Astounding On-Time Delivery Record Of Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is the only hybrid packaging supplier of plastic, metal and glass containers and closures in North America. Berlin Packaging is proud to announce that it has reached 99% or better on-time product delivery performance for a record of 144 consecutive months. This is a very significant achievement for the packaging company because just-in-time shipping of custom and stock packaging products allows its customers the benefit of supply chain smoothness, bottom-line profitability and efficient cash flow.

Some 12 years ago, Berlin Packaging made the commitment with regards to its delivery performance. The company is the first rigid packaging supplier that was consistent with its shipping record. According to Andrew Berlin, the Chairman and CEO of Berlin Packaging, the company has thrived and has created a competitive advantage for their customers because of the positive impact of on-time delivery on multiple levels. Reliable and prompt delivery is very important in the packaging industry and Berlin Packaging was able to maintain that distinction.

On-time delivery of Berlin Packaging became their business advantage and their efforts have prompted a lot of positive feedback from customers who appreciate their professional and quick response particularly the commitment to deliver on time. Another benefit provided to Berlin Packaging customers is the utilization of the company’s inventory stocking programs. 90% of the company’s customers have reduced the amount of inventories they hold while enhancing operational metrics. The inventory stocking program has also helped in boosting customer profits by cutting down on expenses of carrying costs, shrinkage and obsolescence. In addition, customers pay less for administration, insurance, taxes, facility costs and handling costs.

Manufacturing productivity is also improved because machine downtime is eliminated and employees can focus more on value added activities. With the reduction in inventory assets, cash flow increases and so thus profits. On-time delivery track record is a testament to the company’s efforts to show its true integrity. is another example of a company in the United States that has established a reputation for on-time delivery. Orders are shipped complete 99.8% of the time because customers are their first priority. This is a record that not many companies can claim.