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New Motorcycle Gear Brand Opens For Support For Movember

Bikers, despite the inaccurate stereotypes fiction has of them, are just the same as everyone else. Though some, like Wheels Motorcycles Clothing Store, say they’re a particularly magnanimous bunch. One new company has recently opened to take advantage of that in other to raise money for the Movember Foundation, which aids with men’s health issues like research into prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention.

Notably, most biker charities set up rideouts and events in order to raise money for their causes, but Full Tank Moto, instead, have started selling their product range of motorcycle gear from their online store with all of their profits going straight to Movember.

According to Full Tank Moto founder Scott Wilson, the project came up when he heard that a friend’s child had committed suicide. He says the kid seemed like everything was ahead of them, but without everyone knowing, they were actually fighting depression. He says that many feel that they’re alone in dark times, something he can attest to, which is why he founded Full Tank Moto to help.

Running a business like Wheels Motorcycles Clothing Store or Full Tank Moto isn’t easy, but Wilson says that it has given him a sense of purpose in life.

He says that it’s different for everyone, and he doesn’t really believe that he’s past it, but his personal struggle does drain him, while riding a motorbike helps alleviate that issue.

Wilson says that’s also how he came up with the name; “Full Tank” is for riders who want to ride with purpose, but also a way for him to find greater purpose and deal with his inner demons.

He says that the decision to link up with Movember was a clear one; he says that they’re a leader in the field of men’s health, unafraid to try new ideas and push the boundaries. For Wilson, supporting such an organisation, he says, lets him feel like he’s actually contributing to something worthwhile.

Wilson runs other businesses, which allows him to donate all of the firm’s profit to Movember. He says that not only is Full Tank a start-up, the time of the workers are donated, so the only actual costs for the firm are the products.

Intensifying Competition Among Motorcycle Manufacturers In India

It is quite common to see Kawasaki motorcycles on the UK roads because they are cheap, efficient and can do anything that riders want. A vast majority of consumers prefer to buy from Kawasaki UK dealers because there are many different options that range from the new to the quality used. Some motorcycles are less than 3 years old and still worth the price you will pay.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries motorcycle unit is planning to increase their production in India to be able to turn the major motorcycle market to an export base that will sell to Latin America and Africa. Output will be increased to about 10,000 motorcycles annually particularly the flagship Ninja model. Kawasaki opened a plant last year at the western India state of Maharashtra. Components will also be purchased locally.

Because there will be an increase in output, the company also plans a big expansion in dealership in India that accounts for more than 30% of the global demand for motorcycles. The first Kawasaki plant in India measured 10,000 square meters and went online in September 2017. Before that, Kawasaki motorcycles that were assembled at a plant leased from Indian motorcycle maker Bajaj Auto has engine displacements of between 250cc and 650cc. At the new plant, larger models like the 1,000cc Ninja will be produced.

Several Kawasaki engineers from Japan will get permanent assignments in India. They will be responsible for finding ways with which they can incorporate locally manufactured and inexpensive components to the models that include the Ninja 250. The goal of Kawasaki is to become more competitive in India because it is an attractive market for motorcycle manufacturers.

Competition among motorcycle manufacturers is intensifying with local brand Bajaj in a tie-up with UK-based Triumph and US- based Harley Davidson. Japan-based Yamaha Motors has also opened scooter dealers in Chennai and two other cities.

A full range of Kawasaki road bikes and demonstrator bikes are available from Kawasaki UK dealers to cater to your requirements. There are qualified Kawasaki technicians and a knowledgeable parts department should you need assistance with your motorcycle. Lifetime guarantee is offered for all new and used motorcycles that are over 250cc.

Kawasaki KLR650 To Be Discontinued After Three Decades On The Road

For more than thirty years, Kawasaki KLR 650 remained as a go-to choice for many riders who seek the thrill of adventure. For many years Kawasaki dealers have had little to no difficulty selling these motorcycles because they are accessible, cheap, and relatively easier to maintain. Unlike other models that needed newer and fancier features every year in order to be appealing, this model has remained simple, having very little changes over the decades. However, travelers do not seem to mind, as it remained a popular choice nonetheless. Unfortunately, the year 2018 would be its last year.

End of the Road

According to a letter from Kawasaki last September 14, 2018, Kawasaki dealers would no longer be able to sell the Kawasaki KLR650 as easily as they used to before.  Marketing Manager and Assistant PR Brad Good body confirms that KLR650 will be on its final year on 2018. While the 2018 models may still be available, albeit limited, the 2019 KLR650 in the Canadian Kawasaki Motors wouldn’t be a reality.

Performance over the Years

While it remained a popular choice for many riders, it is undeniable that the design has become a bit too old for some, affecting its popularity and performance in terms of sales. In addition, since it has been in production for a long time, it wasn’t originally designed to be as fuel friendly as newer models. With more alternatives offering better fuel efficiency, more and more customers are starting to choose these over the older models, affecting the KLR650’s sales.

Keeping Up with Today’s Standards

The KLR650 takes riders back to the rugged and aggressive times of riding, but this has also discouraged new customers from choosing the model over other choices. Although its specifications are still dependable and capable, its features just doesn’t fit what many people are looking for.

It is understandable why the company has decided to discontinue the production of this model, and owners would always remember their dependable KLR650’s— but for dual-sport enthusiasts, this would be a big blow that would leave a hole in their hearts, hopefully, to be filled with another new and exciting model in the future.