How To Minimize The Energy Consumption Of Your Boiler

Is it more fuel efficient to use natural gas instead of oil for heating? Most households will choose whichever is easily available in their area. There are factors beyond control that affect the prices of oil or natural gas at any given time. Although there is a wide range of suppliers, the difference in price comes down to operating costs and the price of the product itself is determined largely by competition of the discount variety.

For those who are worrying about their energy bills, gas remains to be the most popular option with 69% of Dubliners and 65% of Corkonians having it piped in directly. Choosing a supplier is not exactly straightforward because looking at the energy bills can give anyone a headache. The important thing though is to be aware of offers from different providers. For example, Bord Gais has just announced a second price cut for this year at 2.5% with free boiler servicing if you will switch to them. Some suppliers offer discounts for paperless billing and by paying direct debit or for bundling gas and electricity together.

In terms of gadgets, Bord Gais is currently offering “Hive” which will allow you to control and schedule your heating, hot water temperature and timing remotely through the smartphone. This is very convenient particularly if you are already on the way home from work and feeling a bit chilly. Heating can be switched easily without any hassle. Hive costs about €299 fully installed but it needs a Wi-Fi to run. However, Hive can also be operated manually from within the home and comes with a preset “frost protection” function that will not allow the home temperature to drop below 7 degrees.

However, what is important is to ensure the efficiency of your boiler and to keep the home well insulated. Under the Better Energy Homes Scheme that is made available to all pre-2006 homes, the homeowner can receive set amounts by carrying out boiler upgrades, attic insulation and other energy saving measures.

To ensure the energy efficiency and safety of your boiler, you can call on boiler repairs Nottingham. They can provide immediate inspection and servicing to ensure that your boiler is back to maximum efficiency.