Beauty Titlist Burns Down Roommate’s Bed WithCheap Bed Sheets Set

A beauty pageant finalist has burned her roommate’s bed at the girls’ student living quarters, said a police officer. The bed was supposedly wrapped with cheap bed sheets set to provide comfort whenever they needed rest.

Police named the culprit Christen McAllister, who was charged with arson, while at least two other students were on the proximity at the University of Louiseville in Kentucky, USA. Obtained from the Courier Journal, the arrest citation claimed that McAllister and her roommate had an early hour fight on Saturday morning. This could have resulted the outburst.

According to reports made by the New York Daily News, the beauty pageant finalist admitted to the alleged crime and has been charged with first-degree arson. It really is such a bad thing that this mistake can make her regret later, and probably lose the possibility of winning Miss Kentucky USA.

The other two students told Courier Journal that they used to be McAllister’s roommates. Such act may have been triggered by drinking too much alcohol. Sad to say that there were witnesses seeing the outcome of such crime. That roommate may have used cheap bed sheets set that’s why it easily burned.

McAllister ranked fifth in the previous month’s pageant after being able to reach the top 15 in last year’s competition. She wrote to the GoFundMe page, that she was able to raise a substantial amount for the pageant. It was also her way of participating in the community. She claims it was such a wonderful experience to really have known them.

The scholar added that this experience has made her learn and gather a great deal of information, which should help me walk through a lifetime. Her selection as a contingent to the Miss Kentucky USA should prepare her for becoming the Miss USA 2017 soon.

Fortunately, she was able to raise $2,500 to compete in the pageant. However, people have to wait and see if this will push through as she has a crime to respond to, especially that she burned down her roommate’s bed. Sad to say that the cheap bed sheets set has been burned down along with such incident.