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Why Is Russia Interested With Syria?

Within a span of ten days, the Russian foreign minister has already received telephone calls from his US counterpart over the crisis in Syria.

John Kerry, US Secretary of State has recently been badgering Sergei Lavrov and expressed concerns over the reports circulating that there has been Russian military build-up in the war torn country and warnings over disastrous consequences over backing its Syrian ally. The latest warnings coming from Washington was left unheeded by Russia. The warnings came as satellite images of a government held air base in Syria appear to have an expansion of military footprint of Russia. The officials of US say that they believe Russia is constructing a forward air base although there are no reports yet that Russian fighter aircraft are deployed in the area.

Kremlin denies allegations

The Kremlin has denied expanding its presence within Syria and makes no secret its assistance through military personnel and equipment to the government of Syria. The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin made a passionate defense in support for the regime of Syria’s President Assad. He even encouraged other countries to support the nation also. Putin told the delegates at a regional security conference in Dushanbe, Tajikistan that Russia is supporting the Syrian government fight the aggression of the ISIS terrorists. He further said that his country is currently in full support in whatever means to Syria and will continue to provide the necessary military assistance. He also emphasized that if Russia did not support Syria, the country’s situation would have been worse compared to Libya and that the world will be seeing more refugees from the war torn country.

Russian interest

You do not have to look further in order to see the agenda of Russia in its interest in Syrian soil. Foremost the Kremlin is concerned with the consequences of its own security if these Islamist rebels make further gains in Syria or even take control of the entire country. Russia has its own problems when it comes to Islamist insurgency and that there are fears that a victory of ISIS in Syria may have negative impacts to northern Russia.

Why Persian Gulf States Are Not Taking In Refugees from Syria

Refugees that are headed to European nations risked their lives to escape the turmoil back in their war stricken country- Syria. Most of Europe has had their equal share of struggle when dealing with the uncontrollable number of masses flocking to the continent. Countries at least tried to cater to the humanitarian call at their doorsteps of a magnitude which was not experienced since the Second World War.

With the refugee crisis in Europe, people have asked why are there no Syrian refugees headed for the Persian Gulf nations like Bahrain, UAE and Kuwait? These Middle East countries have significant political and financial interest in Syria.

The deputy director of Human Rights watch tweeted that other countries should do more regarding this humanitarian crisis. He called on wealthy countries to act on the Syrian refugee crisis. The officials in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman defended themselves by saying that they have given millions of dollars to UN in order to aid the refugees. The UAE pointed out that it has given more than $500 million in relief aid. They also stressed that Syrians have entered the other Gulf nations on visas and were allowed to stay with respect to the documents presented.

No refugee concept in the Gulf States

The United Nations has been explicit in its call that it wants every developed nation to open their borders and let these refugees in.

It is more than being generous; it is a matter of practicality that these Gulf States open their borders freely for Syrians. Citizens in the Persian Gulf have much more in common with the Syrians. They speak Arabic like most of people from Syria. The States in the Persian Gulf are wealthier than other countries that welcomed these refugees like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. Some leader would say that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have an obligation to extend a helping hand to war victims where those nations are involved through financial support of the rebel groups that have been fighting the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

One can only hope and wait that other nations will show humanitarian kindness and generosity for these escapees from Syria.