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European Ports And Warehouses Prepping For Surge In Traffic

The coronavirus has hit the global economy hard, with companies like Titan Transline being forced to completely shift their strategies for the times in order to adapt. Global demands have shifted, and trade has ground to a halt in certain places.

With demands changing, shipping changes to match. To that end, European ports and warehouses are getting ready to accept container ships coming back from Asia, returning due to demand for their cargo evaporating.

Merchandise that retailers ordered in the period during the small period when China’s economy was recovering, but before the European countries went into lockdown, are landing in ports across the region, particularly in Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Hamburg.

Large parts of Europe have practically ground to a halt due to the restrictions put in place in order to stop the spread of the pandemic. Businesses like factories and fashion stores are closed across the region, which has led to people worrying that the supply chain could see bottlenecks which could lead to consumers not getting supplies.

SeaIntelligence Consulting CEO Lars Jensen says that cargo is being dropped in Europe since no one wants them. Ports see piles of inventory, at least a month’s worth of cargo in size, and that’s an issue. Importers are going to have to deal with the overflow and the large volume of goods that they need to take delivery of, which, realistically, they won’t be able to sell all of.

The EU has 3/4ths of its goods enter by sea, while 30% of the trade in the region is by vessel, which is why any issues at the maritime terminals could ripple throughout the region’s logistics network, affecting not only companies like Titan Transline, but everyone.

Port operators say that they’re ready for the influx of cargo, without tailbacks outside of the harbors. They say that, while container volumes going into the EU from Asia will go up, they’re not going to be much more than what’s expected for the time of year, though the drop in consumer demand means that distributing them might prove to be a challenge.

Shipping company CMA CGM, which has gone on record to say that they’re willing to offload cargo at intermediate points, states that they’ll keep working on the matter as needed, but the important question is for how long that’ll be.

Qualities To Look For In Cairns Airport Shuttle Services

What is common among airport transport services is that they provide their customers with the vehicle of their preference. What makes them differ from each other are the qualities they possess to entice more customers to get their services.

It is important to look for the best qualities of Cairns airport shuttle services before booking with them. A good airport shuttle service company must have great quality standards to offer to the public to get an edge among the other Cairns airport shuttle services companies offering the same services.

Qualities of a good airport shuttle services company:

  1. Must have good quality fleets of vehicle

A good airport shuttle service company must have a good line up of vehicles of different types to cater to the varied needs of its customers. A company that has well-maintained shuttle service vehicles can serve its client’s needs efficiently and safely.

  1. Must have friendly staff

An airport transfer service provider must have a well-trained staff that demonstrates a friendly and accommodating atmosphere to its clients. The staff serves as the mirror of the company that reflects its reputation.

  1. Value for your money

A good airport transfer service must give the best quality service to its customers and guarantee that they get the value for their money paid. Quality service contributes much to the kind transport company you choose. This is the area where most companies differ and is a reliable basis for customers in making their choice.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Customers must be given priority among other things. When the needs of the customers are met, they get the satisfaction they need which is a good indication that the company is a good one.

  1. Competent drivers

An airport shuttle service company must employ only competent drivers because the safety of the customers depends on the manner they drive. They must always practice defensive driving ways to avoid any untoward incidents.

  1. License

To guarantee the legitimacy of the company, it must have a license to operate as such for the safety and security of its customers.

There are many airport transfer companies offering many services to its clients. Before doing your booking, you must check the required qualities you need in an airport shuttle service company to ensure safety and guarantee you of good travel experience.