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Iowa Health Officials Concerned About Negative Effects Of Lead Paint

A call to action was recently raised by the health officials from the state of Iowa in order to let the public know about the dangers of lead poisoning especially to the younger population. The prevention is necessary to ensure that the children are not exposed to paint with lead content.

According to the community health consultant hired by the Iowa Department of Public Health, Kevin Officer, there are between 60,000 and 70,000 children that went through testing to make sure they have no side effects from lead poisoning. The tests are done annually and results have shown that as high as 10 per cent of that total number has very high level of lead inside their small bodies.

The officer emphasized the big contribution from the old houses that are present in the area. He clarified that if a house was constructed before the 1950 then there is a big possibility that the paint used in painting the property actually contains lead. The important thing to do is to inspect the paint in order to see if it is chipping or peeling. If the paint is shown to be in an extremely bad state then it might be high time to have it repainted.

There are many places in the United States where the residents are complaining about their old pipes because it caused to an increase in lead content in the water. Iowa, on the other hand, is having issues with old house paint because it is one of the main culprits. Looking at the date, Iowa is found to have the most houses that were built prior to 1950 and the probability of it having lead paint is very high.

According to the officer, it is vital for the parents to educate their children with the proper hygiene by teaching them how to clean their hands and to always keep the house in clean order. If there is one way to make sure that the children are not exposed to lead paint, it is by keeping the house clean. If you are not sure about your old house having lead paint, click to find out more through a professional inspection from the best local residential painters.

Why You Must Apply Natural Skincare in Australia

One feature that can highlight the real YOU is natural beauty. Certainly, you will be pleased with the development of advanced techniques that are made up of natural ingredients. These brands find their way to beauty shelves, which make people enjoy the natural skincare in Australia and make them feel and look good.

According to studies, formulations of natural skincare in Australia have evolved over the past years. They were once used as a clinical experience in small proportions to suit consumers with specific health needs. Since then, natural products have performed well rather than synthetic products and they make a sensible compromise.

And this is now applicable nowadays. Organic and natural beauty products provide benefits for the hair and skin, thus making it glow endlessly and flawlessly.

Nature vs Science

With the advancement of technology, natural beauty products are now being innovated to suit the needs of various people. Organic or natural skincare products work just the same as those chemically enhanced counterparts. The technology has replaced irritating chemicals using natural extracts and minerals. The natural skincare in Australia will surely suit the needs of your skin, especially that it’s made of the purest natural ingredients.

Why You Should Switch

When an average woman applies few amounts of body, skin, hair and make-up products, it will sum up to more chemicals applied per day. With this observation, it can prove harmful to their bodies and may need to switch to natural alternatives while they can.

If you’re often applying body cream daily, you unintentionally slather potential irritating ingredients. But if you switch to more natural moisturizers, you may remove stretch marks and scars and eventually build a flawless skin.

And this natural concept is somehow accepted by many. In fact, on a recent survey, more than half of the women prefer natural skincare in Australia rather than synthetic counterparts. Asked why they decided to switch is having it packed with natural ingredients that are safe to use and have great results on their body.

The Balance

It feels good to understand what types of skincare products you are putting on your body. If you don’t know what you’re putting, you possibly expose your body and skin to potentially harmful chemicals. You need to choose natural skincare in Australia that are generally safe to apply. This will ensure the good health of your skin.

How Patrick Mahony Can Help You Overcome Disappointments

You feel bad and awful when you are disappointed just because the situation isn’t favored to your side. Sometimes, the disappointments can turn chronic, that such feeling will become abnormal and need a professional for an expert advice. Difficult times can be daily stressors to one’s life and it can heighten their reaction especially when they hear bad news. If you work with experts like Patrick Mahony, he can help improve your coping abilities, so you bounce back like it never happened.

  • Take time to wallow: You will find a sense of calmness if you first experience nervousness due to the disappointment. When you hear bad news, take time to let it sink in and allow to feel afraid, resented and disappointed. The feeling will improve the sense of our experience and it can even honor our emotions. Once you calm down, you will know what to do.


  • Do check the reality – is it really that bad? Once you feel disappointed, you step back and evaluate. It may seem to be the most horrible thing to ever happen, but as a human being, you tend to dramatize. You can recognize if the feeling is real and make your thoughts know the truth. Once the disappointment is over, you look at the problem objectively, distinguish the fact and minimize negative thoughts. A professional help from Patrick Mahony will ease out the burden.


  • Don’t indulge in negativity: If you want to overcome disappointment, you have to control that it doesn’t grow into a stronger emotion like depression or discouragement. If you prolong your feelings of disappointment, you feel discouraged and will not know what to do. It will make you feel more depressed and it will be difficult to get over it. But if you seek help from a professional, he can help you turn the negative into a positive emotion and become determined. Your peace of mind is also restored.


  • Avoid anxiety by reducing stress: Find a way to relieve you from anxiety by watching funny shows, taking long baths, listening to music, meditating or brisk walking. When you’re stressed and anxious, you are very sensitive and prone to agitation. Find ways that keep you calmer, so you don’t feel that it’s the end of the world. You can ask psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony on how to relieve you with such feeling.


Mass Shootings Are Not The Result Of Video Gaming

Mass shootings have, unfortunately, become a far too common topic in the United States. Though many people deny it, it is happening all over the country and at such as an alarming rate. There are many sides being nitpicked in order to find something to blame for these incidents and video gaming is one of the most recent victims. It is not hard to blame it on video gaming when young people can buy games for cheap and play them with the context mostly about violence.

This side of the argument was entertained after the shooting at Jacksonville Landing. This is a thought that has been glanced upon many times including by President Donald Trump when he spoke after the shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. The president then said that he has been hearing how people are getting concerned about the level of violence young people witness when they play video games. It is thought to have an influence in the minds of the younger generation.

This argument should not be used as a shield to cover up the fact that there is something seriously wrong that needs to be addressed in terms of mass shootings which is gun control. Many pro-guns are using the video game argument because it helps them deflect the truth that being able to buy guns easily is actually a problem that leads to mass shootings.

There has been a great uproar with the fight for the Second Amendment but many are bothered by the fact that the people of America is actually pointing fingers to video gaming as the root cause of mass shootings. Back in 2015, the American Psychological Association conducted a study which showed that aggression may result from playing violent video games but this will not lead to a gamer to purchase gun and shoot every person on its path.

While it is possible to buy games for cheap, what people should be more concerned about is how easy it is for someone to buy a gun and turn to the people around them. It should be noted that these violent games are also played bygamers all over the world but why is it only the United States is dealing with too many mass shootings?

Cloud-based Technology Healthcare And HIPAA Compliance

The healthcare industry is turning to cloud-based technology providers like in order to make sure that the information of all their patients are carefully protected and secured. This is not the first time that the industry turned to technology in order to achieve security. With the rise in the number of technology and tools, it is important the digital ecosystem should follow the standards set by HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Cloud storage is now a growing demand among healthcare organizations because it is can accomplish many things that on-site data cannot. It can help healthcare professionals prepare the right medicine as well as determine the population health. This process requires a lot of data and it covers a complicated infrastructure therefore cloud is the most suitable solution.

Bitglass survey revealed that there are many benefits to cloud storage and there is a growing demand for it in the healthcare industry but the technology is lagging behind in comparison to other industries due to the HIPAA regulations that must be followed. It is now a challenge for cloud storage providers to find a way to store data in a secure and effective manner while following HIPAA compliance. This is the only way for the healthcare industry to catch up with other industries.

The health sector is complaining about the HIPAA rules which they deemed to be old-fashioned and obsolete but the fact remains that it is greatly flexible. The standards were written long before these technological advancements were developed but surely the standards were designed to adapt with new innovations. It is not feasible to write a new set of rules for every technology developed because it would be impractical with the number of new technologies discovered every day.

To get a better understanding of the HIPAA regulations, providers such as are advised to check out the publications of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights. The organization published a document that explains well the HIPAA regulations and how they are applied in real life situation. These are essential to ensure that the technologies developed are still within HIPAA compliance.

Google Slowly Lifting Their Ban On Addiction Center Ads

Google’s slowly lifting its ban on ads with addiction-related keywords and phrases, from facilities like California Rehab Center, after a ban which lasted for the better part of a year, aimed at cracking down on fraudulent providers cashing on vulnerable patients.

The ban was first rolled out in several stages starting in September of 2017 in the US, before going global later in January. It was brought about thanks to a series  of reports that revealed that people seeking help for addictions were being traded like commodities and being sent to expensive ‘addiction centers’ that didn’t help them with their problems. At the time, Google said that it would retain ban until they could bring back ads both safely and ethically, and it took it some time. Any addiction-related ad words were prohibited entirely, which lead to its own issues.

For the problem, Google partnered with Portland’s Legit Script, a company that specializes in verifying the authenticity of medicine-related operations online, with a 15-point checklist to make sure that businesses are both licensed and compliant, properly list information, as well as demonstrating qualification and professionalism.

Recovery and addiction centers like California Rehab Center will go through the vetting, and only those who meet the strict regulations of LegitScript will be allowed to run addiction-related ads on Google.

Recovery Centers of America (RCA), which has several facilities across the US, is one of the first group of approved advertisers. RCA’s Director of Marketing Strategy and Operations, Grant McClernon says that the company support’s Google work, which aimed at dealing with the ‘lead aggregators’, and ensuring that the ads on their search engine were people who operated under proper scrutiny, providing actual treatment.

The original plan of Google was to greenlight about 30 facilities, of which provider like RCA might have either a few or several dozens, but they were reportedly swamped with applications and had to up the first group up to about 100 approvals. That number isn’t necessarily a rush by Google, but more like a realistic concession to the needs in the US, with the original target of 30 not being able to ensure at least one in every state.

Addiction treatment providers won’t be treated differently by Google, except that there will be an annual check-up from Legit Script to ensure that the facilities are still up to standards. Google has revealed, via a representative, that the ads should start running as soon as the companies who paid for them are properly verified, which could take time depending on their region and the keyword in their ads.

What An Eye Doctor In Sutherland Does To Your Eyes

Don’t miss your visit to an eye doctor in Sutherland as you think your vision is fine. An eye exam isn’t only intended for those with poor vision. It’s the best way to know if you have symptoms showing up. The eye doctor can also diagnose earlier problems like diabetes. And since it’s been few years the last time you visited an eye doctor, it’s now time to see one.

How to Choose a Doctor?

Now the question is which eye doctor in Sutherland should you go to – an optometrist or an ophthalmologist? If this is just a routine checkup, you can either choose any of the two. But if you think you have an eye problem like glaucoma or cataract, then choose an ophthalmologist.

What You Need to Bring?

  • You need your glasses or contact lenses if you’re wearing them. Ask if you can stop wearing your contacts before the visit.
  • If you’re 0 or allergies
  • Medications and supplements to take
  • Specific questions you’ll ask about eye health
  • Healthcare insurance may be needed if you are diagnosed with eye problems such as glaucoma or dry eyes. Depending on the ophthalmologist, insurance can cover routine eye exams.

What’s Done During the Visit?

After accomplishing the patient record, you’ll proceed to the exam room to see the doctor. The type of exam will vary on your condition so here’swhat to expect:

  • Know your history: The eye doctor in Sutherland will ask you about general health and family history of eye diseases.


  • Vision tests: The eye doctor will examine your distance and close vision. You’ll be reading a chart of random letters. She may also examine other facets of your vision like colour perception, the peripheral vision, and the ability to see in 3D.


  • Eye exam: The eye doctor in Sutherland will examine other parts of your eye. Drops may be necessary to dilate or widen your pupils. It should give a better view of what’sinside your eyes. It should make the eyes sensitive to light with just few drops; you’llneed to wear sunglasses and need someone to take you home. The doctor will also examine your eye muscles if they work together.


  • Other tests: The eye exam may also identify illnesses like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and glaucoma. If an illness is discovered, see a regular doctor for follow-ups.

American Addiction Centers Loses $7 Million Verdict

American Addiction Centers, a drug treatment company that runs several Southern California Rehab facilities has recently lost a verdict amounting to $7M.

The California jury that went to court against the company won the verdict, which is the biggest verdict in the state to date. The investigation team set for the case has been watching the center American Addiction Centers run in the Tampa Bay area, and has been reporting several problems regarding its operations for the past few weeks.

The biggest issue that brought this case to light was the suicide of Shaun Reyna, one of the patients in a Southern California Rehab facility run by American Addiction Centers, who committed suicide shortly after being admitted.

Attorney Jude Basile, representing the Reyna family, says that AAC was negligent in how they handled marketing and patient care, which they ran akin to a mass marketing program, complete with commissions and sales quotes and the like.

According to Basile, Shaun was only admitted for 20 hours before he gave in and took his own life. He was, to add, delusional and prone to hallucinations. The issue was that the facility put him, on his own, in a room with razor blades in close proximity.

The civil complaint that Basile forwarded claims that the AAC pressured sales people to get sales by any means necessary, and would outright fire people who failed to hit sales quotas.

Shaun Reyna suffered from depression, and turned to prescription medication and drinking in order to cope. He sought out help at American Addiction Centers, Inc. and was transported to a Southern California Rehab facility 360 miles from home, with the company confiscating his phone, and other personal items.

The complaint filed stated that Shaun never saw a doctor, or a psychiatrist and was never prescribed or cared for in any way. The staff even filed reports saying that Shaun was delusional and had symptoms of delirium tremens.

It was then, whilst alone in his room, that Shaun cut himself repeatedly and bled out.

The jury, after reviewing the case, awarded $7M to the Reyna family, having decided that the AAC violated regulations regarding operations.

This case is the latest in a chain of issues regarding the AAC. In 2016, an Illinois man died when he managed to wander away from the center unsupervised and was ran over. More recently, another client admitted into an AAC facility shot himself with a handgun in the middle of a burglary attempt in Riverview.

Business Leaders Discuss Effects Of Opioid Crisis

The addiction crisis is not only affecting individuals; its impact can be felt by families and businesses as well as sectors that include health, emergency and law enforcement. Different rehabilitation centers have been created from standard facilities to luxury rehab that caters to the affluent. Some people need to be treated in privacy so that they will feel relaxed and comfortable during the process of recovery.

Business leaders from across Clinton County decided to meet in Plattsburgh to discuss the effects of the opioid crisis on the business community. The business leaders met in groups and presented their reports.

According to Essex County Drug Court Administrator Brooke Clark, they are willing to embrace people who are struggling with recovery. They want to give them the chance and are willing to support them during their journey towards recovery. Their jobs will remain open until they can return to work. Wanting to work with people who are suffering from addictions will remove the stigma attached to them.

Meanwhile, Dana Isabella, Champlain Valley Family Center’s Director for Tobacco Free Clinton Franklin Essex Counties discussed the challenges of living in rural area when it comes to successful recovery and employment. There is a stigma around addiction and recovery and employees need more education and support. Employers on the other hand need more understanding, tolerance and flexibility.

SPARCC Steering Committee and Coalition member Michael Carpenter said that they choose businesses that are more predisposed to help because they want to emphasize that the business segment must be the center point for addiction recovery. People always looked at treatments for addiction and prevention but not long-term recovery. An addict will be encouraged to recover if there is employment and a purpose in life. Employers must meet together and discuss their issues why they do not want to employ addicts.

Every member of the professional staff of luxury rehab understands the needs of the patient to properly recover from addiction. To make recovery easy, the patients must be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. A beautiful environment is important so that the patient can recover in privacy, dignity and sustainable results.