Orchid Caring Tips From Orchid Distributors In Thailand

You don’t have to have a green thumb nor do you need to have a special set of skills to care for orchids.  All you need is the right information straight from orchid distributors in Thailand and other information sources on the internet. If this is the first time you ordered orchids and you are not so sure on how to care and feed them, take a look at these important ideas.

Repot the plant

If the orchid was orchid was ordered in Thailand or when it had to be shipped, you need to repot the plant right away the moment you receive it. Repotting will set the plant free from its temporary mixture and its container which are only made for shipping plants. If you will not repot the orchid, it will become at risk of getting infected by bacteria and will eventually rot.

Use proper container

There are various types of orchid containers for potting but according to reputable orchid distributors in Thailand, the most suitable potting material is plastic. According to the experts, it is easier to check the roots with plastic pots as you can see the roots and its condition. It is also easier for sunlight to penetrate plastic pots for root nourishment.

Learn hydrating techniques

The water needs of orchids differ from one orchid type to another. There are orchids that require more watering while there are those that only need less water compared to average plants. To ensure that you are providing proper care on your orchids, make some research online. In general, avoid spraying water on the orchid leaves and flowers as it can causes spots. Do not over fertilize the orchid as they have recommended dosage per variety.

Eliminate pests

To effectively eliminate orchid pests according to orchid distributors in Thailand, apply horticultural oils that are specifically formulated for houseplants. Do not use commercial pest killers because they usually have strong chemical components. Apply organic natural oils before repotting. Spray the oil all over the plant from roots to the tips including the leaves and flowers. Protect the orchid from direct sunlight because the oil can burn it.