A Variety Of Opportunities For Team Building Activities In The Woods

Team building activities have now become a prerequisite for companies. This is because recent studies in the area have shown how important team building is to the overall functioning of the company. Individuals generally only spend time with their colleagues in the office working towards a common goal, the company’s goal. This does not give them the sufficient platform to converse with their colleagues and understand them. This in turn may lead to disputes between colleagues working on the same project. To overcome all these difficulties, most companies generally take a day or two off to engage their employees in team building activities. More often than not, outdoor team building games are chosen as they allow employees to get closer to others.

In a new report, sixth grade students from a school in Islip recently went on a trail hiking and team building expedition to the Sunken meadow State Park where they spent quite a lot of time playing outdoor team building games, studying the soil quality, and examining whether the water in the nearby lake was potable or not.

The students first had to endure through a two mile hike in appropriate gear, and then they were shown different trees. They were then asked to later identify the trees in teams, allowing the groups of students to come together and explore their results. After the tree identification session, they were given compasses and maps to navigate parts of the hike themselves. This not only helped to build their navigation skills and inspire the Columbus-es of tomorrow, but it also brought a lot of them together to work as a team and identify their path from point A to point B. After this exercise, they were taken to a nearby water body and they collected samples of the water. They then returned back to the lab, and examined the water under a microscope to check if there were any harmful bacteria in it. This allowed the students to work together to identify different types of bacteria that could make water unhealthy. As with most outdoor team building games, this outing not only brought the individuals closer together, it also taught them a lot in the way of survival skills.