Brief Introduction To The Life And Career Of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan

Leonardo is a renowned banker, businessman, philanthropist and restaurateur. He was the youngest president of the Banco Industrial de Venezuela. He led the bank through three government changes and is the first and only employee to reach the top position, starting from the graduate level. Leonardo is also a well-known philanthropist, who works to provide top class heart surgeries for children suffering from heart ailments and promotes the cause of trans-cultural dialogue through music and concerts.

After quitting from the bank, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan established Econoinvest. He shaped it into the top most brokerage in Venezuela and Latin America. The largest brokerage has around four hundred employees and is focussed in the capital markets. They provide brokerage services in the investment and financial sectors.

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, later left Econoinvest to be with his family in London. He now stays in the United Kingdom and has popular restaurants all over the UK, Latin America and Miami. Leonardo is a successful businessman who leads the companies, he promotes or invests to success. He advises people, politicians and businesses on the advantages of free trade and promotes free trade with Latin American countries.

Being a proud Venezuelan, Leonardo feels that free trade agreements between Europe and Latin America are beneficial to both the economies. He believes that Latin America is an undiscovered gem and works to let the world know about the benefits of investing in the Latin American economies. He motivates his high profile clients to invest in the Latin American economies, thereby creating growth and job opportunities to the people in his home country.

According to Leonardo, Latin America has a huge potential to develop rapidly. The country has a wealth of natural resources and huge oil reserves. The country has a vast domestic market which makes it a lucrative option for foreign investors. But the instability of the country and the lack of sustainable development opportunities act as hindrance in the development of these countries.

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, works to promote lucrative investment opportunities in the Latin American countries. He also studies the economies of the Latin American countries closely and advises on sustainable measures to boost the development of these economies.