Should You Leave Your Heater Running Or Turn It On And Off?

With the continued price hike in goods and utilities, it is only right for consumers to save especially energy bill. This is harder to do during the winter months when you know you won’t be able to function without turning the heater on. The big question is whether to leave the heater turned on the entire day or should you turn it off every time you leave the house. The bottom line is that which method is more cost efficient. This question will now be answered by a money saving expert, Martin Lewis.

The consumer champion said that it is recommended to turn the heater on only when there is a need for it. It only consumes energy when it is pumping therefore turning it on only when you need it is more cost efficient compared to leaving it running all the time.

He added that the best way in order to make sure the home is warm enough is to time how long it has been running. The timer is the best option because the thermostat will turn on and off depending on the temperature which is set to maintain the house in. The general rule is to use a timer every time.

For people who are residing in areas where the atmosphere is damper, the timer might have to be set longer than those who do not.

He also explained that there are engineers who believe that leaving the heater in an on position as long as the radiators are in a low setting will help the boiler operate in a way that helps reduce the amount of condensation. When it happens, the heating is cut off then it will accumulate inside the room and heat will then be generated outside of the house. The end result is that the heat dissipates quickly than necessary and it will consume more energy in the process. This is why he advised that it should be taken in consideration when deciding.

If you have a local boiler repair contract, contact their company and get to know what is the best option for you in order to save while staying warm during the winter.