Are Electronic Logging Devices The Answer To Truck Driving Safety?

Advocates of commercial Canadian trucking companies are pushing the government to make electronic logging devices compulsory in Canada the soonest time possible. The national spotlight is directed at the trucking industry after the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.

According to Alberta Motor Transport Association president Chris Nash, the crash should serve as a motivation for the implementation more safety measures to prevent crashes. Electronic logging devices will ensure that driver’s fatigue on the road will be avoided. It will remove the paper log and the ability to beat the system.

ELD’s are far more superior to paper log books because they are accurate in clocking the driver’s driving time and resting time. Paper log books can easily be altered, falsified and manipulated. Drivers in the trucking industry have the ability to be creative writers. ELD’s will make the industry safer.

However, according to Global News, some truck drivers do not agree that ELD’s will enhance safety. Sean Boyd, a truck driver who has been electronically logging for the past two years said that the looming deadline to get to the specific destination gives them a little leeway.

Danger on the road has intensified because it is predominantly a race against the clock. Drivers have to be at the truck stops by four or five o’clock otherwise, they are out of luck. Truck drivers in Canada are legally allowed to drive for 13 hours a day but there are many instances when the driver is forced to shut down because of challenging conditions as he reaches the allotted driving time.

In Northern Ontario, there are few truck stops and if there is one, it does not have a rest room or bathroom. Because of the lack of amenities, the e-log runs out for the day. The truck drivers are forced to shut down in places where they do not want to.

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