From The Best Hotels In Kanchanaburi, Here’s What You Can See And Do

Kanchanaburi is a town situated in the west of Thailand and known as the capital of the Kanchanaburi province. When travellers come here, they find several attractions,with the Bridge over the River Kwaias the most popular. This iron bridge, located three kilometres from Kanchanaburi, brings history when the Japanese brought the bridge from Java and made it famous as the Death Railway linking Thailand to Burma. The bridge was destroyed by allies but have been rebuilt after the war to its original curved spans. Today, it is most remembered as a historical tragedy of Thailand during World War II. To explore the town, you need to be at the best hotels in Kanchanaburi for your accommodation. Here’s also some of what you can see and do in this area:

  • Elephants’ World

There have been several reports from other elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, where they treat the animals poorly, separate baby elephants from their moms, put them in small cages and pierce bull-hooks for training. However, the Kanchanaburi sanctuary,Elephant’s World, have rescued and freed the elephants from brutal treatment. Tourists can enjoy a day-long or overnight program, where they closely interact with elephants while enjoying the amazing scenery of the River Kwai.

  • Take a Cookery Class

A visit to Kanchanaburi will never be complete if you have not eaten the delicious Thai cuisine. Aside from tasting the food, many choose to take cooking courses here in the hope that they earn skills and flavours to take home with them. In Kanchanaburi, you’ll find many schools to learn preparing Thai food. You’re also brought to the local food market to be introduced to different spices and ingredients used in Thai cooking. Maybe what you prepared can be taken to the best hotels in Kanchanaburi for your friends and family to taste.

  • Boat Tours and Watersports

Kanchanaburi has a superior geographic location that makes it right for boat tours and watersports. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities that include canoeing, kayaking and scenic river cruises. If you hit the Kanchanaburiwaterways, you can spot the Lawa Cave with its tiny bats, roaring waterfalls and its breathtaking flora and fauna. Then you’ll want to return to the best hotels in Kanchanaburi to relax and rest after a long day.