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Recommended Mops When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

We all know how expensive timber flooring services in Sydney therefore it should be maintained and cleaned regularly in order for it to last a long time. From installation to repair to sealing hardwood, everything requires money and the one thing you should avoid is damaging your wood flooring. Do not use substandard cleaning product and make sure to choose only the best mops that are suitable or designed specifically for hardwood floors. It will ensure that the floor is always clean and shiny and that the floor will not get damaged from chemicals and too much water.

Here is a list of mops worth considering from the basic ones to the latest models released in the market.

  • Classic mop. Amazon has this kind that has a microfiber head and comes with bucket which makes it possible to wring the mop hands-free. It is called the O-Cedar microfiber spin mop and bucket which retails for $30. The microfiber material is known for its electrostatic properties which make it easier to remove grime as well as dirt without the need to use harsh chemicals and soaps. The bucket comes with a wringer and a foot pedal so you don’t have to use your hands when removing excess water. This is the safest for sealed woods because too much water can damage the wood if it seeps through the seal.
  • Wet and dry mop. Another Amazon product is the Mr. Siga professional microfiber mop worth $25. This mop comes with double sided cloth which is suitable for both wet and dry mopping. The cloth is removable and re-washable which is eco-friendly. One side of the cloth is microfiber and the other side is made of plush material.
  • Electric mop. For $96 you can by the Bissell spinwave powered hardwood floor mop and cleaner from Amazon. You invested a lot in your hardwood floor therefore it deserves a luxurious electric map.
  • Steam mop. If you prefer the Bissell powerfresh steam mop from Amazon, it sells for $80. Even professionals that offer timber flooring services in Sydney recommends this type as long as your floor is sealed hardwood. It is also suitable for other flooring materials such as laminate, tile, linoleum, stone, ceramic and marble.