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Belfast City Fears Rodent Infestation In Stores Razed By Primark Fire

Once a rodent enters a commercial property, it poses risks to health and safety because it can contaminate food and utensils and destroy wiring. Pest management and control can be carried out by pest control on the Gold Coast for both residential and commercial premises using safe solutions to control infestations.

In Belfast City, 6 of the 14 businesses that are still cordoned off are believed to still contain food during the August 28 Primark fire. Staff in some of the stores was unable to return to the premises to dispose of perishable food items. Some of the stores and eateries include Tesco Metro, McDonalds and Spar.

According to the Belfast City council, they have doubled their efforts at rodent control because the rotting food inside the cordoned off stores are very likely to be rotting. The council has sent a pest control team to set up baits on the sewers during the weekend. They are also targeting significant resources on the area to prevent vermin.

Fourteen days have passed since the fire occurred but there is still no access to the cordoned off area. According to Gary Stewart, owner of Entomol Ltd. it is very likely for the rodent population to increase because the abandoned food is a rodent magnet. Rotten food could also attract flies and maggots. Baiting the sewers is a good approach but if the rats are already above ground and have a generous food source, they certainly are not expected to leave.

The hands of the pest control team are tied because they cannot put baits on the cordoned off areas. It is also expected that the premises now contain maggots, fruit flies and blue bottles. Last week, the council received advice that the businesses can enter their shops within a minimum of 4 months. Pest issues would then be addressed very quickly.

One of the major issues faced by food establishments is the presence of rodents in their premises. Pest management and control can be challenging and requires professional pest control on the Gold Coast to make sure that the pests are completely eradicated. There are different control strategies that will be implemented to prevent the problem from recurring.

Poundl and Pays Fine For Food Safety Offenses


Rodent infestations can easily damage the reputation of a food establishment. A customer who sees a rodent scurrying on the floor of a restaurant will certainly walk out and never return. Rodents are always attracted to places where there is plenty of food. If you have noticed signs of rodent presence in your premises, call pest control in Brisbane immediately to undertake the necessary extermination processes.

Poundland, a discount retail giant was punished with a huge fine after a 4-year old girl found rodent droppings in a multipack of crisps. According to Get West London report, Poundland plead guilty to 4 food safety offenses and paid a total fine of £159, 750 and council costs amounting to £8,368. The company also paid the customer £150 as compensation.

Last April 27, the little girl together with her mother purchased a large bag of Monster Munch. They discovered holes in the pack with rodent droppings inside. The girl’s mother immediately contacted Ealing’s council’s food safety team to express her concerns. A full investigation was undertaken at the Ealing Broadway store in West London.

The investigation found out that Poundland failed in protecting their product against contamination and ensuring that the premises are clean. The contamination renders the product unfit for human consumption. It was also found out that the establishment lacked proper procedures to control pests. They also failed to ensure good food hygiene practices in the construction of the store. This includes protection against food contamination and proper pest control.

According to Councilor Joanna Camadoo, food safety standards and public safety are very crucial for stores. It is important for the public to have confidence in their hygiene standards. The fine imposed on Poundland must serve as a warning to other businesses whether large or small that they have to comply with food and safety regulations.

Rodents are small and they cannot eat all your stock. However, they can easily contaminate your products because they can gnaw holes on food packages. Their droppings and urine can cause serious diseases. The solution to rodent infestation is very simple; call pest control in Brisbane to manage the infestation with safe and non-toxic products.