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Tiktok Getting Serious About Targeted Ads

Starting April 15, TikTok will be more aggressive about ad targeting, with changes to the platform’s ad policies, and users will have fewer options to opt-out from these.

Recode reported that users won’t be able to opt out of all targeted ads, as the ones based on the data TikTok collects from their time on the app, with the exception being people in the EU, who are protected by the EU’s GDPR.

TikTok noted, however, that this change in policy isn’t new, as it’s only in line with what Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have. The social media platform stated how its competition provides users no way to opt out of targeted ads based on their activities on those platforms.

Recode, however, pointed out that Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat allow for users to delete whatever interests have been assigned to them by the platforms, while TikTok does not.

TikTok stated that they’ll continue to be transparent about their data privacy policies, and are happy to help their users understand their privacy choices via their Safety Centre.

The social media platform didn’t say what led to this change, but many are pointing out that this came at the same time Apple is getting ready to roll out an update for iOS14 that will require apps to get permissions from users for cross-app tracking, which is a big source of revenue for mobile apps, and a big source of data about mobile app users.

Notably, other platforms have also been pushing for targeted ads via changes to privacy policies or asking users outright, like what Instagram’s doing. It’s expected that the update from Apple will shake up the mobile app and the digital marketing market, so it’s being watched closely by the people invested in a king kong agency review and most people on the internet.