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What Is A Pressbrake Upgrade

A press brake is an essential tool used to bend a plate and sheet material but mostly used to bend sheet metals. This machine is used to bend complex and simple parts and are used in different industries varying from aircraft and automotive parts to cabinets and housing parts. This machine is commonly seen in machine shops and job shops and used in bending metal panels.

Many owners of press brakes find it difficult to decide on what action to take with their out-dated press brakes. Sometimes, they are torn between disposing the old press brake and setting up a new machine. Replacing an old press brake is a costly action to do which may also include hassles when it comes to logistics.

The most practical thing to do is to increase the output of an existing and functioning press brake by doing a pressbrake upgrade creating features that reduce the time of setting up, operator fatigue, and scrap. It is essential to be knowledgeable of the types of retrofits for your tool to enable you to decide if it is worth the investment to do a pressbrake upgrade or replacement. There are some steps to take to help you in deciding what course of action to do.

  1. Evaluation of the machine – includes mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical status.
  2. Accuracy of the ram – is it consistent, accurate, and equally levelled on both sides.
  3. Pedestal control – is the foot pedal functioning properly?
  4. Press brake control – does the functionality of the press brake come from the control head which is programmable?
  5. Backgauge control – is there a faulty control that needs replacement?
  6. Know the work to be done – this depends on the type of press brake you have – is it a hydraulic press brake or a mechanical press brake.
  7. Assessment of pain points
  8. Decide an appropriate approach
  9. Apply a solution

After evaluating the condition of your old press brake, make sure you make the right decision on whether to upgrade the current press brake or replace it with a new one. The cost it entails is huge, thus, making the right judgment is essential to avoid spending on the wrong thing.