Cochrane Cemetery Proposing New Alternatives

According to an old saying, in this life there is nothing certain except for death and taxes. The sad fact about these changing times is that even in death we are bombarded with taxes on top of the fee we have to pay for funeral services. Due to the high cost, the funeral services are no longer the same decades ago and cheaper processes have emerged such as using cremation urns for adults instead of buying expensive caskets with no land to bury them in.

The number of people that are choosing cremation instead of traditional burial continues to rise and it has reached 65 per cent of the total population in Canada. This is why the Cochrane Cemetery Board is trying to keep up with the latest trend. They presented a new proposal to the council to use alternative methods for the remaining available traditional plots within the cemetery ground which is managed by the town.

If you look at cemeteries that are under Catholic or Civic management, there are structures intended for use in storing cremation urns which keeps the ashes of the deceased. The town is expecting that these structures will be the future of memorial in the cemeteries because it only requires a small space.

According to the proposal, four of these structures are to be constructed within a space along with benches. Each single columbarium is going to hold 48 niches while each single niche will be able to house two urns. Four structures are going to be built in each cemetery therefore it is expected that there will be an available space to accommodate up to 384 cremation urns. This is a better way to manage the space which is originally intended for traditional burial of only 15 adults in each cemetery.

The cost is also much better compared to a ground plot which is more than $900 for a single adult size plot of land. This is already inclusive of care and maintenance by the cemetery management. The internment will set the family back another $700 while an extra charge needs to be paid if they wanted to have a headstone. With the niche intended for two cremation urns for adults, the price will vary from $1,840 to $2,185 while the internment is only $250. There is no need for a headstone but rather a plaque will be attached.