Cleaning Hacks For Homeowners With Dogs And Cats

People do not need to be told that pets are the greatest, or that even if puppies are wonderful, they count weeing on an expensive rug as a form of recreation.

The Home Life listed tips to achieving a clean home and clean pets, too.

Hacks for homeowners with pets

1. For doggy breath, a tiny amount of parsley that is finely chopped must be combined to the dog’s food to eliminate the odour, for a fresher breath.

2. For the urine smells and stains, these ingredients should be combined in a spray bottle: white vinegar in two cups, bicarbonate soda in four teaspoons, and warm water in two cups. After the stain is blotted, the area must be sprayed thoroughly. It should be left for about 5 minutes, then blotted again, then left to dry.

3. For those stubborn stains, such as mud or blood, a part of hydrogen peroxide should be poured to the stain, covered using a white towel. Then, a hot iron needs to be pressed on this towel for around 15 to 20 seconds. It can be repeated up to the point where the stain is eliminated.

4. When a puppy has weed on a bed, the linens must be washed using apple cider vinegar in one cup to eliminate the smell of ammonia.

5. When a pet is shedding heaps of hair, an old sheet or a towel can be put in places where they sit often – their desired areas on the lounge, car or even in their beds. Shaking off hair from towels is easier than cleaning upholstery.

6. Tape rollers and lint brushes are great hair removers, too, especially when a dog is also camping on an expensive sofa.

7. Waste must be removed from litter boxes a minimum of two times per day, with the box changed once per week.

8. Cats walk everywhere. To get them away from the counters, an aluminium foil can be placed in a counter’s edges, as recommended by RSPCA. The cats are going to slip slightly from this foil, which makes it unattractive for them.

9. When a pet is shedding many hair, a dry squeegee can be used to take the hair off rugs and carpets.

Otherwise, there are multiple carpet cleaners in Perth and in other parts of Australia.