About Us

It is undeniable that the world is gearing towards globalization. Tribes, languages and culture will be intertwined and news from the Eastern part of the globe is now a concern to those living in the West. What usually would make it difficult to convey messages and information across culture and people group is the language barrier. With Video Translation News, say goodbye to this problem. Our company specializes in translating videos and audio presentations into different languages.

The Team

Ray M Walker

At Video Translation News we have a pool of expert translators who are exceptional in their language translation skills. The translation services that we offer our clients with are integrated with transcription and captioning services. The transcribers and translators undergo rigorous training and seminars in order to be better equipped at serving our most prestigious clients. We do interactive transcribing, putting plug-ins in captions and other video plug-ins which are in turn also integrated with different multiple languages with translation processes.

At Video Translation News, we have professionals who are not only unparalleled at what they do but at the same time are very approachable and customer friendly. We ensure that our clients get the best service from our company and we foster a healthy relationship with our client.

Getting the job done

We aspire to complete the translations within 24 hours which is also dependent on the bulk of the materials to be translated. The turnaround times will vary on the target language, degree of difficulty and the duration. Once you give us something to translate, you can immediately see the estimated delivery date labeled at each file. We make certain that our customers are also able to track what the job status of the materials is. If you have huge archive or a recurring work, we urge you to contact us so that we can develop a schedule which will meet your requirements.

We are a trusted resource for global language production services and as such, we live up to our reputation and exceed our clients’ expectations when giving them services. We also make sure that every transaction will be kept confidential.