Baltimore Grabbed Top Spot For Bed Bugs Infestation

Baltimore is popular because of the historic neighbourhoods, crab cakes as well as monuments but the city seems to be getting unwanted attention because of the number of bed bug cases. Bed bugs are homeowners’ enemy that in Australia they call pest control in Sydney as soon as they see signs of bed bugs in the house.

Based on the list released by Orkin LLC, a pest control company based in Atlanta, called Top 50 Bed Bug Cities the port city of the United States grabbed the top spot for two consecutive years. The list was published at the beginning of the year and they were compiled according to the number of treatments made on both residential and commercial properties between the periods of December 2016 until November of 2017. According to an entomologist from Orkin, Tim Husen, the data showed that there is an increase in the number of infestations all over the United States.

Orkin’s list ranked Washington, 40 miles distance from Baltimore, on the second spot. The third spot was taken by Chicago, Los Angeles on the fourth and the fifth spot is Columbus,Ohio. Looking at the website of the Baltimore City Health Department, they don’t have a program to alleviate the infestation of bed bugs in the city. They only provide tips on how to identify bed bugs and how to control them.

According to the director of communications of the housing authority in the city, Tania Baker, bed bugs complaint being called to 311 has reduced by over 30 per cent after Orkin started releasing the list of top bed bug cities.

Ms. Baker said that the city of Baltimore is sending violation notices to owners as well as occupants of properties found to have bed bugs infestation. The inspections are conducted by the Department of Housing and Community Development.

Bed bugs are quite common, according to pest control in Sydney, to people who are traveling often. It is not easy to get rid of them since regulatory restrictions have been released regarding the use of insecticides containing DDT and the bed bugs are often resistant to organic and modern treatments.