Common Issues For Boiler Repairs

A boiler is important and intricate equipment that is necessary in every household and building for its heating system. It is durable and requires slight maintenance. However, despite a boiler’s durability, it still needs to be properly and regularly maintained to deliver maximum efficiency with lesser breakdowns and repairs.

There are common boiler problems and issues that a boiler owner can encounter. It is important to be aware of these issues so that proper actions can be taken when they occur. You can click site for more information on the different issues and learn how to handle them.

  • Kettling – this is a key problem that is common to boilers. You can recognize this problem by its sound. Kettling produces a loud rumbling or banging sound that comes from the boiler’s heating unit. When this happens, don’t delay calling a boiler technician to check the issue. Please click site to get more details.
  • Pilot Troubles – before, the pilot light needs to be lighted and you can let it run throughout the night and day for heat to be available. Although today, this method is still in use, other boilers have electronic ignition for heating water when needed. If your pilot light cannot be lighted by yourself, you need to call heating technicians to check the pilot issues as well as the ignition system.
  • Leaks and Drips – you need to call a technician immediately for a leaking boiler. This is a major problem that needs quick action before it becomes worse. The boiler might be experiencing corrosion causing leaks and drips.
  • No Heat – when heat is not coming out from the boiler, one possible reason might be a faulty ignition. However, there are still other causes that can be considered such as a broken safety switch that is causing the boiler to stop, a broken thermostat, or a broken pump.

When these problems occur, never attempt to fix it yourself. You must call a qualified boiler technician to check the problem and do the necessary repairs. Doing it yourself may cause the problem to worsen as well as pose more danger to the situation.