4 Perfect Occasions For Giving Away Promotional Merchandise

You can practically hand out promotional merchandise to your prospects at any given time. However, there are particular times when giving away promo items would be more effective and would achieve more impact to your marketing endeavours. Here are some of those occasions.

Trade fairs and social events

Trade fairs and community events are usually attended by a lot of people and when there are more people, you have greater opportunity to showcase your brand and let your prospects know of your brands availability in the market. You can give away simple yet useful items for the occasion such as foldable fans with your logo on it or you can also give out hand towels, pens or even umbrella if your budget can accommodate it. You can also sponsor one of the events and have your promotional merchandise as a prize for mini games.

During business events

Another perfect timing for giving away promo items is during your store’s anniversary or during the opening of a new store branch. Giving away promotional materials is your way of thanking your customers for their continued patronage and the item will serve as a simple reminder of how you value your customers in your business. You can give away calendars for the first 100 customers or you can also give away ref magnets, tee shirts or umbrellas and similar items.

Conference and seminars

The good thing about seminars and conferences is that they are participated by specific group of people such as young professionals, people from the business sectors, mothers or parents, teachers, doctors and any other groups. If your targets are among the participants, it would then be the perfect time to popularize your brand by giving away promotional items that your targets will appreciate such as pens, notepads, tote bags, folders and similar items.

During holidays

Christmas and long holidays are the perfect time to give away promotional merchandise due to the season’s meaning. Give out special branded items such as paper weights, wrist watch for high end customers, wall clocks, tee shirts, mugs and other special items.