hospitality consultancy C9 Hotelworks, performance data indicates a slowdown in the double-digit growth rates over the past few years. Airport arrivals grew by 8% year-on-year but these gains were the lowest since 2015.

The first half of 2018 saw a 17% increase in arrivals vs. the same period in 2017. However, the 2nd half of the year was affected by the Phoenix tour boat disaster that decelerated the momentum. By the end of the year, the annual hotel demand decreased by 4%. Early gains in the year were eradicated from August through October.

However, in spite of the negative sentiment within the industry on the continued drop, a soft landing happened in the final two months of the year driven mostly by rates. By the end of the year, a new normal has kicked in.

Meanwhile, JesperPalmqvist said that the recent pressure on the industry is expected to continue into the 2nd half of the year. The hospitality industry needs to increase their performance and tighten the market compared to the last 2 years. While there is new supply, there is also increased competition for Chinese demand.

Hotel performance does not only rely on macro tourism metrics but brand, location and management. There is an onslaught of other Asian destinations that are targeting Chinese tourists by offering incentives like visa-free entry.

You can experience Phuket at its finest through Novotel in Phuket, the perfect getaway for both business and leisure travellers. The 4-star hotel offers immaculate private rooms, mouth-watering cuisine and exceptional services. The hotel is ideally located just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent Phuket coastline. Book directly with the website and enjoy a 30% discount.

Fine Dining With A Thrill In Bangkok

In a recent survey, Bangkok came out on top of the most visited city in the planet with more than 20 million foreign guests staying overnight per year. Despite the various merits of the capital city, none is championing its fine dining nor is it included in the list of top things to do while in Bangkok. This is slowly changing though because a Bangkok recruitment company recently hired new employees that will work in the dining industry of the country.

One of the most notable openings is that of Chef’s Table which is fine dining restaurant located at the 61st floor of a building in the capital of Thailand. Despite the congested roads in the city, the panoramic view while dining will be worth it because of the windows around the restaurant which are all floor to ceiling.

There are not many fine dining restaurants in the city with an open kitchen concept but for this one the kitchen is at the heart of the dining room. Diners get to witness Vincent Thierry’s culinary magic and they will get a greeting as soon as they pass by his working area.

Chef’s Table is owned by Deepak Ohri who is also the current chief executive of Lebua Hotels & Resorts. The company is currently managing two hotels in the city’s skyscraper with another restaurant called Mezzaluna which was awarded with Michelin two-star for the past two consecutive years since the publication of the guidebook in Thailand.

Thierry was the magic behind the success of George V located in Paris, a 3-star fine dining restaurant, and Hong Kong’s Four Seasons. He is hoping to bring the magic to Bangkok this time around. Ohri, on the other hand, is busy because of three upcoming concepts which he will reveal in the near future. These will be handled by bosses that came from renowned kitchens awarded with Michelin glory.

As this new global trend is sweeping the capital, a Bangkok recruitment company is now busy gathering manpower to fill the demand as the city may soon rise alongside Singapore and Hong Kong when it comes to culinary prowess globally.