Calgary Dealing With The Closing Of Another Arena

The Jack Setters Arena, located in Southeast Calgary, would normally be booked full with hockey teams, figure skaters, and others, but it’s been empty since Dec. 2, thanks to the city shutting it down regarding concerns over a possible roof collapse.

The Millican Ogden Community Association, which operates the city-owned facility, has been informed that businesses that handle roofing in Calgary can fix the roof. But it means that the city is down by one arena, likely for the whole season.

The work program for the repair process started around mid-January, and examinations suggest that the repair period will take at least 60 days, reports President Rick Smith, Millican Ogden Community Association.

Smith added that they’re now refunding all of the rink’s user groups. The closing of the arena is a big hit to the association as rink rentals account for at least half of their revenue, and the losses aren’t covered by insurance.

Smith describes it as a complicated situation that nobody would want to be in.

Also feeling the effects of the closure are all the user groups that are losing practice time. Hockey Calgary Executive Director Kevin Kobelka says that it affects their overall programming; it affects their practice times.

He says that they’re able to juggle and reschedule our games, but the closing of the Jack Setters Arena removes the practice ice that kids need in order to help develop your skills.

The opening of Seton’s YMCA in January took some pressure off of the closing, but those two new rinks are covering the loss of the Jack Setters Arena, as well as the Fairview Arena, which are both undergoing repair from roofing in Calgary, with the latter having shut down after its roof collapsed in February 2018.

Kobelka says that it would’ve been a great opportunity for them; they’re a lot of growth in the southern areas of Calgary. Had these issues not arise, it would’ve given kids in those areas a bit more time to practice; the loss of two arenas basically reduces the city to where it was in 2016.

Hockey Calgary released a new schedule following the closing, which they’re using until the arena re-opens.