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Intensifying Competition Among Motorcycle Manufacturers In India

It is quite common to see Kawasaki motorcycles on the UK roads because they are cheap, efficient and can do anything that riders want. A vast majority of consumers prefer to buy from Kawasaki UK dealers because there are many different options that range from the new to the quality used. Some motorcycles are less than 3 years old and still worth the price you will pay.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries motorcycle unit is planning to increase their production in India to be able to turn the major motorcycle market to an export base that will sell to Latin America and Africa. Output will be increased to about 10,000 motorcycles annually particularly the flagship Ninja model. Kawasaki opened a plant last year at the western India state of Maharashtra. Components will also be purchased locally.

Because there will be an increase in output, the company also plans a big expansion in dealership in India that accounts for more than 30% of the global demand for motorcycles. The first Kawasaki plant in India measured 10,000 square meters and went online in September 2017. Before that, Kawasaki motorcycles that were assembled at a plant leased from Indian motorcycle maker Bajaj Auto has engine displacements of between 250cc and 650cc. At the new plant, larger models like the 1,000cc Ninja will be produced.

Several Kawasaki engineers from Japan will get permanent assignments in India. They will be responsible for finding ways with which they can incorporate locally manufactured and inexpensive components to the models that include the Ninja 250. The goal of Kawasaki is to become more competitive in India because it is an attractive market for motorcycle manufacturers.

Competition among motorcycle manufacturers is intensifying with local brand Bajaj in a tie-up with UK-based Triumph and US- based Harley Davidson. Japan-based Yamaha Motors has also opened scooter dealers in Chennai and two other cities.

A full range of Kawasaki road bikes and demonstrator bikes are available from Kawasaki UK dealers to cater to your requirements. There are qualified Kawasaki technicians and a knowledgeable parts department should you need assistance with your motorcycle. Lifetime guarantee is offered for all new and used motorcycles that are over 250cc.

Airtasker Reveals That It Gets 35,000 Jobs Weekly

There’s a lot of domestic jobs that Aussies can’t really be bothered to do, so one won’t bat an eye for listings for plumbing work, cleaning or Sydney removals, but some are just outright strange, like picking belly button fluff, cakes shaped like people’s rear ends, and fake paparazzi.

According to job outsourcing platform Airtasker revealed that Aussies across the country posted 35,000 jobs to their platform, and, to little surprise, cleaning jobs are listed as the most outsourced jobs in the country.

Asides from the more ‘normal’ chores like Sydney removals, however, some Aussies put in for weird requests, with one user putting up a listing asking for someone to come in to pick their belly button fluff for $5, with another offering $120 for someone to bake a vegan butt cake, as in, as the caption described, as a vegan cake in the shape of a person’s behind.

Airtasker Founder and CEO Tim Fung says that it doesn’t end there, with tasks like bird washing or pretending to be fake paparazzi having been listed on the platform. He says that they see Aussies outsource a wide range of weird and wonderful task, and that he exalts this as Airtasker’s usefulness, as it connects people with someone with the unique skill set needed to help them get their issue dealt with.

There are, of course, more traditional jobs available on the platform, with the most popular being cleaning with 148,591 jobs outsourced in 2018, followed by removals at 122,140 listings, then handymen jobs at 93,961 listings, then gardening, trailing far behind at 48,043 listings.

Of the 35,000 that’s listed on Airtasker every week, data from the platform revealed that the ones most likely to outsource jobs are:

  • Surry Hills;
  • Richmond;
  • Bondi Beach;
  • South Yarra;
  • Kilda;
  • Paddington;
  • Parramatta;
  • Point Cook;
  • Randwick, and;

Mr. Fung says that these suburbs reflect an increasing population of Aussies who know how to value the time in their lives, and know what jobs they’re willing and/or able to do, and which tasks that they would rather leave to the experts.

Chelsea FC Coach Describes Wembley Stadium Pitch As Like A Potato Field

It’s not always about being the biggest football stadium in the world, but just about being a great stadium. Wembley Stadium, according to Chelsea FC Coach Carlo Cudicini, is most definitely not that, with a pitch that he describes as being akin to a potato field.

Tottenham continues to use Wembley as their temporary home while the new stadium is under development, which has met several delays. The pitch in the stadium is in bad shape following a fight involving Anthony Joshua, a month of NFL fixtures, England games, and Premier League football.

Cudicini, a former goalkeeper for Tottenham, who has been operating as a coach at Stamford Bridge since 2016, admitted that the surface has been getting a bit better in the past few weeks, but that’s where his compliments ended.

He stated during an interview to the Gazzettadello Sport that, while the pitch has improved, it’s still a potato field. He says that playing on its pitch isn’t easy, which is really weird, at least, to him, as Wembley may not be the biggest football stadium in the world, but it was akin to a temple; setting the standard for English stadiums in the country, but, now it’s one of the worst. He also points out that Inter will have to deal with the current state of the pitch later down the road.

The Italian coach was referring to the Inter Milan’s Champions League meeting with Spurs, but didn’t have much insight on Mauricio Pochettino’s camp. Cudicini admits that he couldn’t say much on the team, due to the fact that it has changed drastically in the intervening years, not just in team composition, he says, but in how the club operates.

He explains, saying that, back in his time, the Spurs was an FC looking for dimension, something to set themselves apart. Now, they’re in the Champions League permanently, and has many young players who are of a high caliber, and the club has expanded its horizons, like its recent decision to restructure White Hart Lane.

NYC Controller Asking For Records For NYCHA Investigation

As thousands of public housing tenants were forced to ask the NYCHA, ‘why not check here’, as they shivered due to heating and hot water outages throughout the city.

In response, City Controller Scott Stringer hit the NYCHA with a subpoena demanding reasoning as to why its managers have repeatedly and consistently failed to deal with complaints about the outages. The subpoena, sent to NYCHA General Counsel Kelly MacNeal, demands for internal documents by the 4th of December about how it handled heating and hot water outages from 2016 to May of 2018.

The subpoena requires that the NYCHA hand over all the copies of their work orders, and a full list of employees, who work for them or private operators,  who were assigned with the task of getting the heating back on. The NYCHA has, repeatedly, rejected requests for the records.

Stringer says that, following the widespread heating outages, the audit of NYCHA’s systems are an attempt to get information from the authority, but have been met with only delays and unanswered inquiries. He says that the fact that they’ve forced to turn to the records, but be refuted as they ask ‘why not check here’, only to be met by the NYCHA deflecting inquiries, are disgraceful, especially as thousands of families in the city were forced to live without the most essential services of heating and hot water.

Stringer and his team’s audit begun last winter after more than 300,000 NYCHA tenants had to go through heat season, including a brutal January cold snap, without heating or hot water. This is the second subpoena sent to the NYCHA, the first sent out earlier in November, which asks for a list of everyone assigned to fix boilers, temporary boilers and any documentation related to boiler inspections. The more recent subpoena  demanded for a comprehensive list of the tenant requests asking for heating and hot water repairs.

Housing Authority management has been under fire for failing to stay on top of a wave of heating outages sweeping developments, following the drop in temperature on New Year. While the NYCHA and Mayor de Blasio have said that they are doing what they can to handle the matter, there are still many tenants saying that little, if any, has actually changed.


MRO Centre And Duty Free Shops As Additional Revenue Sources For Bangkok Airways

The number of international tourists’ arrivals keeps on increasing every year. This is the reason for the dramatic growth of the hospitality industry. For the comfort and convenience of visitors, there are hotels in Sukhumvit that offer luxury accommodations with exceptional service and state of the art facilities.

Meanwhile, Bangkok Airways has announced that they are focusing on aircraft maintenance and duty free business in order to improve corporate performance particularly since the aviation industry has become rather competitive. The airline believes that the continuous growth of tourism in Thailand will help boost the duty free business.

New opportunities can be found in the aircraft maintenance sector because maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services are very important to the aviation industry most particularly for the low-cost airlines. Bangkok Airlines will seek investment privileges from the Board of Investment which is in line with the government’s initiative to create an aviation city near U-TapaoAirport, a part of the Eastern Economic Corridor.

The first MRO service centreis being operated from Don Mueang Airport. The second MRO centrewill be situated at Sukhotai Airport and expected to open in the next 18 months. Bangkok Airways spends at least 160 to 200 million baht for aircraft maintenance and repair. Additional maintenance centres will help in reducing operating costs. Fluctuating fuel costs are making operations quite difficult and diversification will help minimize the risks.

Early this year, Bangkok Airways has launched More Than Free Co to operate the small duty free shops at Samui, Surat Thani and LuangPrabang airports. Tourism growth is expected to drive this sector.  British Airways is also into talks with duty free operators from France and Germany. They are being encouraged to join the upcoming bid called by the Airports of Thailand.

Visitors to Thailand who want to experience luxury for affordable prices can opt for hotels in Sukhumvit that are located in the heart of Bangkok. Upscale amenities include a fitness centre, spa and sauna, Jacuzzi, function rooms and professional meeting rooms for business travellers. If you book directly with the hotel website 30 days before the arrival, you can save up to 32%.

How To Choose Timber Flooring In Sydney

When you renovate a home, you will need to choose the best flooring to enhance the look and feel of your home. With so many options available, you’ll find it hard to choose. One that is great for your homes to install is timber flooring in Sydney, which makes your home look marvellous.

A Great Choice for Interiors

Firstly, you’ve made a good choice by opting for timber flooring for your home. Timber compliments with any interior, so you add value to your home. It also provides a timeless and versatile look as it has a striking feature which adds glamour to your home. It requires less maintenance, is non-allergenic, with natural insulation making it perfect for any season.

Choose a Nice Colour for Your Timber Flooring

The timber flooring in Sydney can come in various types and styles, which you can choose a colour, such as dark, mid-tones or light.

  • Light vs dark timber flooring

If you have a small space, choose lighter timbers that can improve its light and roominess. However, don’t choose it if you have dark coloured antique furniture as it won’t complement with each other.

  • Adding light timber flooring for the interiors

If you want a classic style for your interiors, choose dark or mid-tone flooring. But if you want a shingly look, choose light-coloured floors.

  • Dark flooring for the interiors

To make your home look more sophisticated, choose dark timber flooring as it’s also the trend nowadays. However, having a small space with these floorings will make it more enclosed and will show more dirt.

Bamboo Flooring

Although bamboo is technically a grass, you can use it as a renewable resource than hardwood timber. It is also affordable and guarantees durability and strength. If you opt for this material, you make a better alternative if timber isn’t available or your choice. Especially that bamboo has lots of shades, you can choose from white wash to near black colour. There is also blond, coffee and honey colours,which go in between.

Work with a Professional

Consult a professional if you want the right material to enhance your interior. The timber flooring in Sydney will surely provide an inviting ambiance, especially if you want your home to look at its best.

Credit Card Rewards Have Become Food-Centric

In 2018, dining instead of travel emerges as the major category in credit card rewards. Since 2016 when Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card was launched, credit card rewards and travel always go hand in hand. The more popular credit card rewards included cash back, frequent flyer miles, hotel points and travel perks.

While travel is still the main redemption option, dining combined with groceries and entertainment has surfaced as a standalone flagship bonus category. Credit card issuers have created a race of sorts to try to compete with each other for the attention of consumers. According to Julian Mark Kheel, editorial director at travel and lifestyle website The Point Guy, in today’s golden age of dining rewards, consumers who dine out at least one a week make sure that they have a credit card in the purse that offers rewards for purchases.

Consumers usually earn bonus points on dining and groceries before but with the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, consumers earn 2 times on dining and travel. Many newly released cards have become food-centric instead of tying travel and dining. For example, American Express has released a new version of the Gold Card last October that is restaurant-centric even if it has retained the element of travel lifestyle.

Customers have grown appetites for dining out, eating in and travelling that is why the Gold Card was designed to reward members. Most card members want to experience new cuisines and they like to explore places where unique food is served. Customers also value the time they spend with family and friends while bonding over good food.

Credit card issuers take into account the importance people put on doing things they love. This is the reason why there are generous rewards for dining and welcome bonuses for new members. People love to have fun so they added value on these areas.

If you are a member of, you enjoy the benefits of great discounts, exclusive services and access to premier facilities in Sutherland Shire and Helensburg. Tradies members have access to holidays that are fun and affordable along the fantastic NSW coast in Fingal Bay, Urunga and Sussex Inlet.

Steve Waugh Discusses AU Cricket Culture In The Wake Of Damning Report

The recently published report on Australian Cricket’s corporate culture has drawn the ire of many, from corporate culture experts like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis to sports enthusiasts. Now, former Test captain and Cricket icon Steve Waugh has opened up to the media about the culture within the teams themselves, which the culture review noted as a big factor in the ball-tampering scandal that went down in Cape Town earlier in March of 2018.

He spoke prior to the release of the 145-page report authored by Ethics Centre, saying that he understood how the national men’s team came to a point where their decision-making was impaired due, in part, to the unrelenting life of a cricket top player.

The ex-skipper, who was one of the leading figures in one of AU cricket’s most successful eras but also one that was under scrutiny for on-field aggression predating the current corporate culture, says that it’s important for players to find interests and hobbies outside and even unrelated to cricket when they’re participating in lengthy international tools.

He echoed some of the findings the Ethics Centre report had, saying that the AU men’s team were a little out of touch with reality, which he believes is best summed up by the press conference following the incident, where Steve Smith inadvertently told the public that ‘it would not happen again and that they’ll work on it’.

Waugh believes that the men’s team don’t fully grasp the consequences of their actions, and that shows how they’re out of touch with reality and people’s perception on what’s right and what’s wrong.

He adds that this is the time for a reset, to start fresh for the sport. Waugh also voices his approval of the punishments meted out to the teams, sending a strong message that everyone can understand.

He says that there’s a general consensus on the matter; male players are in what he describes as a ‘gilded bubble’; the wealth and privilege combined with the long periods of separation from loved ones, detachment from the rigors of ordinary life and constant exposure to the cutthroat competition, which Waugh describes as being unforgiving of any faults and poor performance, and disregards any form of individuality not conducive to the goal of winning.

The 53-year-old ex-skipper, who developed a passion for amateur photography during his tours, says that players need to escape the confines of the usual destinations, like hotels and malls, whenever they can, to find something that they can enjoy and take interest in outside of the sport, which he believes has a tendency to become disproportionately important in their lives.

Waugh says that the detachment from normality, combined with an all-consuming approach to the sport, is what led to the incident in Cape Town. He says that, perhaps, more than just letting people like Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis review the corporate culture of Cricket, they should also look at the professional culture of it; maybe, the ex-skipper says, it’s too analytical now, not as fun as it used to be.

What To Know About Plumbers In Brisbane

Are you searching for plumbers that can work 24/7? Many plumbers in Brisbane are all over the city to suit your plumbing needs. They can offer a wide range of plumbing services, which include gas fitting services and drainage solutions. They are manned with master plumbers that are highly qualified, licenced and have undergone extensive training to do the job. Hence, you’ll certainly find a solution to your plumbing needs.

You can trust the plumbers in Brisbane to do the job for you. Most plumbing companies hire a large team of highly qualified local plumbers that can suit your local service. As you need to verify if their plumbing service is right for you need, you can contact their local call centre, ask some questions about their services, and if they respond well, you can have them schedule an appointment with you.

As you’re dealing with qualified plumbers, you can check if they are licenced and have the best tools and equipment to carry out the job. Their team of plumbers in Brisbane are members of the Master Plumbers Association; hence, you are assured that they leave you with a job well done. They come with a fully stocked service vehicle with complete tools and ladders.

A reputed plumbing company have plumbers that specialize in blocked drains, where they can do the job without having to dig deeper on your property. They can unblock your drain by using the most recent water jetters. They can also do a complete inspection to check on your damaged pipe by patching and relining. You can verify how do they do the job to ensure they have the problem fixed.

To know if the plumbers in Brisbane are right for your needs, check the Internet for sources of plumbing services near your area. You just need to type the right keywords,so a list of shops will be displaced before you. Read positive reviews and feedback about their services. You can also try services that are highly recommended by people you know. If you feel they are right for you, contact them to visit your place and do the inspection.

Why Business Owners Choose To Have Outdoor Team Building Activities

A team can become united and closer to each other through cooperation. If they seem to be distant from each other, they need some fun activities to make them see the brighter side and connect with their colleagues. Quite often, those working in a team will consider outdoor team building activities for unity and better understanding. These activities will make one achieve best results.

The outdoor team building activities, if planned well, will make each team member motivated and have fun. Communication, problem-solving, planning and conflict resolution are improved due to these exciting activities. If team bonding is required, relationships can be enhanced, connections are fostered genuinely, and there can be deeper discussions.

Below are top reasons why a company needs team building programmes:

  • To Work and Communicate Better

If a certain company undergoes outdoor team building activities, its employees will work and communicate better. Everyone wants to have a friendly working atmosphere; hence, they will feel comfortable, can easily talk and work with each other.

  • To Cooperate and Encourage Creativity and Innovation

People can have great imagination when they are surrounded by those they are comfortable with. The team building activity will draw people closer and bring about a successful and creative workplace. If everyone cooperates with each other, then the employer can expect a successful business. This means everyone is happy and productive in the workplace.

  • Competition and the Right to Brag

To improve production, everyone needs to compete rightfully. To turn it into a healthy competition, why not have each team member participate in an outdoor team building activity, which makes every employee bond with each other.

  • Encouraging Teamwork and Team Performance

As outdoor team building activities draw workers closer, they can personally build their own strengths, weaknesses and interests. As there is teamwork, they look forward to having the company progress and become successful one day.

The main reason why outdoor team building activities are done in a workplace is to improve communication and build rapport among each other. In fact, many testimonials can prove to this fact. The workplace, no matter how big or small it is, will make every worker comfortable with each; hence, the business ends successfully.