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Tiktok Getting Serious About Targeted Ads

Starting April 15, TikTok will be more aggressive about ad targeting, with changes to the platform’s ad policies, and users will have fewer options to opt-out from these.

Recode reported that users won’t be able to opt out of all targeted ads, as the ones based on the data TikTok collects from their time on the app, with the exception being people in the EU, who are protected by the EU’s GDPR.

TikTok noted, however, that this change in policy isn’t new, as it’s only in line with what Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have. The social media platform stated how its competition provides users no way to opt out of targeted ads based on their activities on those platforms.

Recode, however, pointed out that Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat allow for users to delete whatever interests have been assigned to them by the platforms, while TikTok does not.

TikTok stated that they’ll continue to be transparent about their data privacy policies, and are happy to help their users understand their privacy choices via their Safety Centre.

The social media platform didn’t say what led to this change, but many are pointing out that this came at the same time Apple is getting ready to roll out an update for iOS14 that will require apps to get permissions from users for cross-app tracking, which is a big source of revenue for mobile apps, and a big source of data about mobile app users.

Notably, other platforms have also been pushing for targeted ads via changes to privacy policies or asking users outright, like what Instagram’s doing. It’s expected that the update from Apple will shake up the mobile app and the digital marketing market, so it’s being watched closely by the people invested in a king kong agency review and most people on the internet.

Advertising Spend During The Pandemic Focused On Digital Platforms

More than half of US marketing spend has gone to digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon because of the shift to online shopping as the coronavirus pandemic pummelled various industries. If you are one of the business owners who have shifted to online marketing strategies, you can watch King Kong digital marketing reviews for more information.

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have benefited from the meteoric rise of digital advertising. However, this development had a negative impact on other platforms like newspapers, local television, and magazines.

Many businesses prefer online advertising because it is cheaper than other media platforms. Besides that, online advertising allows marketers to better target their audience and measure how their ads have performed. These advantages have become more evident during the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses have minimized their advertising budgets and consumers prefer to spend their dollars on online shopping.

If there is a bright spot in the dark year of advertising, it is digital advertising. According to Group M, a unit of WPP PLC, they expect marketers to spend at least $110.1 billion on digital advertising this year alone. For the coming year, they expect US ad spending to grow by 12% to $240 billion.

If you will spare some time to watch King Kong digital marketing reviews on YouTube, you will gain an idea of the different marketing strategies that can dramatically grow your sales, leads, and conversions. Since every business is different, there are custom marketing strategies that will exactly fit your needs.

How To Manage Online Reputation During The Pandemic

It is very likely for a consumer to visit the website of a digital agency after reading king kong marketing agency review about the business. According to a survey, more than 8 in every 10 people read reviews before deciding to visit a business’s website.

There are hotels whose reputations have been tarnished by unfavourable reviews during the pandemic. Even if most hotels have stopped with guest satisfaction surveys, third-party channels have not. Most hotel guests are booking through third-party channels with robust review platforms. If the hotel receives an unfavourable review, the business can be seriously affected.

A hotel has to manage its online reputation during the pandemic. If the manager has not been responding to reviews before, it is probably time for him to do so. Writing an appropriate response to every feedback received can be an effective advertisement for future guests.

A hotel manager will feel bad to receive a review that says, it went overboard with Covid19 preparedness. It is very likely that the guest felt bad after finding that the pool is closed. Just take a deep breath and respond with class. Explain that the pool is closed because of a shelter-in-place order. The pool will be reopened as soon as the government allows them to do so.

When the review is particularly destructive and biased, move the conversation offline. An offline conversation with a guest usually results into a meeting of the minds. Once the issue has been resolved, the hotel manager can request the guest to remove the complaint from the online platform.

If the negative review violates the terms of the review platform, report it immediately. Online platforms like Trip Advisor have terms that define what reviewers are allowed and not allowed to write. It is definitely worth the effort to have a negative and biased review removed from the online platform.

Job seekers also use king kong marketing agency review to support their decision on what companies to apply to. Job seekers gain more information about the workplace from reviews than the company website. Aside from influencing a decision, reviews make a brand more credible and trustworthy.