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Honda Achieves New Record With Highest Sales Ever

A new record was achieved by Honda motorcycle in Bihar. According to Yadvinder Singh Gularia, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI),April – June, 2017 generated the highest ever sales of more than 38,000 units. Sales of Honda motorcycles have zoomed up to 41% over the past 6 years because Bihar has taken a liking to the scooters.

Honda managed to gain customer trust in the domestic market that is why the demand for the 2-wheeled vehicles increased by 4.5 times during the last 6 years. With total sales of 33,29,045 in the domestic market including exports, the market share of Honda has certainly doubled.

The 2-wheel industry in Bihar grew by 18% but Honda almost doubled the number with 33% growth. The aggressive growth has managed to support Bihar in its entry to the Top 10 2-wheeler markets of India in just 6 years. HMSI is looking forward to a substantial increase of festive sales for the year. It is common for a huge spike in customer walk-ins and overall retail sales whenever there is a festival. Honda was able to clock 52,000 volume on the 1st day of Navratra. On the final day of the festival, Honda motorcycle was able to sell 1 lakh units to boost overall festival sales to more than 50% to 3.9 lakh units from the 2.6 lakh units that were recorded last year.

Honda has launched 2 new scooter models – Cliq and Africa Twin. Customers can expect the Honda scooters to be launched in the coming months before the year ends. At present Honda has 165 outlets located in Bihar. The motorcycle company plans to add 20 new “touch points” within a year’s time. 70% of the overall network of the company is dedicated to rural consumers.

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can easily get a Honda motorcycle from trusted dealers in the Leicester and Peterborough areas. There is a fantastic range of new Honda motorcycle models including clothing, parts and accessories. If you are budget conscious, there is a wide selection of high quality used Honda motorcycles and scooters to choose from.

Using DIY Security Devices in Securing Your Homes

In 2010, there is an estimated 2,159,878 burglary cases in the United States alone. This is based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports on the crimes committed within the country. And from these cases, the majority were committed by burglars nearby. This makes one think of the state of his home. Is it secure? What precautionary measures can he do to increase the security of his home?

The number of unwanted intrusions and break-ins nowadays is quite alarming. Regardless of who you are, where you are or whether you’re the owner or the renter, you can be the next victim of property crimes. Renters, after all, are just as likely to be victims of these crimes as the owners.

So how can we make our homes secure? There are a variety of options, of course. One of the common options is the installation of security systems around your home. However, some people would put setting security systems off because of a variety of concerns. First, it could be costly. Having your homes hardwired by professionals, signing contracts, and paying for monthly monitoring fees can be vexing. And that’s if you’re the homeowner. A different problem would arise if you are a renter. You would have to seek approval from the owner first before having his house drilled with walls. Also, some security systems can be unreliable. Customers usually complain about their devices sending false alarm often or other similar issues. Of course, this is unavoidable and a risk one should take if one wants to set the security systems.

To address some of these concerns, DIY home security devices might just be the perfect option for you. Yes, do-it-yourself security devices are already available in the market. Without having to hire professionals to install the systems, you can already save a huge chunk of money just by installing it yourself. Not to mention the absence of contract. In addition, these devices are wireless, and thus flexible. You are granted complete control over the set-up and placement of the device in your home. Also, these devices come in different varieties and features. Some DIY-friendly devices have built-in motion sensors, high decibel alarms, and even night-vision ready cameras. Some can even be connected to your smartphones or computers so you can watch the activities in your home anywhere you are. Indeed, having security systems can be very helpful with the rate of crimes nowadays. Installing one can help you increase the security of your homes. You just have to decide what kind of device and what features are perfect for you and your homes.

How To Minimize The Energy Consumption Of Your Boiler

Is it more fuel efficient to use natural gas instead of oil for heating? Most households will choose whichever is easily available in their area. There are factors beyond control that affect the prices of oil or natural gas at any given time. Although there is a wide range of suppliers, the difference in price comes down to operating costs and the price of the product itself is determined largely by competition of the discount variety.

For those who are worrying about their energy bills, gas remains to be the most popular option with 69% of Dubliners and 65% of Corkonians having it piped in directly. Choosing a supplier is not exactly straightforward because looking at the energy bills can give anyone a headache. The important thing though is to be aware of offers from different providers. For example, Bord Gais has just announced a second price cut for this year at 2.5% with free boiler servicing if you will switch to them. Some suppliers offer discounts for paperless billing and by paying direct debit or for bundling gas and electricity together.

In terms of gadgets, Bord Gais is currently offering “Hive” which will allow you to control and schedule your heating, hot water temperature and timing remotely through the smartphone. This is very convenient particularly if you are already on the way home from work and feeling a bit chilly. Heating can be switched easily without any hassle. Hive costs about €299 fully installed but it needs a Wi-Fi to run. However, Hive can also be operated manually from within the home and comes with a preset “frost protection” function that will not allow the home temperature to drop below 7 degrees.

However, what is important is to ensure the efficiency of your boiler and to keep the home well insulated. Under the Better Energy Homes Scheme that is made available to all pre-2006 homes, the homeowner can receive set amounts by carrying out boiler upgrades, attic insulation and other energy saving measures.

To ensure the energy efficiency and safety of your boiler, you can call on boiler repairs Nottingham. They can provide immediate inspection and servicing to ensure that your boiler is back to maximum efficiency.