Chatuchak Market To Undergo Upgrade

One of the reasons many tourists are visiting Bangkok including those checked in at the lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit is the markets all over Bangkok. Chatuchak market is one of the most famous shopping spot in the capital city of Thailand thus the management decided to conduct necessary upgrades. For instance, this coming June it is expected that tourists will no longer have to pay with cash.

SRT or State Railway of Thailand is the governing body that manages the Chatuchak market. In a recent announcement, the weekend market is proposed to go cashless by the month of June in order to follow suit with other commercial areas in the city.

SiripongPreutthipan, the land development director of SRT, consumers will use a single card in order to pay for their shopping or payment can be made using QR code.

Chatuchak market is located at the northern part of the city and it has a total land area of 11 hectares. It is classified as one of the largest markets in the world as it accommodates over 1,000 stalls which are distributed into 27 sections. Shoppers can purchase almost everything in the market including pets, antiques, home products, clothes, food and books.

For two days during the weekend, thousands of visitors are coming to Chatuchak market and it is one of the tourist attractions in Bangkok.

According to Dr.Siripong, the SRT is going to allot over 100 million baht for the upgrade of the market. The first thing on their list is to make the parking lots automatic and it is expected to be completed before the year ends.

The cost of the automated parking lot is expected to reach 40 million baht and each lot will be able to handle 100 vehicles.

He explained that the parking lot systems will have an automatic ticket dispenser which is handed out to every car upon entering.

Aside from these upgrades, guests staying at a lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit can download their mobile app called Chatuchak Guide which serves as a virtual directory containing all the stalls under respective categories and ratings are also available to help shoppers roam around the market.