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Visitors Explore H.O Smith Botanic Garden With Interactive Plant Finder Map

The Arboretum offered more than just the typical college campus maps to the public after they launched their new interactive plant finder map. This means that people who want to visit the Arboretum, situated at Penn State, could now navigate the parameters of the H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens more effectively and more conveniently.

More Than a Thousand Plant Species

The H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens serves as a lovely abode to more than 1,100 species of plants. In line with this, visitors could now readily pin point where the locations of these plants are. The said system is a map-based program which gives visitors enhanced accessibility to the living collections in the said garden.

Right at the Tip of Your Fingers

The said program could easily be accessed on a mobile phone. However, the system could also run under a computer which visitors could use while make their way through the Botanic Garden. What’s best about the Plant Finder Map is they could utilize the location services installed on their devices in order to find out which plant species are closest to them. With this being said, they could readily explore these nearby plants and have an aerial photographic view of it. On the other hand, if users want to achieve a detailed image, they could also zoom the aerial photographic overlay. And thus, they could now determine the identity of the plants more easily.

Collaborative Efforts of the Two Institutions Made it Possible

Through the commendable efforts of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment (IEE) of the Penn State, the said Plant Finder Map has been successfully launched. Furthermore, the Arboretum and the IEE made this project into a reality through their collaborative efforts. It could be remembered that the said institutions have already collaborated numerous times in the past already. More so, some of their interactive online maps could be found at the Arboretum’s site.

As much as how college campus maps need to be updated on a regular basis, the Plant Finder map needs to be updated for future additions to the plant collections. Furthermore, they look forward to add more pictures and other media in order to make the interactive map as accurate as possible.

Get Your Ceramic Tiles from Amber Tiles Australia

If you choose ceramic bathroom tile from, you can experience its various functions. Many have opted high quality ceramic tiles that come in various thickness. They also come in various prices and are used in various techniques. The tiles from the website can come as bathroom tiles, hallway tiles and wall tiles.


You can count on the durability of bathroom ceramic tiles. They can last for an extended time without the need for replacement. Therefore, it’s really cost efficient. However, this does not imply that all bathroom ceramic tiles are similar. You also need to choose those quality tiles to make the bathroom tiles last longer.

Health Benefits

If you have chosen bathroom ceramic tiles from, you are assured that people with allergies are safe. The ceramic material will not produce pollen, dust or mould, and can even be fire resistant. If you were to add ceramics to your fireplace, then this is a great choice to make.


The tiles from can come in various designs, sizes and colours. Even the bathroom tiles can come in various styles. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, choose a style and quantity that will really fit your needs.

You also need a suitable budget to spend for the chosen bathroom tiles. The price of a single tile will usually vary on its thickness. Thicker tiles are more expensive as they are more durable than thinner ones.

There are also who make wrong choices especially when they consider the design. For you to be happy when you enter your bathroom, keep a balance of design, quality and budget. It can make you feel satisfied to use your bathroom for a longer time.


If your bathroom is small, choose brighter coloured ceramic tiles to make it airy, brighter and bigger. If you have a large bathroom, you may want to choose dark coloured tiles to clean it easily. You can be comfortable in your bathroom with your choices of tiles. Make it look good and attractive to have a welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom.

So, choose to buy your ceramic tiles for your bathroom or for any part of the house. You are guaranteed of more designs and styles and it can also be affordable to your pockets.

Digital Prints Make Bengaluru Local Art Affordable

An original work of art is a valuable piece, and not every art enthusiast has pockets deep enough to handle the price tag that comes with valuable art works. Which is why a Indian printing company has decided to bring custom art to the masses for affordable prices via their digital prints.

The latest series of Giclee prints, released by the Bengaluru-based, are digital prints of fine art from local artists across the region, digitally reproduced in high quality canvas, and sold to the general public. This effectively distributes fine arts to the connoisseurs who lack the greater funding for the more expensive originals.

Additionally, Giclee prints’ terms of distribution ensure that the artists of the region receive royalties for their work, as doesn’t charge artists for their work, meaning that small-time local Bengaluru artists are less reliant on big sales to make a profit from their works.’s CEO, Amit Jaipuria, states that the art print platform, which he founded in 2014, curates their artists based on merit, and that it is completely free for artists to be on their platform, which explains why the site now has around 200 local Indian artists signed on with them, giving them the rights to make their arts in Giclee prints.

He adds that part of the deal includes the artist deciding what the price and size of the print will be, which range from Rs 3,500 to 25,000. The artist also has the option to limit the number of iterations of their work available, allowing them to decide what they’ll get out of their custom art.

Another platform for contemporary art,, recently introduced their signature limited edition prints in 2014. According to the company’s CEO, PadmajaNagarur, almost half of the company’s revenues, approximately 45% come from print sales. She says that the prints allow emerging, local contemporary artists to take on art as a full-time profession, and, according to some, increases the demand for the originals. All of that, on top of allowing art to reach the more modestly financed, and putting fine art in different formats, such as posters and coasters.