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Calgary Tech Companies Join Forces To Host Major Hiring Fair 

Most job seekers today search for jobs in sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. However, do not just look at the job description but read the reviews that reflect on the company’s culture. For example, King Kong reviews that were posted by its employees will help you manage your expectations before submitting an application.

Seven technology companies in Calgary are combining their forces to host a major hiring fair. Tech West Collective is composed of Calgary’s biggest and most successful tech companies like Benevity that has grown from 70 employees to almost 500 employees over the past 3 years.

Another company, Showpass, an event ticketing company has expanded dramatically that it expects its headcount to double from 40 to 80 by the end of the year. Alberta-based bank ATB Financial has invested heavily in fintech and innovation to become more modern and competitive.

The first major initiative of Tech West Collective is the hiring fair to fill up more than 200 vacant positions between them. According to Tom Short, founder of Kudos, a Tech West member, the company needs at least 30 to 40 people for the 1st quarter of next year. Kudos has developed peer-to-peer employee recognition software program that is being used in 80 countries across the world.

According to Calgary Economic Development, there are more than 2,000 vacant positions in the city for software engineers, data scientists and programming, development and technology roles. Surprisingly, the city has an overall unemployment rate of 7.2%.

Calgary-based tech companies are struggling to find top talent in technology because they are competing against Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The tech sector continues to recruit locally and internationally for positions that are difficult to fill up. Tech West Collective wants to increase awareness locally that there are other vacant positions that do not require tech skills like marketing and customer support roles.

One of the strategies that companies use today is to post employment opportunities at job sites. Meanwhile, people with tech skills can read King Kong reviews to have a fair idea on how to negotiate for salary and benefits. This way, the job seeker does not overvalue or undervalue his skills.

Why Marketers Must Start To Optimize Websites For Voice Search

There are various voice activated technologies in the market today from Amazon’s Alex a, Apple’s Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. More than 420 million voice assistants have been sold and they are now being used to voice search on mobile phones. Smart marketers have to start optimizing search marketing for the technology that is becoming a valuable tool for search.

People are using voice search while driving to ask for business locations and store hours. According to the results of a Google survey, people use voice search to gain information on deals and sales, information about upcoming events, personalized tips, customer support and more. To stand out, businesses must improve content to make it suitable for voice search results.

The way that people talk is different from how they write. In the keyboard, an individual will usually type “home voice assistant” but in voice search, he will ask “What is the best home voice assistant?” Businesses must start to brainstorm on the kind of questions that people will likely ask that are related to target keywords.

Answer the Public is a popular SEO tool that shows a map on the most common questions asked that are related to a keyword. Google Search offers “People Also Ask” feature with more question ideas. If you type a question that has already been analyzed, other related questions will appear.

In the content strategy for voice search optimization, questions must be mapped into the various points of the customer’s journey. This will ensure that there is available content for voice search at any stage that the customer needs information.

Some of the more important details of content that work well for voice search optimization include guides and how-to’s, store locations, customer service info, product information, videos and comparisons. FAQ pages can also be integrated on every major section of the website.

Notwithstanding the growing popularity of voice search, it is important not to neglect the importance of standard SEO because more people are still using search engines. Cloud Cartel will ensure that content is always relevant and informative for a specific Google query. It is easier for pages to be crawled to answer the questions of searchers.

Chatuchak Market To Undergo Upgrade

One of the reasons many tourists are visiting Bangkok including those checked in at the lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit is the markets all over Bangkok. Chatuchak market is one of the most famous shopping spot in the capital city of Thailand thus the management decided to conduct necessary upgrades. For instance, this coming June it is expected that tourists will no longer have to pay with cash.

SRT or State Railway of Thailand is the governing body that manages the Chatuchak market. In a recent announcement, the weekend market is proposed to go cashless by the month of June in order to follow suit with other commercial areas in the city.

SiripongPreutthipan, the land development director of SRT, consumers will use a single card in order to pay for their shopping or payment can be made using QR code.

Chatuchak market is located at the northern part of the city and it has a total land area of 11 hectares. It is classified as one of the largest markets in the world as it accommodates over 1,000 stalls which are distributed into 27 sections. Shoppers can purchase almost everything in the market including pets, antiques, home products, clothes, food and books.

For two days during the weekend, thousands of visitors are coming to Chatuchak market and it is one of the tourist attractions in Bangkok.

According to Dr.Siripong, the SRT is going to allot over 100 million baht for the upgrade of the market. The first thing on their list is to make the parking lots automatic and it is expected to be completed before the year ends.

The cost of the automated parking lot is expected to reach 40 million baht and each lot will be able to handle 100 vehicles.

He explained that the parking lot systems will have an automatic ticket dispenser which is handed out to every car upon entering.

Aside from these upgrades, guests staying at a lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit can download their mobile app called Chatuchak Guide which serves as a virtual directory containing all the stalls under respective categories and ratings are also available to help shoppers roam around the market.

Linkedin Lead Generation: Streamlining The Process

In simple terms of a marketing-minded person, when we say lead generation, it’s basically the process of initiating consumers to be interested into certain products or services that can be availed from a specific business establishment. It’s like inviting your potential consumers into buying or availing your products by the means of using leads. Now, what are leads? Leads can be extracted from various resources. For example, marketers send personal referrals to prospects. Another way of extracting leads is the use of advertisements especially during big events such as conferences and expos. Generally speaking, employing the use of lead generation is simply about advertising your business but there are also non-paid methods in which you can generate interests from consumers such as organic search engine results or personal referrals from previous clients. Nowadays, LinkedIn has been an alternative sources from which professional marketers all over the globe are getting their leads. With the recent introduction of the LinkedIn lead generation forms, the process of gathering has been furthermore streamlined which can be beneficial for marketers and businesses alike.

With the LinkedIn lead generation forms now active, it eliminates of the major problems most marketers face in gathering leads: relying on users to fill up the contact forms- which is harder to be completed when you are using your smartphones. With the said forms, users can just auto-fill the application form with the information that is saved in their LinkedIn profiles and then submit the form instantly. This is helpful for both users and marketers alike because users won’t have to spend time manually inputting the needed information into the form before submitting them. Like it or not, it’s always better if the data can be inputted automatically because some of us are just lazy to type. For marketers on the other hand, it eliminates their waiting period for users to fill up the forms and they can produce more leads now because the information is coming in at a faster rate. And since it’s LinkedIn, marketers can be assured that the information they will be receiving will be more accurate than what they will get from other website where users can fill up form by inputting false or even partial information.

US Sales Rise Short Of Expectations

Last month, the gauge of US consumer spending took a sharp rise as the holiday shopping season kicked off in a brisk start. This suggests a considerably enough momentum in the economy of the country for the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates soon for the very first time in over a decade. The Commerce Department said in a statement that the retail sales which did not include gasoline, automobiles, building materials as well as food services increased by about 0.6 percent after a 0.2 percent unrevised gain the other month. The so-called core retail sales will correspond closely with the spending component of the consumers of the gross domestic product.

The economists polled by the Reuters made a forecast that core retail sales will increase by at least 0.4 percent. Consumer spending in the US accounts for more than 2/3 of the activity of the economy and the figure surprisingly slowed down in the months of September and October. The moderation came despite having a tightening labor market wherein the household inform started to lift up. The latest sign of the strength in the economy is in the consumption support expectations which the Federal Reserve will raise the benchmark overnight interest rate from almost zero when the policymakers conclude the two-day meeting next Wednesday. The rates in the US have not been raised since June 2006. The overall retail sales increased only by 0.2 percent last month as the automobile sales fell and when the gasoline fared cheaper in the market. The retail sales edged up only by 0.1 percent in the month of October. The sales in automobile slipped by .4 percent in November which is the largest decline that happened since June this year and fell by 0.3 percent last October. Although the automakers was deemed as the industry with the strongest sales last month, the units that there sold were slightly below the sales in October. The receipts at service stations fell by 0.8 percent after it declined by 1.0 percent last October. Even the sales reported by Paper Mart were also affected along with the other retailers in the market.


Fencing Market Industry Analysis

A fence is a structure which is standalone. It is specifically designed and produced in order to hinder or impede the crossing of a certain perimeter. A fence is different from a wall. The two are often distinguished from one another based on the lighter weight materials that are used in building fences compared to walls. Fences are likewise created for a variety of reasons including the following: corral livestock, agricultural as well as in keeping potential predators out of your property. Fences also provide privacy to the owners of the property. You can likewise put up temporary fences if there is a need for you to control movement and provide safety and security. This is usually done on building locations. You can also do perimeter fencing if you want to prevent the trespassing and keep pets and children in a designated zone. Another fencing type which you can do is decorative fencing. Decorative fencing will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while boundary fencing on the other hand is used to distinguish the property lines of people.

The fencing market

The biggest fencing market is taken by the residential people. Likewise, the demand for composite and plastic fencing is also growing. Fencing which is made up of these materials resembles real wood but it last longer, more economically and environmentally friendly and also requires less care. There are also ornamental varieties of fencing that are available to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your properties.

When it comes to the non-residential market, fencing is also in demand mainly in agricultural, construction and commercial purposes. Fencing materials which are concrete are usually in demand in these industries. Chain link fencing is also growing in popularity and is utilized more often in order to mark boundaries and also provide security and protection to the homeowners and property. These types of fencing are usually highly durable.

Whether you are doing fencing Barnsley or some other fencing in other properties, you can choose from an array of fence types. There are particularly specific classifications of areas and facilities which frequently require an enclosure by fence. Establishments that have high-voltage equipments in open areas, machineries with potential hazardous risks, transformer stations, explosive factories, military facilities, quarries and industrial plants are just a few of the properties that need enclosure.

How To Handle Customer Complaints Efficiently

For many businesses, receiving a complaint from customers could hurt your ego. Instead of dwelling on the negativism of the complaint, you need instead to focus on the positive side of receiving such complaints.

What you need to do is to think of the complaint as an opportunity for your business. No matter how great your service and food is, you will occasionally be receiving complaints from your clients. Before you deal with them, have the mindset and approach every complaint as an opportunity that you can learn from and improve in your service. Being very positive in your response will make a great difference when handling the complaints. Think that you have an opportunity to do things rightly the second time around.

It is also important to learn to listen and apologize. Every time you receive a complaint, the first thing that you have to do is to ensure that you listen carefully to what the customer is saying and then acknowledge her complaint. As the manager of the restaurant you need to show that you take care of her concerns very seriously and you should do this by personally speaking with the complainant at the customer table. Take time to consider and understand what went wrong and thank the customer for being generously concerned and bringing the subject up. Tell them that you are happy in that if they had not spoken, the issue would not have been properly addressed.

Act quickly on the issue at hand. When you have already fully understood what the problem is, quickly resolve the problem and give your customer what he or she is asking for. For example, if the customer wants the beef to be cooked in a special way, ensure that you accommodate his request. Or offer him instead another item from the menu if he would prefer. After you have dealt with the complaint, get back to the customer and offer something extra to win his side like a free drink or a free dessert.

Complaints in Indian restaurants or any type of restaurants should be handled well in order to maintain a great customer experience in your restaurant.

Not So Merry Christmas Most Probable For Retailers

The war between retailers has already started, and it looks like no one is going to win or lose.  One side of the war is narrowing industry market, skyrocketing property costs and recurrent petrol prices that reached an eleven-year low. The other side is unstable stocks, decelerating global progress and buyers who are spending more on rental fees and purchases based on experience.

According to sales forecasts, the outcome for this is a neutral signal for retailers. Businessmen should not panic, but they shouldn’t expect robust sales either.

A model established by AlixPartners on 2012 was used to find out that there was between 66.2-66.4% yearly deals happen though August. From this result, it was projected that there will be an increase of 2.8-3.4 percent on November and December. It is low compared to 4.4 % rise from the previous year. Both of the growth rates do not include cars, restaurants and petrol stations.

Deloitte’s holiday projection verdicts 3.5- 4% rise on sales starting from November until January. The figure does not include vehicles and petrol. The figure is also low compared to last year’s 5.2% increase.

According to Daniel Bachman, head economist of Deloitte, the gains of holiday purchases might be lower than the previous year because of the lasting impact of poor income progress during the year’s first 3 months. Though the economy is generally doing well, there are concerns affecting consumers regardless of the income. Rod Sides, head of retail and product allocation of Deloitte, said that the family salary usually affects spending more than market instability.

AlixPartners however stressed that consumers with higher incomes, have been doing substantial retail purchases during the last few years. As the market shakes, the wealthy could restrict their purchases. This prediction is supported by data reported by American Affluence Research Center.

Based on the research of AARC, Christmas gift shopping by 12 million U.S. families with net worth not lower than $1 million is projected to achieve a mean of $2,749 for 2015. Even if the value means 4% increase, it is lower than the previous year’s data of almost 6% rise in spending. The wealthy families are spending more in stores like bed shops Perth up to four times more than an average family in the U.S.

What The Smart Home Industry Needs To Consider

There is now a new emerging industry of smart homes which offers a great potential for industry participants and investors. While there is a considerably euphoria going on for this new segment in industry, mainstream adoption of the new trend is reportedly low. In a report made by Forrester, about one-third of consumers are interested in incorporating smart technology to their homes but only about two percent have actually enrolled their devices to smart technology like controlling lighting, energy, climate, appliances and have a home monitoring in place.

There is a disconnection between the actual behaviors of the consumers in contrast to the reported market hype. What is the reason why consumers are holding back? As smart home technology expands, the industry players have to consider some factors in order to encourage people to adopt the new trend.

– Simplicity. A lot of home automation available on the market is very complex for the ordinary consumer. These new technology can be difficult to understand and will often require someone who has a background on engineering works to fully understand. Consumers have to be given a solution which is easy to install and understand. These devices should also be easy to acquire if creators want to improve their market. They need to understand that consumers want to feel, see and experience the products first before buying and installing it in their homes. Mass market retail will then be a key channel in driving smart home penetration in the West.

– The Human Factor. In the technologically advanced world that one lives in, user experience and design is a key factor to consider. The current from manual to smart technologies at home conversation among consumer is on hype. However, it is short in practical user experience. Potential consumers have to experience them first. Like tangible additions to homes like double vanity units and other furnishings, can be felt and experienced which gives the user a sense of satisfaction and an eagerness to buy one. These new home automation systems have to orchestrate different smart devices in a way that can be reduced to simplicity with a powerful interface.

The Difference between Leasehold and Freehold

Home ownership can be quite a complicated topic. The laws regarding home ownership differs by country. Every government imposes laws and restrictions on home ownership but most of them center on the fundamental forms of legal ownership. There can only be two: freehold and leasehold. There are some instances where sharing of the freehold is also allowed.

So if you are a foreign national eyeing a Hua Hin house for sale, you should take some time to learn more about legal home ownership.


If you are a freeholder, it would mean that the building or the property outright belongs to you. The property would be listed in your name in the land registry. This would mean that your title is absolute. In society today, majority of houses are freehold properties.

When you purchase a freehold property, this would mean that all the rights belong to you as well as the responsibility that come with it. You are the one responsible for maintaining the property and managing all its costs.

Purchasing a freehold property comes with a lot of benefits. The first one is that you do not need to worry about the expiration of leases as the property already belongs to you. You would not also need to deal with a freeholder, or the so-called “landlord” and all their service charges.


Leasehold means that you will be allowed to use the home for a number of years as agreed upon with the freeholder or the landlord. This means that you would have to sign a contract with the freeholder. Leases are often long-term, lasting for a number of years ranging from 90, 120 and even 999 years.

In leasehold, you would need a contract that would lay down the legal rights and terms for both sides. The freeholders will still retain their right to manage and maintain the property but when leaseholders have acquired their ‘right to manage,’ then it will also be their responsibility.

As a leaseholder, you would need to pay maintenance fees and annual service fees as required by the freeholder. Also, you would need to pay a share of the insurance as well as an annual ground rent.

Before you can conduct major works on the property, you would need to seek out the permission of the freeholder.

Lastly, you are a subject to the terms and conditions laid by the freeholder.