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The Effect Of US ELD Mandate On Canadian Shippers

The potential impact of Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) on a trucking company is still unclear but this US mandate will impact the capacity of cross-border trucking and Canadian carriers. Unless they start preparing now, Canadian shippers as well as US shippers that are dependent on southbound cross-border traffic can expect diminished capacity, disruption of the supply chain and increase in rates under the Canadian ELD mandate.

When the US Mandate took effect last December 2017, Canadian drivers of XTL Transport that were crossing the US border for decades said that they prefer to drive domestically. They do not want the hassle because it is difficult to be creative to be able to deal with it. A lot of Canadian carriers also stopped running the border particularly the smaller trucking companies.

According to Andrew McVerry, director of business development at XTL Transport, that impact to the market of the mandate was considerable and many of the small carriers have decided to realign their business to be domestic. The realignment resulted in 30% decrease in cross-border capacity last year. It is expected that smaller shippers will feel the biggest impact from the Canadian mandate.

However, the big shippers that have been affected by the US mandate will be better prepared to secure their capacity in the coming months. The logistical impact of the Canadian mandate will be considerable on Canadian drivers that travel longer distances than their US counterparts.

Canadian shippers that were affected by freight delays at the border due to the US ELD Mandate have adjusted their transport networks. For example, Canadian Tire started to minimize shipping points and increased the size of their private fleets. The company is also looking for carriers that have staging points close to the US border so that domestic trucks can stay in Canada.

If you have oversized and overweight shipments, your best option is a trucking company that has both standard and specialized equipment. Double drop RGN’s are specialized trailers that can haul heavy and oversized equipment. There is low deck in the center that can accommodate high loads that would otherwise be too tall for other carriers.

Safety In The Workplace For Plasterers

Risks are always present when working on the field such as a plasterer in Sydney because their work area poses a lot of threats. The difference between the professions within the construction industry determines the level of risks. This is why a plasterer should know how to mitigate these dangers while working on site.

Construction sites that are commercial projects are handled by contractors that are required to abide with the strict standards when it comes to safety. It is a good thing that these standards exist because it ensures that the workers will be protected regardless. There are a number of risks for plasterers but the most common are the following:

  • Working at heights which pose the risk of falling.
  • Not using the tool properly along with equipment based on the manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Airborne irritants could enter the eyes or may be inhaled by the plasterer.
  • Plasterers are close to falling objects and debris when they are working on site.
  • It is possible for them to be exposed to harmful chemicals and particles that travel through the air.

Professional plasterers know what they should and should not do but it is important to remind them every time to make sure their knowledge is not forgotten. The first thing they have to make sure is to wear the appropriate clothing while working. Contractors might or might not provide the uniform so it is always best to be prepared. Second, aside from the uniform, the plasterer needs to use protective gear to protect the hands, face, head and eyes while working. Do not forget that proper work boots is also necessary.

Third, it is important to have the right skills when handling equipment and power tools. If a plasterer does not have previous experience or training, it is best to leave the task to those who know how. Fourth, plasterers should not be allowed to carry heavy loads because it can lead to debilitating accidents. Lastly, it is best to get help when making the scaffolding for a plasterer in Sydney and should be inspected by a qualified authority before using.

Phuket Hospitality Industry Under Pressure To Improve Performance

Over the years, Phuket was able to cash in on the influx of tourists to the islands. As result of the booming tourism industry in Thailand, big hotels like Novotel in Phuket decided to join the competitive hospitality industry. In order to be ahead of the competition, no two hotels are alike because they have to consider the changing tourist preferences.

In 2018, Phuket International Airport welcomed a record high 9 million visitors. However, according to Bill Barnett, managing director of tourism and hospitality consultancy C9 Hotelworks, performance data indicates a slowdown in the double-digit growth rates over the past few years. Airport arrivals grew by 8% year-on-year but these gains were the lowest since 2015.

The first half of 2018 saw a 17% increase in arrivals vs. the same period in 2017. However, the 2nd half of the year was affected by the Phoenix tour boat disaster that decelerated the momentum. By the end of the year, the annual hotel demand decreased by 4%. Early gains in the year were eradicated from August through October.

However, in spite of the negative sentiment within the industry on the continued drop, a soft landing happened in the final two months of the year driven mostly by rates. By the end of the year, a new normal has kicked in.

Meanwhile, JesperPalmqvist said that the recent pressure on the industry is expected to continue into the 2nd half of the year. The hospitality industry needs to increase their performance and tighten the market compared to the last 2 years. While there is new supply, there is also increased competition for Chinese demand.

Hotel performance does not only rely on macro tourism metrics but brand, location and management. There is an onslaught of other Asian destinations that are targeting Chinese tourists by offering incentives like visa-free entry.

You can experience Phuket at its finest through Novotel in Phuket, the perfect getaway for both business and leisure travellers. The 4-star hotel offers immaculate private rooms, mouth-watering cuisine and exceptional services. The hotel is ideally located just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent Phuket coastline. Book directly with the website and enjoy a 30% discount.

Fine Dining With A Thrill In Bangkok

In a recent survey, Bangkok came out on top of the most visited city in the planet with more than 20 million foreign guests staying overnight per year. Despite the various merits of the capital city, none is championing its fine dining nor is it included in the list of top things to do while in Bangkok. This is slowly changing though because a Bangkok recruitment company recently hired new employees that will work in the dining industry of the country.

One of the most notable openings is that of Chef’s Table which is fine dining restaurant located at the 61st floor of a building in the capital of Thailand. Despite the congested roads in the city, the panoramic view while dining will be worth it because of the windows around the restaurant which are all floor to ceiling.

There are not many fine dining restaurants in the city with an open kitchen concept but for this one the kitchen is at the heart of the dining room. Diners get to witness Vincent Thierry’s culinary magic and they will get a greeting as soon as they pass by his working area.

Chef’s Table is owned by Deepak Ohri who is also the current chief executive of Lebua Hotels & Resorts. The company is currently managing two hotels in the city’s skyscraper with another restaurant called Mezzaluna which was awarded with Michelin two-star for the past two consecutive years since the publication of the guidebook in Thailand.

Thierry was the magic behind the success of George V located in Paris, a 3-star fine dining restaurant, and Hong Kong’s Four Seasons. He is hoping to bring the magic to Bangkok this time around. Ohri, on the other hand, is busy because of three upcoming concepts which he will reveal in the near future. These will be handled by bosses that came from renowned kitchens awarded with Michelin glory.

As this new global trend is sweeping the capital, a Bangkok recruitment company is now busy gathering manpower to fill the demand as the city may soon rise alongside Singapore and Hong Kong when it comes to culinary prowess globally.

King’s College Opening Sister School In Thai Capital

There’s a new option coming for those looking for an international school in Bangkok, as 2020 will see the opening of the King’s College International School Bangkok, to be located in the Ratchada-Rama III area.

The new international school in Bangkok will be a sister school of King’s College Wimbledon in the UK, known for having around 25% of its students attend more prestigious institutions like Cambridge or Oxford. This gives it appeal to competitive Thai parents looking to provide the best education for their kids, with the aim of giving their kids the best chance of getting into top universities in the US and in Britain.

King’s College Bangkok Principal Thomas Banyard, says that there are parents that want nothing else but the best for their kids, and want to give them as many opportunities as they can. He says this is where that their school will give their students the best chances to get into universities in the Kingdom, but a lot of them think internationally, and want their kids to go to some of the best institutions in the world.

Recently, King’s College has expanded into Asia, establishing two new campuses in China, with the new one currently under development in the Thai capital. The hope is to repeat the success of the Wimbledon campus halfway across the world, while making sure that local culture and language as the centre of the curriculum.

This international school in Bangkok will be holding class in Thailand and English, with Mandarin as a tertiary language, unlike other schools of its kind.

King’s College Bangkok is currently under development on a 23 rai plot, which has 41,000m2 of usable space, with an estimated capacity of 1,500. Facilities in the school will include a 600-seat auditorium, as well as an Olympic-sized pool.

The project is a joint cooperation between King’s College and Excellence Education Thailand (XET), with XET President SakornSuksriwong acting as one of the co-founders of the school, who reports that the school is currently under development and should be operational come September 2020, with space for about 200 students for its first academic year; welcoming students between the age of 2 and 9, then expanding up its offerings.

Banyard says that it’ll be a slow and steady growth process in order to make sure that the quality of education in the school remains stable; part of the plan is to see how things go for the first year in order to see if they can speed up their growth plans.

Mcdonald’s Male Worker Faces Misdemeanor Battery Charge

It is very likely that you are not an assault lawyer that is why you do not know the difference between assault and battery. You can be charged with battery if real physical harm has been caused to someone. You can be charged with assault if the mere threat of harm is present. Both can result into harsh penalties if convicted.

McDonald’s is a very popular fast food chain with hundreds of thousands of employees. At McDonald’s Bloomington, Indiana, a cheeseburger incident happened on Tuesday at about 11 p.m. A 21-year old male employee who remains unidentified allegedly became angry because an 18-year old female co-worker was working too slowly.

The female worker told the Bloomington police that she and the male worker got into an argument. The male worker hurled a cheeseburger that struck the face of the female worker. The female worker called 911 and reported the incident. She wanted to pursue charges against the male co-worker even if she was not injured or suffering from pain.

The police officer talked to the manager who was a witness to the argument. The manager confirmed that the female worker was actually working too slowly and the other workers were upset over it. The male worker left work after he realized that he should control his anger.

Lt. John Kovach of Bloomington Police Department said that they are going to issue summons to the male worker. He has to appear in court for a misdemeanor battery charge.

A battery charge as well as an assault charge is distinct from each other and they each have their own penalties in case of a conviction. Someone who is facing either of the charges could be subjected to fines or a jail sentence.

Being charged with a crime can be extremely stressful and frustrating. A criminal record can affect future employment and aspirations. The best way to have a more favorable legal outcome is to hire an assault lawyer who is prepared to share his knowledge and experience of the laws. The lawyer also has the right resources necessary so that you can avoid a conviction and a criminal record.

What Is Similan Islands Liveaboard Diving

Many diving enthusiasts are quite unfamiliar with the liveaboard idea. They feel that diving on a liveaboard is a difficult thing and only expert divers can do it. Some divers do local day tours only and prefer returning to their hotels at night which most expert don’t do because it is during evenings that they can feel the beauty of nature.

Many divers in Similan islands liveaboard have the opportunity to dive in more remote areas and often find more wonderful and exciting dive sites. They spend the evenings closer to nature and out on the open seas star-gazing while being away from the busy crowd. Cabins on Similan islands liveaboard are all air-conditioned and comfortable. Tasty foods are plentiful. One good thing about being in a liveaboard is that you come to know more groups of divers whom you can share similar dive experiences with. Theliveaboard life can be considered as a totally relaxing and enjoyable activity where you do nothing but eat, dive, and sleep which is a reality. You can also have the chance to visit other islands and explore them for your next diving trip.

Different kinds of divers can join the Similan islands liveaboard trip each with various backgrounds and dive experiences. While some liveaboards to other places like Komodo and Burma may be recommended for those divers with more experiences, liveaboard in Similan islands is perfect for all diving lovers. Getting an advanced certification while on board a liveaboard is a great idea for PADI water divers. All boats can extend this certification. You can get 14 dives that include a night dive in a usual 4-day trip. This may look like a numerous number of diving, but you also have long surface intervals which makes a liveaboard tour relaxing and rewarding. There is an instructor or a dive master in all dives unless you will be diving as a group. There are dive sites that are difficult to navigate, and extra care is needed for safety. In this situation, your experience and guide’s knowledge can be useful.

Liveaboard diving in Similan islands is a fantastic activity that lets you enjoy the wonders of the underworld. Doing it as a group can be more fun while learning from each other and ensuring safety because you can look after one another under the water.

International Tourism Boom In Vietnam

Vietnam is not yet included in the list of most visited country in Asia or the world but there is no denying that that country has seen rapid growth in terms of tourism in the last few years. There are many reasons to visit Vietnam, from the culture to the heritage while others want to experience luxury spa in Saigon which is a treat for many tourists coming from different parts of the world.

According to overall figures, the total number of global arrivals in Vietnam has increased three times since 2010 when it was only around five million. Recent figures from 2018 revealed that the international arrivals have reached 15.5 million. In comparison to the number of tourists in 2017, there was an increase of about 2.7 million.

According to the same survey, majority of the global travellers coming to Vietnam is partial to air travel compared to others means of transportation – sea and land. Tourists from China and Korea are the largest Asian groups that flock Vietnam. According to an estimate for the previous month, there were 516,351 tourists from China while 383,205 were from Korea.

Third largest group of tourists were from Europe at 228,986 which is quite a distance compared to the figures from Asian countries. With the tourism boom, the revenue of Vietnam has also spiked. In 2018, the country’s total revenue was around $26.75 billion which is $4.75 billion higher than the previous year.

The last few months proved that Chinese tourists are starting to notice Vietnam. In fact, there are more bookings from Chinese travellers going to Vietnam compared to Thailand which is one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists.

Comparing the data from 2017 and 2018, the previous year is higher by 27 per cent while the average growth in the last four years is around 35 per cent considering the figures from the month of February.

Chinese travellers who wanted to experience luxury spa in Saigon no longer need to get a visa before they leave their home country because they can get one as soon as they arrive in Vietnam with the help of the new system called visa-on-arrival.

The Lopsided Nature Of The Free Trade Agreement Between Maldives And China

Holidaymakers all over the world are wishing that they could visit Maldives to experience its mesmerizing beauty, white sandy beaches and coral reefs. Visitors can also look forward to Maldives villas that offer every type of luxurious convenience that anyone could wish for including several others that might just surprise guests.

Political stability has returned to Maldives and its economy is now booming. A few months into 2019 and more than 2 million international tourists have arrived. However, Maldives is not only for tourism, it is also an attractive market for goods and services.

According to Mohamed Nasheed, chief of Maldivian Democratic Party, the new government will pull out from the free trade agreement with China because it was a mistake for a tiny nation like Maldives to strike a pact with the China that has the world’s second biggest economy. The trade imbalance between the two countries is so huge that a free agreement certainly won’t work.

The free trade agreement is a one-sided treaty because China is not buying anything from Maldives. According to the Maldives President, the nation is experiencing financial difficulty because of the huge debts to China.

Abdullah Yameen who lost the presidential election last September signed the agreement in December last year. His parliament immediately ratified the treaty in the same month in spite of the protests of the opposition. Now, the parliament will not pass the changes that are required so that a zero tariff agreement could be enforced.

Maldives is one of the small countries where China has invested billions of dollars for the construction of motorways and housings. The investment is part of the Belt and Road Initiative that will improve trade and investment flow in Asia. China is willing to work with Maldives to promote the Belt and Road Initiative and inject new impetus in the relationship.

With the return of political stability, it is expected the international visitors will flock to Maldives and enjoy the unique experiences that it can offer. Book your accommodations now at Maldives villas before they run out of rooms. Do not miss the curated experiences and recreational options that have been planned for guests.

KOCB Partners With Superior Tire For Recycling

A new partnership is born between KOCB or Keep Orange County Beautiful and the Superior Tire and Service which is based in Orange County. The collaboration’s main goal is to recycle tires that were gathered at the City of Orange Boat Ramp at the time of the Annual Community Trash-Off. The main sponsor of the event which was held on March 2 was Shangri La Gardens. During that event, they were able to collect a total of 200 tires. Tires are one of the most common items dealt with by junk removal Orange County when conducting cleanup for companies.

Shangri La Gardens’ director of education, Katie Krantz, said that it is typical for them to gather a few tires either from trucks or passenger cars. This is the first time though during the annual event which has been happening for a few years now that they were requested to be turned over to be recycled.

Superior Tire’s Mike Hughes said that there are a variety of tires collected during the event. There was even a few ones that came from heavy-duty vehicles and one which is obviously a tire from a tractor machine.

During the volunteer work, as they were cleaning up garbage, tires and debris, they have noticed how the community came together. More and more people joined and came out of their houses to participate.

Hughes said that as soon as people saw that they were collecting the tires, more people showed up in order to surrender their used ones for recycling.

As the cleanup was ongoing at the Boat Ramp, bags containing all the trash were directed to the dumpsters while workers from Superior Tire were tasked to unload the tires collected and organize them accordingly. Joe Henry along with his team said that they were also present during the event to make sure that all recyclable metal will be gathered.

KOCB was the one responsible for the trash bags used during the event and they also organized the event along with Southeast Texas Resources Conservation and Development to help shoulder the cost of tire recycling. With this event, hopefully more drivers will be encouraged to recycle with companies that offer junk removal Orange County instead of dumping their old ones in the landfill.