Bali And Komodo – Prime Destinations For Liveaboard

Liveaboard diving is a growing market in Indonesia, as its remote and challenging diving sites all over the country attracts the more adventurous and expert divers to experience the unpredictable currents in the breath-taking seascape. Various islands and sites are ready for you to choose from to get your travels started.

Bali has diving sites that cannot be missed on a liveaboard in Indonesia. It stretches east with beautiful nature-crafted islands. Moyo, Gili Islands, Sangeang, Lombok, Satonda, and Sumbawa are the main islands surrounded by smaller ones, all with dive sites flowing in their midst. Bali is a desirable destination all year, so travelling to and from Komodo National Park with the promised diving in between is not to be missed.

The liveaboards passing through Bali and Komodo National park are the Mermaids I and II, the Indo Siren, the Indo Aggressor, and the Dewi Nusantara

Komodo has become a World Heritage Site since 1986, and within, the Komodo National Park is the largest safeguarded marine area in the world. The various and diverse islands in addition to the wind, wave, and current exposure has made exceptional marine and costal habitats for the surrounding wildlife. The strong currents and deep up-welling make for great transport of nutrient-filled water around the area to support life along the islands. The diving sites vary accordingly, with quiet bays, drop-offs and pinnacles that are idyllic when looking for rare species as well as coral gardens teeming with life.

Komodo National Park has also been recorded to be the home for 1000 fish species, 70 sponge species, and 260 reef/coral species. Even the organ pipe coral, which has been cause for pink-sand beaches, has a high number in the park’s waters. Turtles and other marine mammals could also often be seen in the confines of the park, as well as mantas and whales.

Additionally, the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragons, has made their home in Komodo. Cruises such as Regaldives have made it a point for guests to be granted the opportunity to visit and view these famously large reptiles.

Liveaboards in Indonesia that make pit stops at Komodo are the Mermaids I and II, the Emperor Raja Laut, the Indo Aggressor, the Dewi Nusantara, and the Indo Siren.