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Latest Tile Collection From Chadwick

The weather can shift from warm to cold and the nights are shorter.  It is signal that the fires should be turned on in the living room. The bedroom calls for an early night once the sheets are fresh and the lighting dimmed. The bathroom, on the other hand, is quite a different story. The cold only made the grout and tile aged a little more and they still feel cold to the touch, if not more. There is good news to this and not the small stone top vanity & basin units but the new brand of Italian tile called Lazzotti.

The tile is a product of Chadwicks and it can now be purchased in store which is located in their latest showroom in Glasnevin. All of the ceramic and porcelain tiles of the company are sourced from various country including Italy, Portugal and Spain. Their collection is suitable for various applications such as tiles for the kitchen, the bathroom and the latest trend which is the wood-tile. All of their tiles are conceptualized from nature and there are a variety of finishes such as matte and glossy.

If you are invested on a bathroom that speaks luxury then this tile is for you. There is the Adua tile which comes in s soft cream color and with glossy finish. It can be cut into 250 by 400 mm or 250 by 750 mm. This is recommended for small bathrooms because it will create an illusion of a bigger space.

If your bathroom takes in too much light, tiles that carry a lot of depth should be ideal and this matches the Boy collection with three colors to choose from. It is made of porcelain with matte finishing and is perfect in brightly lit rooms. The 303 by 613 mm is ideal for wall tiling and it comes with a square floor tiles for a matching look.

The Agora collection shows off its marble material with a high shine finishing touches. It also comes with a matching floor tile and it will create a Moroccan vibe in your house which will go great with small stone top vanity & basin units.

$10,000 For A Bikini Made Entirely From Pizza

Searching for a bikini from brick and mortar stores during winter can be very frustrating. No matter where you look, every item being offered is for the cold weather.If you are going to a tropical country to escape the bitter cold of winter, buy a bikini online where a wide collection is available. An extensive array of designs, sizes and coloursare guaranteed to fit you safely and comfortably.

It is very likely that you are preparing yourself for the bikini by avoiding junk food like pizzas and burgers. You religiously go to the gym to make sure that your body is toned enough to look good in a bikini. However, there is a mouth-watering swimwear that is made from homemade hand-braided dough, 100% whole milk mozzarella and fresh tomato sauce from California.

New York City and Villa Italian Restaurant food stylist Jesse Bearden came up with the “pizza-kini” that is made entirely from edible pizza. The “pizza-kini” went on sale last July 5 for $10,000. July 5 is National Bikini Day. According to the company, the outfit will be completed after a choice of topping. Different toppings are available from pepperoni, sausage, peppers and/or onions.

The bikini was tailored fit for the customer after the initial consultation, measurement meeting and final fitting. Villa Italian Kitchen wanted people to celebrate with something they love like pizza. After a few brainstorming sessions, they came up with the “pizza-kini”, a unique style of serving pizza for bikini-loving people.

This is not the first time that clothingwas made from favourite foods. A Chanel 2.55 handbag was made by design student Nancy Wu from beef jerky. A Nike Air Max 90 sneaker was designed by Olive Hemmendorff of Sweden from burgers with cheese and meat included. A show-stopping wedding dress made from 15,000 cream puffs was designed by Ukrainian baker ValentynShtefano.

If you are going to buy a bikini online make sure that it is supportive, chlorine-resistant, fashionable and made from high quality materials and elastic. Furthermore, the bikini must be suitable for your purpose because the bikini you use for swimming in the pool is not proper for surfing and other water sports.

Business Leaders Discuss Effects Of Opioid Crisis

The addiction crisis is not only affecting individuals; its impact can be felt by families and businesses as well as sectors that include health, emergency and law enforcement. Different rehabilitation centers have been created from standard facilities to luxury rehab that caters to the affluent. Some people need to be treated in privacy so that they will feel relaxed and comfortable during the process of recovery.

Business leaders from across Clinton County decided to meet in Plattsburgh to discuss the effects of the opioid crisis on the business community. The business leaders met in groups and presented their reports.

According to Essex County Drug Court Administrator Brooke Clark, they are willing to embrace people who are struggling with recovery. They want to give them the chance and are willing to support them during their journey towards recovery. Their jobs will remain open until they can return to work. Wanting to work with people who are suffering from addictions will remove the stigma attached to them.

Meanwhile, Dana Isabella, Champlain Valley Family Center’s Director for Tobacco Free Clinton Franklin Essex Counties discussed the challenges of living in rural area when it comes to successful recovery and employment. There is a stigma around addiction and recovery and employees need more education and support. Employers on the other hand need more understanding, tolerance and flexibility.

SPARCC Steering Committee and Coalition member Michael Carpenter said that they choose businesses that are more predisposed to help because they want to emphasize that the business segment must be the center point for addiction recovery. People always looked at treatments for addiction and prevention but not long-term recovery. An addict will be encouraged to recover if there is employment and a purpose in life. Employers must meet together and discuss their issues why they do not want to employ addicts.

Every member of the professional staff of luxury rehab understands the needs of the patient to properly recover from addiction. To make recovery easy, the patients must be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. A beautiful environment is important so that the patient can recover in privacy, dignity and sustainable results.

Honda Achieves New Record With Highest Sales Ever

A new record was achieved by Honda motorcycle in Bihar. According to Yadvinder Singh Gularia, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI),April – June, 2017 generated the highest ever sales of more than 38,000 units. Sales of Honda motorcycles have zoomed up to 41% over the past 6 years because Bihar has taken a liking to the scooters.

Honda managed to gain customer trust in the domestic market that is why the demand for the 2-wheeled vehicles increased by 4.5 times during the last 6 years. With total sales of 33,29,045 in the domestic market including exports, the market share of Honda has certainly doubled.

The 2-wheel industry in Bihar grew by 18% but Honda almost doubled the number with 33% growth. The aggressive growth has managed to support Bihar in its entry to the Top 10 2-wheeler markets of India in just 6 years. HMSI is looking forward to a substantial increase of festive sales for the year. It is common for a huge spike in customer walk-ins and overall retail sales whenever there is a festival. Honda was able to clock 52,000 volume on the 1st day of Navratra. On the final day of the festival, Honda motorcycle was able to sell 1 lakh units to boost overall festival sales to more than 50% to 3.9 lakh units from the 2.6 lakh units that were recorded last year.

Honda has launched 2 new scooter models – Cliq and Africa Twin. Customers can expect the Honda scooters to be launched in the coming months before the year ends. At present Honda has 165 outlets located in Bihar. The motorcycle company plans to add 20 new “touch points” within a year’s time. 70% of the overall network of the company is dedicated to rural consumers.

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can easily get a Honda motorcycle from trusted dealers in the Leicester and Peterborough areas. There is a fantastic range of new Honda motorcycle models including clothing, parts and accessories. If you are budget conscious, there is a wide selection of high quality used Honda motorcycles and scooters to choose from.

Reasons To Purchase Health Insurance In Bangkok

You never know when you are going to need the benefits of a health insurance in Bangkok. Even if you say you are healthy at the moment, an accident or a medical examination can change all that. A sudden health condition can also change your health status in an instant. While you are not waiting or anticipating bad events, it is always good to be ready for any eventualities in life.

Having a health insurance is important as it can give you peace of mind and you don’t have to worry about accidents and or getting medical issuesbecause you have an insurance coverage to fall back on. When you do not have an insurance policy, you would be encumbered financially if ever you get into an accident and this could result to getting into financial debts.

The goal of having a health insurance in Bangkok is to keep you from paying medical bills during sickness or injury. It also prevents you from getting into deep financial issues with all the bills that needs to be covered during hospitalization. There are different types of health insurances. Choose one that is suitable to your lifestyle and your current health condition. If you have current health insurance coverage with your company, review it to determine if the provisions are suited to your needs. If you are not satisfied with the policy, you can get an additional policy to compensate the lacking provisions from your original health coverage. The usual health insurance coverage provided by most companies is not the pricey ones so you cannot expect them to be comprehensive. Familiarize with the coverage to ensure that you are covered thoroughly and you have everything that you could possibly need during medical emergencies or hospitalization.

When you purchase a health insurance in Bangkok, consider your medical history, the amount you paid for your past hospitalizations or your overall medical expenses including your current or past health issues. You should also take into consideration your life style and your risk of getting into accidents and even your occupational hazards.

Reasons For Choosing American Restaurants In Hong Kong

When you talk about Hong Kong, some of the things that would automatically enter your mind are Asian cuisine, pocket-friendly goods, excellent shopping experience and probably Disneyland. While you may want to try all the Asian food there is, there will always come a time that you will look for what you have been used to such as American restaurants in Hong Kong. Of all the available restaurants around Hong Kong, there are certain reasons why you would look for an American diner. Here are some of the reasons why:

Affordable food

American food, no matter how delectable it is, they are known and proven to be affordable. You can walk to a diner and have a set of mouth-watering food and have more than enough budget for shopping and activities for the rest of the day. And you know how important money is when you are in a different country. Running out of cash is unimaginable so you need to find American restaurants in Hong Kong where you can enjoy a hearty meal without worrying about your budget.

Familiarity breeds comfort 

If you are in a foreign country such as Hong Kong and you are an American, finding an all-American restaurant would feel like you are home even if you are miles away from your homeland. With familiar food being served, you can close your eyes and you can easily imagine that you are just in your local diner around the neighbourhood. By ordering burgers, fries and crispy chicken wings, you cannot tell that you are in Hong Kong with all the authentic American dishes available.

Faster service

If you are in a hurry to get filled and too excited for your next shopping spree or itinerary, look for American restaurants in Hong Kong because you can be sure that your food will be served hot and fresh from the kitchen within less time. You’d be surprised at how fast American food can be prepared and served. If you have a trusted restaurant in the US and you see the branch in Hong Kong try the restaurant for a better meal experience.

Viral Kenyan Couple Received Their Dream Wedding

A Kenyan couple previously got married and spent only $1 or equivalent to £0.80 for their wedding was treated to a renewal of vows during a ceremony held on Valentine’s Day. The funding for the lavish wedding came from well-wishers.

It was only last month when news of their $1 budget wedding got attention on social media and eventually went viral. It was after this that many Kenyans offered to aid the couple.

During their first wedding, Wilson and Ann Mutura were only wearing T-shirts and jeans while their rings are two steels shaped into circle.

According to the media in Kenya, their recent wedding along with the part was estimated to have cost about $35,000. It was held in an upmarket venue located in Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya.

According to Peter Mwai, a correspondent of BBC in Nairobi, the couple was able to tie the knot officially during the Valentine’s Day celebration and they also exchanged their new rings.

He also added that there some Kenyans who questioned the lavish wedding online as the money could have been given to the couple instead of spending on the party. The money would have helped the couple in their financial situation.

There are those who think that every couple needs to experience their dream wedding.

According to the main organizer of the event who is working for Slique Events Planner Ltd, Aaltonen Jumba, donations have already been given to the couple aside from the wedding party which is all about the importance of romance.

He clarified that there were other people who already pledged to aid the couple financially. A lot of people gave them various things and at different levels based on their financial capacity. They now have a greenhouse farm to work on, a honeymoon they have been dreaming of as well as money so they can begin with their own business.

He added that everything since to have been given to them, the dream wedding was the only thing left which is important because a dream wedding is valuable for married couples.

Mr Jumba stated that it was hard to estimate the total costs of the wedding because money was not used but instead service providers pledge their individual contribution. To have your own dream, book a marquee hire in Sydney to complete the wedding venue.

Ideal Sink For Your Bathroom Space

Bathroom sinks are necessary because of the function it plays. Aside from that, it also indicates the design statement of the homeowners. It has the power to change the look and ambiance of a specific space. it does not matter what style you are looking for, there are many options available in the market that will surely meet the standard of your ideal sink. With the many options to choose from, one might find it hard to decide on the best one for them.

Pedestal sinks are best if you are looking for something light and airy. It highlights both the space and sink. When it comes to pedestals, less is more. The only issue with this type is that there is no space for storage. Wall mounted sinks are elegant and it gives an illusion that is floating in the air. In order to install a wall mounted sink, the wall support must be adequate and no plumbing must get in the way inside the wall.

Undermount sink is commonly used by designers who are looking for something that provides a clean finish and can be customized. It has a luxurious to it. The only downside is the complicated installation process which is worth it because of the resulting seamless look after. Another upside is that it has a lot of space on the counter and there is enough storage space too.

Vessel sink is meant to be installed on a countertop thus attention to details is necessary. Each part – sink and vanity – coveys a different statement on their own which makes this style of sink one of a kind. This is less practical compared to other styles thus it is only recommended in powder rooms as a showpiece.

Console sink is ideal for those who are looking for small units with great storage. Just by looking at its style, it can be viewed as furniture inside the home and console sinks with different materials are beautiful to look at. This style requires careful execution because the plumbing of the sink is exposed.

No More Flying Camera Drones For Lily Robotics’ Customers

In spite of so much fanfare and millions in pre-orders, Lily Robotics of the much-hyped flying camera drone has gone out of business. The co-founders of San Francisco-based Lily Robotics, Antoine Balarasque and Henry Bradlow wrote in their blog that the company was unable to find financing for the initial drone release.

Over the past months, the owners have tried to find financing in order to start manufacturing and ship the first units of the camera drone but they were unable to do so. Refunds will be offered to customers who pre-ordered the point-and-shoot quadcopter drone that comes complete with a built-in camera. The company has promised to start shipping the $1,000 drones to their customers last February 16 but it kept postponing the release date.

According to San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascon’s office, customers demanded for refunds but have been ignored. Prosecutors have warned Lily Robotics one day before the announcement that they will be going out of business that legal action will be taken against the company after the month-long investigation.

A civil law enforcement action and temporary restraining order was filed by the prosecutors at San Francisco Supreme Court against the company to demand the payment of $34 million to customers who pre-ordered the camera drones. Furthermore, Lily Robotics was also accused of false advertising intended to mislead customers. The promotional videos that were used by the company were not actually taken by the camera drone but through a more expensive camera drone that has to be operated by two people instead of one.

According to the courts, the laws are the same for established companies and startups. Customers must be protected to ensure confidence in the commerce system. A spokesman from Lily Robotics said that they are issuing refunds in a timely manner. There were no comments regarding the legal claims filed by the office of the district attorney.

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How To Save On 5 Star Hotels In Saigon

It is a fact that luxury hotels can be quite expensive. However, if you would think about the convenience, comfort and security that you can afford with 5 star hotels in Saigon, the amount that you are paying for the accommodation is just fair. Luxury comes with a price and hotel accommodations are not an exception. The good news is that you do not always have to pay for the exact amount just to experience the luxury being experienced by celebrities and the wealthy. Even an ordinary person like you can enjoy the perks of a luxurious hotel in Saigon, here’s how.

Take advantage of low seasons

One of the easy ways to get a good deal, even at a luxury hotel is by booking during low season. First, you need to find out when the low season is for target country to visit. If you already have the information, book your travel during the period when low number of tourists is visiting the country of your choice. If you notice, hotels give out two sets of rates; one for peak session and the other rate is for low season which is lower than the former.  However, if you do not have control on your travel schedule, do not fret because there are other ways to lower your expenses.

Bundle up on services

There are booking sites for 5 star hotels in Saigon that offer bundling of services to pull down your overall expenses. For instance, instead of booking for the room accommodation alone, you can bundle it up with transportation services, plane tickets and tours. Compare the overall amount of bundled rates and individual services to see the difference.

Look offered deals

Another to catch a good deal is by checking the websites of 5 star hotels in Saigon. They would usually announce pocket-friendly deals on their websites to encourage customers to book with them. Take advantage of these offers to get free services such as free internet access in all areas in the hotel or free breakfast every day.