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Why You Must Buy A PC Motherboard In Thailand?

Important internal components of a computer system are connected to a flat, rectangular circuit board known as the PC motherboard. If the CPU is the “brains” of the computer, a PC motherboard in Thailand is considered its “heart”. Using computer terminology, the motherboard is often the system board, mainboard and logic board. Its common abbreviation is MB or “mobo”.

If you have purchased a PC motherboard in Thailand, you’ll realise that it doesn’t boost the computer speed but actually connects all components of the computer system to make it work. If you buy a barebone system, it will always come with a motherboard that acts as the backbone or spine where computer components are attached.

The PC internal components are attached directly to the motherboard through sockets or slots. The motherboard can have the AGP used to attach the AGP video card, PCI slots for PCI video cards and network cards, as well as the IDE interfaces for optical drives and hard drives. The motherboard also contains various ports for external peripherals like removable devices, speakers, mouse, keyboard, printer and the monitor.

Specifically, if you have a PC motherboard in Thailand, it will contain a socket that accommodates specific types of CPU. There are motherboards that support AMD CPUs while others only work for Intel processors. Also there is no motherboard that can support any form of CPUs.

Furthermore, the motherboard consists of a Basic Input/Output system chip to check computer hardware such as hard disk drives and power supply units for possible malfunctions. After performing a hardware check, the BIOS chip can make the computer CPU run. When booting the computer, the BIOS is the first program that a computer can run before showing up Windows or your preferred OS.

There is also a real-time battery-operated clock chip attached to the computer motherboard to determine the time. This is the reason why you can tell the time correctly even if the computer hasn’t been used for some time.

So if you’ve purchased a PC motherboard in Thailand, you can tell that the sound card, graphics card, optical drive, hard disk drive, RAM, CPU and other computer hardware work hand in hand to make the computer function well.

Thailand From Automotive Assembler To Top Automotive Manufacturer

If you are planning to visit Rayong in Thailand, make sure it coincides with the with the Fruit Festival where there are lots of activities like musical performances, fruit eating competitions, heritage exhibitions and poetry readings. You can stay in comfort and style at hotel suites in Rayong on the top floor with a bay view.

Thailand is the 13th largest exporter of automotive parts and the 6th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles all over the world and the largest in the ASEAN region. For over a period of 50 years, Thailand has developed from being an assembler of auto components into a top automotive manufacturer and export hub.

By 2020, Thailand expects to manufacture 3,500,000 units of vehicles in order to become one of the top performers in the global automotive market. The country has managed to establish presence among the world’s leading auto manufacturers, assemblers and component producers. Leading companies like Toyota, Isuzu, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and BMW account for the lion’s share of almost 2 million vehicles that are produced in the country every year.

Most of vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers can be found  in the central provinces of Bangkok, Ayutthaya, PathumThani, Samutprakarn, Prachinburi, Chachoengsao, Chanburi and Rayong because they are easily accessible to leading markets in the ASEAN as well as China and India.

One of the key reasons that gave Thailand a competitive edge in the automotive industry is the supportive policies of the government where substantial backing is provided in the form of tax and non-tax incentives to attract foreign investors. Additional benefits like the reduced CIT (50% of the normal rate) are offered for 5 years to companies that will invest in the super cluster automotive zones. Investors and auto manufacturers in Thailand also benefit from the country’s free trade agreements with Australia, China, India, New Zealand and the 10 member states of ASEAN.

It makes sense for a business traveller to stay at hotel suites in Rayong because of the presence of event venues suitable for business workshops and meetings or informal company gatherings. Beaches are nearby as well as golf courses so that attendees can relax after a gruelling day of meetings and conferences.

Vehicles Made In The USA That Are Worth Buying

Independence Day in the United States is coming fast and there are many deals worth considering when it comes to vehicles. There are trucks, cars and SUVs up for grab and all of these are proudly made in the country. While the manufacturers might be based in a foreign country, all of these cars are actually assembled within the US. The list includes only cars that are on promotion thus the price is lowered compared to regular prices. Accessories such as leather seat covers might not be included with the deal.

  • Ford F-150. This popular model is assembled in Missouri as well as Michigan. The body of the pickup trick is made of aluminum and is 700 pounds lighter compared to models with steel materials. It has various engines available depending on the model. V6 has.3 liters, V6s have 2.7 and3.5 liters while V8 has 5 liters. When purchasing, it is recommended to avail the Sync 3 infotainment system for an additional charge.
  • Toyota Avalon. This car model is built in Kentucky which is similar to a traditional sedan with a lot of space. It has a V6 engine with 3.5 liters capacity. Control is quite easy with the help of an infotainment system as one of its features. If you want a highway cruiser, this is the best option since it is not only plush but very comfortable at the same time.
  • Kia Optima. The production facility of this vehicle is located in Georgia. It is midsized but worth the value. It has a four-cylinder engine with 2.4 liters capacity. There are two versions available, the hybrid and the plug-in hybrid. The EX trim model has very comfy leather seats, heating system under the seats as well as the steering wheel, auto climate control and the rear seat packs a lot of space.
  • Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. This is a midsized type of SUV which can accommodate 5 passengers at once. This is assembled in Alabama and carries a ton of functions not available in the previous models. To make the exterior standout, leather seat covers are recommended.

Types Of Accommodation In Bangkok

Bangkok is a busy city and attracts all sorts of visitors from vacationers to business travellers. Most of the business travellers to Bangkok are always on the lookout for a good option for accommodation in the city. While there is no dearth of options, choosing the right home or condo that suits your preferences and budget is a tough task.

There are many different options while it comes to properties in Bangkok. One can opt from basic condos to luxurious serviced apartments or บ้านเดี่ยว or townhomes in Bangkok. Your budget and requirements are the main factors that determine which type of accommodation to choose.

There are many condos, studio apartments and one and two bedroom apartments in Bangkok. The cost of the apartments depends on the location of the apartment and the amenities offered at the complex. The rents of the apartments closer to the main markets and the BRT and MTS stations tends to be higher when compared to the apartments in remote and far away locations. Hiring an apartment closer to BRT station is better idea even if it costs a bit higher because it saves time and money in transportation.

If you are looking for spacious options, opt for บ้านเดี่ยว or town homes in Bangkok. The prices of town homes start at THB 7000 upwards. The cost depends on the facilities provided at the home and the locality. Renting a detached home has its share of advantages and disadvantages. While there is plenty of space and privacy, security is a major issue that bothers the residents of single homes.

Most of the บ้านเดี่ยว in Bangkok do not have additional facilities like clubhouse, gym and swimming pool. Maintenance is also a big issue for detached homes and single homes as there is no designated staff to look after the repairs and maintenance of the house.

However, the benefits of a บ้านเดี่ยว far outweigh the disadvantages. So if you want a bigger home with lots of privacy and have the required budget, opt for a centrally located town home that has modern amenities. The single homes and town homes in the developing localities of the city tend to be cheaper and well-furnished when compared to the old houses at the city centre.

Have Yourself Booked In Advance With The Best Family Resort In Chiang Mai?

One of the biggest Thai festivals happen during the month of April, with adirection moving from Bangkok to the northern city of Chiang Mai. This is actually Thailand’s New Year celebration, and of course will need you to be at the best family resort in Chiang Mai for a memorable experience. Most of the local business community ceases to sell their goods, the traffic is gridlocked, and everyone is on the streets drenched from head to toe for the festival.

So welcome to the Songkran Festival and a chance to party and celebrate like there is no tomorrow. It’s time for the hot season with temperatures reaching from a sizzling 37°C to 40°C. In this burning season, the best way to cool off is enjoying the festival. The old Songkran traditions may be declining, but the party spirit remains ever stronger.

In Northern Thailand, Songkran is not just for the Thai people; butfor travellers from around the world who are welcomed with a smile and bucket full of water. Tourists can really enjoy, provided they are happy to join and get good soaking. Thai culture is symbolised by its country and people so everyone can have all the fun in this festival.

The festival won’t allow you to remain dry for the season, so it’s best to join the spirit or you can leave the town. If you have stayed in the best family resort in Chiang Mai, you will know what to expect for such occasion. If you have been riding a tuk-tuk or motorbike, you’ll probably reach your destination soaking wet.

From at least a square mile of the Old Town to Chiang Mai’s historic moat, you can expect the celebration going wild. The festival starts with a huge water-fighting venue and swimming pool, as multitude of festival goers line the neighbouring streets and riverbanks of this famous attraction. Most of the restaurants and bars provide huge containers of water, where hoards of people join in the fun.

One must remember though, that when you come for the Songkran Festival, you can expect that most of the Chiang Mai resorts and hotels are fully booked. So ensure you are booked in advance for the best family resort in Chiang Mai to fully enjoy this much celebrated festival.

Different Methods To Finance Your Motorcycle

Owning the motorcycle is a dream come true for many biking enthusiasts. The buying process involves lot of research and patience. A crucial step before you decide on a particular brand is to look into the financing options. Financing a motorcycle is an expensive proposition and involves a lot of paperwork. Here are some tips to make the process easy.There are many ways to get financing for your motorcycles.Choose the best option that suits your requirement and has the best advantages

  • You can opt for a loan from the dealers, reputed dealers like Wheels Motorcycles have their in-house finance teams to provide financing for motorcycle purchases. However, you have to purchase the motorcycle from their dealership to be eligible for in-house financing from the dealer. You can bargain for good rates with the dealers, provided your credit score is good.
  • The next option is to opt for manufacturer financing. Most motorcycle manufacturers advertise special financing schemes to promote their products. These schemes are generally available on new launches and slow moving products. When you go for bike shopping ask your dealers for Original Equipment Manufacturer Loans. Most of the reliable and trusted dealers like Wheels Motorcycles willingly disclose the manufacturer schemes to the customers.
  • You can also get a motorcycle loan from a bank or credit union. The interest rates are competitive and the terms of loan are easy. However, banks will lend only to customers with a good credit score. You have to be a member of the credit union in order to get a loan from them.
  • If you need lesser sums to bridge the gap between your savings and the price of the bike, you can ask for help from family members and friends. This is the best way to finance your bike. It does not need any paperwork and credit rating. Remember to repay the amount as soon as possible.

Whatever means of financing you opt for financing your motorcycle, remember to go through the terms and conditions of the loan carefully. Pay attention to the fine print to know about the charges, fees and interest rates. Select a good dealer like Wheels Motorcycles, who provide multiple finance options for the motorcycles and scooters.

Restaurants In Michigan Concerned About Lack Of Employees

Entrepreneurs hoping to open a restaurant require Michigan tax ID directions to point them in the right process. After entering the industry, they will find themselves faced with various industry concerns such as the labor shortage that is currently plaguing restaurant owners and managers. To solve this problem, many business owners are looking for creative ways in order to hire more staff to work for them.

According to the latest survey organized by Michigan Restaurant Association which is based in Lansing, the main concern of almost 61 per cent of restaurant owners who participated in the survey is the difficulty of hiring staff for their establishments.

Justin Winslow, the CEO of the Michigan Restaurant Association, said that the statistics is the most troubling data they have seen for the first quarter of 2018. The survey included 400 participants from the restaurant industry which earns the state yearly revenue of $565 million.

Winslow said that the survey will let the public know about the status of the restaurant industry all over the state. He added that they are aware that there are issues in the industry as well as trends but they were not prepared to see the figures concerning the labor shortage in the restaurant business.

It is not the first time that the industry had some trouble when it comes to finding staff but Winslow clarified that this occurrence in the food industry will have a huge effect due to the industry being considered as the second highest employment provider in Michigan.

Labor shortage in the restaurant industry is more evident compared to other industries in the state. Residents will get to see an increase in the number of job posts in front of restaurants for the entire year.

Those who are still asking for Michigan tax ID directions should know the various issues faced by restaurant industry including changes in the attitudes of the consumers, decrease in profit margins and stricter competition. An estimate made by the National Restaurant Association revealed that the job pool will continue to widen in the next ten years with expected increase of 7.5 per cent.

Why In A Hotel Near Bumrungrad Hospital?

When you travel to Bangkok, you will want to stay in a hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital for convenience, especially if you are here for treatments. Note that not all hospitals are equal but Bumrungrad will provide you every treatment you need. When you need a procedure done, oftentimes, you need to know a reputable doctor working for this hospital. You may need to undergo surgery, be hospitalized on an emergency basis, or simply for consultations. If you live in a hotel nearest the hospital, you will know that you are secure and safe.

The Bumrungrad Hospital is near the airport where you can be taken fast here. However, you will need to do some research if you want to stay in a hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital for your accommodation.  The hotels come with a rating information so you know that it is one of the best in this city. If you feel you need to be treated in this hospital, you will feel you have settled for the right treatment at the right time. Depending on what treatments you undergo, this will serve as the basis of your payments. Some insurers consider payments to this hospital.

If you are traveling to Bangkok with a health insurance, you will have peace of mind if your admission or consultation in Bumrungrad is covered. You don’t have to worry a thing, especially that you have the services fully covered. You will be receiving top-notched care with top specialists hired by the facility.

Hospitals in Bangkok are famous for lifesaving medical procedures where you can go to. However, you need to find the best hospitals here that specialize in the procedure you need to be done for you. The lists are endless and Bumrungrad may be one of them. The next step is to contact your insurance company and secure coverage so you can avail the services of this hospital.

All in all, Bumrungrad Hospital is noted for their outstanding reputation and offering of the best possible care for your safety. Not many hospitals are like this hospital where your needs are first priority. Once the treatment is done, you can move back to your hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital for recovery and relaxation.

Accorhotels Expanding Their Brand

For anyone’s who’s looking for a rooftop bar in Bangkok, AccorHotels might have come up several times. Well, good news for those who enjoy their hotel drinks with a view of the city they’re in, the hospitality group will be adding four new hotels across the globe, which will double the group’s portfolio, all these new properties will operate under the SO/ luxury brand.

The new properties will be opened by the end of 2018 in Berlin, St. Petersburg, and Vienna, plus the brand’s first development in the Southern Hemisphere, with an AccorHotels property in Auckland, New Zealand. The group also revealed their bold plan, with 10 additional properties being planned in places such as Jakarta, Koh Samui and Kuala Lumpur, with these planned developments scheduled for operation by 2021.

The hospitality group is already known for their several hotels with  rooftop bar in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Mauritius and Singapore.

Vice President Luxury Brand Management for Sofitel Brands, Jaoa Rocco, says that the SO/ brand has gotten popular thanks to the stylish and playful accommodations, born from an unorthodox attitude coming from the brand’s French origins. He says that AccorHotels have plans to introduce the SO/ Brand in key tourist destinations across the world, and that they are proud of the new projects which will become operational throughout 2018.

Two of the newest openings of the SO/ brand are the SO/ Berlin Das Stue, and the SO/ Auckland. The former occupies what was once the Royal Danish Embassy, which is now a boutique with 78 guestrooms, plus a spa with a 14m indoor swimming pool and Finnish saunas.

The SO/ Auckland is a 133 room hotel, located in the middle of Auckland’s Central Business District, and is the brand’s first foray into the Southern Hemisphere. Accommodations include a Club Signature lounge, an indoor swimming pool, plus an SO/ brand spa and fitness centre, operating out of an old bank vault.

In April of 2018, the 137-room SO/ St. Petersburg hotel will go operational in the middle of Russia’s cultural centre, which comes with its own rooftop bar.

By the end of 2018, AccorHotels is also looking to open SO/ Vienna, designed by France’s Jean Nouvel, one of the country’s most notable architects.

Great Accommodations At Ad Lib Bangkok That Are Reasonably Priced

Bangkok is an enchanting city with so many things to do. It is a shopaholic’s paradise where you find some of the fashionable malls and huddled street markets that you can bargain like a native. You can try its culinary delights where you can savor a famished appetite.  You can hop day by day to see a wide array of historic temples, and at night, go club hopping and listen to the beats of DJs in many of its famous nightlife venues.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for value and quality; and this means staying in great accommodations at Ad Lib Bangkok to stay comfortable and relaxed. This ritzy hotel has gained nearly five-star award from local and international travel magazines. The hotel offers you a starting $110 per night accommodation. It also got the best amenities and facilities like a Jacuzzi, swimming pool and gym. They also have Wi-Fi internet access and large flat screen TV with numerous channels. Depending on your accommodation, you can be offered free daily breakfast in buffet style!

Most hotels in Bangkok are very well maintained and this is all through the maintenance crew and housekeepers. Even if the mattresses are somehow old, they try to replace damage furniture to keep up with standards, comfort and style. This may mean everything is perfect, and you get the needed comfort, Thai décor and style.

Depending on which great accommodations at Ad Lib Bangkok you are roomed in, you can have a spacious room along with a comfortable bathroom. But somehow, there are rooms with minimal space; however, it’s not a serious issue as you spend all day touring the city, enjoying the great views, and meeting new Thai friends.

The best news you will be happy about is having the Ad Lib Hotel in Bangkok near cultural sights and great shopping. It is even near the BTS Skytrain station so you conveniently locomote to the next station and discover another attraction.

So when considering great accommodations at Ad Lib Bangkok, it is recommended to have some look at their budget options. You’ll be surprised at how much you pay and how little you can spend in Bangkok.