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3 Benefits In Booking At Bana Hills

There is nothing more satisfying than pampering yourself or your loved ones in a hotel that offers history and breath-taking mountain view. Once in a while, treat yourself or your family the relaxation and luxury that deserve. One way to do it is to book your accommodations at Bana Hills in Vietnam. The hotel is situated on a mountaintop that offers quaint and peaceful scenery on the mountain range of Bana Hills. This allows guests to feel intimate with nature. To give you more reasons to stay in a hotel at Bana Hills, take a look at the following benefits.

The comforts of home

Some hotels may be luxurious but they fail to make their guests feel at home. You can feel the vibe and homey feel when you visit the website and check the photos of the hotel. You can find hotels in Bana Hills that has amenities that you can find at home without compromising the feel of luxurious hotel. By staying in a villa, you can enjoy a fully functional kitchen with appliances and utensils. Pick a hotel villa with spacious rooms for increased mobility and comfort. This is particularly important if you are travelling with kids or with the entire family.

Relaxing view

Choose a luxury villa that can provide a relaxing view. After all, you get a vacation to relax and enjoy every part of it.  To get more rejuvenation, choose a hotel that offers traditional wellness and massage treatment or a space, such as a sundeck where you can relax while getting some tan. With a spacious sundeck on your villa, you can have a romantic dinner under the stars or watch the sunset right from your room. It would also be best if the hotel has a swimming pool or Jacuzzi for you to relax during your stay.

Affordable accommodation

To get a luxurious and comfortable accommodation at Bana Hills, you don’t have to spend your savings. Check out promos and hotel deals to reduce the costs. You can also book in advance to lower your accommodation expenses. Book longer to get even higher discounts during your stay.

London-Based Illustrator Creates Highly-Detailed Commissioned Maps Of Cities All Over The World

Jenni Sparks, an illustrator based in London makes hand-drawn maps of various cities all over the world. However, the map illustration is unlike ordinary maps either: the combines humorous details and local knowledge about the place to best show its very own personality and unique culture.

Early career

Sparks first got into professional cartography when show for Evermade in 2012. It was used to boost tourism, and was even enlarged to cover the floor of London Gatwich Airport. The huge mural is still seen to this day welcoming local and international tourists alike.

The Process

Jenni Sparks uses an eclectic method of combining documentaries, internet research, and books to get a clear picture of the place. Illustrating the area itself isn’t enough—once she has an idea in mind of how she would implement her plan, she would then visit the landmarks herself and experience its own vibe and atmosphere. Each park, street, and establishment is hand-drawn in great detail to breathe life into the map. Each map takes months to finish, complete with the details of the streets, representations of its establishments, and creative presentation of its culture.


Different areas with different cultures are also represented creatively in her maps. Williamsburg, New York, for example, is popularly known as hipster haven. Sparks shows this in her map by drawing thick-rimmed glasses, a handlebar moustache, and coffee mugs—things people often associate with hipsters. Another good example is the spray cans, pints of German beer, and music notes in Berlin.

Major streets and avenues are often drawn in their own distinct colours as well, looking like colourful snakes making their way across black-lined buildings, labels, and symbols. It adds a pop of colour to an otherwise stark black-and-white map. Most parks are also coloured green with patches of trees indicating vegetation, and of course, blue, for bodies of water of different types and sizes.

The overall appearance is an intricately made map that anyone would take time to look at—every inch has a story, showing people what’s in that place. It adds a sense of wonder and experience to the map, more than showing people how to get around.


King Arthur And Maps

The remake of famous movies are a big hit nowadays, one of which is the movie King Arthur, a movie from Guy Richie, an epic one that is set to be released and shown in cinemas soon. Just of the sake and of fun, there are people who though of creating graphical representations and maps of places that are significant to the movie and to the history that the movie wants to portray.
The irreverent version of the legend of King Arthur is set to open in cinemas in the UK last May 19. This was filmed in Snowdonia, the Forest of Dean and Windsor Castle, and this stars Charlie Hunnam as the cocky Arthur. This is where we can find that there might be a lot more places that are either a part of the legend or not.
An illustrated map has been created by Visit Britain showing the filming locations of the movie. The legends behind these locations have also been listed and told.
We have the following:
• Scotland
o Fairie Glens on the Isle of Skye – this was used in the filming of the movie. This has one of the most beautiful scenery in Britain.
o Caledonian Forest, Highlands – said to be one of King Arthur’s Twelve Battle sites.
o Loch Lomond Waterfall – Loch Lomond and The Trossachs are now National Parks
o Glasglow – where it is said he has defeated enemies
o Loch Arthur – search for the Lady of the Lake here
• North England
o Hadrian’s Wall, Cumbria
o Carlisle Castle, Cumbria
o Arthur’s Round Table, Cumbria – find King Arthur’s jousting arena here
• Wales
o Snowdonia National Park – perfect spot for mountaineering
o Bardsey Island – one can search for Excalibur here
o King Arthur’s Labyrinth, Powys
o Merlin’s Town, Carmarthen
• South England
o Warwick Castle, Warwickshire – you can try living like a knight here
o Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire – unearth King Arthur’s Cave
o Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset – rest with the kings here
o Windsor Great Park, Berkshire
o Tintagel Castle, Cornwall
All of these have ben included in the illustrated map that has been created for one to enjoy and peruse. Hope that they get to have fun watching the movie and looking at this illustrated map.

Previous Records Smashed By 2016 Insured Damages In Canada

Based on the records of Catastrophe Indices and Quantification (CatIQ), total of insured damages in 2016 reached $4.9 billion. It smashed the previous record set in 2013 at $3.2 billion. The record damages that were reported in 2016 were due to severe weather caused by climate change. In 2016, Canada’s biggest natural disaster was the Fort Murray’s wildfires where uninsured damaged reached approximately $3.7 billion. Natural disasters are costing Canada billions in damages annually.

Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry is requesting governments across the country to join hands and implement expansive climate change policies so that Canadians and their communities will be better prepared when a disaster happens. The effects of storms in communities are staggering and they must be physically and economically prepared for disasters.

According to data from Insurance Bureau of Canada, damages from storms are on an upward trend with no signs of stopping. Data also shows that the economic cost of annual disasters all over the world has increased five times since 1980. The average economic cost in the 1980’s was $25 billion per year but now it has increased to an average of $130 billion per year since 2000.

In Canada, federal relief spending increased by an average of $40 million a year in the 70’s to an average of more than $600 million a year today. Communities stagger from the effect of storms. Examples of costly natural disasters include the ice storm in Southern Ontario, the storms that swept through Ontario and the prairies, the hail storm in Saskatchewan and the flooding in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

If industries and governments work together, current gaps in public policy and consumer protection will be addressed. It is also important to consider mitigation, adaptation and emergency management which form the basis of a comprehensive climate strategy. A National Flood Program is also critical because Canada is behind other countries when it comes to flood preparation.

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Perth As The 7th Most Livable State In The World On The Basis Of Healthcare And Infrastructure

Perth is known for the beauty of its beaches and its climate but these are not reasons why Perth is the 7th of the most livable states in the world. According to Economist Intelligence Unit, Perth has scored 100 in both healthcare system and infrastructure provisions meaning that on both measures, Perth is considered ideal. It also scored perfect on education although on the basis of culture and environment, the remote capital only gained a rating of 88.7 out of 100.

According to Premier Colin Barnett, the state’s tourism manager, Perth is a combination of a relaxed lifestyle with its clear skies, fresh air and beautiful beaches and modern living. There are however criticisms over the traffic in Perth and the teething issues at its Fiona Stanley Hospital but nowhere in Australia will you find the kind of healthcare and education standards that Perth boasts off.

If you are interested on the scores of other states, Melbourne is on top of the list of the overall index this year with 97.5 out of 100 because of its perfect scores in infrastructure, education and health. Compared to other cities in the top ten, Australian cities have fared marginally poorer on the stability matrix of crime and terror. However, its score of 95 out of 100 is a lot better than most of the world’s cities like Germany.

At the bottom of the rankings of 140 cities are places in conflict areas with political issues like Damascus in Syria, Tripoli in Libya and Lagos in Nigeria. On the other hand, Sydney has also fallen four places because of heightened threats of terrorism. Sydney is no longer included in the top 10 most livable cities in the world. The 10th place was given to Hamburg in Germany. Meanwhile, other German cities have also declined in stability.

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The Decline Of The Standard Of English Courses

Though the British has long since left the country of India, there is no denying that the growth of the English language continues to increase as well as its popularity and has even reached the point where it is considered as official language in a subsidiary level. It comes as no surprise that in multilingual nation, English serves as the link or bridge among different languages. Nowadays, there is an evident decline when it comes to learning as well as teaching of the English language. According to the all-India coordinator of the English Language Training Institutes Support Scheme, Professor K Venkat Reddy, educators must be given the proper training if the country desires to have the English education improve once more.

He was also asked regarding the current standard of the English language in India and he said that the English education can be generally divided into three types based on the area. First, it is considered fairly well in cosmopolitan cities and sometimes considered as a first language. Second, it is considered as the second language in districts. Third, it is still considered a foreign language by the students in many rural areas.

When asked what could be done to improve the teaching of English, Professor Reddy said that the first thing that the educators will need is proper training. Many of the government teachers have below standards when it comes to English speaking skills and change will not occur unless they are trained properly. Another thing that should be done is changing the medium of instructions to English in all higher level institutions from the vernacular. This way, rural parents will not be encouraged to send their children to private schools that teach mediocre English yet charges very high fees.

When asked if additional English and foreign language institutions are needed, Professor Reddy said that training institutes are necessary more than the universities. The English language is considered to be an asset and it has divided the nation into two – those who speak English and those who don’t. For educators planning to teach English as a foreign language, learn more about Entrust TEFL.

New Challenges For Thailand

It cannot be denied that the country, Thailand, in transforming into a better place thus the presence of new challenges ahead is inevitable. There are big projects when it comes to the country’s transport sector as well as its huge impact to businesses. It is expected that the service industry will grow more as a positive result. Urbanization is now further developing since there is better connectivity and it aided in the development of the property and retail sector. The new urban cities will be the next big thing for tourism. New service companies will pop up especially in major junctions as well as pit-stops since there will be more trains, ships and planes travelling in and out of the country.

Investments in the form of commercial businesses will flock the country since many developers are looking to catch the good opportunities. There are many times wherein these businesses are the ones that make it possible for large scale projects to be executable.

The most recent development is the market sounding that was conducted in order to check for the success of certain commercial businesses that will be erected along the new rail transportation hub located in Bang Sue. The test was warmly received especially by the private investors. The new rail along with the commercial businesses will be referred to as the Transit-Oriented Development and it aims to help reduce the period of break-even. A good example is the MTR subway system that was developed in Hong Kong where there are commercial businesses surrounding it which are responsible in making the project profitable in just a span of eight years. Profit would not have been possible in another eight years without the presence of commercial businesses. The revenues gathered from these service companies are also far greater compared to the revenue gathered from the commuters fares.

The service sector of Thailand will also continue to flourish following the trillion baht that have been invested by both public and private sectors. More structures and jobs is expected for Thais. Start-up companies in Thailand that are looking to hire competent workers can check out ScoopPeople.Asia.


New Packaging For Coke Products To Enhance Global Presence

Even big brands are rolling out new packaging designs in order to further enhance their global presence. Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands all over the world and it is unifying its product portfolio by using that highly popular “red disc” emblem. Coca cola aims to create a single voice across all its products through their “One Brand” marketing strategy.

Red Disc was manually created for Coca Cola in the 1930’s and was refined in 1947 to become a retail signage. Red disc will be incorporated alongside the series of colors that include red, black, silver and green that are being used to distinguish different Coca Cola products. You will find the red disc design on cans and bottles of Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coca Cola Life to ensure consistency.

The new packaging design signifies a shift to a visual language wherein the classic red disc will be more prominent than other design elements that are highly associated with the Coke brand. The packaging design will be bold but it will preserve simplicity. Red which is the more popular color used by Coke will be retained while the circular shape of the disc will be applied on the cylindrical bottles and cans and square/rectangular shaped refrigerator packs. .

Various applications of the unified packaging design will depend on country, environment and context. The first of the new packaging will roll out in Mexico in May while similar versions will be seen worldwide from 2016 to 2017. Various colors used by the Coke Brand are in line with its commitment to help consumers make informed decisions by easily identifying the drink that does not contain sugar and caffeine. The launch of its new product Coca Cola Zero Sugar will encourage people to choose a drink without sugar on its contents.

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Historical Staircases Of Hong Kong On Google Maps

Historic staircases in Hong Kong’s urban jungle have been featured in several films but now it can be viewed by people through the internet using a desktop computer or smartphone. Any person can access the historic staircases by using the Street View Function of Google Maps. In Duddell Street you will see the staircase that was built between 1875 and 1889 with the last four gas lights of Hong Kong that has continued to burn on into the 21st century. Gas lamps can no longer be found in any other place in Hong Kong that is why the four gas lights are considered as historically significant.

Stone Slabs Street otherwise known as Pottinger Street in Hong Kong Central and Ladder Street in Sheung Van are more than a century old which makes them significantly interesting. The streets will remind you of the days when Hong Kong was under British rule. On the other hand, there are tourists who have great love for art and the staircase they should visit is PMQ’s 25-step staircase in Soho. Painting from artists all over Asia including France is displayed along the creativity center.

Through Google Maps, you get the chance to view the spectacular staircase leading to Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery in Sha Tin. The magnificent staircase is flanked by 500 gilded statues of arhats. Along the hilly Ngong Ping is a 360 rescue trail that is about 5.6 kilometers long. It is made from specially constructed concrete and stone paths with timber boardwalks.

According to Lau Chi-pang of Built Heritage Conservation, the addition of the staircases to Google Maps will help both foreign and local tourists understand the development of Hong Kong. People will rediscover the uniqueness of Hong Kong through an exploration of its local culture, nature and history.

Map illustrations of the staircases of Hong Kong will provide the viewer a better understanding of the historical site. Map illustrations are aesthetic representations of a specific area as viewed from above. The map illustration can also be used as a travel map because it is easier to understand and helps the traveller reach the location faster.

Fencing Market Industry Analysis

A fence is a structure which is standalone. It is specifically designed and produced in order to hinder or impede the crossing of a certain perimeter. A fence is different from a wall. The two are often distinguished from one another based on the lighter weight materials that are used in building fences compared to walls. Fences are likewise created for a variety of reasons including the following: corral livestock, agricultural as well as in keeping potential predators out of your property. Fences also provide privacy to the owners of the property. You can likewise put up temporary fences if there is a need for you to control movement and provide safety and security. This is usually done on building locations. You can also do perimeter fencing if you want to prevent the trespassing and keep pets and children in a designated zone. Another fencing type which you can do is decorative fencing. Decorative fencing will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while boundary fencing on the other hand is used to distinguish the property lines of people.

The fencing market

The biggest fencing market is taken by the residential people. Likewise, the demand for composite and plastic fencing is also growing. Fencing which is made up of these materials resembles real wood but it last longer, more economically and environmentally friendly and also requires less care. There are also ornamental varieties of fencing that are available to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your properties.

When it comes to the non-residential market, fencing is also in demand mainly in agricultural, construction and commercial purposes. Fencing materials which are concrete are usually in demand in these industries. Chain link fencing is also growing in popularity and is utilized more often in order to mark boundaries and also provide security and protection to the homeowners and property. These types of fencing are usually highly durable.

Whether you are doing fencing Barnsley or some other fencing in other properties, you can choose from an array of fence types. There are particularly specific classifications of areas and facilities which frequently require an enclosure by fence. Establishments that have high-voltage equipments in open areas, machineries with potential hazardous risks, transformer stations, explosive factories, military facilities, quarries and industrial plants are just a few of the properties that need enclosure.