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Steve Waugh Discusses AU Cricket Culture In The Wake Of Damning Report

The recently published report on Australian Cricket’s corporate culture has drawn the ire of many, from corporate culture experts like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis to sports enthusiasts. Now, former Test captain and Cricket icon Steve Waugh has opened up to the media about the culture within the teams themselves, which the culture review noted as a big factor in the ball-tampering scandal that went down in Cape Town earlier in March of 2018.

He spoke prior to the release of the 145-page report authored by Ethics Centre, saying that he understood how the national men’s team came to a point where their decision-making was impaired due, in part, to the unrelenting life of a cricket top player.

The ex-skipper, who was one of the leading figures in one of AU cricket’s most successful eras but also one that was under scrutiny for on-field aggression predating the current corporate culture, says that it’s important for players to find interests and hobbies outside and even unrelated to cricket when they’re participating in lengthy international tools.

He echoed some of the findings the Ethics Centre report had, saying that the AU men’s team were a little out of touch with reality, which he believes is best summed up by the press conference following the incident, where Steve Smith inadvertently told the public that ‘it would not happen again and that they’ll work on it’.

Waugh believes that the men’s team don’t fully grasp the consequences of their actions, and that shows how they’re out of touch with reality and people’s perception on what’s right and what’s wrong.

He adds that this is the time for a reset, to start fresh for the sport. Waugh also voices his approval of the punishments meted out to the teams, sending a strong message that everyone can understand.

He says that there’s a general consensus on the matter; male players are in what he describes as a ‘gilded bubble’; the wealth and privilege combined with the long periods of separation from loved ones, detachment from the rigors of ordinary life and constant exposure to the cutthroat competition, which Waugh describes as being unforgiving of any faults and poor performance, and disregards any form of individuality not conducive to the goal of winning.

The 53-year-old ex-skipper, who developed a passion for amateur photography during his tours, says that players need to escape the confines of the usual destinations, like hotels and malls, whenever they can, to find something that they can enjoy and take interest in outside of the sport, which he believes has a tendency to become disproportionately important in their lives.

Waugh says that the detachment from normality, combined with an all-consuming approach to the sport, is what led to the incident in Cape Town. He says that, perhaps, more than just letting people like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis review the corporate culture of Cricket, they should also look at the professional culture of it; maybe, the ex-skipper says, it’s too analytical now, not as fun as it used to be.

What To Know About Plumbers In Brisbane

Are you searching for plumbers that can work 24/7? Many plumbers in Brisbane are all over the city to suit your plumbing needs. They can offer a wide range of plumbing services, which include gas fitting services and drainage solutions. They are manned with master plumbers that are highly qualified, licenced and have undergone extensive training to do the job. Hence, you’ll certainly find a solution to your plumbing needs.

You can trust the plumbers in Brisbane to do the job for you. Most plumbing companies hire a large team of highly qualified local plumbers that can suit your local service. As you need to verify if their plumbing service is right for you need, you can contact their local call centre, ask some questions about their services, and if they respond well, you can have them schedule an appointment with you.

As you’re dealing with qualified plumbers, you can check if they are licenced and have the best tools and equipment to carry out the job. Their team of plumbers in Brisbane are members of the Master Plumbers Association; hence, you are assured that they leave you with a job well done. They come with a fully stocked service vehicle with complete tools and ladders.

A reputed plumbing company have plumbers that specialize in blocked drains, where they can do the job without having to dig deeper on your property. They can unblock your drain by using the most recent water jetters. They can also do a complete inspection to check on your damaged pipe by patching and relining. You can verify how do they do the job to ensure they have the problem fixed.

To know if the plumbers in Brisbane are right for your needs, check the Internet for sources of plumbing services near your area. You just need to type the right keywords,so a list of shops will be displaced before you. Read positive reviews and feedback about their services. You can also try services that are highly recommended by people you know. If you feel they are right for you, contact them to visit your place and do the inspection.

Why Business Owners Choose To Have Outdoor Team Building Activities

A team can become united and closer to each other through cooperation. If they seem to be distant from each other, they need some fun activities to make them see the brighter side and connect with their colleagues. Quite often, those working in a team will consider outdoor team building activities for unity and better understanding. These activities will make one achieve best results.

The outdoor team building activities, if planned well, will make each team member motivated and have fun. Communication, problem-solving, planning and conflict resolution are improved due to these exciting activities. If team bonding is required, relationships can be enhanced, connections are fostered genuinely, and there can be deeper discussions.

Below are top reasons why a company needs team building programmes:

  • To Work and Communicate Better

If a certain company undergoes outdoor team building activities, its employees will work and communicate better. Everyone wants to have a friendly working atmosphere; hence, they will feel comfortable, can easily talk and work with each other.

  • To Cooperate and Encourage Creativity and Innovation

People can have great imagination when they are surrounded by those they are comfortable with. The team building activity will draw people closer and bring about a successful and creative workplace. If everyone cooperates with each other, then the employer can expect a successful business. This means everyone is happy and productive in the workplace.

  • Competition and the Right to Brag

To improve production, everyone needs to compete rightfully. To turn it into a healthy competition, why not have each team member participate in an outdoor team building activity, which makes every employee bond with each other.

  • Encouraging Teamwork and Team Performance

As outdoor team building activities draw workers closer, they can personally build their own strengths, weaknesses and interests. As there is teamwork, they look forward to having the company progress and become successful one day.

The main reason why outdoor team building activities are done in a workplace is to improve communication and build rapport among each other. In fact, many testimonials can prove to this fact. The workplace, no matter how big or small it is, will make every worker comfortable with each; hence, the business ends successfully.

Phuket Properties With Income Potential In High Demand

The number of tourists coming to Phuket continues to increase. In fact, last year the island welcomed a total of 8.4 million visitors which means that even the luxury 5 star resort in Phuket is fully booked with guests. This is the main reason why the condominium market in the area is changing. Condo units used to serve as holiday homes for the owners but now these are converted into sources of passive income.

Fifteen years ago, CBRE is the only agent handling Allamanda which is located in Laguna. This is the very first huge resort condo project that gives buyers the chance to enrol in a rental program. This means that they allow their unit for the entire year to be rented while they receive rental revenue in return. The right is then passed on to whoever is renting the unit but only for a limited time during their stay. This setup was developed in 1993 and the company, at that time, had no idea that fifteen years later the same setup will become the trend in the resort condominium market of Phuket.

The Asian market faced a financial crisis in 1997 but after it has recovered the development of resort properties in the area resumed together with constructions of condominiums and villas. Majority of the buyers back then are foreign nationals looking to have holiday homes in the island but the trend has changed lately because the usual buyers are not those who are expecting to gain from the yields the property could bring.

In order for the projects to follow this new setup, there must be a management firm that will market as well as manage the property during its day-to-day operation – a setup similar to a hotel. The best properties in the area are able to become successful in this front because they are constructed side-by-side with a hotel. These condo units are then added to the available rooms of the hotel under the same management.

There are those that still prefer to experience the best by renting luxury 5 star resort in Phuket because the rate of these accommodations are still cheaper compared to the ones they have at their home country. This is one of the charms of Thailand which makes tourists keep coming back.

Northamptonshire Residents Struggling To Setting Heating Bills

Northamptonshire residents are struggling to pay their heating bills including boiler repairs, gas safety checks, and servicing.


The Statistics

According to the latest statistics from the government, one out of ten, or more than 30.000 Northamptonshire residents are having a hard time to pay for their heating bills— or simply known as fuel poverty. Fuel poverty occurs when people allot upwards of 10% of their income to cover heating costs. The government believes that at this point, there is now at least one in them households facing this problem.


Warning Signs

According to Community Law Serve, an advice charity at Northamptonshire, there are more and more people seeking help from welfare reforms as well. Advice services manager Sarah Hayle explains that low income in households, as well as low income due to illness that prevent people from working, and even unemployment are three main reasons they see as contributing factors to fuel poverty.


She further explains that despite providing welfare services, it may not be enough to completely solve the problem. There are some people who live in poorly insulated homes and still have to pay more because of more expensive fuel. If their homes are poorly insulated, they cannot make their homes warm enough to be comfortable without wasting too much fuel. Huge amounts of fuel would be necessary to heat up a room with improper insulation, and with fuel prices on the rise, these households would have to pay significantly more than others with properly insulated properties.


Welfare Services

For those who want to seek welfare services in the area, the Northamptonshire Energy Saving Service provides free and confidential services including energy consumption reviews, which would show homeowners how they have been using energy, and some things they can do to lower consumption. They also offer a financial health check, which looks at the financial status of residents. This information is very useful for those who want to apply for benefits, debt allowances, and grants. Information and advice packs are also given out to help them reduce their utility bills, as well as minor boiler repairs, servicing, and gas safety checks.

LAX Debuts now Rideshare Signage

The Los Angeles International Airport debuted on September 21, 2018 new signage aimed at making sure that a cost-effective transport solution is easier to acquire for travelers. The new signs will work with app-based ride services, with the additional aim of setting an industry standard.

Los Angeles World Airport officials partnered up with the American Association of Airport Executives, deployed the new signs earlier in September to help travelers through the airport find a cost-effective transport solution with their app-based ride services. These new signs use their own icon and a new term, Ride App Pickup, in order to distinguish them from the rest. The LAX is the first airport to use such signage in the US, and they are hoping that the rest of the country follow suit for their travelers.

The LAWA has stated that other airports have similar signage, but that they use different terms, which can be confusing for people. Deputy Executive Director for Operations and Emergency Management for LAWA, Keith Wilschetz says that the last thing a traveler needs after a long trip is confusion regarding where they need to go catch a ride or meet up with their Lyft or Uber driver.

He adds that, currently, every airport has their own signs and icons, which just adds stress for travelers and everyone else, and that, through their partnership with the AAAE, the private sector and other airports in the US, the LAX will be setting a standard in order to make it easier for travelers who opt for app-based ride services.

On top of that, LAWA officials also announce that the LAW Economy Lot C shuttle and the private parking shuttles will have their pickup areas moved from the Upper/Departures Level to the Lower/Arrivals Level. According to them, the move will help give guests more curbside area for guests to drop off at the Upper/Departures Level.

Director of AAAE Services Jared Pierce said that the standardization of terms and icons by airports for ride-app services will allow better connections between passengers and drivers at airports, starting at the LAX, with other airports across the US to follow suit.

Bangkok Hotel Sector’s Forecast Remains Strong For 2018

The capital will be hearing of a new business hotel in Sukhumvit opening, among others forecast for Bangkok’s tourism sector is strong, with many experts expecting that the growth momentum that the capital’s tourism will be continuing for 2018.

According to a recent report from the HVS Market Pulse, the overall stability in Bangkok’ tourism sector contributed greatly to the strong performance of hotels during the first half of 2018. For the remaining two quarters of the year, the forecast is optimistic, driven by expected demand levels in international arrivals, alongside a politically stable market thanks to elections being postponed until 2019.

The positive forecast for Bangkok’s hospitality sector is something the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld can attest to, with its General Manager, Robert Maurer Loeffler, reporting continued growth in all key metrics for the first half of 2018.

He explains that their properties in the Thai capital are enjoying a good 2018, with a particularly strong first quarter and year-on-year growth in occupancy and rates. He says that transient activity accounted for two-thirds of the growth of the group, while the group segment was driven by double-digit increase from wholesale.

He also expects that the rest of 2018 will be just as good, as the MICE segment, which has driven growth for it and many business hotel in Sukhumvit, is expected to remain constant with 2017.Loeffler is hoping that the Centara brand enters 2019 with performance that improves upon the preceding years.

There is still a considerable number of new brand supplies entering the Bangkok market, with many properties currently in development, from brands like Capella, Edition and Four Seasons set to move into the capital’s luxury segment.

Hilton hotels maintains their bullish outlook on Thailand’s luxury segment, according to Vice President of Operations, Luxury Asia-Pacific; Daniel Welk. The hospitality giant recently launched its newest property in the Thai capital, the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok.

Welk says that, if something good has come out of the extremely competitive field in Thailand which has seen many a business hotel in Sukhumvit pop up, it’s the more defined scope for Hilton and its properties. Welk likening the situation to swim lanes.

Standing Desks The Subject Of Study As A Potential Help For Workplace Disorders

There has been a notable focus on sit stand desks recently, as scientific studies look to the ergonomic furniture pieces as a way for dealing with the issues of workplace disorders.

A recent Australian study from Deakin University, published in the Scandinavian Journal Of Work, Environment and Health‘s August issue, saying that the pieces not only improve the health of the office workforce, the introduction of sit stand desks could also help companies save money which would have otherwise been spent on their employees’ medical bills, on top of reducing absenteeism.

The paper, Economic Evaluation of a Randomized Controlled Trial of an Intervention To Reduce Office Workers‘ Sitting Time: The ‘Stand Up Victoria’ Trial, studied around 230 desk-based workers, and its findings suggest that the introduction of standing workstations at workplaces would help save 7,492 “health-adjusted life years” in the prevention of obesity and related diseases.

According to the study, however, the cost of using sit-stand workstations are a potential obstacle to widespread use, estimating that the average cost of providing workers with sit stand desks sits at around at AU$344/US$255 for every person.

Lead Researcher Lan Gao, says that sedentary lifestyles have made non-communicable (NCD), like cardiovascular disease, cancers, type II diabetes and chronic respiratory disease, one of the biggest health challenges across the modern world. He says that underlying most NCD, there are several behavioural risk factors, like physical inactivity, which impose significant medical costs on top of the lost profits from reduced work productivity. Gao explains that such costs are either incurred by the companies or the government itself, it is of notable import that society find cost-effective ways to improve the overall physical activity levels of people.

According to the study, if the recommended changes were implemented to 20% of the AU’s office workers, 45% spend most of their time sitting in front of a desk, it would cost about AU$185.2 million.

There are, however, some studies which throw doubt at the efficacy of such desks, saying that they amplify bodily pain as well as slow down cognitive functions. The study, conducted by researchers from fellow Aussie university, Curtin University, say that the prolonged use of standing desks have been linked to discomfort in the lower limbs on top of reducing mental acuity.


Which Removals In Sydney Are Right For Your Needs

Over the past few years, many removals in Sydney have done a great job for clients who want to move furniture and other belongings to a different location. They are quite popular in the city and have ensured that their clients are getting the best services ever.

Note that relocating is not an easy process and you need removalists to help you with the move from packing to relocating your most precious possessions. The removals in Sydney try to move them with extra care so customers are happy with their services.

To make a smooth transition during the move, you need to plan carefully. You need to prepare and coordinate with removalists for a smooth move. To make this possible, you need to ask for quotes to get the net cost and search for testimonials and reviews that guarantee the removalist is one of the best in Sydney.

Moving can consume more money than you’ll ever think. If you’re opting for a cheap removalist, they don’t usually promise good service, and they can even charge you for hidden fees you’re practically unaware of.  Choose a reasonably priced service that gets everything you really want. You can learn about the information by asking their customer service and the possible clients they have rendered their services.  If they respond properly to all your queries, then they should be the removals in Sydney of your choice.

If you have enormous furniture and other items to move to your desired location, you need to choose the best ones. You need to find the best furniture removalists in Sydney. The furniture removals and storage services can cover both home and office moves. They can also handle interstate removals or to other parts of the world. They can arrange and organise a storage facility that will best suit your needs.

Professional removals in Sydney will provide you with the right service and equipment to accommodate all your furniture and prized possessions for the relocation. You can choose from their fleet of trucks that can accommodate all your things. They arrive to the desired location on time and free from damages and losses on your belongings.

How Office Fitouts In Canberra Improve Your Business

Let us define what a fitout really is. If you prefer some office fitouts in Canberra, you are actually recreating and improving an interior space most suitable for your business. Usually, the idea of a fitout is utilised more on office improvement. For an office, the base construction is completed by the developer while the fitout is done by an occupant.

The Influence of Fitouts

Do you enjoy working in your own office? Some of the popular companies in the world work on creating an innovative and welcoming working environment for their staff. Without having to relocate into a trendy office, the interior can be updated in so many easy ways. So, let’s consider the benefits of having great office fitouts in Canberra while you renovate your working space.

Enhances Productivity

If an office fitout is planned and organised well, the productivity of your employees is improved. They will feel enthusiastic and motivated to work in a space that’snot only functional but fascinating. If you have an open area where staff can recreate, relax and chat during breaks, you promote team livelihood. This can make them happier with their jobs and greatly boost their productivity. The final outcome is having your business growing.

Utilising the Space Properly

Allow modern designs to modify and use every single corner of an available space. This doesn’t imply that you need to cramp every space in your office. Instead, you need to create storage solutions to free up more space for your workers. They should allow them to feel relaxed and comfortable while in the office.

Comfortable Approach

If you have your staff work in longer hours, they may feel drained and exhausted. If you improve your office using office fitouts in Canberra, you can keep your team positive and motivated.

Convey Company Culture

If you want to convey your business to potential customers and partners, use commercial office fitouts in Canberra for the improvement. You need to express your culture by making your business stress-free, flexible and a well-cultured.

You can also achieve success by using modern trends and considering new methodologies. Currently, office environments are modifying, and you need to move with them.

So, if you’re planning to move to a new office or renovate it, choose office fitouts in Canberra to make your business grow and expand.