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$10,000 For A Bikini Made Entirely From Pizza

Searching for a bikini from brick and mortar stores during winter can be very frustrating. No matter where you look, every item being offered is for the cold weather.If you are going to a tropical country to escape the bitter cold of winter, buy a bikini online where a wide collection is available. An extensive array of designs, sizes and coloursare guaranteed to fit you safely and comfortably.

It is very likely that you are preparing yourself for the bikini by avoiding junk food like pizzas and burgers. You religiously go to the gym to make sure that your body is toned enough to look good in a bikini. However, there is a mouth-watering swimwear that is made from homemade hand-braided dough, 100% whole milk mozzarella and fresh tomato sauce from California.

New York City and Villa Italian Restaurant food stylist Jesse Bearden came up with the “pizza-kini” that is made entirely from edible pizza. The “pizza-kini” went on sale last July 5 for $10,000. July 5 is National Bikini Day. According to the company, the outfit will be completed after a choice of topping. Different toppings are available from pepperoni, sausage, peppers and/or onions.

The bikini was tailored fit for the customer after the initial consultation, measurement meeting and final fitting. Villa Italian Kitchen wanted people to celebrate with something they love like pizza. After a few brainstorming sessions, they came up with the “pizza-kini”, a unique style of serving pizza for bikini-loving people.

This is not the first time that clothingwas made from favourite foods. A Chanel 2.55 handbag was made by design student Nancy Wu from beef jerky. A Nike Air Max 90 sneaker was designed by Olive Hemmendorff of Sweden from burgers with cheese and meat included. A show-stopping wedding dress made from 15,000 cream puffs was designed by Ukrainian baker ValentynShtefano.

If you are going to buy a bikini online make sure that it is supportive, chlorine-resistant, fashionable and made from high quality materials and elastic. Furthermore, the bikini must be suitable for your purpose because the bikini you use for swimming in the pool is not proper for surfing and other water sports.

3 Tips To Find Authentic Japanese Lunch Buffet In Bangkok

If you just can’t get enough of sushi and other Japanese food or if you are a Japanese national in Bangkok, it would not surprising if you search for a restaurant with Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet where you can feast on authentic Japanese dishes to your heart’s content. You can take a stroll along the busy streets of Bangkok to find a Japanese restaurant or you can do the following.

Check from online sources

The internet holds a lot of informationon just about anything includingJapanese restaurants. Refer to discussion boards or forums for any suggested Japanese restaurants by Japanese tourist in Thailand or even by Thai nationals who are fond of Japanese cuisine. Optimize the search engine to find authentic Japanese restaurants in the area but read customer testimonials before you decide on a restaurant.

Refer to blogsites

You can also find restaurants with Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet by reading blogs from blogsites written by food enthusiasts who travel around the world just to try and review food and restaurants that they think are worthy of positive attention. The best thing about referring to blogs is you can get a lot of relevant information about the restaurant such as where it is located, their bestseller, the price and most of time, blog posts come with nice photos of the restaurants and their specialties.

Ask the locals

If you want to find the best tasting restaurant in an area, some of the best persons to ask are the locals. You can ask information from your hotel’s front desk officer or hotel staff for valuable information. For all you know, the hotel has an authentic Japanese restaurant that you can try. Another option is to ask around while you are taking a stroll around the streets of Bangkok.

Japanese friends in Bangkok

You might want to know if you have friends who recently took a holiday in Bangkok. Find out if they know of a restaurant that offers Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet that you can try. Your Japanese friends would know if the food offered to them in a Japanese restaurant are authentic so they are excellent sources of information.

CRA Fines Po Co For Financial Irregularities’ And Questionable Expenses

The frequency of tax audits and investigations have substantially increased because of technology tools that enables detailed cross referencing of information from different government agencies. When an individual or business is subjected to tax audit, costs can be substantial. It is for this reason why there is coverage provided by audit insurance company to cover professional fees that will be incurred during the response process.

Port Coquitlam mosque was recently cited for some financial irregularities and potential ties to overseas funding linked to militant Islamic group Hamas. The mosque expects to receive a federal grant worth $53,000 for the improvement of security in communities that may be subjected to hate-motivated crimes. According to the Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency, the money will be used for the procurement and installation of CCTV’s and alarm system at Masjid Alhidayah and Islamic Cultural Centre on Kingsway Avenue.

Last May, the society that that operates the PoCo mosque was required to pay a fine of $9,120 after Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit from 2011 to 2013 revealed thousands of dollars in financial irregularities and questionable expenses amounting to $127,000. CRA noted spending that amounted to $66,028 for groceries and pharmaceutical items, $22,193 for gas and car washes, $2,967 for meals taken at restaurants, $4,239 for electronics items that include PlayStation games and an iPad and $4958 for an Evolution spa.

Most of the expenses that were paid through the credit card of Mr. Bahr were reimbursed but they are considered as personal expenses constituting undue benefits. The CRA also noticed some links to the Eid Foundation, an organization based in Qatar and member of Union of Good, an organization created by Hamas leadership to transfer funds to terrorist groups.

The government takes seriously allegations of links to organizations that support terrorism. However, CRA has chosen not to revoke the status as a registered charity.

The benefits that can be gained from audit insurance company apply to both the accountant and the client. It is human nature to commit mistakes but when it comes to tax audit, mistakes take a new meaning. Audit insurance is the protection from substantial costs that will be incurred from having to sort out all audit requirements.

A Variety Of Opportunities For Team Building Activities In The Woods

Team building activities have now become a prerequisite for companies. This is because recent studies in the area have shown how important team building is to the overall functioning of the company. Individuals generally only spend time with their colleagues in the office working towards a common goal, the company’s goal. This does not give them the sufficient platform to converse with their colleagues and understand them. This in turn may lead to disputes between colleagues working on the same project. To overcome all these difficulties, most companies generally take a day or two off to engage their employees in team building activities. More often than not, outdoor team building games are chosen as they allow employees to get closer to others.

In a new report, sixth grade students from a school in Islip recently went on a trail hiking and team building expedition to the Sunken meadow State Park where they spent quite a lot of time playing outdoor team building games, studying the soil quality, and examining whether the water in the nearby lake was potable or not.

The students first had to endure through a two mile hike in appropriate gear, and then they were shown different trees. They were then asked to later identify the trees in teams, allowing the groups of students to come together and explore their results. After the tree identification session, they were given compasses and maps to navigate parts of the hike themselves. This not only helped to build their navigation skills and inspire the Columbus-es of tomorrow, but it also brought a lot of them together to work as a team and identify their path from point A to point B. After this exercise, they were taken to a nearby water body and they collected samples of the water. They then returned back to the lab, and examined the water under a microscope to check if there were any harmful bacteria in it. This allowed the students to work together to identify different types of bacteria that could make water unhealthy. As with most outdoor team building games, this outing not only brought the individuals closer together, it also taught them a lot in the way of survival skills.

Business Leaders Discuss Effects Of Opioid Crisis

The addiction crisis is not only affecting individuals; its impact can be felt by families and businesses as well as sectors that include health, emergency and law enforcement. Different rehabilitation centers have been created from standard facilities to luxury rehab that caters to the affluent. Some people need to be treated in privacy so that they will feel relaxed and comfortable during the process of recovery.

Business leaders from across Clinton County decided to meet in Plattsburgh to discuss the effects of the opioid crisis on the business community. The business leaders met in groups and presented their reports.

According to Essex County Drug Court Administrator Brooke Clark, they are willing to embrace people who are struggling with recovery. They want to give them the chance and are willing to support them during their journey towards recovery. Their jobs will remain open until they can return to work. Wanting to work with people who are suffering from addictions will remove the stigma attached to them.

Meanwhile, Dana Isabella, Champlain Valley Family Center’s Director for Tobacco Free Clinton Franklin Essex Counties discussed the challenges of living in rural area when it comes to successful recovery and employment. There is a stigma around addiction and recovery and employees need more education and support. Employers on the other hand need more understanding, tolerance and flexibility.

SPARCC Steering Committee and Coalition member Michael Carpenter said that they choose businesses that are more predisposed to help because they want to emphasize that the business segment must be the center point for addiction recovery. People always looked at treatments for addiction and prevention but not long-term recovery. An addict will be encouraged to recover if there is employment and a purpose in life. Employers must meet together and discuss their issues why they do not want to employ addicts.

Every member of the professional staff of luxury rehab understands the needs of the patient to properly recover from addiction. To make recovery easy, the patients must be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. A beautiful environment is important so that the patient can recover in privacy, dignity and sustainable results.

Honda Achieves New Record With Highest Sales Ever

A new record was achieved by Honda motorcycle in Bihar. According to Yadvinder Singh Gularia, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI),April – June, 2017 generated the highest ever sales of more than 38,000 units. Sales of Honda motorcycles have zoomed up to 41% over the past 6 years because Bihar has taken a liking to the scooters.

Honda managed to gain customer trust in the domestic market that is why the demand for the 2-wheeled vehicles increased by 4.5 times during the last 6 years. With total sales of 33,29,045 in the domestic market including exports, the market share of Honda has certainly doubled.

The 2-wheel industry in Bihar grew by 18% but Honda almost doubled the number with 33% growth. The aggressive growth has managed to support Bihar in its entry to the Top 10 2-wheeler markets of India in just 6 years. HMSI is looking forward to a substantial increase of festive sales for the year. It is common for a huge spike in customer walk-ins and overall retail sales whenever there is a festival. Honda was able to clock 52,000 volume on the 1st day of Navratra. On the final day of the festival, Honda motorcycle was able to sell 1 lakh units to boost overall festival sales to more than 50% to 3.9 lakh units from the 2.6 lakh units that were recorded last year.

Honda has launched 2 new scooter models – Cliq and Africa Twin. Customers can expect the Honda scooters to be launched in the coming months before the year ends. At present Honda has 165 outlets located in Bihar. The motorcycle company plans to add 20 new “touch points” within a year’s time. 70% of the overall network of the company is dedicated to rural consumers.

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can easily get a Honda motorcycle from trusted dealers in the Leicester and Peterborough areas. There is a fantastic range of new Honda motorcycle models including clothing, parts and accessories. If you are budget conscious, there is a wide selection of high quality used Honda motorcycles and scooters to choose from.

Japan Ski Holidays: Debunking The Mysteries Of The Hokkaido And Honshu Regions

Come winter break, and adventure enthusiasts will be raring to get out and find a nice ski spot. The most popular ski destinations like North America and Europe will be crowded. But another destination that is slowly rising in the ranks is Japan. After a small dip in the Japanese economy between 2005 and 2007, the Japanese snowsurfing industry has steadily gained popularity for its extremely fine powder and relatively cheap accommodation. Apart from this, Japan also has some geothermal hot springs, locally known as Onsen. All these reasons put together have allowed Japan to rise in the ranks as a popular skiing destination.

Tourists now come from all over the world to the two destinations for Japan ski holidays, Hokkaido and Honshu. The Hokkaido region is located in the North and is home to some amazing powder areas: Asahidake, Kiroro, Kurodake, Sapporo Teine and Tomamu. The Hokkaido region is beautified by the 14-18m annual snowfall, due to regular weather systems from Siberia that bring cold air across the Sea of Japan. The regions to the west of Hokkaido retain the top spots as the ones with the most snowfall, and Niseko is reported to have an almost continuous supply of snow. Further inland though, the snow is relatively reduced, but can still support large volumes of skiers. Another reason why international tourists might be interested in the Hokkaido region is its abundance of off-piste skiing locations.

The Honshu region is the main island of Japan, and contains numerous Mountains and Onsen. From the country’s capital, Tokyo, one can reach all the nearby ski destinations at low rates. The most popular regions for powder skiing in the Honshu region are Madarao, GetoKogen, Hakkaisan, Minowa, Tazawako, and Tenjindaira. Although the levels of snow in Honshu are lower than that in the Hokkaido region, there exist a few snow powerhouses such as the Tenjindairaregion which receives an annual snowfall of approximately 16 metres, and Hakkoda, which receives nearly immeasureable quantities of snow.

Onsenused to be considered as sacred places in the Japanese tradition, where people can be cured of disease and injuries. But now, it has become a hotspot for entertainment and a part of the Japan ski holidays package. The most favorable Onsen in Japan include NozawaOnsen, which is close to Mt.Madarao, GeroOnsen in the Gifu region, and finally Hakone Onsen, in the Kanagawa region.

4 Saving Tips On Hotel In Phrom Phong

Taking a holiday overseas entails a sizable amount of money for the different items that you need to allocate some budget on. You have the plane tickets to think about, room accommodation for your hotel in Phrom Phong, food and drinks and local transportation to name a few. With all the things you need to spend on, it would be practical for you to look for ways to cut down your expenses. Here are some tips:

Get a promo code

If you have a hotel in mind or if you have spotted a good one online, take some time to check their website and see how you can save money from them. There are hotels that offer 16% automatic discount if you make use of their promo code upon booking. This amounts to big savings especially if you are going to stay at the hotel for a few 3 days to weeks.

Subscribe to newsletter

Another way to save money on a hotel in PhromPhong is by subscribing to their newsletter or by becoming an exclusive membership for hotel guests. Subscribing to the hotel’s newsletter offers 16% automatic discount upon booking.

Book direct

One sure way to get rate deductions or discounts is by booking your reservations directly at the hotel’s official website. This way, you can take advantage of exclusive deals and promos that you can only get from the hotel’s website. Booking direct also ensures best rate guarantee and instant confirmation which is not always possible from third party booking sites. Another way to save on your hotel accommodation is by choosing a hotel that does not collect any booking fees for your reservation.

Take advantage of promos

Lastly, to save money on a hotel in PhromPhong, book longer and take advantage of hotel deals and promos. Click the “offers” tab at the hotel’s website to find their current promotions. For instance, they might offer 15% discount for a minimum of three days stay. The longer you stay at the hotel, the higher your discounts and savings will be.

Bangkok As The Cheapest Among Global Tourist Destinations

When it comes to choosing a global travel destination in a tourism survey, the first city that comes to the mind of travellers is Bangkok. This is not surprising because Bangkok ranks first among the cheapest destinations all over the world. Anyone who is looking at a long haul holiday in an urban setting will choose Bangkok not only because of affordability but it has everything that a traveller looks for.

In a survey made by the British Post Office, Bangkok was rated as the best value from 10 cities that were included in the list. The total basket price is less than £317 per month. Accommodations are very cheap at less than £100. Guesthouses are pleasing for the wandering travellers. The result of the survey is good news for those who earn tourism revenue but if you are honest, is the achievement worth celebrating?

The cheap prices that foreign visitors to Thailand enjoy come at the expense of taxpayers. The money paid by the Thais to the government goes to infrastructure, electricity, water and other essential services. The taxes ensure that the cost living is very affordable for overseas visitors. Several million people arrive at the airport every year and while their spending contributes to the economy, they make traffic worse in the city.

The results of the UK survey are bound to bring in more tourists to the country, extend their stay and spend more money. Foreigners certainly want to stay longer because can enjoy their vacation for less. Tourism is the source of income of many local businesses and tourism authorities are promoting Bangkok as a cheap destination, however; it is also important to pay more attention to visitors that can afford the more luxurious tourist amenities. Businesses have to earn and the tourism advertisements must encourage visitors to spend more and stay longer to improve the economy.

Special deals and seasonal rates are offered by trendy hotel in Sukhumvit for both business and leisure travellers. The location of the hotel is very convenient for executives and businessmen because it is located in the heart of the city. For the leisure traveller, entertainment and shopping destinations are within comfortable walking distance away.

How To Prepare For Funerals With A Funeral Director In Sydney

You never know when a loved one would leave you for good and while it can be overwhelming to lose a loved one, it would be best to be ready for it. Preparedness in times of grief is important especially that there are just so many things you need to put in place for a smoother passing of a loved one. With everything that you need to process and accomplish, it would be beneficial if you hire a funeral director in Sydney who will assist you in times of loss and sorrow.

You can find a lot of funeral homes with trusted funeral directors in your area. These funeral directors can be easily contacted through the funeral homes but there are also those who work independently. When preparing for these things, ask the funeral home if they have an in-house funeral director or if there is one that they can recommend for you to contact.

They say death comes like a thief in the night and you don’t want to be caught off-guard when it comes knocking at your door. Contact a reliable funeral home in advance and have your arrangements ready before death claims a loved on. This way, you can focus on more important things because the minor details will be handled by a funeral director in Sydney. Some of the tasks of a funeral director involve taking the deceased from the area where the person died to your preferred funeral parlour for embalming and body preparation. The funeral director will also take care of the ceremonies such as eulogy at the church and at the cemetery. If the body will be cremated, part of the funeral director’s task is to follow the wishes of the family as to where the ashes will be scattered. The director will also send “thank you” cards to those who shared your grief.

To ensure that you will have a less cumbersome and painful experience during the passing of a loved one,arrange things with a reliable funeral director in Sydney.