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The Beauty Of Phuket: Streets, Experiences And Party

Tourists who are planning to visit Thailand often book a room in Novotel in Patong because it is situated in what is known as the resort island of the country, Phuket. The charm of Phuket lies not only in the internationally known parties but the offering of a unique culture and experiences for foreign travellers.

One of the most notable areas in Phuket is the Old Town which is surrounded with brightly-coloured terraces. Looking at it could make one think of being transported in Portugal instead of standing on a street in Asia. This is because the buildings around the area are mostly from the colonial era of the Sino-Portugese. This is one of the contributing factors to the rich culture of the province which is diverse as possible.

This location is quite common especially to the younger travellers who are looking for so-called Instagrammable shots. Local artists contribute to the beauty of the area with street art from talents such as RakkidKuanhavej, Alex Face and PhichitPaidaeng. For those who love shopping, strolling the streets on a Sunday night will give one the chance to experience the well-known street night market.

When it comes to experience, tourists should not miss the Hanuman World but warning should be given beforehand to those who are weak of heart as this is not something to be taken lightly. There are four kinds of experiences available which vary depending on a person’s fear of heights. If you are not fond of hanging on a wire mid-air, you could opt to visit the sky walk to enjoy the nature.

Daring souls should not miss the zipline which is known to be the longest at 400 meters with the longest drop measuring 40 meters. Another type is the roller zipline which is tagged as the fastest swerving zipline in the country spanning 800 meters.

Tourists who are staying at Novotel in Patong should also visit the Big Buddha located in the middle of Kata and Karon Beach. From there, move on to the Phromthep Cape which is one of the most photographed locations in the island.

Coast The Coastline With Novotel Phuket Vintage Park

Patong is the prime location in Phuket, Thailand. Here, visitors can experience the beauty of the beach and the Andaman Sea, the comforts and conveniences of the shopping areas, and the lively and robust nightlife centers of the town.


Experiencing all of these at the very tip of your fingers through the Novotel Phuket Vintage Park. Situated at the very heart of this famous tourist destination, it is just steps away from either beautiful beach or busy commercial areas. Guests can easily access their website at to check all that the resort has to offer.


There are 303 private and spacious rooms that have been designed to provide the very best of form and function to satisfy the most discerning of guests. Within the resort, guests will be treated to the very best of service. The restaurants and bars offer different cuisines for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and any other dining needs.


The resort spa alone has been given multiple awards and must be tried at least once. The resort swimming area is considered the biggest in Patong with an area of 2,000 square meters. There is something for everyone in the whole family. Kids can enjoy their own pool, parents can relax by the pool bar, and everyone can lounge at the jacuzzi. The resort even has special rooms that have its own pool access and views. For even more activities, the resort offers bubble walks and aqua gym classes at the pool.


Guests will definitely not run out of fun and leisurely activities within the resort, and yet they still have easy access to everything else this tropical paradise has to offer. Those interested in exploring the cultural depths of Thailand have any number of destinations that can be reached by car or boat, and those who wish to either shop for memorabilia or even some comfort items can just walk to the shopping district. At night, the older guests can step out of the resort and head out to experience the nightlife of dancing, drinking, and nighttime entertainment that Patong is also famous for.


Anyone and everyone interested in experiencing the best that Patong has to offer should check here to find out more about the resort. With the perfect location, the best rooms, the exquisite dining options, and amenities in this Novotel branch, guests will experience luxury, leisure, and convenience in one whole package.

Grant Thornton Survey: 5-Star Hotels Performed Better Than 4-Star Hotels

The 2019 Grant Thornton survey is the 16th consecutive year for this comprehensive study of high-end hotels and resorts. The Vietnam Hotel Survey revealed that 5-star hotels scored higher on various performance criteria than their 4-star counterparts.


A 5-star hotel in Saigon continues to be the hotel of choice despite a 4.1 percent increase in price between 2017 and 2018 with a 0.5 increase in occupancy. On the other hand, 4-star hotels saw a 2.3 percent decrease in price and yet still experienced a 1 percent decrease in occupancy. These increases on average are from US$107.6 in 2017 to $112 in 2018. By contrast, the decrease is from $75.2 per night to $73.4 per night.


The changes in these room rates consequently affected the revenue per available room (RevPAR) with 5-star hotels going up to $83.4 in 2018 from $79.1 IN 2017, while 4-star hotels decreased by 3.6 percent. Although both types of hotels experienced a decrease in bookings through channels such as tour operators and travel agencies, 4-star hotels saw the biggest drop at 7.1 percent, while 5-star hotels experienced only a 2.8 percent drop.


The survey revealed that 5-star hotels seem to be more open to digital developments in their operations with 95.5 percent of them applying data mining and analysis, while only 77.8 percent of 4-star hotels confirmed to have been doing the same.Mobile apps are also a new tool that 54.5 percent of 5-star hotels are utilizing, while 4-star hotels only have a figure of 34.6 percent. Checking in and out online are available in 42.9 percent of 5-star hotels, but only 28.6 percent for 4-star hotels. Social media such as Facebook is used by 100 percent of 5-star hotels and 96.3 of 4-star hotels.


In 2018, a total of 2,400 new accommodations were registered at the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Out of that number of accommodations, 83 properties fall under the 3- to 5-star categories. The 83 properties are equal to 22,419 keys: 34 properties of 17,366 keys are 5-star hotels and 15 properties of 2,990 keys are 4-star.


The rise of 5-star accommodations and the fall of 4-star ones are apparent in the Grant Thornton survey. Across different performance criteria, results show that guests are more likely to choose a 5-star hotel in Saigon and other such locations in Vietnam than they are a 4-star one because of upgrades and modernization, regardless of price increases.

Vietnam: 5-Star Hotels Scored Higher Than 4-Star Ones

Grant Thornton, a consulting and accounting firm, released its 16th annual survey of upscale hotels and resorts. The results of the Vietnam Hotel Survey showed that based on certain performance criteria, 5-star hotels scored higher in 2017 to 2018 than did the 4-star ones.


Looking at the occupancy criteria, guests are more likely to book accommodations at 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and other places in Vietnam. The results of the survey showed that 5-star hotel percentages on occupancy rose by 0.5 percent, compared to the 1 percent decrease for 4-star hotels. The rise and fall in occupancy rates for 5- and 4-star hotels respectively are despite the 4.1 percent price increase in the former and the 2.3 percent decrease in the latter. The increases and decrease have the average amount equivalent of USD 107.6 in 2017 to USD 112 in 2018 for 5-star hotels and USD 75.2 to USD 73.4 in the same period for 4-star hotels.


The revenue per available room or RevPar consequently went up to USD 83.4 from USD 79.1 for 5-star hotels but went down by 3.6 percent for 4-star hotels. Numbers from the reservation channels of tour operators and travel agencies revealed an overall decrease for both categories, but 4-star hotels had a much larger decrease at 7.1 percent compared to the 2.8 percent decrease for 5-star ones.


The survey also included how open to digital developments, technological advancements, and online marketing both these hotel categories are. On all aspects, 5-star hotels also scored higher with 95.5 percent employing data mining and analytics compared to only 77.8 percent of 4-star hotels doing the same.Mobile apps and online check-in and check-out are used mostly by 5-star hotels. The survey reported 5-star hotel percentages at 54.5 and 42.9 respectively, compared to 4-star numbers at 34.6 and 28.6 only respectively. Even social media is utilized fully by 5-star hotels to reach their intended audience and markets, with the 100 percent confirming use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, while 4-star hotel percentage is only at 96.3.


The results of the Grant Thornton are clear. When it comes to accommodations, 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and in the rest of Vietnam have performed better than 4-star hotels. These hotels have invested in and maximized on developments digital or otherwise to ensure their growth.

Bali And Komodo – Prime Destinations For Liveaboard

Liveaboard diving is a growing market in Indonesia, as its remote and challenging diving sites all over the country attracts the more adventurous and expert divers to experience the unpredictable currents in the breath-taking seascape. Various islands and sites are ready for you to choose from to get your travels started.

Bali has diving sites that cannot be missed on a liveaboard in Indonesia. It stretches east with beautiful nature-crafted islands. Moyo, Gili Islands, Sangeang, Lombok, Satonda, and Sumbawa are the main islands surrounded by smaller ones, all with dive sites flowing in their midst. Bali is a desirable destination all year, so travelling to and from Komodo National Park with the promised diving in between is not to be missed.

The liveaboards passing through Bali and Komodo National park are the Mermaids I and II, the Indo Siren, the Indo Aggressor, and the Dewi Nusantara

Komodo has become a World Heritage Site since 1986, and within, the Komodo National Park is the largest safeguarded marine area in the world. The various and diverse islands in addition to the wind, wave, and current exposure has made exceptional marine and costal habitats for the surrounding wildlife. The strong currents and deep up-welling make for great transport of nutrient-filled water around the area to support life along the islands. The diving sites vary accordingly, with quiet bays, drop-offs and pinnacles that are idyllic when looking for rare species as well as coral gardens teeming with life.

Komodo National Park has also been recorded to be the home for 1000 fish species, 70 sponge species, and 260 reef/coral species. Even the organ pipe coral, which has been cause for pink-sand beaches, has a high number in the park’s waters. Turtles and other marine mammals could also often be seen in the confines of the park, as well as mantas and whales.

Additionally, the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragons, has made their home in Komodo. Cruises such as Regaldives have made it a point for guests to be granted the opportunity to visit and view these famously large reptiles.

Liveaboards in Indonesia that make pit stops at Komodo are the Mermaids I and II, the Emperor Raja Laut, the Indo Aggressor, the Dewi Nusantara, and the Indo Siren.


Five Popular Tourist Attractions In Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful resort island in Thailand. It is popular for its colourful nightlife, raving party scene and the popular Thai massage parlours. Millions of tourists visit Phuket every year for a relaxing beach vacation.

Visiting a Phuket spa, is one must-do activity while in Phuket. There are a number of spa and massage parlours in Phuket and Patong. Tourists can choose from an interesting menu of authentic Thai massages and therapies. However, you have to be careful while walking into a spa, choose a well-known and reputed spa to be safe.

Apart from relaxing at the Phuket spa and enjoying the nightlife, there are many other tourist attractions in Phuket. Some of them are

Old town

Tourists can visit the Phuket old town to catch a glimpse of the beautiful colonial style buildings and houses. The old city provides tourists with an authentic vibe of the place. Tourists can explore the old city at their own pace and enjoy visiting the stores and eateries here.

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is a forty five metre tall statue of Buddha. The white marble statue is very impressive. Tourists can also enjoy panoramic views of the Island from the summit.

Bangla road

Head to the soiBangla, if you are in the mood to have some fun. The lively street is filled with a number of go-go bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, street side eateries and international standard night clubs. This is the most happening street in Phuket and Patong to enjoy the nightlife.

Freedom beach

Visit the Freedom Beach, which is located in Western part of Phuket. The white sand beach is dotted with granite stones and surrounded by mountains. The secluded beach is the right place, if you want to spend a relaxed afternoon sunbathing and snorkelling.

Phuket walking street

The walking street is located in the older part of the city. It is the best place to sample authentic Thai cuisine at the famous street food stalls, shop for Thai artefacts and souvenirs and enjoy the sights of the colourful buildings.

Tourists can enjoy visiting these popular attractions in Phuket. Andif you are tired after all the sightseeing and shopping, have a massage at the popular Phuket spa to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Phuket Properties With Income Potential In High Demand

The number of tourists coming to Phuket continues to increase. In fact, last year the island welcomed a total of 8.4 million visitors which means that even the luxury 5 star resort in Phuket is fully booked with guests. This is the main reason why the condominium market in the area is changing. Condo units used to serve as holiday homes for the owners but now these are converted into sources of passive income.

Fifteen years ago, CBRE is the only agent handling Allamanda which is located in Laguna. This is the very first huge resort condo project that gives buyers the chance to enrol in a rental program. This means that they allow their unit for the entire year to be rented while they receive rental revenue in return. The right is then passed on to whoever is renting the unit but only for a limited time during their stay. This setup was developed in 1993 and the company, at that time, had no idea that fifteen years later the same setup will become the trend in the resort condominium market of Phuket.

The Asian market faced a financial crisis in 1997 but after it has recovered the development of resort properties in the area resumed together with constructions of condominiums and villas. Majority of the buyers back then are foreign nationals looking to have holiday homes in the island but the trend has changed lately because the usual buyers are not those who are expecting to gain from the yields the property could bring.

In order for the projects to follow this new setup, there must be a management firm that will market as well as manage the property during its day-to-day operation – a setup similar to a hotel. The best properties in the area are able to become successful in this front because they are constructed side-by-side with a hotel. These condo units are then added to the available rooms of the hotel under the same management.

There are those that still prefer to experience the best by renting luxury 5 star resort in Phuket because the rate of these accommodations are still cheaper compared to the ones they have at their home country. This is one of the charms of Thailand which makes tourists keep coming back.

Bangkok Hotel Sector’s Forecast Remains Strong For 2018

The capital will be hearing of a new business hotel in Sukhumvit opening, among others forecast for Bangkok’s tourism sector is strong, with many experts expecting that the growth momentum that the capital’s tourism will be continuing for 2018.

According to a recent report from the HVS Market Pulse, the overall stability in Bangkok’ tourism sector contributed greatly to the strong performance of hotels during the first half of 2018. For the remaining two quarters of the year, the forecast is optimistic, driven by expected demand levels in international arrivals, alongside a politically stable market thanks to elections being postponed until 2019.

The positive forecast for Bangkok’s hospitality sector is something the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld can attest to, with its General Manager, Robert Maurer Loeffler, reporting continued growth in all key metrics for the first half of 2018.

He explains that their properties in the Thai capital are enjoying a good 2018, with a particularly strong first quarter and year-on-year growth in occupancy and rates. He says that transient activity accounted for two-thirds of the growth of the group, while the group segment was driven by double-digit increase from wholesale.

He also expects that the rest of 2018 will be just as good, as the MICE segment, which has driven growth for it and many business hotel in Sukhumvit, is expected to remain constant with 2017.Loeffler is hoping that the Centara brand enters 2019 with performance that improves upon the preceding years.

There is still a considerable number of new brand supplies entering the Bangkok market, with many properties currently in development, from brands like Capella, Edition and Four Seasons set to move into the capital’s luxury segment.

Hilton hotels maintains their bullish outlook on Thailand’s luxury segment, according to Vice President of Operations, Luxury Asia-Pacific; Daniel Welk. The hospitality giant recently launched its newest property in the Thai capital, the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok.

Welk says that, if something good has come out of the extremely competitive field in Thailand which has seen many a business hotel in Sukhumvit pop up, it’s the more defined scope for Hilton and its properties. Welk likening the situation to swim lanes.

How Much Does A Wedding Hotel Package Cost In New York?

After this year’s famous wedding when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot, lavish wedding celebrations became popular again. Luxurious wedding celebrations need a lot of preparation, time, and of course, money. According to The Knot, couples in Manhattan spend around $76,944 for their wedding. New York is a popular place for everyone, but it is also the most expensive wedding venue in the United States.

For those interested, there are some hotels that offer แพคเกจแต่งงานโรงแรม for their clients.

Russian Tea Room

With three rooms to choose from depending on the number of wedding guests, wedding packages in the Russian Tea Room can range from $125 to $875 per person. The hotel can also provide an open bar and an alcohol section upon request. Newly-weds need not to worry about paying in setting up the place as it is already included in the rental fee as well.

The Plaza

The Plaza’s แพคเกจแต่งงานโรงแรม costs around $350 per person. This is their starting price, and could still go up depending on some additional products or services that the couple wants to include in their wedding. However, the hotel declined to give further details regarding the wedding packages that they offer.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The hotel’s rates for their wedding packages depend on the season, date, and time of the wedding. For example, The Palm House could cost around $1,500 to $11,000. This venue has a set minimum and maximum guest count as well. The Amy Goldman Atrium and The Lilian could go up from $1,250 to $7,000. Food, drinks, and other services can also be provided with additional costs.

501 Union

The price range at 501 Union also changes depending on the month and season of the wedding. For example, weekday weddings in winter can be availed for $5,000, while peak season during summer could reach up to $12,600. However, newly-weds could get a lot out of what they pay for, as the fee includes set up, sound system, a private suite, coat check, a private events and house manager, evening operation, and even a venue coordinator.

What To Do Outside Your Family Connecting Rooms In Sukhumvit

Travelling to the exotic city of Bangkok in Thailand will provide a great cultural learning experience for everyone in the family. But even then, Bangkok is renowned for its red-light districts and seedy nightlife. You’re pretty sure your family doesn’t want to stay close to these areas. However, you can enjoy accommodations in family connecting rooms in Sukhumvit for a wonderful stay. Here’s what you can see and do in Bangkok:

  • A Trip to Chatuchak Market

If you enjoy shopping, you need to check out this market, especially if you’re hunting for souvenirs to take home. The market covers 27-acres of space with over 8000 stalls, making it one of the biggest markets in the world. It’s open on weekends; however, it entices thousands of visitors to find everything they need on sale. You can haggle with the vendors for the cheapest prices they can give for a certain item. You may also need a guide or a map, so you won’t get lost here.

  • Shop at Siam Paragon

It’s a high-end shopping paradise where you find various shops for high-end fashion designers, the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, multiplex cinemas and restaurants to feed your famished stomachs. The mall consists of 250 shops where Thai affluent and expats come to buy their stuff. There are also show rooms featuring Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. Just ensure that you have enough money to sustain your shopping spree. At the end of the day, you’ll want to return to your family connecting rooms in Sukhumvit to relax and unwind.

  • Have a Thai Massage

To complete your day, why not choose to have a Thai massage, which you’ll find everywhere in Bangkok. The massage is not only soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating, but it makes you feel invigorated and balanced. To get the best Thai massage, you may need to choose a spa that is near or within the hotel premises.

  • Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower

Before the world experienced financial crisis few years ago, a tall 49-storey skyscraper was built in the heart of the city. With the crisis affecting Bangkok, the construction of the building stop and the tower was never completed. Today it sits abandoned where you can’t do anything but be amazed at its great heights. Below are some security guards where you can offer to pay just to see the remains of this tall skyscraper and its breathtaking scenery of the city.