Austal Awards New Logistics Contract To CH Robinson

Australian shipbuilding company Austal has recently just awarded a new five-year contract to the logistics provider CH Robinson, one of the world’s most notable and prolific logistics firms, for handling logistic transport in Perth and across Australia, in particular, freight forwarding, as well as customs clearance services.

This new contract is CH Robinson’s first defence industry contract in Australian, following its expansion into the land down under’s logistic market, following the 2016 acquisition of New York-based APC Logistics, an international firm that handles logistics for high volume mail and e-commerce.

Part of the contract’s terms says that CH Robinson will be supporting Austal’s logistical and supply chain needs via their resources, not least of which include bringing in local experts in logistic transport in Perth and Adelaide, as well as bringing in additional logistics experts from its different branches across the world, from countries like Germany, the Netherlands, and the Philippines, among others.

The company released a statement via its Vice President, Andrew Coldrey, who says that CH Robinson, following its recent expansion of its Australian operations, is happy to announce their new contract with Austal, which he says is a testament to the company’s virtues and effective operations, with good employee treatment, industry expertise, innovation and global reach with its international network. Austal, Coldrey says, is an iconic Aussie company with the locals, as well as people across the world, and that CH Robinson is very much excited to work with Austal, in order to aid in continuing the latter’s growth, success and development.

Austal, meanwhile, has already confirmed where CH Robinson’s services and resources will be utilized. They say that they will use the logistic firm to aid with its commercial operations and defence.

According to the company statement released via the Head of Supply Chain, Penelope Patterson, Austal shares CH Robinson’s sentiment; they too are excited about this new contract, which will have CH Robinson providing logistics services to their Australian and international operations, barring the United States.

She confirms that this new contract will be supporting both the defence projects, as well as the commercial ones.