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Naked Hub Partners With Just Co In Launching Co-working Space

Naked Hub is known for its co-working space business and is based in Shanghai. In a recent announcement made by the company, they have decided to merge with JustCo, a company that is based in Singapore. The partnership between these two big names when it comes to the co-working space sector has lead to the creation of the biggest premium operator in all of Asia. While there are many co working space in Bangkok and other cities in Asia, this partnership has prompted a competition against the leading company in the co-working space industry which is the WeWork.

Naked Hub which is working hand in hand with a hospitality brand called Naked Group and together they have 20 co-working locations scattered in three countries – Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. WeWork, on the other hand, has 12 co-working locations that are found all over the northern part of Asia.

As a result of the merging between JustCo and Naked Hub, they are planning to have a total of 41 co-working spaces before 2017 ends. They are targeting to put up co-working spaces in countries located in the southeastern part of Asia including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Jakarta. According to an estimate by Naked Hub, the venture will bring the company a total of $100 million in earnings along with the co-working spaces they have up and running for 2017.

Naked Group is aiming to have a total of 194 co-working spaces when 2020 hits as disclosed by its founder and chief executive officer, Grant Horsfield.

Horsfield said that when it comes to co-working spaces in Southeast Asia, JustCo is the leading operator while Naked Group works best in the north. Through the partnership, they will be able to create the largest premium co-working space in all of Asia.

There are already a number of competitions in the market which is evident with the existence of co working space in Bangkok and other major cities in Asia thus the company recognizes that they must do everything in order to run with the times. For now, the two companies will be operating while carrying their own brands and eventually JustCowilbe slowly changed to Naked Hub.

Global Industry Analysis Of The Yacht Charter Market

Future Market Insights expects that over the next decade, affluent consumers in the developed markets will continue to adapt boating and sailing vacations to sustain the demand for yacht charter. One of the most sought after trends will be the cooperation between online yacht charter service providers and leading airline companies.

Young travellers are more inclined towards sailing holidays and this is driving the demand for yacht charters. Yacht charter providers must make it easy and convenient for young travellers to search for sailing vacations by being accessible through mobile. Providers must also provide discounts when large yachts are booked by a group of families or friends.

The motor yacht segment will continue to dominate the market with over 78% share in 2026 and will account for revenues amounting to $690 million by the end of the forecast period. Meanwhile, the sailing yacht segment is identified to grow at a higher rate during the decade. The main factors that consumers will take into account in yacht charter will be posh interior design and comfort. However, charter providers must not overlook the importance of eco-friendly and fuel efficient yachts.

On the basis of yacht type, the medium yacht segment (30m to 50m) will continue with its dominance with over 60% market value share in 2026. The trend will be followed by the small size yacht segment of up to 30m. Through 2026, the large yacht segment which is over 50m will continue to gain limited traction. Large and medium yacht charters will be preferred for group holidays with booking discounts while families and couples are expected to charter the small and medium yachts for their sailing vacations.

In terms of region, Europe will continue to dominate the market with about 70% share of the total revenues in 2026.  A close second is North America. The Middle East yacht charter market is expected to demonstrate a higher CAGR over the assessed period.

On the other hand, sailing is not exclusive to the affluent because Far Away Yachting offers sailing vacations for the most affordable prices. Sailing vacations are guaranteed as fun and exciting experiences that are different from the traditional entertainment offered in a hotel resort.

4 Perfect Occasions For Giving Away Promotional Merchandise

You can practically hand out promotional merchandise to your prospects at any given time. However, there are particular times when giving away promo items would be more effective and would achieve more impact to your marketing endeavours. Here are some of those occasions.

Trade fairs and social events

Trade fairs and community events are usually attended by a lot of people and when there are more people, you have greater opportunity to showcase your brand and let your prospects know of your brands availability in the market. You can give away simple yet useful items for the occasion such as foldable fans with your logo on it or you can also give out hand towels, pens or even umbrella if your budget can accommodate it. You can also sponsor one of the events and have your promotional merchandise as a prize for mini games.

During business events

Another perfect timing for giving away promo items is during your store’s anniversary or during the opening of a new store branch. Giving away promotional materials is your way of thanking your customers for their continued patronage and the item will serve as a simple reminder of how you value your customers in your business. You can give away calendars for the first 100 customers or you can also give away ref magnets, tee shirts or umbrellas and similar items.

Conference and seminars

The good thing about seminars and conferences is that they are participated by specific group of people such as young professionals, people from the business sectors, mothers or parents, teachers, doctors and any other groups. If your targets are among the participants, it would then be the perfect time to popularize your brand by giving away promotional items that your targets will appreciate such as pens, notepads, tote bags, folders and similar items.

During holidays

Christmas and long holidays are the perfect time to give away promotional merchandise due to the season’s meaning. Give out special branded items such as paper weights, wrist watch for high end customers, wall clocks, tee shirts, mugs and other special items.

The Effect Of Phuket’s Hotel And Condo Act

If someone decides to tap into the investment offered by, it is completely legal for them to manage the hotel as if it were a condominium as long as they comply and meet all the requirement, regulations and the laws surrounding it.

Lately, there are a lot of controversy that were opened up because of the decision to shut down all condominiums that are operating like hotels without license and are not complying with the law. The very people who are complaining about the authorities’ lack of action are the same ones who reacted negatively after hearing about the crackdown of an obvious violation.

Confusion has been created between the distinction of condominiums and hotels and it can be greatly attributed to social media and the internet. Many people believe whatever they read online without researching further which is far too often the reason why common sense is ruled by rumors instead. All they need to know about operating a condominium like a hotel in a legal manner can be obtained from the authorities but many managers do not have the common sense to ask while some took a risk on their own choosing.

The Condominium act did not cover the use of hotels while the Hotel Act does not cover the fact regarding condominium being managed as a hotel. It is not prohibited at all for a condominium to be operated as a hotel just as long as it follows the logical process but it must start at the construction phase.

First, the condo must possess the legal environment consent which is usually a survey in the form of Environmental Impact Assessment. Upon planning the condominium, the developer and environmental consultant must take into consideration the fact that it will be used as a hotel later on. Careful planning is required when it comes to the health and safety, sewage, car parking and design of the lift.

If one chooses to invest in a condo at, it is important to ask the developer whether they have complied with the following rules and regulations before the condo is operated as a hotel in order to avoid legal misunderstandings.

Looking For Insurance: A Glance At CPA’s Operations

With the recent issues that have sprung up regarding CPA’s operations, people have begun to further question the legitimacy of the company’s  workings. The rest of the accountant insurance, thankfully remains somewhat unaffected by the recent news.

A clear contrast between CPA Australia and other accounting bodies is best seen by juxtaposing CPA Australia’s handling of professional indemnity insurance, with that of another provider, in this instance, Chartered Accountants ANZ.

When looking through accountant insurance options on either, one will be met with the basic information which gives the rundown of the insurance policy. This part is expected, and standard, as it is mandatory for all covered by the Australian government’s professional standards schemes, which reduces the legal liability of the providers.

Where the difference in how both present their options then, lies mostly in the buying guides. CA ANZ has a comprehensive list, which goes so far as to compare 16 different insurance providers, plus an additional shortlist of seven brokers for the small practices. To top it all off, the buying guide contains a full, varied contact list of 26 insurance brokers.

In contrast, CPA has a comparison which only features its scheme, CPA Australia Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme, compared with one, generic ‘other insurers’ product. The end of the guide then presents the potential customer with only one contact, broker Fenton Green & Co. QBE is in charge of underwriting CPA’s product.

According to CPA’s official website, the company receives its revenue from member generated activity via the CPA Australia PI Insurance Scheme, which it then uses for administrative costs and educating its members.

Spokesman Stuart Dignam made a statement which stands out, saying that CPA Australia does, in fact, have a commercial relationship with QBE, but not with Fenton Green. Additionally, they refused to reveal information regarding the terms of their arrangement.

Mr. Dignam stated that the CPA’s goal was to offer the most appropriate insurance policy for their members and their clients, not necessarily the cheapest, due to that not guaranteeing the greatest coverage. According to him, the average annual cost for insurance for a small practice of $2 M is about $2000m which he says is inclusive of statutory charges.

CA ANZ has already stated that it did not have commercial agreements with any of the insurance companies or brokers, only with the insurer AON, which is a business partner of the CA body.

Linkedin Lead Generation: Streamlining The Process

In simple terms of a marketing-minded person, when we say lead generation, it’s basically the process of initiating consumers to be interested into certain products or services that can be availed from a specific business establishment. It’s like inviting your potential consumers into buying or availing your products by the means of using leads. Now, what are leads? Leads can be extracted from various resources. For example, marketers send personal referrals to prospects. Another way of extracting leads is the use of advertisements especially during big events such as conferences and expos. Generally speaking, employing the use of lead generation is simply about advertising your business but there are also non-paid methods in which you can generate interests from consumers such as organic search engine results or personal referrals from previous clients. Nowadays, LinkedIn has been an alternative sources from which professional marketers all over the globe are getting their leads. With the recent introduction of the LinkedIn lead generation forms, the process of gathering has been furthermore streamlined which can be beneficial for marketers and businesses alike.

With the LinkedIn lead generation forms now active, it eliminates of the major problems most marketers face in gathering leads: relying on users to fill up the contact forms- which is harder to be completed when you are using your smartphones. With the said forms, users can just auto-fill the application form with the information that is saved in their LinkedIn profiles and then submit the form instantly. This is helpful for both users and marketers alike because users won’t have to spend time manually inputting the needed information into the form before submitting them. Like it or not, it’s always better if the data can be inputted automatically because some of us are just lazy to type. For marketers on the other hand, it eliminates their waiting period for users to fill up the forms and they can produce more leads now because the information is coming in at a faster rate. And since it’s LinkedIn, marketers can be assured that the information they will be receiving will be more accurate than what they will get from other website where users can fill up form by inputting false or even partial information.

Hiring Commercial Cleaners At An Affordable Price – Working In A Stress-Free Environment

Are you one of those people who easily gets frustrated when because of messy and untidy workplace? Have you ever felt like wanting to do the cleaning yourself just to remove the added stress that your messy workspace brings but with the demand of your job, you just cannot face it? Well, here is a good news. You can now hire professional commercial cleaners to do the job for you! No, it is not necessarily expensive and yes, it is a guaranteed quality service. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

Business establishments are one of the busiest places on Earth. If you are a business owner or even an office staff, your office is practically your second home. With so many people spending hours of work in that place, it is necessary to take good care of it. Cleaning and maintaining a tidy and neat workspace seems like the ideal thing to do. However, most of the time, this is not the case. With the demand and stress of the job, workers just find it hard to carve enough time out of their schedules to clean their workspaces. This is actually unhealthy. Different studies say that a messy working environment adds stress to people, thus making them ineffective and inefficient. The production arte of the employees even decreases because of this stress.

At present, many companies are now offering cleaning services to different business establishments. There are even companies on commercial cleaners in Gold Coast, Queensland who offer an affordable but quality service that would undeniably satisfy the client. These companies are founded on trust and they believe that clients deserve the best services that they offer. Their agents are expert professionals who are trained to complete their tasks efficiently. They are selected individuals who are good at what they do and are responsible and reliable agents. As a business establishment themselves, these cleaning companies aim to build long-term customer relationships. Their reputation is as good as their last project. Thus, they do their best to give their client what they deserve – a clean and healthy working environment at a very affordable price.

Finance Training For Provision Of Professional Client Interaction

One of the most known criticisms with regards to obtaining financial advice is that the cost that the company has to pay for the service will undoubtedly result to a lower than optimum return on investment. Majority of the professionals who are giving financial advises might not be happy to hear that they are deemed as adding no value to a business or company. Many of the individuals who are claiming such things are most probably investors that are trying to adopt a do-it-yourself mentality or those that have no single experience when it comes to working alongside an advisor. The majority of the results on surveys conducted regarding investors that are employing financial advisors have shown that they are quite satisfied with the service they are getting.

Looking at the other side of the coin, there are many investors that are in fact looking for professional financial advisors that can assist them when it comes to planning long-term financial goals or if they want to have some distance between their money. The sad thing is that many if these are finding it hard to get top notch advice these days. It is common practice for high level financial advisors to only accept clients that have a minimum of $1 million in their assets. They might not agree with anything but they are professionals that know their true value. Majority of high level advisors are not willing to offer services to anyone in the industry because of the high costs as well as the risks that comes with business nowadays.

The truth in today’s marketplace is thin, there are investors that are not willing to pay the professional fees and there are advisors that are setting minimum threshold fees for their services. Advisors then end up serving those wealthier classes and the non-wealthy are left to hire cheap and automated services or human advisors minus the minimum requirement but may give equal or better services.

This is the reason why financial advice marketplace has become similar to any other marketplace there is. To offer the best financial advice to clients, it is important for professionals to undergo finance training and serve the wealthy and non-affluent.

How Healthcare And Cloud Computing Merges

A few decades ago, one cannot imagine how information technology can be merged to deliver effective service delivery. Nowadays, the possibility of healthcare and cloud computing coming together is already a reality. In fact, cloud computing is already in high demand among healthcare organizations and healthcare practitioners because of its numerous benefits, both to the patient and the healthcare service provider. If you are still wondering what cloud computing can do to a healthcare organization, take a look at the following ideas.

Access to latest medical researches

The good thing about having everything on the web is that you can easily access the latest breakthroughs that are related to healthcare and medical research. If you need to access and gather advanced technology and data, all you have to do is log in to your healthcare and cloud computing account and you can get hold of everything that you need to know about the subject.  A healthcare provider can also perform patient analytics with all the data available which means that you can study and better understand trends to improve medical service delivery.

Capital expenses reduction

With cloud computing, you eliminate the need to install routers and the entire system for storing data because everything is stored on cloud or on the web. There is no longer a need to hire an in-house IT personnel because everything is managed by a cloud computing service provider which comes with 24/7 support so it is still like having an IT personnel but this time, you won’t have to worry about employing him and paying his salary.

Better healthcare service delivery                     

With healthcare and cloud computing, you can perform medical operation and dispense healthcare advice remotely or even if you are several miles away from your patient so long as you are logged in to the system. During emergencies, doctors can still perform operations even if is not physically present in the emergencies area. With the help of another medical practitioner and with cloud computing he can still direct the other doctor to do the job with his supervision.

Opportunities To Steal UK Businesses Because Of Its Vulnerability After Brexit

According to Wilbur Ross, the designated US commerce secretary, Britain’s rivals especially Dublin and Frankfurt must take advantage of the golden opportunity presented by Brexit to steal businesses. Ross has said that UK is facing a period of confusion and relocations will soon be inevitable. People are now worried that instead of a free trade deal with the UK, the US could try to exploit the seclusion following the Brexit vote.

The remarks of the billionaire businessman that were featured in The Times are now sowing fear over the so-called special relationships between the US and the UK. The comments were made while addressing an audience of Cypriots financiers’ days following the EU referendum. The comments were made before his appointment in the Trump cabinet.

According to the UK’s Labour Party, the comments of Mr. Ross must be considered as a salutary warning that other countries may take advantage of UK’s vulnerability following the exit from the European Union. Shadow international trade Secretary Barry Gardiner has said that the comments of Mr. Ross are a clear reminder that trade deals with Britain in the future will not depend on goodwill from UK partners but on shrewd economic and political calculations.

The United Kingdom seems weak and vulnerable in the eyes of the world because the government of Theresa May has failed to articulate a coherent vision of what the economy will be in Britain following the Brexit vote.  According to more than a dozen officials who are worried over the tensions that will undermine planning for Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May has increasingly isolated her demands to control all the areas of policy. This has alienated the prime minister from her key colleagues. Instead of goodwill, government figures have given way to division and resentment so that policy mistakes have to be rectified immediately.

Many companies may not be aware that team bonding activities can be planned and executed according to the organization’s goals and budget. When a company outsources an outdoor event to a provider, the event can be customized to align with the team’s culture, profile and requirements. When the team building activities are personalized, employees enjoy a more unique experience.